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Life Is Your Garden, And You Are The Gardener

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Some elements in life are just toxic to you. These can be situations, people, groups, circumstances, places, websites, events, jobs, forms of entertainment, and so forth. Anything you can spend energy with, and pay attention to.

Upon contact, these elements will make you feel bad, worse, small, weird, wrong, uncomfortable, awkward, devoid of merit, or unworthy of validation and Love. Even if there’s no clear, glaring reason for this to happen. Some places or events simply aren’t aligned with you. Some people just drain your energy upon contact.

Many, many people were deeply wounded as children, and develop processes for taking the energy of others for themselves, that will take them years to realize and heal. Nevertheless, it’s not your responsibility to heal everyone, especially if someone is not ready to acknowledge their own emotional patterns.

To find out where these toxic elements are in your life, don’t use logic and reason. Words and thoughts may not correspond to what you actually feel, in which case you may unwillingly hide your raw emotions from yourself.Instead, simply explore how you feel, in an immediate sense, when you come in contact with that thing, that element, in your life. It’s possible that you may not fully comprehend why something or someone is toxic for you – but you can always feel it. This is why you must pay attention to the raw sensation first. This will tell you what you truly need to know.

Picture yourself as a vibration: a sound wave, or a radio frequency. Now think all other people and things, each being/having a vibration as well.

Some vibrations simply do not resonate with others. They do not “like” each other. They do not play well with one another, as the strings of a well-tuned guitar would, for example.It’s not about things and people being the same vibration as you. Instead, it’s what aligns, what resonates with you.What is or is not toxic to you is not about judgement, but simply an observations to what you are aligned with. You have to pay attention to how your energy reacts to other things.Some things in life are intense and challenging experiences that you may not be able to easily escape from. If this is the case, maybe these are meant to teach you something. Nothing stays in life if it has served its purpose.Nevertheless the aspect of something being or not aligned with you, is valid at all times. Things either resonate with you or they don’t. The less they do, the more energy you lose by spending your focus on them.

When you do detect something that is draining you, it is your responsibility to remove it from your life. You’ll be removing bad energy, so that new and better situations may occupy its place. Even if you can’t do this easily, it’s still something you should still aim for. Let’s say, for example, that you realize your current professional occupation is no longer aligned with you. Even if you can’t easily change your life overnight, you certainly can start exploring other possibilities and opportunities, with the outlook to eventually make a change that is meaningful.

It’s the realization that will offer you the opportunity for change. Doing nothing, however, will only ensure your energy will continually be drained in your unwanted situation. It’s your job to continually align and re-align with what resonates with you. This is solely and exclusively in your best interest. This is what is known in spirituality as being “in alignment”. It’s also a self-learning experience, because you get to know more about yourself by understanding with what you are naturally aligned with.

If you don’t do this, for as long as you don’t take this pruning action, the toxic element will just keep draining you indefinitely. It will happen solely at your expense. And it will keep occupying space in your own energy. This act of self-awareness and pruning is something that needs to be in place all the time. Not in an obsessive and stressful manner, but like the gardener or farmer who, in a periodic and mindful manner, checks for weeds and keeps pests in check. If you neglect this entirely, your garden (your life), over time, will inevitably turn into a dysfunctional, unkept mess.

You are the gardener of your own life.

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