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Terms of Use

This is Heartki.com’s terms of use, copyright statements, and general policies.

This page tells you first and foremost you’re the sole responsible for interpreting the materials you read in this website, as well as the information shared in readings. Each person must use his own discernment in assessing any source, and is entirely responsible for its own actions and choices. I created this website for the sole purpose and deep passion regarding spiritual growth, and I absolutely and unconditionally decline any responsibility in any choice or consequence derived from something you read in this website or in my readings. My views are my views: take them as they are.

Last updated: 6th March 2019.


Throughout this website, including in this page, the following applies:

  1. the terms “Heartki”, “Heartki.com”, “heartki.com”, “www.heartki.com”, “Nuno”, “I”, and “we”, refer to this website and to its author, Nuno Alves;
  2. the terms “you”, “user”, “viewer”, etc refer to the person viewing and using this website, as well as the person who orders an Akashic Records Reading (or just “reading”), a Guidance Session, or engages with any other service offered on this website.
  3. the term “client” specifically refers to a person who has ordered, i.e. performed payment for, an Akashic Records Reading, Guidance Session, and/or any other form of paid service offered on this website.

Website Terms of Use

The following applies this website and all materials here contained.

  1. Personal Views All contents in this website are solely intended to promote personal and spiritual growth. Nothing in this website implies, nor it should be inferred, that the information herein represents the only, best, or absolute truth. This website and its contents represent my true personal viewpoints, and for all purposes should be taken as such.
  2. Informational Purposes All contents in this website are provided for informational, educational, and spiritual purposes only, and should not be relied on as legal, financial, medical, psychiatric or any other professional advice of any nature, are not intended for self-diagnose or self-treatment of any health or mental issues of any kind, and are not substitute for professional medical and psychological diagnosis and treatment, provided by professionally trained and qualified providers.
  3. Validity By Discernment I do not provide justification, representation, or claim regarding the validity, accuracy, and completeness of any content in this website. Information of an intuitive or spiritual nature can be true and valid even if not verifiable. This type of information must be assessed by one’s own discernment, thus promoting awareness, empowerment, critical thinking, trusting in one’s own intuition, and spiritual sovereignty.
  4. My Views Evolve My personal views are perpetually evolving and may change at any time. While I try to keep this website up-to-date at all times, I cannot guarantee that any particular content will match my most up-to-date views. I may modify any content in this website at any time, at my discretion, including the contents of this page.
  5. External Sources and Links Nothing contained or referenced in this website should be construed as an endorsement of any product, website, belief, opinion, or service, professional or otherwise. I’m not affiliated with any organization or group, of any nature. Linking, quoting, expressing an opinion about, or otherwise mentioning a source in any way, does not imply I believe in, subscribe to, or endorse, 100% of that source’s information and perspectives. It means only I considered the information relevant and trustworthy for informational purposes, to a sufficient degree that led me to refer to it. Any external websites and sources that may be referenced in this website have their own separate materials, affiliations, views, policies, copyrights, and functioning, to which Heartki.com isn’t accountable for. Should you access any external source referenced in this website, you’re doing so on your own account.
  6. User Responsibility You are the sole responsible for assessing what’s right and appropriate to you, and for any choice, action and consequence affecting your life and that of others, including those choices and actions directly or indirectly related to any contents encountered in this website, obtained through the services herein, or otherwise obtained from me in any way.
  7. By viewing or using this website you are agreeing to these terms.

Readings Terms of Use

The following applies to Akashic Records Readings (or just “readings”) of any type, Guidance Sessions, and any service otherwise available via this website and the information conveyed therein.



1. Website Content

All content in this website is copyrighted to Heartki.com. You are free to share any materials from Heartki.com, if you do you are required to offer clear and visible attribution to Heartki.com and the URL “Heartki.com” next to the material shared. You may not alter the content of the materials in any way. The materials may not be sold or used for any commercial purposes or context, except by Heartki.com.

2. Readings

Publication As the author I retain the right to publish, share, or otherwise make use of all materials produced in the context of Akashic Records Readings, in part or in full, for any purpose, at any time, at my discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, publishing readings on this website, Patreon page, or in any other venue. However out of courtesy I will always ask for the client’s explicit permission for doing so. Your consent and blessing are important for me whenever making use of the your reading’s materials in any way, which will not happen if you decline to give it. Whenever making use or reading materials, protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. Publishing or usage of reading materials in any way will always be done anonymously, by replacing all references to the client’s name with a fictional alias.
Reproduction Text, audio, and all other materials produced in the context of Akashic Records Readings, received in the context of paid readings, published on this website, or obtained through any other means, are protected under copyright. Reading materials may not be sold or used for any commercial purposes or in any commercial context of any kind. You may freely share a reading, in part or in full, provided this is done without commercial purpose. Should you share a part or the entirety of a reading, please provide clear and easily visible attribution to “Nuno Alves” and the url “www.heartki.com“. You are asked not to use or associate the reading, in its entirety or any part, with any defamatory, dismissive, or otherwise negative intent of any kind, towards Nuno or Heartki.com. Thank you.