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Akashic Records Readings

I can read your Akashic records, from distance, knowing only your name. The Akashic records are the metaphysical storage of all of the memories of the Soul. I perform readings from distance, without your participation being required in any way, and after completed I convey the information to you by email or in an live online call, depending on the reading purchased.

Readings can address information such as past-lives on Earth or elsewhere, Soul traits and identity, spiritual lessons and challenges, your spiritual journey across the Cosmos, or your overall path of reincarnation on Earth. When a reading focuses on a past-life on Earth or a life/manifestation beyond Earth, memories are explored in depth, as well as the context of your Soul's identity and journey. Clarification is provided to situations from the past that were misunderstood and left unsolved, and that may influence your life today. If the memory is beyond Earth, usually it's explained why and/or how you came to Earth. With the reading there is extensive in-depth work within your Akashic fields that happens on an energy level, beyond the information and the words.

The purpose of the reading is to expand your knowledge about yourself as a spiritual being, and also the healing of past memories. You'll receive information that is most relevant for you to hear in this moment. For each reading you may also provide questions, which will set its subject and intent.

⏩ From this page you can gather all details about my readings and place your orders.


  • Quick Reading

    A (relatively) short reading performed in 1-2h, delivered as text by email.
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    75€ + 4€ Paypal fees
  • Standard Reading (5 days)

    Delivered in Online Session
    A reading performed over five days, delivered in an online session (2h).
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    420€ + 23€ Paypal fees
  • Written Reading (2 weeks)

    Delivered as Written Essay
    A reading performed over two weeks, delivered in essay form.
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    635€ + 34€ Paypal fees

  • Quick Reading+Online Session (1h) 120€ + 6€ Paypal fees
  • Two Quick
    130€ + 7€ Paypal fees
  • Three Quick Readings
    180€ + 9€ Paypal fees
  • Four Quick Readings
    240€ + 12€ Paypal fees
Duration and Purpose of Online Sessions
➢ When part of a Standard Reading the online session is used to transmit the reading's information, and lasts whatever it needs to do so adequately. Still, it typically takes around two hours (2h) and is scheduled as such.
➢ When an online session is part of a pack, this is a general purpose session used at your discretion, such as for discussing readings, asking questions, etc. This session's duration is one hour (1h). Readings themselves are still delivered individually even if they're in a pack containing an online session.
➢ Readings are not performed during online sessions. All readings are performed without the person’s presence.
Reading Ordering
⏩ Your reading will be scheduled upon online payment, and you'll be contacted via your Paypal email address for further details. This email is not automatic, it's sent manually by me within the first 24-48hrs after your purchase. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven't received the email within this time.

Waiting times: currently for Quick readings is one to two (1-2) months, for Standard and Written readings is around six (6) months. Delivery dates are scheduled upon payment.

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Online Session Guidelines (for readings with or including an online session)

For any further questions, please reach me at: mail@heartki.com

Why the Values for Your Readings?
My readings not only retrieve information but also seek to make connections and tie up loose ends, offering clarity, healing, and closure if and whenever possible. Doing so takes time: Standard readings are performed over five days, while Written readings take up to two weeks, both being scheduled with limited annual slots. Quick readings are much shorter, taking around 1-2 hours to perform and typically scheduled within a month or so, depending on availability.
Why the Values for Written Readings?
A Written Reading is intended as a deeply significant moment in your spiritual path. Each reading is performed over two weeks and delivered in essay form, with the values equating to the reading and writing effort as well as time involved in the process. The information also tends to be more detailed and in-depth, as I spend more time with the reading.