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Akashic Records Reading [Standard]: The Flow of Creativity

The following is an Akashic Records Reading (Standard) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over a few days and delivered in an online session, the text below being a transcription of the call held with the client. All references to the client's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Standard Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

Preface (Added for this Publication)

The following is a transcription of the audio of an Akashic Records reading delivered through Skype, incidentally being, at the time of this writing, my first transcription of any audio recording for a reading. I’ve always had in store the idea of transcribing audio recordings, the stumbling block to make it happen was always the amount of effort that would predictably be required. Publishing a reading that’s already in writing form (which is the case for Written and Quick ones, see readings) takes a relatively minimal amount of work, when compared to having to transcribe an audio recording in its entirety for the same purpose. In the end, I wasn’t wrong: even using transcription software, the amount of effort I still needed to pour into the process (the automated transcription isn’t perfect and still needs to be thoroughly revised) made me question, by the time I had finished, if and when I’d be willing to do the same process again. Providing readings and services to clients takes up most of my time, with only so much of my energy and time left for website content. In short, I’m unable to say at this time if there will be further opportunities to transcribe and publish readings in this manner.

That being said, I considered this reading to be a prime candidate for an audio transcription. This was due to various factors: the reading was met by the client with open and productive reception as well as a fair amount of synchronicity; some of the materials covered are current and relevant for our day and age; and it addresses several topics which I consider to be of spiritual/metaphysical significance. The reading is also a case study in how the energy read in a reading influences, affects, and is made manifest, by the reading process as a whole, not just influencing the information but the way that information is put forth, and how one is made to feel by it. Many of the core elements addressed in the reading come from the contrast between the ethereal perspective of the awareness that is prevalent in spiritual realms, and the limitations incurred by said awareness when it is circumstantially incarnating in the physical, and undertaking experience behind the eyes of the human being. One of the elements herein explored was, among others, a perception of lack of time, time running out. Perhaps you may be able to see this thematic infused with, threaded into, the reading itself, both explicitly and implicitly, running across the experience of the session. One example of this, is that throughout the session I’m challenged by the prospect of delivering a vast volume of information within the limited time available for the session (both mine and the client’s); which led, in this reading, to a somewhat rushed delivery throughout. In the transcription I tried to preserve the fluid nature of interpersonal speech wherever I could, almost as if you’re reading a set of subtitles of the original audio. On the other hand, because in various places the rushed pacing did take a fair toll on the my own intelligibility as a speaker, some parts of the transcription saw more editing than others, to avoid a text that was too jumbled and difficult to read. Still, as stated above, no editing was made that altered the original, intended messages. And, of course, all references to the client are fictional.

For the theme of the reading, Marie, fictional alias, stated she had recently left a spiritual community, and her children were now leaving for college. And she was at a time in her life where she had interest in starting a new career in her creativity, possibly wondering about a life partner, and in general, she wanted to know about her life purpose, with little additional input provided beyond this points. So this was the theme the reading was performed with.


Marie: Hi.

Nuno: Hi, Marie. How are you today? Good morning.

Marie: I’m good. Thank you. Yeah. How are you?

Nuno: I’m well, thank you. Nice to meet you. Hope you’re well. And, um, I’m, if you are, ready to begin right away.

Marie: Okay, um, should I record it on my phone?

Nuno: Good question! I am recording the audio for the entire session, and I will send it to you by email afterwards…

Marie: Okay, great. So I will…

Nuno: …if you record it on your side it’s fine as well.

Marie: Yeah, maybe, but you’re doing it too? Yeah. Sure. Okay, I’m ready. And should I take notes? Or what do you think?

Nuno: You can. It’s perfectly acceptable if you do. Then again, that’s why I’m recording, because if you need to listen to something again, you can easily go to the recording to listen. But it’s perfectly fine if you wish to take notes. In fact, I have a couple of things to say about this reading, before I begin. You may notice, I’m slightly stressed. And the reason I am, only slightly! stressed is because: I have a problem with my readings, that I want to share with you. I make them long. I make them… I advertise on the website that the the necessary time to deliver a reading by Skype online would be roughly about an hour. But that is not true at all. I, er, would struggle if I attempted to transmit the information in an hour. I’m guessing it will take longer. I hope first and foremost, that there isn’t a problem with you? I hope you have the time to spare, and the energy, and focus. But I will try to not take too much of your and my time. And I’ll try to keep this as succinct and straight to the point as possible.

Marie: Hm-hm.

Nuno: So, that was a remark about the length of this. This reading, I divided it in four parts, and they kind of build on top of each other. They are divided more or less by topic, or by theme. And I will tell you right off the bat what the reading does not have. So, the reading does not have a recipe telling you you have to go to do this thing, or to venture to this place, or to go and do A, B, or C. Because that’s not something I do at my readings. I my readings are meant, first and foremost, to support you in your process of self-discovery, and understanding of yourself. So that hopefully, you are steering the right directions, and you are inspired to do so. One other thing is about your topics, the things you placed for this reading. One of these topics (…) was your spiritual path and your life purpose. I think the reading does touch on those things, extensively. What it doesn’t touch at all – if anything, it just mentions it briefly but it does not go into it at any meaningful length – is the topic of partnership.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: So I think the reading kind of decided to focus primarily in your current moment and your moment in life and going forward from this point.

Marie: Hm-hm.

Nuno: And finally, a kind of a disclaimer, I need to state to you. I don’t do this often in readings, I don’t ever do this actually. But in one of the emails you exchanged with me, you had a link to a website. (…) And I don’t know why, whether it was curiosity, or, I suspect, I might have been steered, or guided, to do so, but I went and clicked on the link. And I browsed a little bit the things you had on the website. I didn’t go deeply into detail, because I also didn’t want don’t ever like to absorb too much information. I prefer to perform readings, when I can, from almost a blank slate, so I can receive information as cleanly as possible. So that you know that I’m not, you know, researching, or making things up. It’s just purely what I receive. But I browsed enough to get the gist, the basic, if you will, a pointer: that you had, or still have – I don’t know how current it was – an activity related to teaching art, and teaching the creative process through art. That’s the basic pointer I got from browsing the website. And you will see how the reading, kind of took this insight, and ended up closely relating with it.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: So. First part. Are you ready?

Marie: Yes.

Nuno: Okay. Feel free, at any time… because I know you are not a beginner in spirituality, I know you have some basics, I know you have the activity that relates very closely with spiritual notions. So without being sure of what terminology you are comfortable with, what level of understanding you have, I want you to promise me that if you have any question or doubt about something you didn’t quite get, that you tell me at that point. The other way around is also true: if I spend too much time on something that is very basic to you, please let me know, and I move on. Okay?

Marie: Okay.


Nuno: Okay. So the first part. The first part is… it’s not so much Akashic Records, as it was more an assessment of your current energy and your current moment. And what I began feeling – I’ll now be going over the notes [showing my handwritten notes to the camera]- I began by feeling that when you asked for this reading… one of the things I picked up on your energy was that in the past – and not necessarily the recent past but in the bulk, if you will, of your lifetime – you had your energy kind of dispersed and committed to many, many things. I listed some of them. So, lifelong contact with spiritual philosophies; the raising of children and family; the fulfillment from your creative affinities (which pertains to the things I touched by visiting the website)… even though you perhaps… it is possible you feel, regarding that same creative affinity, that due to the current moment on planet Earth, there’s maybe the perception or concern that rather than the energy of the planet opening *more* to spirituality, to the inner world, to creative affinity… maybe you feel the planet’s energy is kind of closing. That the window of opportunity for… – not just for your service, but for others, for the planet in general – the opportunity for seeking those creative activities, that need for connection, and creative flow is closing instead of opening more. On top of these things, you had the topic of an absent partnership. You did many things for quite a while alone. Or had to.

On top of that, you’re highly sensitive. There is a side of your energy that is very magnanimous. That is very serene, calm, anchored, grounded: a side of you that is wise and makes you feel you know “what you’re doing”. On the other hand, there is also a side that is very sensitive and delicate, and evolved. So… and all of these things combined with, on top of, reaching a chronological stage of life, where typically the human being starts to assess… what have I done so far, and what do I wish to do with the time I still have. So, all of these things… what I felt from this energy was that this dispersed energy, for you… You deal closely with creative input. With creative flow. With what Abraham Hicks would probably call the “vortex of creation” – it’s when you get into the “zone”. It’s it’s what you get in art, or in any sort of creative input: you reach a moment of timelessness, where you’re receiving and you’re flowing. And, for you, who are closely aligned with this, and in a way you kind of have specialized in doing this, the dispersion of energy can sort of block the flow of creativity. It can become difficult for you to find flow, to find inspiration. Not just in any given activity or another, but in life in general. “How can I fly my flow”, “What is blocking my flow?”

Marie: What blocks my flow?

Nuno: What tends to block flow, one of the things, and I’m speaking broadly, over the extent of your life and the moment you are in, is that the presence of all of these energetic elements, all of these active topics, all of these things in life that you had to deal with, all of them at the same time, they can tend to…

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: …not necessarily block completely, but then take away your flow, take away your energy, make it more difficult to stay creative, uplifted, in flow. So, you have… a part of the reason why you requested the reading, and while you’re searching for the path ahead, it’s because part of you wants to recover that flow. You want more flow, rather than less. You want to feel more connected, more inspired, rather than less. This is one of the reasons why you wish to start a new career, or you are wondering about starting a new career: a part of that desire is to have flow. Another way to put it. Perhaps you know flow in one area of life or another. Perhaps, for example, you know flow from what you teach. From what you taught others, from the art, from the painting. And now you want to experience that flow as a whole. You want to make your whole life a result of, and be a catalyst for, you to be in that flow.

Marie: Yes, yeah.

Nuno: So that became the core thematic, the reason for the reading. From where you are, what you want to do, the spiritual intentions going forward.

Marie: Got it. Right. Seeing all of life as creativity.

Nuno. Yes. Creativity expanded, not segmented, in certain areas, but rather, as the whole of your life. Sure, life always has different areas, family, career, personal, and so on. But you want to make it, not disjointed, not dispersed, but as a whole. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Marie: Got it.

Nuno: And now a slight point about akashic records, without, still, not yet going deeply into them. But. In your current awareness – to be interpreted both as the current lifetime, and in the current moment – in your current awareness: the references and memories you have as a person; the sense of self you know today; what you think of as the “Me”; what you think of the world; what you think about your life; and what you want to do. Most of the memories and references you have, consciously and unconsciously, are from beyond Earth. Not from, for example, past lives on Earth – which you had. You are working right now from… you have, if you will, connected with, or expanded onto… maybe not necessarily consciously, as in remembering this past life in another planet, or remembering that existence on another realm… not consciously, but in terms of standards, in terms of standards of inner spiritual connection, of meaning, of what it means to be spiritual, and what it means to be in integrity, and what it means to be connected, those references are not of things you experienced on Earth, they are from beyond Earth.

The standards from those references, they tend to clash a lot with what Earth is today. And especially in the current moment. Those memories, those past lives and their influence, perhaps those that are felt more intensely, are from things you experienced in civilizations that were open to evolve, and that had crossed into 4D – what I refer to as 4D, as opposed to the 3D, which is still the Density where Earth is today, and the average consciousness of the collective here.

One of the the main things of 4D is that, even though it is still a physical society on a physical planet, the difference to 3D is that, the need for connectedness, and the spiritual layer of reality, are evident. It is no longer a “if”, or “when”, or “but”, or… it is evident. So everyone in one way or another is ready to evolve, is seeking evolution, is seeking self improvement – and not self improvement, as in, trying to copy what comes written in the self-help book, but improvement as in spiritual growth. So there is a reference from this type of harmonic living that doesn’t exist on Earth today. And this is, for example… some time in the past, at some point, you made the decision to join [spiritual community]. The connection to this community, at that time, resonated with you because of those references you had of a society, or a collective, or a group…

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: …that was harmonious in dealing with the spiritual. And where the spiritual was not “optional”, it was not questioned. Perhaps there’s always leeway in how to interpret what is spiritual, how to live it. And whether it is personal or collective; whether it is group-minded or individually-minded. But there was an acceptance throughout that there is a core group of tenets, and a core layer to Creation, that is spiritual and not just material. And that was what one of the things that resonated, at that time of your life, when you entered, when you joined. It was a way for you to work on those references.

Marie: Right.

Nuno: So it was part of an active endeavor, in this lifetime, at that stage, for you to live and exist, or at least an attempt to, in that type of harmony. I am well aware this is not present, this is now part of the past, but in the context of your spiritual growth, this is the part that it played in it. So as I said, those references that you have, they contrast greatly with society and how society is, in the last few years, and especially, perhaps, in the times we live in right now. What happens is that even though there is a great affinity with the spiritual – whatever that means, whatever that is, with the spiritual, with your desire to connect with the spiritual – there is a contrast with society today. Because in many ways, society is kind of going through some dark ages at the moment. It’s kind of, a little bit, spiritually aimless sometimes. Or sometimes society, groups, countries, politicians, and whatnot, they kind of invest energy in things that are literally incorrect, or they don’t serve the highest good of the collective, or they are spiritually counterproductive. In many ways you feel that the society, the planet Earth where you live in, is kind of going in the opposite direction of the references that you have, and that you uphold, in some way or another. So there might be a kind of a sense of disappointment. And together with that sense of disappointment, maybe a little bit of loss of hope. Because it is very normal for lightworkers, for those who try to work for the Light, to lose hope, to lose the sense of joy, to lose the sense of direction, when witnessing many of the things that Earth is going through at the moment.

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: Does this makes sense to you?

Marie: Yes. I feel, a little bit like, um, it’s sometimes really hard to be here. It’s just so hard to be here. And yet, I still want to help. [emotional] And so it’s like this conflict of like, I want to, and I don’t want to. Like, I want to help, and I want to put out my career better and help more people; and then I just want to hide, because I don’t… feel safe here. Yeah, I don’t… it’s such a conflict. And yet, I want to be happy, about like, “okay, it’s all gonna work out in the end”, the higher consciousness is happening, this looks like a total mess, but it’s really going to change for the better. And then I’m, like, terrified of like, what are we gonna live through!? You know? So I’m trying to meditate more, because, um, because it helps me so much not get so caught in the 3D world. That I live in this kind of different place. And it’s incredible. But when… yeah, so anyway. That’s enough.

Nuno: Thank you. I feel you. And that’s not to say I’m going to solve everything with this remark, however I’m glad, in a way, because the reading went there. So you confirming it, it kind of helps the reading, if you will, that topic precisely, and, wanting to go away and not wanting to go away. So we’ll get there. I’m not leaving that untouched.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: So, just to complete this thought process. At some point in the recent past… maybe not so recent, but at some point in your past, you left [the spiritual community], you made the decision to, and, you made a decision to live by your own take on spirituality, or try to. And when you did so, there was a kind of a vacancy, of elements. There was a vacancy, of the sense of harmony, of the sense of group. Maybe there was a kind of a loss, of the… when we enter something new, and we discover something new, there is a kind of a sense of hope. Hope that Earth will improve; hope that we are all working towards a good end; hope that this is all going to work out in the end.

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: And when you left [the community] you kind of haven’t managed to recover that hope.

Marie: Hm…

Nuno: And so, all of this to say that the desire to start anew is as much of a desire to find a new way, as much as it is a desire to get your hope back. That sense of youthful joy where you know we’re working towards something. It also has to do with getting your groove back. That is to say, finding your “mojo”; finding your creative flow. All of these are kind of synonyms to that state of connection, that you know; that you have within; and that you teach.

Marie: Hm-hm. Okay.

Nuno: And I can’t skip ahead of this, in this part: because COVID is playing a part in this. And I went there, in the reading – and I had to, because this reading isn’t being made up in the clouds, it’s being made in this current moment. And what COVID is doing right now, is creating an inordinate amount of tension on the planet. Because we all feel – including lightworkers – we all feel trapped in a box with each other. It’s like we’re unable to detach from whatever else everybody’s doing. So before was like: “okay, so Planet Earth is not whole completely perfect, but at least whoever wants to learn, whoever wants to be touched by inspiration, or by flow, or by creativity, by art, by spirituality, at least they can”. But now at the moment, it is very difficult to detach from what everyone is doing, including those… selves who are going through a lot of turmoil, and taking the Light, the new Light and energy on the planet in a very… not always adequate direction, so to speak. It’s all part of their lesson, but at the moment… my point being that we’re all in the under extreme tension. Regardless if you have had, personally or through family members, or through someone close to you COVID, core health issues, or financial issues, or personal space issues, or generally going to the store or going meeting people, and they’re kind of very stressed, and out of themselves. So, there is kind of inescapable tension that the planet, the whole planet, is going through. Sometimes that tension is not so much, or it’s not only a fear of health, but it is also the fear of people’s behaviors. I mean, you go “where is the collective behavior headed towards, based on what I’m seeing every day?” So there’s a lot of tension. And that tension also hampers the creative flow, the creative process. It cools, dilutes your sense of hope, violently as in, with great impact. And one thing that I received in this reading here, is that, I wasn’t told when, or how, or… I wasn’t told details. But what I was told, was that there is a period of COVID now, and somewhere, somehow, at some point, there will be a period [that is] post-COVID.

Marie: [chuckling]

Nuno: I don’t know how, don’t ask me when, I don’t know. It’s just something that… COVID is not meant to last indefinitely. Energetically, there might still be the virus, or there might not be, I don’t know. But there is a period when this is happening, at the moment; and then there will be a period where it’s different. It’s no longer this level of tension. When that period… when that happens – whenever it does, once the COVID thing isn’t here – some things, I don’t mean all of them, but some of them, that we once took as normal, from before, will return. So, things, small things, like going to places, or in dealing with people, or… that kind of thing, ome of those things of the our everyday lives, are going to get to the same normal, or close. And some things will get better, basically. Some things will be new, and we’ll introduce improvement. And that’s… just to say that this period, even if it is extremely tense, even for someone trying to embody the Light, or serve through the light, this period is circumstantial! This tension creates some kind of distress and some loss of hope, but if that tension disappears, then what you feel will change. How we feel will change. So, this is a note about COVID, that came at this point in the reading.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: The theme of the reading, the overall theme, is frustration from misalignment. When you ask about life purpose, the reading wants to make clear that this question goes much deeper than just figuring out something to do, figuring out a path. It’s existential. It’s philosophical, if you will. You are desperately wanting to return to hope, whether it is here or not here. You are putting everything in question – and that is normal. That is not incorrect. That is not proof of lack of wisdom, it is because of wisdom.

Marie: Hm-hm.

Nuno: Right? Because of your wisdom, which spans many levels above the physical, you are questioning whether it is worth being here. Whether it is worth investing in something, and if in anything, what is it? So you are questioning things because of the non-flowing nature of the World. Because of how violent it the World is for someone who embodies connection, who teaches connection, and who is for connection. So, this existential question, basically you’re asking: “Is the image of the world I believe in even possible?”, “Is there hope for me that allows me to be here on Earth?”, “Do I still want to be here? And if so, to do what? What for?”. These are the questions… I want to make something very clear, these are the questions that a Master asks herself. All of the spiritual Masters – in whichever way… I’m not going to define what the Master is; I’m going to put forth the term, and you interpret it the way you see fit. All spiritual Masters that have walked the Earth, have had questions like this. This is not, again, from any sense of failure, or shame, or cop out. It is a process that is intrinsically tied to your own wisdom. And it is legitimate, it is about the Free Will, of the spiritual self, about being here or not, and whether it makes sense or not. This is what the reading and the rest is about… it relates to the point you’re at.

So although… and by the way, all the typical sayings and statements that you might hear that are kind of wholesome, like, “life is a blessing”, and “be positive”, and all of those things, those things are nice, but they don’t really matter for you right now. It only matters, exclusively, that you understand whether your time here is worthwhile, and, in absolute terms, finding your positivity again. Finding your joy of life again. Your connection. Only that matters. Whatever else…

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: …anybody says, or tries to teach you, or whatever source you try to seek that kind of… that puts forth these statements. They are nice. They are wholesome. They are positive – as opposed to negative, down-putting. But what is important right now, is your process. And it is that process that everything is… it’s everything. [Marie has been visibly emotional during the last few words, which leads me to respond.]. Marie, do you want me to take a moment?

Marie: [emotional but smiling] Ah-ah… oh, it’s just… it’s touching me deeply, because I’m just… it’s helping me, just, that longing that’s just never goes away, you know, and just so intense. And it’s like, yeah, I’m not even that motivated to do things here. It’s like, who cares? You know? So I’m trying to find that thing of like, “Okay, how do I bridge that chasm of like, I don’t… I don’t wanna be here”. And I want to help. You know? And there’s that gap in-between. And like yesterday, I just kind of wasted my day, and I felt so bad at the end of the day, like, “what a waste of a day”. But I couldn’t get myself to do anything. And I wasn’t… I wasn’t depressed, or anything. I just felt… annoyed [chuckles].

And, um, yeah, so one thing that I’ll mention that’s helped me, kind of was a big deal for me, about a month and a half ago. I went to [spiritual retreat of a public figure]. Do you know [figure]. Okay, well, the person is quite famous. And they do spiritual retreats all over the world. And I knew about them but I wasn’t, I thought the person was just really mental. And I always want, you know, devotion. And… you know, clarity. Anyway, and then I understood them differently. And I felt super guided, like really guided, to go to the retreat. And I guess it’s really hard to get in, it was 1500 people with thousands more people on a waitlist. And so I flew to [location] in [time]. And it was really fantastic. It was sort of like what I’ve been wanting. They are very good at helping everybody go very deep. And (…) I was so present, because I have meditated for so long, but it was like… being guided to go deep inside the centers, and deep inside the void. And it really, um, it was like so fulfilling. I’m craving that. And it felt like, um, I mean I didn’t… I was close to [teachings from spiritual teacher] obviously from [community] but I’m close to many others. And I could feel, like, their presence, like, okay! [reacting to benevolent presence of spiritual energy]. And I was thrilling. And I went very deep, with a lot of intention of releasing some old, deep sadness. Stuff from another lifetime, that I even know the details. And, um, we’ll get into that one. But I felt it kind of leaving me, and my body’s shaky, and going through the top of my head. And, after that whole retreat, I felt like, oh my god, I finally found people, like, not the people I… I made two friends, but it’s not like I made a billion friends, but I was like, “This is what I resonate with”. It was so expansive, it was so deep, you could even dance, and play, and have fun, and… it just doesn’t know, how you’re allowed to dance [in some spiritual philosophies]. Like, it’s ridiculous. And it was like, oh my gosh, I felt free, like, I can be me! I could dance wild and be deep and spiritual. You know? And so, I loved it. And then… now I’ve been trying to practice this meditation, you have to listen to them, so it’s really different than I’ve ever done? Having someone talk to you? But, um, if I do the ones where you’re guided through the chakras, it really helps me. So I have…

Nuno: …guided meditation.

Marie: …I feel like I’m finding something. But then I’m kind of on my own. I’m trying to find other people that are doing this.

Nuno: I get it. And I feel, based on the information of this first part, what I’m connecting with is, first, your very basic “thing”, not what you resonated with but it kind of told you planet Earth is not just full of negativity and low energy. There’s a lot of people seeking connection. And second, I believe what you resonated with, was that reference of a collective that is harmonious, and all of them, the people in the group, are in sync with that harmony.

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: All of them are open and without barriers, and… with certain tenets that are self evident. Basically it’s harmony. So I believe it was a recollection of that. Part of it at least.

Marie: Yeah. Yes.

Nuno: Okay, thank you for sharing. So now I will be moving on to part two. Can I?

Marie: Yeah!


Nuno: So you said you released a path life. Here’s another one for you!

Marie: [chuckles]

Nuno: This one is a past life not on Earth. It is a past life, or a memory, from a different realm, from a different planet. Um. So. This planet… as you know, we all go… planets are sometimes selected to go through reincarnational cycles. And they go… they don’t necessarily go through 4D stages, but they do go through stages. And sometimes they do go through 3D. So, this one went through 3D. Um, so, I can establish a kind of a parallel with the history… the recent recorded history of Earth. Because it was pertaining to your participation on one of those cycles. (…) Here’s the thing with the energy of this reading: I can see the planet in front of me; I can kind of pinpoint the area of space; but for the life of me I can’t tell the name of the area. My best approximate, tentative, indication (not that this is hugely important) but it’s somewhere in the constellation of the Swan, or Sygnus. Energetically the test that took place on this planet, relative to the tests where many of us participated in our paths on other planets; relative to those other planets and regions of space that we know better in terms of planetary or Cosmic origins, such as Sirius, and Orion and Pleiades, and those kinds of places, relative to those places, this planet and this cycle was very… had a very specific, peculiar nature.

It was a kind of a short test. It was a kind of a test performed on a small scale, on a small planet, with a small population. And this scale was also related to the time it took for it to develop.

Marie: [chuckles]

Nuno: So, just to give you a broad overview, this specific 3D cycle went, very rapidly, through a period which we would call prehistoric, or Paleolithic, very, very rudimentary. Then it moved on very quickly through a period which we would equate on Earth to the bronze and iron age. So a classical period. A little bit more developed, but still still without too much technology. And then after that, it quickly transitioned into a period, which was a combination of what we would refer to on Earth as the Renaissance and the Industrial period. So it moves from… through these periods of development, it almost burns through through these stages of development very quickly. One of the reasons why it was so quick was because again, it was a small scale, it was because it had very few people incarnating and it was relatively small. (…) because of these circumstances, which not all of them were shown, this society developed very fast – relatively speaking, compared to the same progression on Earth. And it didn’t spend too much time in each of these equivalent periods.

And this is relevant, because your memory is not just of – that I’m being shown in the reading – not just of one specific lifetime, but also of your spiritual self as it was assessing the multiple lifetimes it tried to develop. So the same connection and spiritual connectivity you try to achieve today, on your own, together with your, “spirit part” if you will, or the “spiritual Marie”, those references are here included. So, this memory that I’m about to tell you, you can regard it in two ways simultaneously: one, is as one past-life; the second is, the sequence of lifetimes corresponding roughly to the period of the society to which this experience, or set of experiences, pertains.

So the period here is right at the end of the Classical period. Right at the end of the Bronze/Iron age, or the equivalent. Right after that period, immediately after, in the space of… maybe in the same generation, or perhaps in within 1-2 generations, the world would go quickly into a Renaissance. The “Renaissance”, here compared to the Classic period, is when you get out of the “Dark Ages” if you will, and you start to create, you start to develop things, you start to invent new technologies, and the technologies can be developed to such a rapid pace, that what is current in one moment quickly becomes outdated in the next. But this period, of this memory, this reference that you have, is right at the cusp, before the Renaissance, at the end of that Bronze or Iron age – or equivalent.

[Earth went through a broader and complex spectrum of events and periods, which this explanation is, to some extent, grossly misrepresenting, more or less. For example, the Middle Ages includes the Renaissance; the Classical is part of the Iron Age; and so on. This description primarily transmits the notion this society went through this progression in a much more swift and “compact” manner, including transitioning from a more rudimentary, classical, “early” period, onto a more expansive, technological, inventive one, which the memory focuses on.]

In this memory, you belong to a tribe. Again, I’ll be establishing a parallel, because the cultural elements don’t translate 1-to-1 to those on Earth. This simplification is because I have lots of material to go through, I’m using shortcuts so you can apprehend an idea better without me going through too much detail. This was the equivalent… this tribe, or this group of people, of this memory, was most similar to a North American Indian tribe, before Europeans arrived there. It was a hunter-gatherer tribe, it was a tribe that very much lived off the land, and was dependent a great deal of the cycles of the land. It did not use farming, only foraging and hunting.

Marie: Oh, yeah.

They used simple hand-made tools for everyday tasks, from the hunting itself, everyday uses for… women to tend to their hair… and for men too! I’m just trying to establish parallels between Native American culture and their culture. Anyway, handmade tools. And they are somewhat spiritual, in the sense of living very tied the land. So they are very attuned to the energies of Nature, and the weather, and… it’s a simple form of spirituality, it’s not highly complex, it’s simply very tied to Nature, to what the land can provide for them, being so closely dependent of Nature.

You – I think you were male – what you did in this lifetime, in this memory, you handcrafted those same tools that were used for the everyday life. But you handcrafted them in a… you made those tools with very elaborately carved filigree woodwork. So instead of making everyday, ‘normal’ tools that are essentially copies used by everyone, you made them very elaborate, very exquisite, and very unique. Sometimes, someone would ask you to make a tool, for them to use, or a weapon, or something of the sort, and that tool would be custom-built for that person. And they would have your time and dedication devoted to creating, elaborating the patterns and drawings, and the filigree…

Marie: [a dog is barking in the background] Hold on one second. Something weird just happened. [Marie goes away momentarily to check. Dog continues to bark, Marie asks the dog what’s going on. Then she returns.] That’s really… sorry to interrupt, but he’s barking at nothing! He’s like looking at nothing and barking. So that’s… just thought I’d mention that, because he doesn’t normally do that. There’s nothing near him…

Nuno: Well, it’s obviously energy, I’m sure!

Marie: Yeah, he’s looking at something! [laughs] Okay! Yeah. Right.

Nuno: So, anyway. Um. The process by which you carved these tools, by which you made them intricate, was a lengthy process, careful and elaborate, that is very similar to, for example, creating a painting… and/or getting into any state of flow where one is receiving inspiration to paint, sculpt, to create. So this is reminiscent of the creative processes and the state of flow that you know very well today.

The goals on a spiritual level you had, in this memory, were as follows: with these tools you felt that you could take the perception and awareness of the people in the group you belonged to, to a new level. So instead of using bog-standard tools, you would have a work of art on top of the functional aspect of the tool. The tool would be special. With this you would be introducing something more, to the tools your group, the tribe, used. And in terms of consciousness, spiritually, you were working for the advancement, you were helping the advancement of consciousness, taking the consciousness of that group to a new level. Because, spiritually, for that incarnation, and for that time period in general, you felt they were ready for this. You felt a sense of opportunity. So the human… or rather the incarnated mind, when you start taking it beyond just matters of survival, beyond just the utilitarian, functional level, and onto meaning, and onto art, that starts to create, show… it kind of invites the mind to see what is invisible. Right? It kind of tries to take it to a new level. That’s more or less one of the purposes of art itself. Anyway, so, you were, in some ways, feeling that you were participating – that was the spiritual intention – in the process of developing the consciousness of that group.

At the same time, when you discovered you wanted to do this during the lifetime, you felt you could touch this thing that was new to you: and that new thing was the state of creative flow. And… because you are creative-driven; you are inspiration-driven. So to connect with this was a massive discovery for that lifetime. It was a discovery of your sense of home. Because you sense you connect with your spiritual Home by the creative flow. And, at the same time, you felt you could be more you. Not just one more member of the tribe, but you could be yourself in the tribe, and, you will be serving others.

Marie: Hm.

Nuno: So, at this reference, at this point, there is a discovery here: of that creative flow, and… not just of creative flow, but a sense of identity, and sense of spiritual fulfillment, and the sense of helping others, all at the same time. So it was a… groundbreaking discovery, because you felt you could tick every box… that you could achieve everything at the same time that you wanted, and you could be fulfilled in doing that – that activity, at that time, in that planet, in that context. But at the time, the issue you had, was that it was a very small audience. So there was… this tribe was very small, and it was the only one of its kind on the planet. Here on planet Earth you have a multitude of tribes, and different clans, and different countries even… how they’d refer to their own regional divisions. On this planet the tribe was of a much smaller scale, and there was one expanded clan, one expanded tribe. So there was a very small audience. There wasn’t an everyday need for tools – so you weren’t able to be doing what you did all of the time, only sporadically. So you felt a lot of… start-stop, a “hiccup” type of work [what I meant was, working on the craft in spurts, interspaced by periods of not being solicited to do so]. You’d get thrilled from doing a piece from your craft, with the elaborate carving, a work of art, but then afterward spending periods where no one would seek you for it. So, you couldn’t be always connected, all of the time.

On top of that, for your craft you felt you needed to educate. There was a lot of effort needed to educate the tribe for them to even begin understanding, realizing, what value the art added to the object. For you it was evident, it was something you felt strongly about, but do them, not always. Not so much. So you would kind of question, “do they even need this?” “Am I even important here?” “Is there any use for this that I’m doing?” So there’s a discrepancy, because what you feel very intense, very meaningful, and then the outside world – or, in this case the tribe – was not necessarily always aligned with, even the need! Even recognizing the value you are attributing, that you were seeing in the activity.

And third, you felt there was no time left. Because, not all of it was conscious, but spiritually you new: the new period where the whole planet would start evolving technologically, would arrive soon. So there was a kind of a tension always brewing in the background. That you didn’t have a whole lot of time, to do this. To work on the consciousness of the tribe. And to fulfill what you wanted to fulfill. And that pressure added to the sense of “I need to be doing something but I can’t”. And you you felt “Do I have value?” “I should be doing something…”. Kind of similar to the… to what you felt yesterday with “I wasted the entire day” – even if the day wasn’t meant for you to do anything but rest. But you kind of felt that tension. That discrepancy, maybe it was a reminiscent of this type of sensation, or this memory.

What happened eventually, was that… and now I’m not referring to just this one lifetime, but to the near future of that period. Society did eventually move on. The technology level of most things on the planet started evolving very quickly. And soon it reaches the tribe, and makes the tools and trinkets, the wooden carved everyday use tools, obsolete. And, further, that progress of technology, and simultaneously of awareness on the planet, picked up so much that you knew – your spiritual self knew – that because of the scale of the planet, things would go so fast, that there would be very little space and time for people to pause, and have moments of solitude, and have moments of connection, and have pause to really isolate themselves and go within. Or to think about themselves in an inner sense. And there would be very little opportunity in the planet for that to happen. That is a consequence of the scale of the planet and… mixed in with the speed at which typically planets start to evolve around this period (or equivalent), and this one specifically.

So what happened… this memory, has one upside. And that was… you have a tendency overall, as a spiritual entity. In that tendency you become dispersed. The tendency is to juggle a lot of things in life. You have a tendency to forget about your connective flow. Because it’s something very subtle, very easy to miss. And this experience in this planet, and this lifetime specifically, was about remembering something that was so valuable to you, which was: connecting within. Which was: achieving that connections through creative flow. “Getting into the zone”, if you will. Getting into the zone is not just for creative artists, it’s also for performers, for… you can see it, metaphysically, as an embodiment of the Divine – when you’re in the zone, when things are flowing. That’s the flow I’m speaking about. In this lifetime, you probably know it better from art. And it’s something that you teach as well.

Marie: When I was young, growing up, I played sports very, very competitively, and very intensely. It was a big part of my past with… with my coach, and you know, is top in the country and travel… you know, it was… it wasn’t small. But, ah, I’m only saying that… I guess the mix was like, the pressure was so intense. But the highlight memories, of course, are those few times where I was in the flow.

Nuno: Yes! Absolutely.

Marie: And it was magic! The body just knew what to do, and I didn’t have to think, that was just…

Nuno: …that’s the flow I’m speaking about. That sense of flow, when things just flow…

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: …because you are in tune with Creation, if you will. It is literally an embodiment of the Divine, that flow… in a sports athlete. Because then there’s also the flow that is creative; then that is the flow that is performative; there’s the flow that is of dancing, for example.

Marie: Hm. Yes.

Nuno: There are many ways to achieve that flow. But that is the connectedness I’m speaking about.

Marie: Right. Okay.

[Reviewing and transcribing the audio is making me feel a bit sad and sorrowful, because since I more or less had to dispense the information in a hurry, and was always pushing ahead, I was leaving very little space for Marie, and for myself really, to just let these small connections and validations sink in, to just settle in them, as she would have otherwise deserved. I’ll have to work on this in the future; but there was little alternative at this time given the circumstances. It was a lot of material to be dispensed in a short amount of time.]

Nuno: So the upside of this reference, of his memory, was that you remembered that connectedness.

Marie: Yes. I see.

Nuno: And it was an absolute joy. However, there are plenty of downsides to this memory. And they were as follows. Number one: “it was over too quick”; “there is not enough time” [the energy of rushing in the reading experience reflecting the perception of the memory itself. A Reading always reflects the energy of the person being read]. Number two: the state of bliss is not being allowed, or it is being interrupted, by the circumstances of the world. And these perceptions, by the way, are very normal, because once a spiritual entity finds Home – spiritually speaking – they want to be at Home all the time. They want to be connected all the time. It’s natural, it’s what’s going to happen. So anything that interrupts this process is bound to be hurtful; to hurt; it’s bound to not be taken lightly. Because Home is everything to us all.

Marie: Hummm…

Nuno: Another downside, another reference that this memory has, is: there is not enough acceptance or validation. Or, the message doesn’t travel widely enough… hum, or, there isn’t enough excitement from others to embrace this thing that I’m trying to share with them. And so… which could lead to a sensation of not being needed enough, or being unneeded, or maybe the pace at which society is evolving, or the technology is evolving, is making what I’m doing, what what I’m trying to teach, obsolete – and quickly. And from this memory you, spiritually… while you remembered something that was so valuable the state of flow… and you’re telling me now another way by which you put this into practice, certain moments in your sports career that you managed to live it, in a practical sense. This memory has the upside of remembering you of that. But you also got into… hum, it was finicky. You you took from it that going into one’s essence is not a guarantee that you’ll be safe. Or that things will go well. That’s a kind of a distrust in Spirit; and in the Universe; and in the World. Not too dissimilar to the sensations that you are living today, about the World.

Marie: Yes!

Nuno: A second thing is that you naturally open the possibility of second-guessing your essence. “So why would I connect with a source of service, if it wasn’t meant to be?” So you kind of wonder “am I supposed to be here?”, or, you’re constantly looking over the shoulder, when you find something good, to see when it’s going to end; or when it’s going to be taken away; or when you’re going to be hurt by it. You’re questioning its worth of your lesson to the planet. You might even avoid beginning things, out of fear that you’ll be further hurt, or out of fear you… they’ll be rejected. Or that you’ll have to give up on them because they don’t work.

There is a difficult relationship with something that is so valuable to you. And it makes sense because when something is deeply valuable, it’s sometimes with what we have the most complicated relationship. This is what’s happening in this current moment right now, and in the World: you are feeling that the World is too fast-paced – even in evolving spiritually, perhaps. You feel the essence are in the pause, in the present moment one connects with within that flow. And you want to be given the space to connect with that, to go within and connect, like you did in the meditation retreat you mentioned a while back. But you kind of feel it’s difficult because it’s as if the World is not letting you settle; it’s not giving you the opportunity to do that, consistently.

Marie: [sofly laughing to herself]

Nuno: You might also feel the World doesn’t… or is recognizing, appreciating, the immaterial, the meaningful, the profound, the connectedness, less. Maybe people on social media, they pay 1000 times more attention to bodies, and to sex, and to celebrities, and to pictures of flashy lifestyle, and less… and when one tries to put out there something that’s actually meaningful, that’s actually beneficial, that’s actually spiritual, five likes, ten likes, when the other type of material gets traction instantly and receives millions. This is just an example of how there might be a perception that the World is valuing, and giving value, to different things. And how the World is often steering In directions that are not productive spiritually. [This is not true in an absolute sense since in All of Creation all directions that can be taken are spiritually productive; still, this is valid in the sense and to the extent the collective spares energy to pursuits that are steering the personal focus away from what leads to consciousness growth, and to the truth of the inner self]. And again, there’s the kind of disappointment, and the frustration, with this. This is, again, a discomfort in dealing with misalignment. Dealing with the absence of flow.

Okay. So what happened in that lifetime… You continued to try to achieve the creative process, in experience on the planet. But it was always a struggle. It was always very difficult, as it was predicted it was going to be. Because there was so much of a fast pace in the planet’s development… your sense of art, and your sense of creativity, are sometimes so delicate… that the fast-paced rhythm at which the World was evolving, and at which the minds of the individuals were evolving, made it so that others couldn’t easily recognize that sense of flow, and that there was even such a thing. And so from that life onward, until the end of the reincarnation cycle, you kept trying to continually recover it – your own state of flow, in your experience in the physical. But you kind of couldn’t. you… you struggled, at best. You tried to. But it was always worse than the experience of being in the tribe. And this resulted in a kind of a, Messenger Karma. Now, I’m not going to go into depth about this in this reading, because I just don’t have the time. I could write a book about it, I would be here all day if I were to explain it properly. But Messenger Karma is a very crucial, very crucial concept, that I don’t see often portrayed. And it’s as follows.

When a messenger soul… and by “messenger” I mean someone who comes in (into the physical) with a new idea, with a new message, with a new spiritual insight, with a new invention, with a new creation, with a new method, of art, a writer, an artist… someone who comes in with something the collective needs, and is to be put forth during the incarnation. So by connectedness, by that creative flow, that person might achieve spiritual work in the collective. But if they don’t get to see the outcomes, and the validation, and the success they deserve from that work they will never achieve true closure from their efforts. One thing is the ego getting caught up in those things – desire for validation and appreciation. You will often find spiritual and metaphysical philosophies stating, that in order to evolve spiritually and to be truly spiritual, you need to detach from the ego, you need to dissolve the ego. Sometimes they say you need to dissolve the self. But the truth is, that the Soul needs that credit. It needs that return, it needs to see that the Universe, and the World they are serving, credits them in having that success. Getting caught up in the idolization that the ego seeks is bogus; but the Soul does need to be credited for its service, in a way that it befits that service.

And often what you’ll see, is a master, or a creative, or someone with new ideas, get out of the incarnation (passing away), and only long after that does the collective go, “oh my, this person was a genius after all”, or, “this person, after all, had very advanced ideas, he was ahead of its time“. But because they – the person him/herself – did not experience that validation in life, they’ll never achieve that closure, spiritually. You will only achieve closure of something practical when you receive the credit in a practical manner. And the Messenger Karma is basically the stigma that souls, who often choose to come in with new ideas, with an idea that will advance Humanity, will often be lacking in that validation, in that return. You mentioned, for example, this person of the retreat you went to, I mean you didn’t go because of the person, right? It was because of the retreat itself. But you mentioned the person was famous. So in this lifetime at least, the person in question managed somehow to create something that advances, and that is good and beneficial, and it contributes to advancement of the collective – and they receive the credit, they receive the validation of the collective for it. The person has the waiting line, has a system with a lot of participants. The messenger needs that validation.

[This would perhaps need a much more extensive clarification, as this is a potentially complicated matter. But essentially, not all desire for appreciation, for positive feedback, is ego-based. This goes against what spirituality will often tell you: that if you want something for yourself, that means you’re being selfish, because “true service is selfless”. Well, that may be true for Angels, but not for Souls incarnating as human beings. Indeed some desire for recognition can easily be ego-based. But there is a level of necessity from the incarnated spiritual self in seeing that their efforts are correct, true, and are paying off. When that doesn’t happen, Messenger Karma may form: the karma of being underappreciated, not being recognized, acknowledged, for who you are and what you bring – spiritually. On one hand, this karma can be seen as a form of being attached to the outcomes (or its absence); that being said, no Soul coming onto the physical wishes to do so ‘out of sport’, i.e. in a purely altruistic manner; we’re all here out of some notion of affinity, desire, or interest, regarding experience in the physical. We all want something, just as our Soul always seeks. Therefore, denying said incarnated self full closure pertaining the results of its efforts, will only ever be completely solved, by reaching a state of acknowledgment regarding those efforts, on the reality/setting those efforts are expended.]

So the result of this memory – one of them – was that not only you felt that the spiritual connection wasn’t perfect (for all of the things mentioned… a lot of things interrupting the connection… that it might not be seen completely), but it solidified a little bit of Messenger’s Karma. It solidified an intensification of the stigma, a stigma about losing hope pertaining to your essence… which blocks flow. And this is what you living know. You are putting yourself into question. You’re living your flow yet not seeing any hope. In part, because of the circumstances – but you are re-living the experience of believing in and being something, yet finding it really hard to continue staying in that path. And then you start second guessing yourself. And, that kind of blocks your clarity: of where you want to go. And that’s why you are asking about life purpose. There’s one more thing I want to tell, before finishing this part. And that is… just for the sake of clarity about this memory. What went “wrong”, if you will, was that when that specific lifetime ended the craftsperson, you were ready to ascend, from that cycle. You had achieved everything that you needed, which on that instance, was to remind yourself of the flow. That was the objective of that specific cycle, and, of that specific lifetime. And you knew, spiritually, that you would not have… even if you tried to pursue it more, you would not have the the ideal circumstances and opportunities to continue to do so – to remain experiencing being in flow. To attempt to do so would be only an exercise in frustration, it would be an uphill battle. This was, if things went ideally, you could decide to ascend form the reincarnation cycle at that point.

What happened though, was that you chose to continue to incarnate regardless – even if with the circumstances not being ideal. Simply because you went after the sense of flow. Because it just was the most important thing you had. It’s not so much that you made a choice between A or B, fully consciously; it was that the flow was so important and so vital to you, and the connection that came from it, that you simply couldn’t acknowledge that you were “done”. And you couldn’t “let in” the reality of the situation. And so, with regards to all of you second guessing of your essence, “why am I receiving all of this, is if this is not meant to be?”, your essence was true and correct; but, there was a little bit of eagerness in pursuing that same essence, to the extent it prevented you the clarity to understand those specific circumstances. And that led to a little bit of an experience of suffering, and intensification and accumulation of that suffering. Because, basically, you made the choice to continue, in circumstances that were not ideal for you. Okay? The essence itself was correct; it was dealing with it with some level of attachment that was the problem. Okay? So that begs the question, are there parallels between this memory and with wondering right know, “is it worth my time to stay here?” “Am I my meant to say here?” “Will there be opportunities for me to actually do what I want to do, in practice, and live the life I want to live – and connected?” I will proceed with the reading, to answer that.


Nuno: So, Marie. I will be speeding to try to encapsulate as much as I can. You are an archangel. Okay? This is as clear as… it’s “all over” you, in a manner of speaking. Archangel. Okay? An aspect of an archangel. The intensity you feel about being invisible, wanting to leave returning home… is who you are. Okay? You are… the best expression is, an aspect of an archangel. This is very apparent, very obvious, there is no question…

Marie: [emotional]

Nuno: Okay? It’s just… the matter is that… not just on Earth, but in the Cosmos, you’ve been incarnating for quite a while as a “standalone” aspect. So you’ve been… you’re not being really concerned about identifying yourself as this or that deity. Instead, what you want is to return Home. It’s the craving. Right? You mentioned the craving, a while back? That is a desire to reconnect with that part of yourself, with who you are. That’s the craving that can’t be answered by family attachments – no matter how much you love them – the craving that can be answered by a group, by teachings, by people, that’s the craving. A belonging that you seek, that can’t be answered by most things in life. That’s the longing that you seek in the state of flow. When you are in state of flow, you connect with the timelessness, you transcend and you go into your arcangelic energy. That is not something you will ever be able to read in a book, or in a teaching. That is personal to you. Someone can come to your house and your dog… someone can go and write a book about your dog. But that book will not be able to transmit to others the experience you have with your dog daily, ever since you have him. So, there is the disparity between what we human beings know, even in spiritual terms, and your personal relationship without how it feels like to be who you are. Right?

Much like with the planet in the memory, I was able to see in front of me the energy, of the archangel. Yet, for the life of me, I couldn’t find – at least with my mind – a word that we humans use for that archangel. However, I do have an approximation, but before I tell you what that approximation is, there’s something I want to say to you, in this part three, about this arcangelic energy to you. This is not necessarily true for all angels, and for all archangels (or not in the same way and/or to the same extent). It is for you specifically. Archangelic energy, and this energy, is impersonal: it is not a person, it is not an entity, it is not an energy; it is something that is everywhere and nowhere. And, simultaneously, it has infinite intelligence and awareness; but it is not one thing, it is everywhere. All right? It is invisible, if you will; it is intangible. Even in the higher realms, even if you go all the way up to Source, it is still something that is impersonal. And that is the opposite of… the contrast with that, is when we are human beings – or even with the soul. The soul travels across time; the soul has experiences “before”, “after”, and “during”. The soul has a path (or vows to have one), as well as the incarnate self does. Those things are individual, if you will, to a lack of better term. Those things are subjective. “I’m going from here to there”. Whereas archangelic energy is not that. It is very “etheric”… I’m trying to find words and terms, but I don’t have any – because that is the energy of it – the energy is not-something. There are no words to circumscribe it, it is everywhere.

Initially, when you, as an aspect of the archangel, came forth to be a Soul – a unitary soul if you will, a one, a “Me”, right? The “Me” that you know today. There wasn’t a purpose. There wasn’t a mission. There wasn’t the project that you had to do. You were the portion of the archangel with the most agency and self-determination. And that agency and self-determination were a contrast with the impersonal energy of the rest of the arcangelic energy. And this is why, out of that self-determination, you went to move forward. “I want to help”, “I want to do”, “I want to be”. That is the agency of the aspect, of the soul. Hence, you projected outwards as an aspect that was unique and distinct from the purely, if you will, “abstract” – another term that I’m trying to use to pinpoint something that can’t be pinpointed – from the more vague energy, intelligent but non-specific energy of the arcangelic nature.

So, you were naturally allowed to Be. Period. On your own, to blossom. Regarding a purpose, if anything, if there was some form of purpose to you, that purpose – or rather an intention – was self-determined. And it was to be; to explore Creation while being you. While being a one; a Me; a Soul. Right? It represents, if you will, if you want me to put things this way, this represents one of the aspects of curiosity of the archangel, a passion to explore Creation, as a Me – as opposed to being everywhere, all at once, in an indistinct manner. It was a passion to be Me. Then, over time, through the course of experience, either from observing, serving, and/or firsthand participation across Creation, such as with incarnation in planetary cycles], and in various others experiences in other realms, as a soul, on the spiritual level this intention came to be conceptualized as a passion for the discovery of the self. “I have a passion to be Me, then I have a passion to discover what that Me is”. “Who am I”? “How does it feel like to be me?” Subconsciously, this was the desire of the archangel of discovering Itself, revealing itself through the individual perspective of the soul. In other words, the soul discovering the archangel inside, within.

Then, over even more time, that passion – for discovering the Archangel within (it wasn’t conceptualized as being an archangel, it was conceptualized and discovering who I am) – there were breakthroughs in that process, in that exploring, that intention. And one of them was discovering the arcangelic energy in connection. When you are in connection, just as you were in the retreat that you mentioned, when you are feeling… [*gasping* to simulate a moment of awe]… that thing that I can’t replicate; that you can’t transmit to me, that you can’t transmit to anyone right beside you, even if they’re your closest friends, even if they’re the master guiding the meditation… that thing that you felt, is the connection to the Archangel energy. The thing, it’s right there, it’s not “distant”, it’s right there, with you. And you also achieve it, when you are in the process of creative flow, when you are painting for example. Because when you are in the state of flow, or in the vortex of creation. When we get in touch, when we transcend space and time. When we get in touch with our highest vibrations of ourselves – which is in this case, it’s an archangel.

So from this point on, when you discovered that the vortex of creation, or the creative process, or the state of connection – in whichever ways you manage to achieve them – you have since worked to perfect it… to achieve it, in various ways. You have worked to… to work out, if you will… how to connect with it, as best as you can. And this doesn’t mean you are in it all the time. Because that process is very fickle. It’s very delicate. And it’s doubly delicate for you because of the nature of the energy of your archangel. Of who you are impersonal, immaterial. Um, in any case, the fact that you… even despite the pressure, and the tension, and the difficulty… you managed to find some ways, even spontaneously, to make that connection… it just goes to show, in my mind, how you have trained it, how you have always sought it. How you are always seeking to attain it. And to live as much as possible in that state of flow.

Marie: hm-hm.

Nuno: By the way. A message. This is a message directly from the archangel energy – yours. And that is: you don’t need to concern yourself – or you don’t need to concern as much – with the work of the archangel on the grand scale. For the collective. I don’t know how… what it means to you; if it is a concern for the evolution of mankind; if it is a concern from… despite what happens to your loved ones; if it is a concern for what happens to the groups you are in. The message is, you don’t need to concern yourself so much, or as much, with the work the archangel does on a grand scale; you don’t need to worry about that. Or, you don’t need to worry what others need. You only need to concern yourself, with what you need, your future, what you need to do, and, what you can do to be in a state of flow. So this is a kind of a suggestion to go inside, and focus more about yourself, rather than what others need, in whichever meanings… ways this can be interpreted in your experience. Because, what happens is, what you find in that state of flow, is your purpose. Because by definition that what you find within from a state of flow is meant to serve what others need, in terms of their their greatest good. By definition. And then I have a little bit more information about the duality that… I’m going to go a little bit more quickly, or try to… maybe I don’t need to… the disparity: about staying, or going; about being invisible, or wanting to help and come forth.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: So the goal has always been… this is not the end of the story. But this is to explore a little bit the energy of the archangel. There’s always been a baseline duality within you. Because the energy of the archangel is impersonal: it doesn’t need anything; doesn’t want anything; isn’t doing anything to get things for itself – and that is okay. The energy of the soul, on the other hand, is not that: it is subjective. It is doing things while acting on its own accord, self-determined, with an agency. Having agency, an agenda, doesn’t mean it’s out of integrity – it can be a spiritual agenda: I’m doing things because I want to, I’m seeking something – something that the soul will always do, is seeking. It’s called spiritual seeking. Whereas the Archangel seeks nothing, the archangel just is. So there’s this baseline duality between something that is completely impersonal, abstract – in a way altruistic – and something that is personal, and is individualistic. By the way, this has nothing to do with ego. Ego is something that, if you let it loose, it can very easily become negative, it is a source of falsehood, because it serves what is opposite to spirituality. It serves low level desires. And if you let your ego loose (not you specifically, anyone, as in the human being), when you let your ego loose you become something that is not aligned with your spiritual self. This is why in spiritual teachings, you often hear about the dissolution of the ego, or the dissolution of the ID, or of the self. They are saying that in order to become… come into alignment, in order to progress spiritually, you need to discern what is ego from what is the real you.

But this is not about ego. Because the dissolution of ego is just one step. The teachings that… teach that you dissolve into nothingness when you evolve spiritually, or that imply that, or that nothing matters, or that everything is abstract, those teachings can be kind of misleading. Because past a certain point, when you have kind of put your ego in place, there is still a Me, and there will always be a Me, and that Me is the soul. And the spiritual self will still have to be in alignment, for spiritual progress to happen, for the spiritual path to continue to take place. So, this talk about being impersonal and altruistic versus being individualistic has nothing to do with ego. It’s not about the ego. It’s about the contrast between Archangel energy and the soul energy. The soul IS the archangel, but at the same time, it is not an impersonal energy, rather it is a specific energy, a personal energy.

Marie: I see. Yeah.

Nuno: And ultimately, on a high level, other than perhaps the discomfort that there always is, for all souls, about being detached and separate of Home for a while… other than that, there is no discrepancy between these two things. the soul is an individualization of the archangel, who is tasked, in a self-determined manner, that is to say with Free Will, to review and explore the part of the self that is the archangel, which is impersonal, and it is timeless.. But what happens is that when we are in lower Densities, when we are in realms of lower consciousness, we can see these two things… as disparate; we can get these two things kind of too far apart, without nothing to bridge them. Right? So for example, there is a disparity between altruistic and the Me; with what is selfish versus what is altruistic. There could be, for example, a history of neglecting your own needs and your own desires – including the spiritual ones – for the sake of what others want, need, or think. There could be, also, an absorption of low vibration worries from other people, from loved ones, or from the Earth itself. And those… absorbing those things can help further block flow, block inspiration, block your own creative process.

Marie: That’s been a key thing. Is that I’ve been there, overly, for others…

Nuno: Thank you so much! I mean!! [awkward] I’m sorry. But, I’m glad you’re connecting with it.

Marie: Like, oh my god! Gosh, you know, I feel like… for my coach, and the sports… and then, you know, even the [spiritual community], and then I got married, and I just lost myself, and… then I had kids, and I… had such intense karma with my kids, so intense, so many lifeitmes, they’re very, very…

Nuno: That’s what I was referring to, with energy being dispersed throughout many elements. Those are the elements I’m speaking of.

Marie: Exactly. And so that just hits me hard, as I’m aware of that, and… hum, they’re deep, deep souls, and some of it has been terrible things that happened in the past, some of it I blame myself, so I’ve been trying to overcompensate, in a very imbalanced way. And especially as a single parent, with their dad not very much there for them. I was trying to make up for it… And, hum… and on it goes. And now I’m at a point where it’s like… and they know it too. We have such a good relationship, you know, they’re like, Mom we’re fine! You know. Anyway, they’re very deep spiritual beings, and… so we’re all very connected. But the thing is, I’m trying to learn what to do what I would do if I could do… if I was my own best friend… it’s such a learning curve, like…

Nuno: Oh, thank you so much, because I think that is the message.

Marie: …I would go paint! That’s all I wanna do! I wanna play! I wanna… I wanna share! And I end up like… I’ve got a legal situation going on that’s super boring, I don’t need to talk about it, but I almost think of it as a distraction. Like, I don’t need to focus on that! It’s like an old habit of trying to get everything else done, so…

Nuno: …energy dispersed? [not just spent in the needs of ‘others’ and of the outside world, but also trying to fix/clear obligations before moving on onto the ‘good stuff’.]

Marie: …energy dispersed like crazy. Totally trying to stay safe.

Nuno: And the message is, stop focusing on what others need, and focus more on what you want to do.

Marie: Yeah, I’m just starting to learn that. So I slowed down, and went “Wait! What do I need right now?”

Nuno: So you’re already doing it. Because that information is coming in. And that is the point of that information.

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: This is the timing for you to do learn, practice that.

Marie. Yes. It’s, like… hum, anyway, I just wanted to validate that, ’cause it’s so strong and, like…

Nuno: …thank you so much.

Marie: …almost like an imbalance. I have to, like, forgive myself for being so distracted! [laughs]

Nuno: You’ve done it [spent energy on those things] at the time you had to do it. And those parts of your life are now kind of taking a step back, for you to be more… and that’s why you want more flow.

Marie: Yes!

Nuno: Right? Those things that kept your energy dispersed are taking, some of them at least, a step back, and giving you space so that more of your energy can come in, and you can be more in a state of flow, more often, and more deeply, and more consistently. That’s your purpose.

Marie: Yes. Thank you.

Nuno: Okay? It’s just…

Marie: Wait, can you say that just one more time? I want to [indescernible].

Nuno: Sorry?

Marie: To be in the flow, and to…

Nuno: To be in the flow more. Because you’ve been in the flow sporadically, before. Or in certain areas, for example, teaching, or painting. Now you want your life to be an expression of flow, because that’s an embodiment of you, of the archangel in human form.

Marie: Yes! Okay. Well, beautiful. Thank you.

Nuno: Correct? That’s your purpose. But anyway, moving on [still pushing, having things I still need to address]. The disparity between… sorry for rushing, but I need to take advantage while you still have energy to get these things across. Disparity between archangelic energy and personal energy. In the past, including past-lives, this disparity would have been explored through Church-related and religious beliefs i.e. “Going to God is about altruism not selfishness”; or, in spirituality… the equivalent, “modern take” of today’s spirituality would be the dissolution of the self. And this can lead to invisibility, or lack of recognition, feeling unseen by others – which kind of brushes on the invisible energy of the archangel, and that’s why such beliefs don’t come across as completely false, untrue [since the archangelic energy is impersonal, altruistic, and vague, these beliefs would have a ring of truth to them]. These beliefs I’m enumerating here, I’m not going to be able to go deeply, in detail into them because I just don’t have the time. I’m…

Marie: So this is why I feel [indescernible in the recording] sometimes?

Nuno: Part of the reason, yes. I could perform a reading on each of these elements; I could explore them more deeply and what they can create, how they can be offered closure spiritually. But I’m enumerating these with the specific purpose… so you can explore that disparity, and how it works – or not work – for you. Also with regards to the desire to go Home, one possibility is that you can seek the state of flow so much, that you may end up isolating quite a lot, which again partially resonates with the energy of the archangel, which registers as invisible, relative to the more personal energy of the soul. But by isolating too much, that is to say, retreating to the extent you’re not in contact with others often enough, you also end up feeling invisible. Or, getting stuck. The disparity could also be involved in beliefs about money or abundance. You could have certain beliefs, either consciously, right now, or from past-lives, such as (and I’m going to glance over them, when they’re probably extremely important in and of themselves): that material money is the root of all evil, or that it is intrinsically imbalanced – which is not true, but there could be some beliefs in this line of thought, and this type of belief can block the flow of abundance. The possible belief that things have to be shared or given away – that can block receiving abundance. And by “abundance” I don’t mean only money, it also means abundance of connection; flow; visibility; people seeking you, for guidance, for services; validation; peace, harmony… abundance of everything. Hum, and again the fear of losing, money, or losing success – I’m using the term success not in an “enterpreneurial”-style, business-like manner, but in terms of your success, your fulfillment i.e. “I want to do this from my essence and I want to be successful at doing it”. That is your legitimate aspiration, and these types of beliefs could… hum, at some point or another you could hold these types of beliefs, you could have adopted them, or they could still be lingering from the influences of others in your life. And all of these things are the sort of thing that play… not necessarily in a good way, but play into that disparity, and… In short, that disparity in your own nature, between the nature of the archangel and the soul, it can be a difficult marriage. It can be difficult to try to make things work, especially when doing so in realms of lower Density, because the two elements will appear as separate. “Do I stay away, or do I jump in?” When they can co-exist and function, at the same time, usually, given enough clarity. All of this, isn’t bad or wrong. This is just a result of the personification of archangel energy in human form. But it is this type of thing that can disturb your own connection, your own flow, or your own abundance. So here the reading leaved you with two things.

[You can see here a string of ideas and points that are mostly glanced over – in this part I’m literately racing through my notes to enumerate these points. Under normal circumstances each of these would be explored, perhaps a little bit more carefully and diligently, but again, I didn’t have enough time. On the other hand, the vast amount of information coming through the reading, which felt as if barely contained by the restraints of the reading and its participants, is in itself also a reflection of the dimensions of the archangelic energy – leading to a tendency to disperse the energy among many things, not all of them core, crucial. As was the prevalent feeling of “having no time”.]

One is an idea for “homework”… because the archangel doesn’t need acknowledgment, doesn’t need money, doesn’t need validation, doesn’t need attention – but you do. You need attention. You need support. You need validation. You need success. You need peace. And space, and quiet, and solitude. And happiness. So your homework is to, at your timing, at your leisure… all it takes is for you to realize them, you don’t need to do anything to them, if you want you can visualize them being forwarded to the Light. But all it takes is for the Light of your consciousness to access the belief, and then that will help cleanse it. The homework is for you to spot any beliefs, that state, in any way, for some reason, that you don’t need attention; that you don’t need acknowledgment, that you don’t need success. Or that money is bad, or implies suffering, or must be shared. Any one of those beliefs, that state that you don’t deserve abundance, that you don’t deserve things, they are invalidating that need. And, therefore, blocking flow. And so they have… they have to go. Right?

And the second thing is a message of… because, here’s the thing. When you don’t receive validation, lack of validation is a big problem. Because when you take validation out of the equation, the human being is going to spend a whole lot of time saying… hum, you need praise. Because, if you don’t get praise from people, from the Universe, you’re going to start to think “am I doing things right?”, “am I needed?”, “what’s my worth?”. If worry starts… if you start second guessing yourself… once again risking blocking flow. You need praise. You need to receive it, in your lifetime, for what you do. Because of the distress of “am I doing things right or not”, “I’m second guessing myself”, again, I repeat, because that blocks flow. But the second message is a message for encouragement regarding your life purpose. The message of the reading goes in this direction. Because life’s purpose was one of the topics for the reading: you are already aligned with your essence. The things that you’ve done, they are already a reflection of your essence. It’s just that there are a confluence of circumstances – COVID in general, and the element of dispersing your energy in the past – these made you second guess yourself. Also because of the memory in this reading, among other things. And these things lead you to get a little bit stuck in terms of your flow. But the message of the reading seems to indicate, for my understanding, is that you’re experiencing lack of flow not because you are not aligned with what you want to do, but because you want to be more aligned with what you want to do. Right?

Marie: Ah, I see.

Nuno: You can do something completely different, if you want to. You can try new things. But it will always be from, how you do things. Right? And how you’ve always done them. The things that you want to do. Not from helping, right, not caring, not assisting, altruistically, externally, but from the self-determination of your soul. Your way of doing things remains valid here. It’s with the same inspiration. Right? That’s the message of part three.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: And Part Four. The best bit left for last, yes?


Nuno: So, as I said, I’m imagining this is quite relevant for you. Archangel. So who is this? Hum, as I mentioned, probably, because the energy is quite so “invisible”, is quite so prone to become impersonal, and… the term is not “absent”, but, very intangible. Maybe for that reason, or maybe because the reading wants you to gp beyond all of the words that I’m saying here, in this reading you’re getting online, beyond all of the information that you can get anywhere, I want you, and reading wants you… to help you with your personal experience of your own energy. So anything I say here is not for you to become locked on an external concept of who this is, or, how the energy is. This is to help you, in any way I can, to establish a closer and closer connection, personally, with what it feels like to be you. Okay? And maybe because of that, I couldn’t – mentally at least – connect with a name that human beings [could] use for this Archangel. But, I could do something else, very easily. And that was, to go to the energy – because the energy was right here in front of me. So there was no issue whatsoever in [connecting with] what this archangel is. I’m going to read you how the energy of this Archangel feels, almost like in a poem fashion.

Marie: [unpromted and quietly Marie closes her eyes and sets herself up as if to listen to a guided meditation. Big shoes for me to fill, because it wasn’t something I planned to do in earnest – yet in restrospect I acknowledge the energy had indeed positioned itself to be put forth in such molds somewhat. So I didn’t correct the moment, and tried to go with the flow. Not without the obligatory awkward hiccups and pauses, of course.].

Nuno: In the energy there is a sea of love. It is a childlike love; a love for Nature, a love for the sun, a love for the bees and the birds [yes I said that, unclear if there were secondary meanings to it]. A love for Creation, for all things manifest.

There is a sense of awe and wonder about existence, about physical matter. I see no fault in Creation. I see no problems. This is not a ‘rosy’ perspective; this is not a lyrical perspective; it is my natural vision. It is the vision of the archangel.

I am neither here nor there; I’m anywhere and everywhere. The Archangel exists inbued in all things, pervading all things. And it does feel more strongly about Nature, about geology, about things that are physically manifest – about planets, about the physical.

This is the Archangel of abundance; of plenty; of perpetual regeneration. regeneration. There is zero conception of lack; there is only purity in existence, and in what is manifest.

The source of the archangel lies beyond time and space. I can return to it through transcending time and space; which equates with the feeling of returning Home. Moments of transcendence equal a return to Source: to what was, what is, and will always ever be, beyond all things in Creation. [A reference to how the state of flow permits connection i.e. transcendence of the human awareness onto the archangel energy.]

There is a fascination with what is created, made manifest. With what is tangible, and visible [contrast with the invisible/intangible nature of the archangel]. I am the Archangel of manifestation, and abundance.

So, based on this information, my approximation… in a reading, normally, partial information about a topic makes question whether I’m meant to commit to a definitive conclusion, but in this case, when I was considering existing archangel names, I cried when the name came forth. So, tentatively, this is Archangel Sachiel. The archangel we usually associate with material abundance – not because of the love of money, but because of the love of the flow of creation. That is why you “doubly” connect with him/her, when you go into the state of flow that involves creativity and art.

If you ever see the energy yourself, or if you’re ever told by another source – each and every source has a different color code – so this might differ. But, I saw the energy, with my own bias and color code, and it was a very, very, very soft pink. Almost a cross between pink and beige. This pink represents the energy that is everywhere, and the love for all things.

Marie: Oh, that’s… I just bought a ring. I work in a gallery, and… anyway, long story short, my art is there and other people I know’s art is there, and I just couldn’t… I was staring at this ring. I’m not usually into things like this. And I bought it, I don’t know if you can see it, but… it’s pink! [Marie brings up to the screen a ring with a pink stone]. And I’ve never bought anything pink before.

Nuno: Okay, thank you for the validation. [It’s a wow moment for sure] That’s it. Thank you, that’s amazing.

Marie: [chuckles]

Nuno: Hum, so, because… I’m sorry for not giving the space and time to properly take the moment in, but we’re almost at the end. The sense of self of the archangel is naturally intangible – and that’s kind of why there’s so much love for what is material. Because it comes with the the kind of a… I wouldn’t say difficulty, but the intangibility of his/her awareness. And, hence the love for discovering yourself; hence the love for the purpose of revealing yourself. Because that’s what the archangel loves: to discover oneself through the sense of Me. And, that’s why the love for creating, which is present in the love for art: when you’re painting, and you’re creating art, you go: “look at what I’ve created!”. That’s the love for creating – for Creation – right there. When you paint.

Marie: Okay.

Nuno: And that’s why there’s difficulty in dealing with everything that’s perceived as lack, or absence: of flow; of harmony; of time; of pause; of abundance. Everything that is lack is felt as unnatural. Because it is directly opposite to your energy, which is just abundance. Just flow. So there is a discomfort with dealing with things that aren’t flow. That is why you have mastered, or sought to master, the delicate balance with the flow – because as you know, you are a creative master. You are a master of the creative process. That’s what you teach. You don’t teach art, you teach the creative process and the connectedness there. Right? Be it for musicians, for athletes, for… for writers, for everyone and everything that is creative.

Marie: Yes. It is my passion. It’s what I know. And I haven’t figured out how to put it more into the world. But this is what I want to fulfill… yeah.

Nuno: So, is there opportunity for it? Let’s see it. Okay, so the last page [showing my last page with notes]. In practice, this ability, the flow through creativity, is for you a form of transcendence, a form of connection to your own nature, that’s why it’s so strong, it’s doubly strong. You may always feel other people aren’t going to resonate as deeply when they witness connection. And that is okay. Because when you feel connection, you’re not just feeling connection, you are feeling connection itself, because connection is who you are. You are the Archangel of connection. Right? Does it make sense? It’s “double whammy” if you will. When I’m doing a reading, you will often find that the things I’m saying challenges with abundance, and so on, all of those things – they could be applied to many others, to human beings in general. The thing is, your story is specifically about these spiritual topics, that’s why it’s so strong. You will always feel perhaps that others aren’t connected as deeply; and you might feel discouraged about that. You might feel that you’re not doing a good job. But that’s okay [that others don’t seem to connect as deeply or that connection isn’t as impactful] because you will never be able to transmit directly just how powerful the connection is for you. It’s impossible. It’s intransmissible. But you can show them how to connect themselves, with their own identities, with our own sense of self. So you can worry less about what others feel, and how others respond [to your service] because what is genuine from you what is received when seeking your state of flow, by design will always be a spiritually legitimate way to serve others, it will be exactly what others need in their own path.

Okay. So is there opportunity on planet Earth for you to pursue this? And is it going to be worth your time? That’s the the “million dollar question” right there: is it going to be worth your time? Or is it going to be a struggle? So, I was given the last message here, just to… basically all it all comes down to this. You have been peering into the energy of planet Earth, and you have been reading it as a lost cause. So… but I’ve mentioned in the beginning, this is circumstantial, partially. This is because of COVID, partially. And these circumstances fuel the things that you struggle with that blood flow. But should these change, those things blocking your flow will also change. And when they do, you can… you may find that you have more space to be you. To be the things… to be in a more whole connected state of flow with your life. Second thing. Planet Earth is… relative to the memory analyzed in part two, on the other planet, of things not going too well. Relative to this memory planet Earth is a million times over, more complex, and on a grander scale, than that situation. And what’s going to happen is that – this is valid both for this lifetime, and for any other experience you choose to have – the evolution progress of Earth is far more drawn out. And there will be far more opportunities to stop, pause, and connect – not just for you, but for others, for anyone.

The disharmony on planet Earth is… extensive. You can feel it going in different, erroneous ways, if you will, or non-productive way, in a spiritual sense. On the other hand, when you spiritually goes towards a dead end, eventually you’ll have always to stop, and pause, and take a moment to retrace your steps, and reorient yourself. So the difficulties on planet Earth… ironically will create opportunities for people to seek connection, and pause, and the state of flow, far more than what happened in the circumstances of the memory. If you want evidence of this, even during COVID, you need look no further than what you mentioned a little while ago, about the thousands of people wanting ti go into that retreat. There’s plenty of opportunity from people looking for connection.

Also, there will be a growing desire, which you might be able to spot in others, on the planet – not in all people, but it many – for two things. Number one, to be a bit further apart from each other. To find more space for themselves. To be more in solitude. For example, to find… the move from the city to the countryside, to live in the house as opposed to the apartment. Those are forms of reserving more space of solitude for oneself, or at least more opportunity for connection. Conversely, they’ll also look for a way to balance that, with… the other thing that’s also important for connection, which is being with others, socializing. It’s not about isolating completely. So they’ll need to establish a balance: the same balance that the creative flow requires. For creative flow, as you know, you need a certain amount of tranquility and solitude, perhaps, and space – if you have too little of these, that will block the creative flow; but if you have too much, that will also block the creative flow. So that’s a delicate balance, that you just so happen to master. And people will look for that.

Another thing that is really lacking on Earth, is creativity. How often nowadays, do you see new ideas, new original ideas, say, for books, for novels, for movies, for… for forms of art, coming forth lately? Aren’t so many ideas a rehash of things that were invented, sometimes a century ago, or something like that? How many stories can be written using the same core ideas, or in the same settings? How many reboots can you make of already told stories? There is a severe drop of creativity, of original content, of original ideas. In part because of the speed of evolution; but also because of the somewhat superficial nature of social media that currently permeates all of society. It can take a while for you to realize you can’t be on social media all the time – otherwise your brain starts to only able to appreciate the artificial, the superficial, rather than the deeply meaningful. So there’s a confluence of things leading to a severe lack of creativity. And if you are interested in going forward, and I’m not convincing you to go forward, I’m not here to tell you… to convince you how you need to stay here; I’m just showing you, what reading showed me, what the opportunities are.

Someone is going to have to teach those who seek, how to perfect their moments of creativity. Their own state of flow. Some will look for connection with God or with their own higher selves. Others will simply seek, “how can I combine having a fulfilled life with being consistently in inspiration, so that I can write the book, so that I have the idea to write it, so that I can feel myself in the middle of the turmoil that my life sometimes can be?” You know how difficult the process of creation can be; how easily it can be interrupted. Someone barges into the room, the dog barks, there goes the creativity – which was right there an instant ago. The Archangel is as fickle as that. It’s just as abstract as well. All it takes is a distraction, and you’ve lost it. And you’ve mastered how to stay in that flow as much as possible. You can… you have a system that you’ve used in the past to teach it, and that was painting. But you teach the flow itself, regardless if it is with painting, or with anything else. And so your possible audience, those you’re meant to serve, or you can serve, aren’t restricted to artists or painters, or someone looking for spirituality. Your audience is basically anyone who needs connection, for any reason. Right? Because you are that state of flow, you are an embodiment of that archangel, therefore that state of flow.

So your purpose will always be, not just to seek ways to achieve flow in your life, but you’ll naturally draw those who seek it, for you to teach, or show, them how to do it. Because it’s a difficult thing to master! There’s a lot of difficulty in that. It’s very typical, any creator will tell you that. Inspiration is very fickle, and fragile. So that’s the idea the reading put forth, in terms of life purpose. And now, I’ve completed the reading. Yay!

Marie: [laughing] Wow. Yay! Well, thank you so much. That was a lot. And… yeah, I might actually be writing a book. But the… Yeah, I’ve had the idea of writing two different books, and I’ve been procrastinating. So, yeah…

Nuno: I feel this wasn’t really meant to… as I said in the beginning, this wasn’t really meant to be a “recipe”, “you have to do this or that and things will happen”. That’s not what it’s about. For your case specifically it’s about finding your inspiration again

Marie: Yeah…

Nuno: …finding that joy that lifts you up in the morning. “I’m going to paint…” That is the thing… the mojo, the Holy Grail, if you will. Imagine you are the Gray. It’s about discovering yourself, how to be with yourself again.

Marie: Yeah, yeah, totally. Yeah, no, I really get it. Thank you. It’s really… the message is loud and clear [laughs].

Nuno: Thank you so much, that was so much to deliver in such a short window, that I was concerned that it wouldn’t all come through, I guess but but I have the feeling it did. So, I’m glad I did.

Marie: Yeah. No, it did. And thank you so much. And you didn’t mention the partner at all. And that’s okay… [laughs]

Nuno: [backtracking] Oh sorry! There was one thing I wanted to mention about this, even if it was very briefly. I don’t remember if I did… [I didn’t]. The only thing the reading had about this was that the desire to… I’m sorry if I completely neglected this. I know it’s vital. It’s so vital that often readings can revolve around that one theme alone. But when you want to achieve a life that is whole, and that is made of your energy – of the archangelic energy – that is to say, of flow, of inspiration, of moving forward consistently, feeling inspired and with hope… you also want, obviously, the support and validation in the form of someone who can reflect that flow back to you. That love back for you.

Marie: Yeah…

Nuno: I’m referring just to the desire alone, to the aspiration. The intention is legitimate. Even though I didn’t receive anything further than that. But that is framed in the same desire of… rather than having the energy dispersed, and only flow here and there, only occasionally, you want the whole thing to be flow. Or you want it to be as much as possible. Therefore, legitimately, you want a partner that needs to reflect that to you. And that probably also fits into the homework I mentioned, regarding any beliefs you might hold that somehow block the flow to you. The receiving of, you know, abundance, attention, validation, support, anything…

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: …any form of abundance you can think of, things for you to receive. Because when you don’t receive, you are… ah, sorry, I should have mentioned this before, I’m so glad you reminded me of this. When you have a belief that blocks flow, it’s like “chopping” parts of your own self, your own body almost. Because you are flow itself. That’s who you are. Hence, when you sustain some perspective that in some way blocks flow to you, you’re like mangling yourself crippling yourself, figuratively speaking. That’s why it hurts so much. That’s why lack of flow hurts so much, and blocks you completely.

Marie: Hm. So, okay, so I mean, if I’m meant to have a partner, and it will happen when I completely embrace…?

Nuno: I don’t know. [the reading had not ventured into this at all]. What I know… what I can tell you, is that the aspiration you have is legitimate, and is part of the message of the readings.

Marie: Okay. Alright, that’s okay…

Nuno: I apologize if I can’t be more specific than this, because in all honesty I did not receive information in that regard.

Marie: Yeah, that’s fine. Yeah.

[At this point I was concerned, and being apologetic, about the reading not addressing something that, clearly and naturally, was important to Marie. But my concern was lessened as, suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Marie puts forth an insight which I considered to be of incredibly profound wisdom – and inadvertently “helping the cause” of the reading. In my mind I couldn’t help but see this this moment as her profound wisdom, and the archangel’s, coming through.]

Marie: Well, I think in a way, it could have been another distraction, or another way of getting away from myself. And I have to keep it here. So it makes sense…

Nuno: Wow, I haven’t thought of that [I hadn’t]. But actually, that’s a very wise thing to say. Probably not to be valid forever, but maybe, valid for this moment, for the right now. It could be, yeah.

Marie: Yeah. I sort of need to fall in love with my own life itself. And to share… I don’t even really want that right now. Because the simpler, the more…

Nuno: For the energy it could be “dispersing” than “concentrating”.

Marie: Yeah.

Nuno: There you go. There’s your own wisdom for you.

Marie: Well, yeah, thank you so much for your time, and it was really honored. And even though I made this appointment, you know, over a year ago [laughs] it was really worth waiting for.

Nuno: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you for the opportunity, and if you need anything else, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, okay?

Marie: Okay, thank you so much again.

Nuno: Okay, thank you, bye.