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List of readings and articles referencing Atlantis, the mythical civilization that ended aprox. 12.000 years ago.

Akashic Records: Damarcand and Hindu Mythology

Posted by Nuno on 24.11.22 under Akashic Records, Densities/Levels of Awareness.

Damarcand was a society of interplanetary status. It was spiritually advanced, capable of space travel, and had connectivity with the tapestry of civilizations of similar capability around our neighboring Cosmos. Damarcand – like Samarcand the city, but with a D – is a name received in reading referring to this society; it can be symbolic and broad and may or (…)

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Atlantis, The Lost Civilization – A Collection of Memories From Readings

Posted by Nuno on 08.11.22 under Akashic Records.

For the longest time humanity harbored persistent myths around the idea of a lost land named Atlantis. The reason these myths lasted for so long, and the idea they carried as so powerful, was that Atlantis was not just real and did exist, but had a tremendous impact in all of us.

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Quick Reading: To Believe in Love

Posted by Nuno on 02.01.21 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

This Quick reading is a follow-up to the reading Clean Slate, in other words a reading performed for the same client. On this occasion the person expressed the desire to address the arena of their romantic relationships, as well as their past experiences and karmic relationships with previous partners. Part I. Love As with any reading, I will state beforehand (…)

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Quick Reading: Clean Slate

Posted by Nuno on 16.01.20 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

I’m taken to a moment of the Earth’s time, contemporary to the civilization of Atlantis. I’m shown a past-life in an area of the planet that is not Atlantis itself. The area where this past-life lived would be in what today is in the North of the Continent of Africa, roughly in the center of this area.

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The Spiritual Test of Atlantis

Posted by Nuno on 15.06.19 under Akashic Records.

Edit: I’ve written a more extensive text about Atlantis here: Atlantis, The Lost Civilization – A Collection of Memories From Readings. Mythical Atlantis was a civilization on Earth that lasted up until 12.000 years ago. It existed for several thousand years, and was located around the Atlantic ocean. Contemporary to ancient Greece there was also a seafaring and sophisticated city/island (…)

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artistic rendition of a vimana craft flying

Quick Reading: I Flew on a Vimana!

Posted by Nuno on 27.02.19 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

I first come into contact with Rachel’s energy from afar, and I’m already beginning to receive information about a past memory, from another time. However, before proceeding I’m also compelled to stop for a moment and observe the energy more closely. Rachel’s energy is very fluid, clean, crystal-clear. There is a sense of pure curiosity, as well as lightness, to (…)

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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Cassandra, Atlantis, and Maha Chohan

Posted by Nuno on 14.10.14 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

Vivienne (not the person’s real name) sought answers and direction for her life as a whole. She described feeling sad, different, and out of place in life on a fundamental level, even if there was with little reason for it to be so.

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drawn world map with the continent of Lemuria

Esoteric Timeline of the History of Humanity

Posted by Nuno on 27.10.12 under Metaphysics (General).

The information in the following timeline was compiled from several metaphysical sources other than myself, which I deemed trustworthy for such purpose. The main references are the following: Ra, the Law of One, Kryon by Lee Carrol, Metatron by James Tyberonn, and Adamus St. Germain at the Crimson Circle. I’ve added a number of my own personal notes as well, mainly (…)

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