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Nuno is a gifted Reader with a very pure connection to Spirit, and this is immediately evident as soon as you come into contact with him. His insights and knowledge of how to access and navigate to the Akashic Records are first class, making his readings unique, personal, touching and very revealing. Unlike many "cookie-cutter" readers who perform vague generic readings based on pre-set scripts, what sets Nuno apart is his ability to articulate information from the Records in way that is not only accurate, but also framed in a context that is deeply personal to you, and only you. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Nuno, and he is a Lightworker in the truest sense of the word.
Antony Fonderson, Netherlands
Your reading has touched something deeply within me and pushed me forward to understand and love more of WHO I AM. You did an excellent and most amazing job! To me it almost feels, that just by addressing some of my issues, they have started transmuting. Since I read your Akashic Records reading the energy has started moving again. I still can’t grasp the full extent of what is exactly happening. But I notice that I begin to treat myself more lovingly, patiently and with understanding. Ah, what a relief! I am so thankful. Thank you so much.
Verena Stocker, Switzerland
Nuno’s reading of my Akash created a genuine, spiritual tipping point. I’ve experienced many rock-bottoms in my colorful and quirky life, but only a few moments like this. Our Skype session for the reading was the day after my first-ever regressive hypnotism session, in which I attempted connecting to my Inner Self. Unbeknownst to Nuno, I was left disheartened by that hypnotism session, doubting everything that was said. But while listening to Nuno, his words overlapped everything that was said the day before. My Inner Self had inspired identical guidance to us both, even using many identically-worded phrases! The authenticity of Nuno’s abilities are undeniable, as is the loving intention of his work. Even the past life Nuno examined was helpful beyond words. This particular lifetime resonated with my life today like neon. Nuno introduced me to my Soul self, and now I’m experiencing a divinely-inspired spiritual reset... I’ll remain grateful, always.
Susan Dyer, U.S.A.
I want to express my gratitude for this gift. It is extremely accurate, comprehensive, and helpful to me. I'm used to the high quality and illumination of your readings because I've read them on Heartki.com. However, when I take a step back and realize what I have in this reading, because it is for me, it's even more amazing. Several times throughout the reading I burst out laughing, because - I want to say - it struck me as so true. That's it exactly! I am also laughing harder and more loudly today than yesterday. One of the outstanding things I am left with at the end of the reading is a sense of direction, a sense of being "back on track." I feel this reading has helped to accelerate my spiritual growth by years, because I may have, with enough time, attained a sense of direction - but who knows how long that would've taken? And even then, I wouldn't have had the clarity of the context that the reading provides. Thank you for this tremendous booster in my journey.
Paul Grant, U.S.A.
I found your website in 2021 after my spiritual awakening. I was led (nudged) to know more about the Akashic Records, and to one of your published readings. That reading helped me grow even more and heal so much. It was a big one too. There were so many “ah ha” moments that changed my perspective. So, thank you! Then the reading you performed for me described me 100%, and helped me do a lot of soul work. It had so many "connecting the dots" moments. You're extremely detailed and meticulous and write beautifully. I’m so happy you could help on my journey. You are everything in this space, really top tier. Earth probably doesn’t deserve you… but for the selective few that have been honored to cross paths with you, we are eternally grateful to have you Nuno.
Michelle P., U.S.A.
THANK YOU for this professionally conducted reading and the much detailed information you channelled. I must say that I'm impressed not only by the quantity but also the quality of it and I'm so glad I've asked you to do this for me. Thank you. You deserve every penny. You are one talented guy, keep shining your light Nuno. Thank you loads again for this comprehensive work.
S. E., U.A.E.
I am a Heartki.com junkie. I come here almost daily for my juju-fix. I have been into this stuff for a while now. I started out with astrology and tarot. Then tried my hand at meditation. Read up on a lot of other stuff too. I was drawn to spirituality as a means of getting clarity regarding myself. It helped quite a bit. I still study forms of divination. I love cards the most. And music too. I came across Hearki.com by pure coincidence (or synchronicity... however you wish to look at it). Nuno's articles and cards really impressed me (I used his 'Decision' cards just 5 minutes ago). As for readings, I wasn't sure what to make of them. Tons of people proclaim psychic or prophetic ability. Quite a few charlatans out there who exploit the common traits of people who explore the subtler stuff. But I gave it a shot. And I am so proud and grateful that I did! I went for the pdf session and by now have analyzed it and read it to the point of excess. If you want past-life healing or just some insight into your journey go for a reading without any second-guessing. Nuno asks for questions. But they are for your benefit. Nothing comes close to what you can derive from this process. Unless you actually have access to your Akashic Records. I cried, laughed and shook like a tree in the purest expression of affirmation. It corrected many wrong notions I had and affirmed many things I wasn't sure of. It was detailed and well articulated. Nuno has great syntax while writing. And a capacity for dealing with very sophisticated and sensitized material. Once you read it you will notice things that have been put in only for you. Things only you, vaguely, allowed yourself to think. Things you only dimly suspected. Things no one but you can understand (duh... it is between you and your guidance team). And there is nothing generic like barnum statements or such. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will always be grateful to Nuno for giving me his time and attention. He is empathetic and understanding. He puts it straight and doesn't talk down to you in spite of this material being esoteric and often, paradoxical. Wish you all the best with your reading. Not that you need it. : )
Aditya Choudary, India
Nuno has helped enormously. His modern approach to these esoteric subjects is refreshing. His website contains a wealth of great background material (and some fun card games). You should absolutely try out his services.
H. S., U.S.A.
Thank you for my reading! You did a wonderful job explaining various things and took careful time with it. Things you addressed clarified some feelings that I have battled for a very long time. Your reading will serve to greatly assist me in my process, and heal wounding in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.
Aurora Clawson, U.S.A.
Thanks a lot for the reading. I have been asking the universe to give me what I need in this reading and I think that is what I got. About the quality of the reading, I really like the way you have made it. You give it all to make it clear to me. Thank you. My compliments. Wow, that was really something : )
Rob van den Brand, Netherlands
Wow, Nuno, I am absolutely in love with your reading! All of what you say is true. I'm so grateful to receive such clarity about my spiritual situation.
Bridgette DaSilva, U.S.A.
Words can't express my deepest gratitude to you. Your reading is deep and insightful. Frankly speaking, you are one of the most talented people I've ever met. What you've seen in your vision is shockingly correct, included some of my deepest personal thoughts. Thank you for your messages!
Simon Tsui, Hong Kong
The reading was really spot on, I resonate with it all! I found myself in every word you've said. It's a precious reading, something to go back often and remind me about my options of action. Nuno, I'm so happy that you left your IT work!! You make such a difference! When we do ourselves a favor and leave to do into something that brings us joy, everyone benefits!!! Bless you! Thank you for all the guidance!
Anna Lipiec, U.K.
Thank you for the reading, it was very enlightening. It is difficult to describe in words how I felt during and after the reading. I found the correlation between my own life and past life to be fascinating. As the reading went on you described how this past life relates to what I could be experiencing. All of those examples were correct. A very indescribable feeling came over me when you described the healing of this past-life. It was as if a weight fell off and I felt lighter. Nuno, you helped me understand who I am. Thank you again.
Marc Amabile, U.S.A.
It is delightful to go through the reading again and again as it is allowing the message to sink deeper. I will always cherish this reading and turn to it in times I feel doubtful of myself and in times when I need to make an important decision of my life. I don't have words to thank you for your great service and support. I will recommend you to anyone who wants a reading. Your website is also a great resource for people like me. Keep doing what you do. You came at the time when I was desperate to seek guidance from above and get some useful pointers. You did it with so much detail and accuracy. You are helping many like me on this path and availing your service must be like a turning point for many people.
Rio Kashyap, India
Thank you so much for such an incredibly detailed and precise reading. In truth, just about every word was on-point. I have read and listened to it multiple times since I received it. You've clarified many things for me, and I now have a much better understanding of what really needs my attention. Thank you so much!
V. R., U.S.A.
Thank you Nuno. The reading has been very illuminating in more ways than I anticipated and I’m so glad you took the reading where it did. You knew what I needed to hear, and it was exactly what I needed to get me unstuck in a major way. You are very gifted at what you do and I’m so grateful for having been a recipient of that. Thank you for your very helpful guidance. I’m very happy I've been introduced to your website and through that, your gifted services.
Joann Lee, U.S.A.
'Thank you' seem like weak words! The level of depth and precision you are capable of giving so generously is simply out of this world. You managed to cover absolutely all - ALL - that's ever bothered me with my life. Even if I already knew everything you highlighted as 'true' at a semi-conscious level, there is having a 'feeling that something is true', and then there's the hardcore truth! I am ready for healing and embodying all that I am.
Nedjma Donovan, U.S.A.
You touched upon a lot of core issues, that keep on preventing a full, rewarding and purposeful life. When I saw my stumbling blocks spelled out so clearly in the reading, I felt elated and kind of validated in my inner experiences, even when they are mainly burdening. There is an answer or a remedy the reading offers: acceptance.
Dominique Lagae, Belgium
Thank you very much for your work! I was able to listen through your reading and it was very relatable. I deeply appreciate the work you do and the impact it has on the people you've helped, including me!
Iris X., U.S.A.
I can't thank Nuno enough for the help he has given me on my spiritual path. Before working with Nuno I did a lot of work myself. I meditated, recited mantras, prayed, and studied. I had dreams, feelings, and knowledge that would just arise within me. I would often get really freaked out because I didn't know what was going on. For the longest time, I tried really hard to resist what I was experiencing. I had this intense longing to go Home, but I didn't know where it was. I was really lost, confused, angry, and hurt. I worked with different psychics and healers trying to figure out what is going on with me. Some helped, some did not. None of them were able to match the level of knowledge and understanding I sought. As I continued my path in searching for spiritual understanding of myself, I found Nuno. I had my reservations about Nuno. I did not know what to expect. Nuno turned out to be one of the most grounded and honest spiritual workers I worked with. I ordered the normal Akashic record with Skype reading. There was so much information that came through. When I connected with him, I felt my energy around in my body. This usually only happens when I am a deeper state of meditation. Nuno was the one who finally put the pieces of the puzzle together for me. He helped me understand my current life challenges and patterns of negative behaviours I struggled with. He was able to identify my limitations/beliefs and how they are affecting my experience and growth as a human being. With Nuno's help, I was able to finally integrate and accept my Spiritual Awakening. Thank you Nuno for shedding light on my path. I hope you can continue to help others to find their true selves in their spiritual journey.
Wendy Lin, U.S.A.
Thank you so much for working with me Nuno and providing this information. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world and understanding of myself. I can't thank you enough for your perspective and insight.
Peter B., U.S.A.
Thank you so much for such an enlightening, insightful, and revealing Akashic record reading. I love it. I really appreciate your effort for putting it together, thank you for your magnificent service! What a beautiful gift you have to share it with the world. Such information awakens/expands much more of my earthly body/mind consciousness. I'm grateful for the reading. You are doing a great service to many souls. Thank you.
Edwin Garmendez, U.S.A.
Wow, what a reading. Thank you so much! I was very overwhelmed. I was much more than I expected. So many layers of information indeed! And very clarifying. It cleared a lot for me and really made me think. What a blessing. Thank you so much for all of this Nuno. I'm very impressed and appreciate it.
Katrine Højgaard, Denmark
I discovered Nuno's website by mere chance because I wanted to find answers to questions that had been on my mind for quite some time, as I hadn't been able to find those answers by myself, I decided to contact Nuno. In a short time I got the results that not only opened my eyes but were also the propelling reasons to resume my studying with more willingness and drive. I received important advice and fragments of past lives that I would never have discovered without the help of Nuno and his spirit guides, in this sense I recommend the Akashic readings to all those who eager to expand their vision of the world but above all, of themselves. Those who look for a purpose, an answer, a mere direction, will find more than just the signs leading the way, they'll find more than that, they'll find their own vehicle to get there.
Mercedes Hanna Helga, Portugal
Thank you very much for your reading and analysis. It was fabulous. I's got everything to do with my current life. It was amazing, congratulations for your work, it will be very useful to me. Today I woke up with a completely different energy, thanks to you and this Light you came to give to this stage of my life. You helped me "reclaim my soul". Thank you so much.
Mavilde Anjos, Portugal
I decided to ask a reading from Nuno to heal some insecurities which tormented me in my day-to-day. These insecurities were on personal and also professional levels. They affected me daily, in my social interactions, and to some extent, in my relationship with my clients. While I was waiting for the reading, my mind fantasized with receiving stories that fascinated me: about other planets, other dimensions, other realities, anything and everything that would involve an existence outside of planet Earth. If nothing else, I expected accounts of past lives. As I'm leaving this testimonial, I'm attempting to find the right words to describe what I'm feeling. But it's difficult. The information I received from Nuno's reading did not contemplate any of these expectations, if I even had any. Because the most important to me was to receive answers and healing for these insecurities, which were becoming a very large burden, one I wasn't able to live with anymore. All the information I received was of total liberation, of all emotions of insecurity, fear, and of the unknown I felt about myself. I did not get to know any extraordinary existences or past lives. What I did get to know, was the true Essence of my being. And all of it explained and clarified why I was so insecure in social contexts. All the anxiety, the fear about living here on planet Earth, and the hurry to abandon this plane and go to some other reality, are gone. The importance of this reading was the information of healing I received. This is an information of self-knowledge, which was better than any story from another reality. It's my true reality of my day-to-day, and of the life I've chosen. I'm certain from now on my life will transform into everything I've ever wanted. Because the inner peace I'm feeling is difficult to put into words. After having felt each word of the reading, and after my mind having made all the clicks, and tied up all the loose ends, I've now grown to like myself more, to be proud of who I am and what I've become, which is something I never thought I'd feel. And that is priceless. Eternally grateful.
Cristina, Portugal
Nuno I loved the reading! I felt very well after speaking with you, I think every day I want more and more to hear the taped recording. It was very enlightening and every time I had questions you clarified them to me. You gave the help that I need and to me that was very important. I loved to know one of my past-lives and it's curious to know how much of my current life is related. I recommend everyone to do a reading with you. Honestly it was the first reading and it won't be the last, because I'm very curious. Thank you Nuno and be seeing you.
Catia, Portugal
I met Nuno through Teresa, and out of curiosity I wanted to try his readings. I loved it. First of all Nuno makes you feel at ease, as if you've known him for many years. I said what I wanted to know through the phone, and after a day he called me for the appointment. I received information that made perfect sense and it greatly helped me becoming aware of things that are happening in my life. Also, everything's recorded so I can hear the reading as many times as I like. If you have questions about certain things in your life, I strongly recommend making a reading, you won't regret it. It's the door we need to move forward.
Rute Cravo, Portugal
Hi Nuno! I've been in my spiritual path for some some time, and I've attended many courses and received many readings. Nuno made me a reading that transformed me quite a lot, it gave me strength and faith at a time I felt lost. It got me very emotional, and it gave me chills up my spine. I strongly recommend a reading made by Nuno. Thank you :)
Vanda Espírito Santo, Portugal
One day, after many more days spent with a huge pain in my chest and a big thirst to know who I was and my purpose for coming to this planet, I found an article by Nuno about Indigos. The darkness I had been in until then was suddenly gone... It was as if each word of that article struck every cell in my body, giving birth to a massive urge to drop everything finally begin my spiritual journey... It's like the excitement of children about to open the presents on Christmas morning! I received a great deal of information from Nuno over the following period of time. There are those who are only interested in being okay. They like to go by their day-to-day, while growing slowly, like a lightweight feather flowing through the winds... Others like me value growth, and their level of consciousness. To me it's fundamental knowing where I came from, and where I'm going. It's fundamental being aware of my challenges and the reason for their existence. To us, growth is fast and very abrupt, like a boulder dropped from a rooftop! The Akashic Records reading to me was like that boulder thrown from a rooftop! Not only was a big validation about what I felt about myself, but it was also a large spiritual cleaning, coupled with an exponential growth of my consciousness. After the reading, I felt a lot of old pent up anger flowing to the surface! But above all I felt hope and love on my path! I know I wasn't going to go through it alone. Nuno has the gift of words. Through words he describes in a simple and very inspiring way the famous 'Meaning of Life'. He's a kind of Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher, making available to the planet his unique and rare talent: Communication! I thank him for revealing what I carry within me.
Teresa Cruz, Portugal
When I met Nuno for the fist time, I felt the presence of a very strong and very sensitive energy. The first information I was told by my spirit guides was that he was from very high planes of consciousness. As I got more in touch with his energy, I realized he has a unique gift: the ability to read someone's energy, both on a spiritual level, and also about the person's daily issues. Being in the presence of Nuno, and receiving information channeled by him, is a special moment, a moment of great inner transformation.
Teresa Cristal, Portugal