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Frequently Asked Questions about Reincarnation and Related Topics

Posted by Nuno on 24.03.19 under Akashic Records.

List of frequently asked questions on Quora about topics pertaining to general spirituality, metaphysics, afterlife, reincarnation, Akashic Records, and so on. This list may be expanded at any time.

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What Synchronicity Is And How To Experience It

Posted by Nuno on 24.04.14 under Spiritual Awakening.

Picture the first event that comes to your mind, that happened to you, to which you truly would say the words “what a coincidence”. Something that looked like it happened completely by chance. On one specific day, on one specific occasion, the heavens dictated, the stars aligned, the winds whispered, the right people were at exactly the right places at (…)

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How To Have Your Spirit Guides Communicate With You

Posted by Nuno on 08.11.12 under Life and Society, Spiritual Awakening.

Do you want your Spirit Guides to communicate with you on a daily basis, but don’t know how? Here is a very simple, “beginner’s” tip. Think in a number from 11 to 59. It could be any number or symbol, really, but this way it can appear on common mediums such as digital clocks, addresses, page numbers, car license plates, (…)

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Synchronicity: My Letter and Number Sequence Meanings

Posted by Nuno on 06.08.12 under Spiritual Awakening.

Sequences (repeating or patterned numbers, letters or symbols) may have a degree of common “universal” meanings, but they can also have custom-made meanings for your own personal use, created and conveyed to you and you alone by your Guides. The beauty of the process is the conversation that develops between you and your Spirit Guides. My intention with this text (…)

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Spiritual Awakening Emotional and Physical Symptoms

Posted by Nuno on 03.07.12 under Spiritual Awakening.

In spiritual awakening, usually, there’s going to be a number of sensations you’re going to feel, at one point or another, which you’d call out-of-the-ordinary (at least relative to your normal, everyday life). These can include physical symptoms of various kinds, mood swings, sleep pattern fluctuations, and the like. And they’re going to be related both to the transformations you (…)

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