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Quiz: What’s Your Awareness Level?

This quiz measures your awareness as defined in the chart.
Questions are about consciousness, general spirituality, and everyday life.
For each question, choose the answer that most approximates with what you feel.
Do not refresh the page, as it will make you lose your progress.
There are no right or wrong answers. To get honest results, answer how you really think or act. And have fun.

What is your stance regarding religion?


What do you feel about causing harm to others (on a personal level)?


What is your personal stance about having children of your own, should circumstances allow it? (if you already have children, answer as if you could go back in time and decide it without attachment).


You’re single, and there’s someone you’d love to be in a romantic relationship with. However, after attempting to be involved with this person it becomes clear that, while receptive to an extent, he/she is just not as interested in you as much you are in them. Out of the following options, what would you do?


Consider the theoretical possibility of a society without money, such as a resource-based economy; or a take on economy designed less about profit, and with more emphasis on giving, serving, and “paying forward”. Which of the following statements most aligns with you?


You love Reiki. It’s something you’re interested in pursuing, performing the practice to others yourself, on a long-term basis. However, your partner not only disapproves this interest of yours, but it occasionally makes fun of it, and of you, even in front of friends, family, and in social circumstances. You’ve tried to convince him/her of your passion, but it’s a clear fact that his/her opinion will not change. Which of the following choices would be the most truthful to you?


You have a child in school or pre-school age, who is clearly more sensitive and frail than other children. The regular school systems, activities with other children, or simple regular chores, all make your child cringe, close in on himself, and stay depressive and sad. Which of the following would be the most accurate?


From the following statements, which one is most aligned with your personal perspective on the 9/11?


Which motivates you the most?


You are in your teens and it’s time to make a clear choice about your professional future. Your parents are deeply invested in you becoming a lawyer, it is very important to them. However, you are not specially fond of it. Instead, you have a passion about poetry, and a dream of living of it, which your parents do not approve or validate, even though they are wealthy and could financially support you without effort. They are very strict, very austere, and you fear their reaction, that they might stop supporting you, if you don’t do as you’re told. You are aware that earning your life as a poet may be far more difficult than as a lawyer. What is your choice? (be honest)


Which of the following most resembles your idea of an ideal society (even if you consider it utopian or unreachable)?


Which would you want the most?


Which of the following most resembles your stance about UFO’s?


Heart or Reason?


Define cheating in a monogamous romantic relationship.


You are serious about performing spiritual service to others for a living: a holistic therapy, religious service, counseling, life coaching, speaker, author, or other. It’s something you wish to do as your main activity in life. However, you’d be practically starting from scratch, and there is no guarantee you’re ever going to succeed by any rate. But bills need to be paid and money is needed to live.  What do you do?


You have been investing for some time in performing spiritual work as the only means of sustenance in your life, asking money for it. However, it has been quite difficult to succeed, and it has reached a point your bills and debts are piling up. You’re hitting rock-bottom. Choose the option you’d most likely take.


From the following options, choose the one that most aligns with what you feel about Soul Mates.


Describe your stance about hunting live animals for sport.


What is your stance about bullying?


The following choices are purposely narrow. Please choose the option you most align with, regarding the theme of abortion.


Please choose your ideal form of employment, from those described below.


What is God to you? Choose the option which most resembles with how you feel.


Choose from the options below what you think is the best, ideal form of benevolent service to others.


From the following statements, pick the one who most closely resembles your single, biggest challenge in your current life.


You are a parent of a teenage son, who’s at an age to make long-term decisions regarding his education and professional future. Your son is heavily interested and passionate about being a poet. It’s less likely this is just another fad, and more likely a true genuine talent. Your son is still emotionally and monetarily dependent on you, but he’s determined at pursuing his interests. What do you do?


Which of the following most closely describes your ideal form of monogamous sexual and romantic relationship?


What are your thoughts about bullfighting?


In your opinion, when you experience suffering in your life, what is the cause of it?


Imagine you could choose, completely free and without attachments, one of the following situations for the rest of your life. Which one would it be?


Imagine you had to choose from the following careers one you had to take for the rest of your life (and not change it). What would it be?


Final question. What awareness level would you like to score in the quiz?


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