Heart Ki
How it Works
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  1. The card you draw represents your true nature, or "Essence".
  2. Each card has a specific meaning. Use your intuition to know how each card applies to you.
  3. Your Essence is not just one thing. Know multiple aspects of your own self by drawing multiple cards. See card combinations.
  4. There are 100+ cards in the deck. If the same card is drawn twice in a row, its meaning is particularly strong.

Essence Cards

  • purple angel figure

    The Empath

    You are particularly sensitive to the energies of others. You know what and how they feel, even things they themselves are not aware of. While it may be a burden sometimes, because it might be difficult to shut off the sensitivity, it allows you to reach others' souls better than anyone could.

    You'll feel at ease and fulfilled when you can connect with others in a meaningful way, to ease their burdens and offer understanding.

  • purple angel figure

    The Communicator

    To be able to express yourself in a way that is engaging, dynamic and flowing, while at the same time getting ideas across to someone else, requires both acute sensitivity, and a wealth of experiences and practice, possibly over many lifetimes.

    You are intuitively able to get your point across to others perfectly, varying the way you express according with your intended listener or audience.

  • purple angel figure


    Drawing this card most likely means the experience of parenthood is part of your spiritual Essence. You will feel fulfilled by parenting a child or children, and you came prepared with the necessary skillset to do a proper job at it.

    Alternatively, this card may also mean: you are being, or you have been, a good parent towards your children; you have difficulty relating with your Essence due to your own relationship with your own parents.

  • purple angel figure

    The Teacher

    The success of the ones who learn from you is your own success. Your way of communicating is geared towards the one who doesn't know, and you're always coming up with ways of teaching that spark the curiosity and passion of those who listen, helping them assimilate the information.

    The greatest concern for the Teacher is if others have no interest in learning from him. For if no one wants to listen from him, is the Teacher still a teacher?

  • purple angel figure

    The Scholar

    The scholar is not necessarily an expert of expression and oratory. Rather, he's tasked with accumulating knowledge, cataloging and ordering information, detecting patterns, and knowing inside out his field of expertise.

    The scholar goes quietly but surely to his business, always diligent and passionate about collecting information. He's meant to put forth his expertise the moment others need it, which is when he's the most happy.

  • purple angel figure

    The Artist

    Art is the eternal striving of turning the invisible into visible, the abstract into tangible, the internal into external. The act of aligning and 'tuning' with Creativity itself is a deeply spiritual process, often a life lesson, its outcome not useful or measurable, rather transcendent, evocative, enlightening.

    Be it with drawing, painting, comic books or web design, you are a creative Soul, and you need to visually express that which asks to be put forth from within.

  • purple angel figure


    Your Essence is unique. It was never seen by anyone, it's not documented or written in a book, and it does not reside anywhere, but within you.

    Your Essence is with you, moment by moment. Only you can get to know it, and choose to act upon it.

  • purple angel figure

    The Performer

    The performer one the stage guides his audience through a journey, like the maestro conducting the orchestra. In the process, his energy and that of the audience sync and intertwine, all dancing to the same tune. He is flowing, 'in the zone', and in that moment he and Source are One.

    This sacred form of expression is one of the ways Oneness may be experienced and shared with many, where performer and the audience are all part of the same journey, together.

  • purple angel figure


    Your Essence is closely related with animals. You easily connect with them, understand them, and in a profound level you know how they represent, and are a part of, the sacred Life force that animates all.

    The manner people treat animals is a direct reflection of their consciousness. Those who have animals as part of their Essence are also keepers of Life, and are always in tune with the respect mankind holds for Life itself.

  • purple angel figure

    Beacon of Light

    Beyond purpose and usefulness, you are here on Earth because your mere presence on her surface helps raise her energy. The average energy of the planet, if you will, is higher because of your Light, regardless of what you do and your choices during your life.

    This card reminds you that you're important just by existing, and by having the courage to be here.

  • purple angel figure

    The Diplomat

    You have a knack for bringing two distinct and possibly opposing sides together. Not only can you translate between the two and establish communication between them, but also introduce a degree of lightness and goodwill to the conversation, which then allows ice to be broken, ill-intent to be softened, and stumbling blocks to be surpassed.

    Diversity and harmony among opposites is what delights the Diplomat, who's also part of the conversation.

  • purple angel figure

    The Creative

    Telling stories in a way that captivates and develops the reader or the audience's imagination is an art form. The author must tap into the consciousness of the collective, understand what subjects matter and sparkle others' imaginations, and then make these things come to life in words and phrases of his own that did not exist a minute ago.

    To create is to bring to life something others haven't dreamed about yet.

  • purple angel figure

    Self Employment

    The next step in your professional horizon involves you becoming self-employed, as opposed to being contracted under someone else.

    Being entirely self-employed might appear daunting and risky, however it's something you desire and that will naturally suit you. You will be left to your own devices, but gain much more personal freedom as a result.

  • purple angel figure

    The Innkeeper

    It's part of your nature to host, from having friends coming over to leisure event, to professionally serving customers with delicious food and/or hotel service, or maybe organizing events and celebrations.

    Providing others with these services promotes connection between people, and is a form of warmth, comfort, and nurturing. It's something that fulfills you at Soul level.

  • purple angel figure

    Innovative Spirit

    You have a strong desire to improve how things work. You won't feel entirely fulfilled until you engage or create a project that aims to do just that, and contribute with some form of improvement to the world.

    You'll feel energized and overtaken by a new wave of energy, once you commit to an idea and a project in which you truly believe in.

  • purple angel figure

    Jack of All Trades

    You have an affinity with performing a variety of different functions, possibly being called by others because of your usefulness or expertise. You enjoy being solicited, and being able to help out.

    This card may also mean that at the moment your Spirit is content with simpler, less demanding jobs, as opposed to investing in a single high-end or long-term career. This will allow you time and space to focus on other things in life.

  • purple angel figure

    Okay Where You Are

    This card means that, in a professional sense, you are where you should be. Either because your current occupation is already part of your Essence, it is part of the journey towards it, or, that aligning your work with your Essence is not a pressing concern for you at the moment.

    It could be that it is not the correct moment to leave your occupation, if you have been considering doing so. This card can also be a positive validation regarding a question you've been asking.

  • purple angel figure


    The act of travelling is part of your Essence. This could mean you could incorporate travelling around the world as a part of your work, but it could also be simply a call for a time of leisure, when you rest, recharge, and experience a change of scenery.

    This card may also be a validation or indication that you need to move and/or make a significant change of location regarding your work, or where you live.

  • purple angel figure

    The Roamer

    Some occupations require the individual to be on his own, on the road, for a significant amount of time, for example the truck driver delivering goods from point A from point B.

    Your Essence desires this type of experience because it'll being you a degree of solitude, contemplation, and independence, while feeling it is still performing useful and productive work, possibly within a team of others doing the same.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents the overall realms of hair styling, dressing, makeup, clothing design and accessories, and so forth. Your Essence is naturally drawn into these matters.

    This card should be considered a validation for you to invest in these subjects, if not in a professional sense at least as a hobby and interest. It could also represent a desire to change or improve your appearance and personal style.

  • purple angel figure

    The Negotiator

    You thrive where there needs to be interaction, dialogue, negotiation, and managing the expectations of others. You are adept at handling interpersonal interactions, and there may even be a degree of fun for you.

    This could be in the context of client-provider relationships, or within the same business, when interaction between departments and teams takes place.

  • purple angel figure


    The general theme of fantasy, imagination, and fiction. It could either apply to children's stories, 'Lord of the Rings'-type fantasy, or maybe science fiction.

    This card represents the need of your Essence to release from "mundane utility", and focus more on using your creative imagination, to expand your concepts or ideas beyond what is known. It may also represent the need to open the mind to the unknown, or simply for more playtime.

  • purple angel figure


    You have a special affinity with Nature, to which you relate closely. This could mean you easily feel and anticipate Nature's cycles, the weather's, and you intuitively know when produce is fresh, organic, and how much vital energy it holds.

    Your Essense is in tune with the land, and will probably react nicely the more time you spend outdoors, or even live in natural surroundings. You may be particularly sensitive to polluting agents, and non-natural additives in food.

  • purple angel figure

    The Builder

    The builder serves by what he creates. He gets things off the ground, and he's passionate about the materials and technologies involved in doing so. He envisions, designs, and puts things in motion, so that his insights ultimately materialize as constructions that are solid and functional, but also unique and aestetically appealing.

    The Builder's creations are his art. For him, "quality" means how long what he builds widstands the tests of time and memory.

  • purple angel figure

    The Recycler

    Where some see waste and trash, the Recycler sees beauty and antiquity. He's passionate about obscure objects and their stories, and he knows whatever value they may still have. The recycler is a guardian of memory. He can see what's worn and decayed as if it's just been made. He turns forgetfulness into worth, waste into treasure, old into new.

    The recycler's bane is the lack of honor and passion in disposable comsumeirism. That's the true waste for him.

  • purple angel figure

    The Peacekeeper

    The Peacekeeper knows how to diffuse a situation of violence and aggression, without resorting to such. He ventures deep into the darkness and austerity, holding the power of peace and innocence, when all else has failed.

    The Peacekeeper's ultimate strength can also become his ultimate weakness. As he avoids all confrontation and shuns all violence, he may deprive himself of his own assertiveness, abundance, and personal power, losing his identity in the process.

  • purple angel figure

    Energy Healing

    You are a vehicle for healing energies. Energy may be shared through the physical body and hands, but it can also be directed with thought and mind, through external tools, with crystals, etc. Healing comes in a wide array of techniques and modalities.

    The healer commonly carries past memories and lives of practice, but also many emotions of stigma, trauma, and frustration. Overcoming past trauma is a common challenge for the healer.

  • purple angel figure

    The Mystic

    The Mystic has a natural affinity with all that's subtle, unseen, not usually perceived by others. This card represents the out-of-the-ordinary personal experiences related to the spiritual realms, unseen entities, angels and fairies, past and future, and subtle energy in general.

    The talent of the Mystic lies in being a channel for the otherworldly. His challenge is to accept his nature, and then remaining focused, grounded, and in integrity, as he does so.

  • purple angel figure

    The Daredevil

    Your Essence is about activities that push the envelope of what can be done, especially in a physical sense. The Daredevil downplays his own safety in favor of his new stunt. He always plays with risk - even of getting carried away and putting himself in danger.

    This card can represent the courage to take risks, and the ability to do so with the correct timing and in a calculated manner. Finally, it can also represent doing things and making choices outside the norm.

  • purple angel figure


    On a spiritual level the athlete knows that, ultimately, he is always competing against himself. Expression through competition is about expanding one's boundaries, conquering adversity, knowing where one's limits lie, and surpass them.

    Drawing this card can be a sign your Essence lies with sports performance and competition. It can also represents you desire to know yourself by pushing beyond your personal boundaries, no matter the realm.

  • purple angel figure

    The Warrior

    A Warrior does not fear confrontation. He'll put everything on the line, himself included, if he finds an ideal to defend, a cause to serve. No one can halt a Warrior once he's found a cause worth fighting for. Warriors do struggle with situations that demand subtlety, restraint, and patience.

    Warriors can be tricked into fighting for false causes. They can also waste their energy in petty bickering, or fall into frustration, if they can't find something worth fighting for.

  • purple angel figure

    Force of Nature

    The Force of Nature will not back down or give up, no matter how many times It fails, how much It fights, how long It takes. It relentlessly pursuits what it seeks, barging down as many walls as it takes to get there. It will endure, one way or the other, all the way.

    The Force of Nature perennially burdens itself by carrying too much upon its shoulders. It's also prone to inflexibility, and not knowing when to stop or change direction.

  • purple angel figure

    Working From Home

    Drawing this card means that it's part of your Essence to work from home.

    This card has no other meaning.

  • purple angel figure

    The Artisan

    The Artisan is about laborious, meticulous dedication. He carefully crafts items, focusing on one creation at a time, giving each his full attention. Since each item is unique, its significance and emotional bond with a new owner will be greater.

    The Artisan serves by sharing his care and dedication through what he creates. His creations are meant not only to serve a role and purpose, but also as vessels of memories and energy.

  • purple angel figure

    The Humanist

    Your Essence is drawn to all questions that relate with human nature: emotions, feelings, behavior, and how individuals interact with one another, and why. You wrap your mind around these subjects intuitively and naturally.

    To handle these topics is to engage with the understanding of consciousness itself, and the nature of life, by exploring what means to be human.

  • purple angel figure

    The Guardian

    The Guardian protects and defends the safety and well being of others. He is less about ideas or philosophy. What he wishes, is for others to be safe and sound, and for things to be in a state of normalcy and calmness.

    The Guardian is a profoundly compassionate server, but he depends on making a clear distinction between right and wrong, friend and foe. He is uncomfortable with indefinition, grey-scale situations. Because in that case, he'll be unable to act at all.

  • purple angel figure

    The Messenger

    The Messenger is about transmitting and broadcasting information from one point to the next, as efficiently and reliably as possible, without transforming the original message. He holds a package to be delivered intact, as is, without interference.

    Integrity and trustworthiness are the major points of value to the Messenger. He constantly balances visibility with neutrality, and he's most uncomfortable when he needs to make a stand of his own, or take sides.

  • purple angel figure

    The Assistant

    The Assistant guides and supports others in achieving a purpose. He's committed, reliable, loyal. He's the stepping stone, the solid branch that can be trusted upon to hold firm. He focuses best on a 1-on-1 basis. He might be the right-hand person to someone of high responsibility, or he might provide specialized guidance to others.

    The Assistant can overfocus on the external, allowing others to take his credit, or trade his own worth to feel valued by others.

  • purple angel figure

    Physical Healing

    Not every individual has the stomach to handle the expectations, emotional charge, and responsibility of treating physical illness and injury, since these subjects are often source of concern, pain, and grief.

    The one with an Essence related with physical healing will handle the subject of responsibility when applied to caring and healing. An health professional combines the subjects of knowledge, rigor, commitment, compassion, and accountability.

  • purple angel figure

    The Caretaker

    The Caretaker intervenes by committing his own energy into replacing the energy of another who's young, vulnerable, or otherwise unable to fulfill certain functions on his own. The Caretaker serves through support and selfless sacrifice. This card represents the values of altruism, service, and compassion.

    Caretakers can grow attached to their role and provide support even when another solution would be better, thus fostering situations of dependency and inbalance.

  • purple angel figure


    The theme of rules, laws, and whatever systems exist in order for for groups and societies to function. A perspective that is pragmatic, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, and seeks function and stability. It is less about ideals, "what could be", instead it asks what's necessary for things to function now.

    Order can become too pragmatic and austere, forfeiting imagination, play, and fun. It can also sacrifice principles and ideals to have any order, even if uncaring or dispassionate.

  • purple angel figure

    Spirit Energy

    Drawing this card means you can feel and engage with residual spirit energy, and subtle entities, to some extent or capacity. This is the reason for all the weird stuff that's been happening to you.

    Fun, right?

  • purple angel figure

    The Taskmaster

    Your Essence is geared towards making things happen. You are able to push past obstacles, break down whatever is in the way, and drag everyone and everything along, if it means pushing towards the goal and reaching it.

    This is an energy of willpower, force, grit, and leverage, not necessarily fit for doing things the best possible way, or making them look pretty, but in having them done at all. The Taskmaster is best geared towards long, difficult, and hazardous undertakings.

  • purple angel figure

    The Interventionist

    The Interventionist can focus clearly within a crisis, allowing him to assess his options and put forth his expertise in such moments. He enjoys helping and being useful, but also the fast pace, urgency, limited deadlines, problem solving, and possibly the physicality and bravery, required in such roles.

    The Interventionist is geared towards handling unforeseen pressure, and he may grow lazy and frustrated, when forced to stay only in slow-paced functions.

  • purple angel figure


    Spirituality is aligning with what suits you and makes you happy here on Earth, in balance and in integrity, so that you enjoy every experience you desire to, without forgetting you are an eternal being of Light.

    That's it. No more, no less.

    What suits you, relates with who you really are inside, in other words, your Essence. Hence the existence of this card deck.

  • purple angel figure


    Not all adults retain the ability to relate and empathize with children, in a way that allows them to truly understand their interests and appeal to them. Those who do, like you, intuitively understand how critical (and magical) childhood can be in life, and how its memories and experiences at that stage deeply shape who someone comes to be.

    This card represents children as the audience for your Essence, for example writing stories, designing toys, teaching or caring for children.

  • purple angel figure


    You have a natural affinity with learning things on your own, for example consuming online resources, books, and other sources of information. You're also aware that you learn a subject much better and more efficiently when you're naturally drawn and interested in it, rather than doing so by obligation.

    This card can also represent you can invest, and you'll be able to succeed, in a professional path for which you don't have formal education.

  • purple angel figure

    The Connector

    The Connector creates worth by linking people, interests, and resources with each other, becoming a catalyst for new meaningful associations and relationships. This is any field whose main worth comes from building and maintaining a network of connections. You easily create new contacts and connections with others, and this is part of your Essence.

    The challenge for Connector energy is to focus on the serving, and not abuse or manipulate its connections for selfish gain.

  • purple angel figure

    The Matchmaker

    Some people have passion and affinity about pairing others romantically, and "knowing" who matches with whom. This is your case: you have a knack at doing so, and you draw genuine happiness from seeing others happy.

    This card represents the theme of romance, relationships, matching individuals together, marriage, and anything related. Drawing it is a validation that an interest in this field could be turned into a professional path.

  • purple angel figure


    Even a career that gets you out of bed every morning still requires time for vacations and detachment: a day off, a free weekend, up to a trip somewhere exotic or interesting.

    This card represents the need for vacations. It may also represent working in resorts and tourism-related locations, or maybe even living there. If you have such desire, this card is a validation that you're meant to reside in an ideal location of your choosing.

  • purple angel figure

    Business Acumen

    You have a natural affinity with making money. You are perhaps meant have a business of your own. This card can also mean you'll be able to make money in your desired field of choice, and that you're entitled to do so.

    If you have personal challenges about abundance, this card reassures you that it's in your Essence to generate resources, and you should try to understand why you are blocking or negating them in your life.

  • purple angel figure


    You're meant to be in charge of a business you own, be it a small store, a startup, or a sizable organization.

    It may not always be straightforward to clearly define who owns, who decides, and who has the final saying within an organization, particularly the larger ones. Even so, you're nevertheless aligned with leading a business or organization you believe in, and you are passionately committed to.

  • purple angel figure


    The many devices involved in the modern age of telecommunications and connectivity, such as mobile and smartphones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, and so forth. Can also apply to any other less current devices and contraptions such as walkmans, cd players, watches, etc, obsolete or otherwise.

    Finally, this card can represent invention, the creativity and ingenuity to develop technical objects that fulfill a need and provide some kind of novelty.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents professions, occupations, and activities that in some way relate with leisure, free time, fun, play, and also social commemoration, festivities, and celebration.

    This card can also represent that, even though this is a deck geared towards professional vocation, your next or previous cards may relate with your Essence in terms of your own leisure and relaxation.

  • purple angel figure


    The outer space: astronomy, planets, stars, physics, the solar system, space exploration, and any related subjects. Can also represent Space as a theme for works of fiction, such as science fiction, for example.

    Drawing this card means that the theme of Space is connected with your Essence and purpose.

  • purple angel figure

    The Designer

    The Designer takes on board the requirements of a project, and sketches how to make it come to life in a way that not only fulfills function, but does so in an appealing manner that satisfies and inspires the recipient.

    The Designer walks the line between the practical and the whimsical. He wants to fulfill others and touch their hearts, by showing how cold function can be harmonized with the warmth of art. Designers can get distracted by the fluff, overlooking practicality.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents the medium of television specifically, and all industries, programs, businesses, and activities related with it. It can also represent coverage of themes and events across the world.

    Drawing this card represents your Essence will closely relate with the medium of television, working in the industry or producing content to be broadcast in it.

  • purple angel figure

    The Director

    The Director is an expert at organizing a set of resources, to obtain a set of objectives, within a set of rules and constraints. He knows what's important, how much, and in what way. He knows where pieces fall into place, what functions are needed, who's best at them, and how to meet schedules and deadlines.

    The Director is the mastermind, the planner, the puzzle solver. He sees potentials where others are lost in chaos. He knows what he wants, and how to get there.

  • purple angel figure


    Affinity with computers, I.T. computer engineering and technology, hardware, software, programming, programming languages, algorithms, and all things related.

    Working specifically with computers and I.T. as a core subject. Adapting existing businesses and processes to use computer systems.

  • purple angel figure


    Video games, card games, tabletop games, puzzles, crosswords, and any other form of gaming. Playing is a form of entertainment, having fun, and exercising the intellect, without having too much at stake when doing so. Games can also allow you to imagine, envision, and connect with new and different parts of reality, which otherwise couldn't be conceived or experienced.

    Playing games can become a form of escapism, masking the fear of handling reality.

  • purple angel figure

    Extraterrestrial Life

    The theme of extraterrestrial life, as well as the subject of UFOs, mysteries, and all related phenomena.

    This subject not only interests you, but it's actually part of your Essence, in some way. You can perceive it from a hypothetical and academic standpoint, or from a more real and serious perspective - your call.

  • purple angel figure


    Comedic timing requires a very specific skill set: equally high degrees of intelligence, sensitivity, observation ability, and a deep desire to poke a sharp stick in all things hidden, covered, and uncomfortable, so they can be brought to the surface and released: laughter.

    The Essence for Humor is highly developed spiritually. Its service is both to entertain and to enlighten. Potentially a tool of self-defense, Humor can be used to hide your true nature from others, and from yourself.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents motorized vehicles and methods of transportation in general, such as the automotive industry, mechanics and maintenance, traffic and transit systems, and so on.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents the theme of airplanes, flight, aviation, and everything related with airborne vehicles and transportation.

  • purple angel figure

    The Internet

    The Internet revolutionized how people connect and do things, and brings higher visibility and reach to individuals and groups. As a medium it's always evolving, and probably isn't tapped to its fullest potential yet.

    This card represents the Internet is related to your Essence. You could maintain an online presence related with your business, develop new software and applications, or find new ways to connect and engage with others through online means.

  • purple angel figure


    The mind can only think, speak, or act, one thing at a time. But it can process any number of notes and instruments simultaneously, and instantly decide if there's harmony, meaning, and enjoyment in them.

    Music is vibration and emotion condensed into sound. It has the ability to bypass linear logic and reasoning, and engage directly with memory, energy, and emotion. Your Essence deeply connects with music, and knows how to understand reality through it.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents all efforts in creating audiovisual productions, not just movies but also T.V. series, documentaries, web-based shows, etc.

    This card also represents all roles involved in creating audiovisual work, such as acting, directing, producing, screenwriting, editing, special effects, props, illumination, soundtrack, sound effects, and so forth.

  • purple angel figure

    The Leader

    The leader is a charismatic figure who draws others around him, and sets the pace for others to follow. He leads because he can commit, move, and act, when others wouldn't.

    A good leader is not about meeting goals or objectives, although he's a catalyst for getting things done. He tends for the integrity of those under his wing. The concern and protection of the group itself, above its purpose, gives it cohesion. Without the leader, a group is just an amalgam of individuals.

  • purple angel figure

    From Other Places

    Your Essence knows many different places, some much more subtle, easy, and harmonious than life here on Earth, and where things work much better than they do here. Thus, your standards for things are very high, even if it's a vague and intuitive understanding rather than specific knowledge or memories.

    Plus, it seems difficult for others to see or comprehend how things could be done differently. But this is because they haven't seen it happen yet.

  • purple angel figure

    The Seeker

    The Seeker wants to know. He might scan the sky with a telescope, look at cells and bacteria with a microscope, climb the highest mountains, or search the depths of the seas. And when the seeking finally turns inward, he then inquires his own spiritual self instead.

    What the Seeker wants, is to know that which is unknown. He'd rather spend his lifetime never knowing but still questioning, than giving up the seeking entirely.

  • purple angel figure


    Your Essence has affinity with the realm of colleges and universities that engage in higher education and research.

    This card can also represent the overall theme of Education, i.e. the process of transmitting knowledge and information to newer generations. It can also refer to the scientific fields of knowledge: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on.

  • purple angel figure

    The Analyst

    The Analyst makes associations, detects patterns, and establishes connections, to reach a larger picture from its smaller parts, and find truths that before were concealed or implicit. He combines intellect with intuition, and relies on his gut instinct to know what to do next and where to look for.

    The Analyst is an expert at wrapping one's mind around a subject, gradually seeing things clearer and clearer, and in that process becoming aware of new aspects of reality.

  • purple angel figure

    The Striker

    You prefer to act swiftly and decisively, rather than in an enduring and sustained manner. You remain in the background, avoiding drawing attention to you, but always highly alert, waiting for the right time, upon which you spring into action expertly and accurately.

    Your energy is highly perfectionist, but it tends to deny itself visibility or notoriety, because then it's forced to lose its state of focus. It also deals poorly with expectations, and it dreads spending energy in a casual way.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents affinity with using Tarot cards for divination. The system of Tarot itself comes from ancient Egypt, and its symbols hold strong esoteric meaning about the spiritual journey.

    This card can also represent affinity with divination, card-based systems, and card decks in general, in a spiritual and esoteric context.

  • purple angel figure


    The principle of minimizing waste and maximizing renewal in any system, to reduce the amount of resources consumed and needed, and maximize the ones that are produced.

    Also relates with the notion of reducing dependency from external sources. May also apply to the personal level, in the sense of personal sovereignty and being emotionally or financially independent.

  • purple angel figure


    Such as the body needs food and the mind needs stimulus, objects in physical matter require Maintenance: the continuous task of mending and repairing whatever needs repairs, keeping things in working order.

    Those with the mindset for Maintenance are resourceful, practical, persistent, and comfortable dealing with the hardship of physical matter. They don't invent new things, or are especially mindful about perfection: they are content with making things work.

  • purple angel figure

    Power and Electricity

    This card represents the sources and technologies used by society to produce and distribute power, for the purposes of locomotion, heating, lighting, domestic appliances, machines, etc.

    Power is at the core of society's way of functioning. Its costs and efficiency are the cornerstone for economies, deeply relate with the quality of life of individuals, and set how much time for leisure, arts and higher level pursuits, society allows itself.

  • purple angel figure


    Some Souls only show up in society at certain point in time, in junctures of change, decision, or importance. They haven't spent too much time lost within Earth's reincarnation cycles, instead they are enlightened enough to be able to come and go, performing their service with passion but without attachment.

    Regardless of the account you have of yourself, you are one such Soul. You are to listen to your own wisdom first, and to the words of others second.

  • purple angel figure

    The Famous and Influential

    In every society there are always individuals with more notoriety, fame, and relevance, attributed by the rest. It is not always a stamp of value, but of visibility. For the better or worse, they are powerful influencers and trend-setters. Their influence spans beyond their inner circles, extending to their local groups, cultures, and sometimes the world.

    This card represents your Essence and work tie with the famous and resourceful, and/or that you will become one such person yourself.

  • purple angel figure


    The dynamics and harmony of working in a team is just as important as what you do. You long to belong, and play your part, within a group that suits you.

    You desire an environment and teamwork that suits your demeanor and integrity, and is aligned with who you really are. It can also mean you're ready and enthusiastic about playing your role and offer a contribution to the grand scheme of things.

  • purple angel figure

    The Researcher

    Your Essence is about researching, prototyping, and testing new things, focused in reaching a specific goal, which will typically be useful for a group, enterprise, or society. The Researcher, therefore, always works for an objective beyond himself, in some way.

    The Researcher is challenged by the issues of trust and hope. He must develop things that can be trusted by others, yet he has no guarantees himself. He never knows for sure if, or when, he'll ever reach his goal.

  • purple angel figure


    You can safely trust science to be always completely correct, and its formulations and assumptions to be perfectly accurate.

    Or can you?

    This card represents the passion for resolving and understanding those parts of reality that are still unknown and uncertain. But it also stands for the willingness to have an open mind, and admit possibilities that are on the fringe of what's accepted by the majority.

  • purple angel figure

    The Scavenger

    The Scavenger is passionate about scouring the land, the seas, and anything in between, to find hidden and lost items. These items are either personally meaningful to him, and/or they are classified as valuable by society in general.

    The Scavenger is independent, pragmatic, and resourceful. He is closely aligned with physical matter and its resources and materials. He can, however, place curiosity and greed above the integrity of the locations he searches at, destroying them in the process.

  • purple angel figure


    Your Essence closely relates with Crystals. Crystals are conductive of specific kinds of energy - they are as if pure energy condensed into solid form - and can be used for energy cleansing and healing.

    This card can also represent the overall theme of gems, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as the processes for their extraction, value, appraisal, usefulness, and anything related.

  • purple angel figure


    This card means that flowers are part of your Essence. They cleanse and balance your energy. In your day-to-day, you must be in frequent contact with flowers, having natural flowers in your home, plant flowers in a garden, or work as a florist.

    Each flower has a meaning, and a specific healing property. You should research more about this.

  • purple angel figure

    The Driver

    Ever since there were vehicles, there were those to conduct them. The Driver is the one who doesn't mind where he's going to, as long as he's going.

    The Driver steers a vehicle for some purpose or function, which in a professional sense it will either relate with transporting people in buses, trains, ships, planes, etc, or with hauling goods. The driver enjoys the responsibility for caring for his cargo, and delivering it safety to the destination.

  • purple angel figure

    Rest and Relaxation

    The theme of rest, comfort, sleep, and relaxation, and all activities and occupations related with it.

    Someone with the Essence for allowing others to rest must care for them, and create them a safe and calm space, where they can feel at ease and comfortable. This card can also represent the ability or need to detach, relax, and let go.

  • purple angel figure

    Subtle Energy

    When you enter a room and it's so heavy you could cut it with a knife, what is it that's "heavy"? Moisture in the air? Invisible food? You are referring to the energy of the room, and of the people in it.

    Every person, space, and object, has a component of subtle energy to them, to which you are particularly sensitive. Your Essence relates with the energy of things, and/or of people.

  • purple angel figure


    You have past-life practice working with esoteric systems, as well as a team of spirit guides specialized in operating those systems, and/or a specific system, with you. Such systems include Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and any other structured forms of spiritual knowledge.

    An esoteric system is a defined set of rules and symbols, upon which a practitioner can base his own intuition and inner knowing to interact with Spirit and receive new information.

  • purple angel figure


    Your work and professional activity must align with your inner Essence. To you, it will not do to work in a 'money-earner' by day, and then decompress with things you enjoy in your spare time. It is imperative you integrate the two, by working in something, somewhere, that is aligned with your Essence and that you enjoy doing.

    If you keep both separate, your work will drain all your energy, and you won't have any to discover your true passions and dreams.

  • purple angel figure

    Akashic Records

    Each Soul projects itself into different realities across space and time to gather knowledge about itself, and to experience things. The Akashic Records store all there is to know about who the Soul was, when, and where, and everything that was experienced, questioned, and felt. They deal more with feeling and Truth, rather than with details and minutia.

    The Records can also be used by the self to access abilities and skills learned in the past.

  • purple angel figure


    This card means your Essence, or a part of it, may not properly be represented by any card in this deck. It can also mean you have a gift or ability that no one has ever seen before, or, that you had a passion that once manifested in you, but was suppressed, dismissed, or forgotten.

    You are invited to pay close attention to what your interests and abilities are, for they will let you know where your Essence resides.

  • purple angel figure

    The King

    In chess, the King is the least able piece, but also the most important. Its presence on the board establishes victory or defeat for its side.

    The King holds new principles, ideals, goals, directions, and future potentials. By his presence he offers those potentials to others, so that they may choose what they want, what they believe in, what they stand for. The King deals with ideals, and he can become detached from actually doing things himself.

  • purple angel figure


    All beings are One, therefore all that is done comes back, or reflects, to the self, eventually. Karma is the metaphysical attribute of all the situations and emotions from the past that were inflicted on others, and on the self, made outside integrity.

    This card refers to the practitioner and healer that deals with karma, and transmutation of inner negative emotion into a healed and balanced state.

  • purple angel figure


    Ascension means the healing and resolution of all karmic attributes. It is a state of balance and clarity, of knowing yourself and how to exist in alignment with yourself - rather than an attempt at improvement, perfection, restraint, or modelling your behavior after someone else.

    This card represents an ascended spirit, and the possibility of Ascension, the hallmark of which are the desire to not need to incarnate anymore, and to tie up loose ends.

  • purple angel figure


    Your Essence is about dealing with food: cooking, tasting, distribution and delivery, nutrition and health, farming and foraging, or any other activity that relates with food and its consumption, in some way.

    The energy of food is one of nourishment, caring, warmth, and pleasure. Dealing with food directly is part of your Essence, and will make you happy.

  • purple angel figure


    The sovereign territories and regions humans divide the Earth's land into, for both management and protection, and all themes related with the governance, maintenance, definition, and management of said territories, and their interaction with each other.

    This card can also refer to informal or general areas of the planet, cultures, ethnicities, dialects, and groups of people.

  • purple angel figure


    Photography is the act of capturing a moment, and then being able to explore in-depth all the nuances and aspects of reality within it. When observed, the photo will convey information, evoke feelings and emotion, and transport those who see it back to the time and place it was taken.

    Your Essence relates with photography, either as a hobby, an art form, or even professionally.

  • purple angel figure


    This card represents the buildings and spaces that are meant as shelter and habitation, and all related subjects and activities: materials, comfort, design, decoration, planning, location, maintenance, energy and esoteric considerations, and so on.

    This card can also represent living by yourself, in a space you can call your own, and therefore with a degree of independence and isolation.

  • purple angel figure

    The Dynamo

    Thoughts, things, feelings, fun, excitement! You're an endless source of energy that is positive, fun, and contagious for anyone around you. Your high-voltage is made of freedom, confidence, and enjoying life.

    Your own energy storm may leave you ungrounded and reckless. You must never censor your energy - that would cut your joy of living - but you must exercise balance, lest you'll harm yourself.

  • purple angel figure


    Water is the basis for biological life on Earth, and it's also a very powerful, natural cleanser of energy, and of the human aura. Having an Essence-based affinity with water means you should live near water, or spend as much time around areas with water.

    Water represents the kind of consciousness that is fluid, free-flowing, and spontaneous. It is also a symbol for emotions, and for the subconscious.

  • purple angel figure


    Meditation is the state of realizing, connecting with, and being aware of the one's inner world. Meditation can be performed in stillness, contemplation, or by focusing on a relaxing and immersive task of your liking.

    Meditation is part of your Essence, and you respond well to it. You should learn how to meditate, and do so often, as it will bring you peace and balance. You are also welcomed to find experiences that naturally bring you into a meditative state.

  • purple angel figure

    Cleansed by Water

    Your aura and energy are naturally cleansed and re-balanced by water, such as by taking a shower, or bathing in the ocean. You might experience a sense of peace and solitude when showering. This is because you need it for your personal balance.

    Water is a cleansing agent of energy, thought-forms, and emotions. The energy of some people is particularly aligned with water and its effects, such as yourself.

Card Combinations

In (mostly) alphabetical order. Not all cards or combinations are represented.
Animals + Communicator = animal whisperer, psychic communicator
Animals + Grooming = pet grooming and hygiene
Animals + Interventionist = stray and wildlife rescue
Animals + Scholar = zoologist, biologist
Assistant + Communicator = speech coach, motivational speaker
Assistant + Humanist = therapist
Assistant + Sports = personal trainer, coach
Artisan + Food = chef
Artisan + Crystals = jewelry
Artist + Builder = sculptor
Artist + Fantasy = illustrations, comics
Children + Caretaker = daycare assistant, nanny
Children + Guardian = child protection services, adoption
Children + Teacher = schoolteacher
Children + Humor = kids cartoons, muppets
Connector + Gadgets = cell phones, portable devices
Connector + The Internet = search engines, social media
Connector + Habitation = real estate agency
Connector + Performer = agent
Connector + Travel / Vacations = travel agencies
Computers + Connector = Computer Networks, EAI
Computers + Games = Video Games
Creative + Children = children stories
Creative + Fantasy = Elves, orcs, dwarves, goblins, rings
Creative + Food = food writer, critic
Daredevil + Aircraft = test pilot, air shows, skydiving
Daredevil + Nature = survivalist, rock climber, mountaineer, spelunking
Daredevil + Space = astronaut
Daredevil + Vehicles = stuntmen
Director + Aircraft = air traffic controller
Director + Interventionist = crisis management and coordination
Director + Film = film director
Director + Performer = stage director
Director + Vehicles = Traffic Coordination
Director + Taskmaster = Project Manager
Designer + Builder = architect
Designer / Artist + Grooming = fashion designer
Designer + Habitation = architect, interior decoration
Designer + Nature = Landscaping
Designer + Vehicles = Auto Design
Designer + The Internet = Web Design
Driver + Roamer = Bus or truck driver
Driver + Airplanes = Pilot
Driver + Interventionist = mergency/search and rescue driver or pilot
Energy Healing + Assistant = angelic energy
Energy Healing + Crystals = crystal healing
Energy Healing + Nature = spiritual retreats
Energy Healing + Physical Healing = etheric surgery
Esoterics + Designer / Habitation = feng shui
Esoterics + Space = astrology
Film + Artisan = prop/set creation
Film + Creative = screewriter
Film + Computers = editing, CGI
Film + Connector = film producer
Film + Grooming = wardrobe, makeup
Film + Performer = actor
Guardian + Nature = park ranger, environmentalism
Guardian + Order = law enforcement, security services
Guardian / Peacekeeper + Diplomat = peace ambassator
Grooming + Enterprise = beauty salon
Innkeeper + Food = restaurants
Innkeeper + Vacations = hotels, resorts
Innkeeper + Nature = natural resorts, eco-tourism
Internet + Gadjets = apps
Internet + Film = online streaming, internet videos, youtube
Maintenance + Jack of All Trades = handyman
Maintenance + Vehicles = car mechanic
Meditation + Assistant = guided meditations
Meditation + Energy Healing = healing meditation
Meditation + Groups = group meditation
Meditation + Music = zen and meditation music
Meditation + Nature = meditating in nature
Music + Artist / Performer = musician
Music + Creative = composer
Music + Director = maestro
Music + Groups = band, orchestra
Mystic + Akashic Records = past-life readings
Mystic + Creative = automatic writing
Mystic + Fantasy = devic realms
Mystic + Messenger = channeler
Mystic + Nature = shaman, wiccan
Mystic + Travel = astral travel
Performer + Humour = stand-up comedy
Performer + Communicator = spoken word artist
Physical Healing + Animals = veterinarian
Physical Healing + Assistant = nurse, physiotherapist
Physical Healing + Children = pediatrician
Physical Healing + Interventionist = paramedic, surgeon
Physical Healing + Nature = herbalist, naturopathy
Physical Healing + Researcher = cure research, pharmacy
Scavenger + Crystals = prospector, miner
Scavenger + Mysteries = archaeologist
Scavenger + Water = prospector, ocean wreckage retrieval
Sustainability + Business Acumen = sustainable economy, savings
Sustainability + Nature = environmentalist
Sustainability + Power and Electricity = renewable, clean energy
Spirituality + Assistant = life coach
Spirituality + Family = spiritual family
Spirituality + Leader = spiritual leader
Spirituality + Teacher = spiritual teacher
Spirituality + T.V. = spirituality shows
Sports + Warrior = fight sports, martial arts
Sports + Vehicles = racing sports
Sports + T.V. = sports coverage and news
Sports + The Internet = sports websites and blogs
T.V. + Food = cooking shows
T.V. + Messenger = t.v. news reporting, documentaries
T.V. + Travel = travel shows
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