Heart Ki

Core Tenets

The list below summarizes the base premises that are valid for this website and my work. See also: Glossary, FAQ.
All there is, is Consciousness, existing in different states of manifestation. You can refer to this totality and its intelligence as God, Source, Infinity, etc.
All that is manifest within this totality (i.e. Creation) is divided into layers differentiated by vibration, describing a spectrum of Densities. This conceptualization originates from the Law of One.
Densities are more subtle, abstract, and immaterial the closer they become to Source vibration, and more heavy, tangible, and physical, the more distant. Densities are named by their order in this sequence: 3D stands for the third Density, 4D for the 4th Density, and so on. Human beings live in a reality on planet Earth that is currently of the third Densty, or 3D.
Simultaneously, Densities also measure stages of awareness. Thus the spectrum they form is not just of realities but also of progression for Consciousness itself. This spectrum ranges from pure existence (inert physical matter) all the way up to Source-level awareness. A reality/environment of a certain Density (in a physical sense) allows for lessons of that same Density (in a spiritual sense).
Intelligent, autonomous entities (i.e. “spiritual” entities) inhabit and navigate the different Densities for the purposes of the exploration and learning of Source Itself. These entities learn and progress spiritually through experiences and choices lived in those Densities. Each autonomous entity is an aspect of Source, thus what it learns in its individual journey will also be learned by Source Itself. Progression through Densities is a result of this spiritual work, both individually and collectively, and generally takes a very long time.
We too are spiritual entities, inhabiting physical bodies for a time, for the purposes of exploring and navigating the 3D physical plane of planet Earth. We do so repeatedly, living many lifetimes, coming into a new one after the previous one ended, a process we refer to as reincarnation.
The Akashic Records are the metaphysical “recording” of each person’s personal experiences, sensations, beliefs, and feelings, of any and all of your experiences on Earth and across the Cosmos, as a spiritual entity. They are focused on your personal perceptions and spiritual process, not so much on specifics and details (names, dates, etc).
As spiritual entities, we have participated in reincarnation not just on Earth, but also on other planets throughout the Cosmos. Some individuals may therefore have had past-life experiences and memories not just on Earth, but also from other planets. When you have references of past-lives on other planets, you’re referred to as a Starseed.
I perform readings of the Akashic Records of your past experience both on Earth and on other planets.