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Densities Chart

densities chartIn contemporary spiritual and metaphysical content, ‘Densities’, ‘Dimensions’, ‘3D’, ‘4D’ etc are commonplace terms. They refer both to physical planes by which reality is divided, and by levels of consciousness which correspond to each of them.

Note: for the difference between densities and dimensions, see densities explained.

However, there are several different models of densities. Some are based on 7 densities, others on 12.

This chart represents the 7 Density Model, which is primarily derived from The Law of One, along with several other models and spiritual teachings of a metaphysical nature, such as the Theosophy-based human subtle bodies, the Sephiroths from the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the human chakra system, and also, to what form of beingness corresponds each of the planes. These are densities for incarnation beings. Angelic realms (non-incarnation hierarchies) are not represented in the chart explicitly.

Finally, because each density is further subdivided by the same number of densities (i.e. 7 densities, 7 sub-densities, and so on), human beings can hold beliefs and manifest aspects of consciousness, corresponding to each level.

Brief description on each major density:

1D – Basic elements of matter. Level of consciousness that corresponds to simple “existence”.
2D – Level of awareness that corresponds to “Life”. Animal and plant life-forms.
3D – Lessons on Free Will. Current human development.
4D – Lessons on Love. Spacefaring. Still a physical density.
5D – Lessons on Wisdom and Willpower. Half phsysical, half energy realms.
6D – Lessons on Insight and “Big Picture” overarching perception. Energy realms.
7D – Formless realms, but still individualized consciousness.
8D – Un-individualized consciousness. Source. Infinity. “God”

Brief description of each density in terms of human consciousness:

(you may see it as the 7 sub-densities of development within our 3D reality, and/or, the projection of each density of consciousness into our 3D reality)

1D – Survival aspects. Comfort. Sustenance. Abundance. Reacting when threatened. Physical intimidation. Violence vs Vulnerability. Predatory gangs and groups.
2D – Negotiation. Judgment. Black-and-white beliefs. Good vs Bad. Me vs the other, us vs them. Austerity. Emotional suppression. Religious dogma.
3D – Willpower. Adaptability. Resourcefulness. Thriving in competition. Business and social acumen. Search for power and status. Worth by strength over/above others. Placing the end above the means. The unethical as a competitive advantage over the ethical. Evil as a viable route.
(3.5 – Ethics by philosophical, sociological, and non-spiritual values and pragmatic concerns. Intelligence. Science. Skepticism opposed to religious dogma and ‘spiritual’ things.)
4D – Compassion. Peace. Ethics. Charity. Good intentions. Goodness that is vulnerable. Working for the interests of the group. Assuming the burdens and responsibilities of others. Permissive personal boundaries. Familiar attachment. Desire to care for/save everyone. Self-Rejection and self-concealment of what is perceived as ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’. Self-nullifying. Victimization. Martyrdom.
5D – Freedom. Independence. Individuality. Speech and expression. Difference. Belief systems diverging from those of the collective. Trying to change the world as a necessary precondition to make the choices I want. Fringe ideas acted upon but at the expense of comfort and integrity of the self. Impulsiveness. Isolation. Not belonging. Revolt. Anger. Rash and impulsive actions.
6D – Wisdom. Big picture. Focus on inner change. Balance between external and internal. Allowing oneself abundance and comfort. Complete commitment to an inner-defined job, function, or passion. Intuition. Spiritual insight. Unrealistically overly-demand, overly-criticize the self. Self-deprecation. Lack of grounding. Lack of motivation. Laziness.
7D – Formless consciousness. Peak spiritual experience. Life-changing insight. Being, regardless of external circumstances. Detachment. Transcendence.
8D – Ascension. Absence of karmic attributes.

Image Notes

(1) Theosophy/Kabbalah Elements

“Theosophic” refers to the Theosophic Society, and “Kabbalah” to the ancient Jewish/Hebrew body of non-traditional esoteric information. Other than a very brief stint with the Portuguese Theosophic Society, I’m by no means an expert in any of these fields, nor do I affiliate with any of them. Simply, along the way, I found myself able to connect some of these fields of information, in particular, their descriptions of the esoteric planes/dimensions (the human subtle bodies and planes in Theosophy, and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life) with my own understanding of the various Dimensions/Densities.

(2) The Human Trinity

This divides the Human Soul/Spirit into its three primary components. The terms used vary greatly among different sources. Other terms include Monad, Higher Self, and Lower Self, or Divine Self, Soul and Human, for example. Nevertheless, it refers to these three elements. I prefer calling the 6th Density-based entity as “Higher Self”, and then define the rest from there.

(3) Only Positive 6D Upwards

The division between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is a constant in this Universe, and is present along with all densities. However, the negative polarity (fear, lack of Light, as opposed to positive, Love, Light) only exists mainly from 5D downwards. From the beginning of 6D and upwards, the negative is no longer sustainable and ceases to exist. Consciousness only contemplates serving its purpose, and learning by manifesting solely its Essence and nothing else, no longer admitting any form of negativity in its reality. This is the definition of 6D. There are only different gradations and manifestations of Light/Love – but not the lack of them.

(4) The Human Trinity

Theosophy calls the 6th density level as Monadic. I believe it’s because they call Monad to the Higher Self. The concept of Monad/Oversoul is often used by many sources to refer either the Higher Self, or the Soul groups it belongs to. To me, “Monad” is a term describing a 7th Density (and upwards) collective, our group, the Soul might belong to. Monads are hard to describe. A Monad can be as small as the group of your closer Soul family, or as large as a collective of, say, the Souls who represent the beings on a given planet. Or constellation.

(5) Soul and Higher Self

The Soul is the fundamental spiritual “unit” in the Universe. It is Being. It is You. It exists in this form on 6th Density, and also upwards, including “inside” Source or the Infinity. It is displayed as a triad because it relates in this manner to the Human Being, but the unitary Soul exists in the Infinite. The Soul can “divide itself” at any level, but most notably when it incarnates, when it fundamentally splits into two main parts: the incarnated self, the part which incarnates into matter, and the part that does not, that “stays behind” at the original Soul’s level, and is not affected by incarnation in any way. This is the “Higher Self”. Another way of putting it would be to say the Higher Self is the Soul, except without You!

(6) The Essence of The Human

The ultimate Essence is the Soul, or Higher Self. This is Who the Human really Is. But, the Spirit is only a part, a projection, not the totality, of the Soul. Spirit is akin to an intermediate connective layer between the Human Being and the full manifestation of its Soul It’s a natural occurrence in the process of incarnation, for a part of the Soul incarnates in matter, while the rest remains unaffected. But also bear in mind the Spirit is a sovereign, self-aware being, much like the Higher Self, and much like You. At some point in its evolution, Spirit, in alignment with the Soul’s wishes and in all its Wisdom, may wish, or may have wished, to explore things outside of its nature, for example what’s like not to live in alignment with his true Self, or be unable or not allowed to. Or, it may happen simply by “accident”. Here, “Essence” refers to the nature of the Human Being which is most aligned with his Soul, the core, the distilled, the most True, who the Human truly is, and what should it be doing and feeling in life in order to be the most in sync with his true identity – as opposed to having beliefs and behaviors misaligned with its nature.

(7) Intermediate Density

Above the top 5th density, realms are mostly energetic, and Souls, when they project, explore, or exist somewhere outside Source, they still are energy and retain most of their consciousness, depending on the circumstances. Below the top 5th density exist the matter-based physical realms where incarnation occurs. When Souls incarnate, there is a distinctive loss of awareness between the Soul state and the incarnated consciousness, depending on the harshness of the reality, and the veil between physical and the etheric (so to speak) realms, which still permeate the reality. The top 5th density plane is the middle-point, whose realities are mostly energetic, or semi-energetic semi-physical, with little veil and loss of consciousness, but still being a physical-type, incarnation-based experience. For this reason it’s frequently used as a “training” density for Souls desiring to “try out” the process of incarnation. It marks as far as incarnation happens at all. Beings existing above it are more energetic, Light-based, maybe akin to “Angels”, whereas beings incarnating below are what you’d call aliens or ETs (except those on Earth).

Because the loss of consciousness is minimal, and the full awareness of the Soul is mostly retained, it is considered that this is the “last” plane (counting from above) where the Soul can manifest itself in its original state. Below it, there must be progressively severe degrees of adaptation, splitting, and vibration loss, in order to explore the realms in question. For this same reason, the human subtle bodies only go so far as the Atmic plane. In the planes above, they’re called manifestations, perhaps forms, but one cannot call them “bodies” anymore, because there is no more matter or incarnation involved. Daath in the Kabbalah is said to manifest the light from all other sephiroths. This is the reality where the purely energy/light realms, and the physical outer realms, meet together.

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