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Esoteric Timeline of the History of Humanity

The information in the following timeline was compiled from several metaphysical sources other than myself, which I deemed trustworthy for such purpose. The main references are the following: Ra, the Law of One, Kryon by Lee Carrol, Metatron by James Tyberonn, and Adamus St. Germain at the Crimson Circle. I’ve added a number of my own personal notes as well, mainly about the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.
All of the following should be taken with an open mind and your discernment. Caution is advised when scrutinizing detailed dates and events, as channelled material may at times be inaccurate in such elements.
This timeline is intended mainly as an introduction to the notion that the history of mankind on Earth is richer, deeper, and spans much farther back in time than what is currently accepted by mainstream history, as well as a reference to the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

700.000 B.C. – Destruction of Maldek (current asteroid belt), related with usage of weapons of war, and disregard for the stability of the planet and life itself. Souls of the planet are trapped in a state of fear due to the traumatic experience.

600.000 B.C. – Elements from the Federation of Planets manage to reach the trapped entities’s consciousness and start the process of releasing them from the trauma.

500.000 B.C. – Souls from Maldek are brought to Earth.

100.000 B.C. – Begginning of the process of Souled beings incarnating in human bodies. At this time, there are on Earth around 18-20 types of human-humanoid beings, with biological (physical, emotional, mental) components only. Two extra layers were added to the etheric DNA of one of the humanoid groups, which allowed complete manifestation of Celestial consciousness, thus enabling the incarnating of Souls in those bodies. Over time this specific group of humans gained advantage over the others, which slowly diminished in numbers and disappeared. During this time the Earth is seeded and developed under the guidance of different Soul groups at different points of the planet, giving birth to a cosmopolitan cauldron of Soul backgrounds and history.

75.000 B.C. – Beginning of the first of 3 cycles of 3D on Earth, which last approximately 26.000 years each. Entities on Mars damage the planet’s atmosphere beyond repair, for reasons related to war, and are integrated on Earth’s incarnational registry to continue their 3D cycle. Souls from Mars and Maldek share the same karmic background of destroying their planets, which manifests today as fear of apocalyptic events on a planetary scale. The first beings occupy the area of Atlantis (middle of today’s Atlantic Ocean), mostly in a purely ethereal state.



drawn world map with the continent of Lemuria

Map of Lemuria in relation to today’s continents. Taken from zivug

As a civilization LEMURIA represents a feminine energy, purity of heart and emotions, innocence, naivety, and simple deep connection with Divinity. The people of Lemuria would seem “primitive” by today’s standards, yet they sustained an extremely high level of Spiritual connection. They were the archetypical newly-incarnated angelic being into the physical world. Initially they would have no verbal language. All thoughts would be freely perceived by others, thus deceit was not originally possible or conceivable.

Lemuria was the first civilization on Earth in this cycle. From this civilization comes the basic training and programming of survival, without which Spirit largely wouldn’t know how to keep itself in a physical body, at least long enough to have its spiritually desired experiences in the physical plane. Lemuria is the origin of some of the words that relate to the basic principles about living collectively, such as MUnicipal, comMUnity, and comMUnion. 350 million Souls in total incarnated as a Lemurian at some point in time, most of them only once. This was done for the purposes of setting up the registry of Souls on Earth.

Lemurians would eventually experience difficulty interacting with other peoples, namely the contemporary Atlanteans, who might not have the same pure and integrated connection with Spirit. When interacting with these individuals, a Lemurian would feel frustrated and dismissed, as he simply wouldn’t be able to convey or “prove” its vision of reality. The Lemurian gradual drop of consciousness, loss of connection, and the experiences of having to deal with less spiritually-inclined peoples, left ancestral memories in the collective psyche that can endure to this day.

Lemuria ultimately sank as the planet’s water level rose, in events that sometimes carried traumatic experiences for individuals. Such events were an analogy for the drop in consciousness of humanity, as well as the loss of human innocence. The feelings of being dismissed and discredited, being naive and uncomfortable with practical matters, feeling lack of a safe course in life, loss of fundamental trust in Spirit and questioning “what did I do wrong to Spirit?”, and also fear of cataclysmic events, all are emotions that can be related to the experience in Lemuria.

50.000 B.C. – End of the first 25.000 year 3D cycle. No entities are eligible to graduate to 4D. Human beings are biologically similar to today’s humans. Planet is 8 degrees cooler than today’s average, and the water level is 133 meters lower. Beginnings of what would become the civilization od Lemuria, in dry areas around today’s Hawaii. This is a people with a somewhat primitive nature, but very tuned spiritually.  They had been in the area for about 5.000 years before, but in an ethereal state. Souls from the star Deneb are integrated into Earth’s incarnational cycle, because the star had lost the ability to provide for the planet’s 3D cycles due to age.

38.000 B.C. – Inhabitants of the area of Lemuria formally acknowledge their union as a people.

33.000 B.C. – Lemuria formally becomes a territory organized under a single ruling body. From this point is considered the main cycle and peak of the civilization, until around 13.000 B.C., when the Earth’s water levels began to rise and slowly occupy the land mass. In the end only the highest mountain peaks remained above the surface.

29.000 B.C. – Rural/agrarian beginnings of what would become the civilization of Atlantis, located in a land mass in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. From this point is considered the main cycle and “Golden Age” of Atlantis, which would reach its technological and benevolent peak up until around 17.500 B.C..


Physical location of Atlantis, from Wikimedia Commons, by Maximilian Dörrbecker

Hypothetical location for Atlantis from Wikimedia Commons, by Maximilian Dörrbecker
(Note: this may not be an entirely realistic location, see linked article below)

The Atlantean civilization of this time period, from around 30.000 B.C. to 10.000 B.C. (lasting until 12.000 years ago) is the most studied metaphysically. As a civilization, it represents a more masculine energy: a focus on technological advancement, mastery of matter and form, and mental acuity.

Atlantis was the archetype of Utopian society. Most of mankind’s ideas of futuristic technologies and societies of the modern era, stem from subconscious memories of this civilization. If Lemuria was the mother, Atlantis was the father. If Lemuria was about Love, simplicity, and feeling, Atlantis was about wonderment, advancement, and the intellect. Compared to Lemuria, Atlantis was more pragmatic and technologically-minded. It was also spiritual, but at the same time also much more interested in the possibilities of physical matter – but because of it, also more prone to indulge in ego deviation.

Main article covering Atlantis: Atlantis, The Lost Civilization – A Collection of Memories from Readings

24.000 B.C. – End of the second 26.000 year cycle, start of the third and last one. Only a handful of entities are eligible to graduate from 3D. Yet they all choose to stay behind and assist the others in the third 3D cycle. These graduated ones didn’t belong to technologically evolved societies, but to simple, nature-related, relatively isolated populational pockets. Most of the 4D, 5D, and 6D Souls that arrive to help Earth in its 3D cycles, do so at this time and for this last cycle. [Today there are approximately 6 million “wanderer” Souls on the planet.]

17.500 B.C. – Second fall event of Atlantis (the first was around 58.000 B.C., not aware of details about it). Deluges divide the original main continent into 5 islands. End of the Atlantean “Golden Age”. In time, the 5 islands become a confederacy of states, each with its own rulership. Up until then they had been unified under a benevolent ruling.

13.000 B.C. – Technological height of Atlantis. Use of technology and ethereal and life force energies with unethical and materialistic purposes. Creation of human hybrid slave-drones for purposes of labor and terrorism. Eventual use of technology for war. Beginning of the end of the Earth’s Ice Age, beginning of defrosting of frozen water masses. Water levels begin to rise, and slowly start occupying Lemurian land. Lemurian inhabitants transition to a seafaring people. From this point on Lemuria starts to fade as a civilization, as its lands are being occupied by water, and as its inhabitants move to higher ground or to surrounding lands. Closest descendants are the Polynesians and Hawaiians – who are still intuitively skilled at navigating the ocean currents of the area – and also north and south American indigenous peoples.

11.000 B.C. – Meteor strike on Earth. This event is part of the context of Earth changes (increase in temperature and water level rise).

11.000 B.C. – 9.000 B.C. – Major Atlantean wars with high number of casualties.

~9.000 B.C. – Third and final fall of Atlantis. Sinking of the land masses with earthquakes and deluges, after catastrophic events leading to the critical weakening of the Atlantean tectonic plate. Many casualties. Surviving peoples escape to surrounding landmasses (America, Europe, Egypt).

8.000 B.C. – Final filling of Lemurian land space with water, also in a final deluge event, where many Lemurians died. End of the Lemurian civilization. Water levels are about as they are today.

5.000 B.C. – Beginning of the settlements which would become the civilization of Sumeria

4.000 B.C. – First construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Building and rebuilding of the pyramids continues up until about 2500 B.C.

3.000 B.C. – Meteor strike on Earth, stronger than the one in 11.000 B.C., causing floods and deluges. Origin of the Noah’s Ark myth, although water doesn’t completely fill the totality of the Earth’s land surface. This was an adjustment (reduction) of the Earth’s ethereal veil between physical and Spirit.

~1.700 B.C. – Ancient Babylon, in the original area of Sumeria, is the greatest city in the world.

~1.350 B.C. – Pharaoh Akhenaton, or Amenhotep IV, is known for trying to instill a monotheistic worship to the one god, “Aten”. After his death Egypt returns to its traditional polytheism.

750 B.C. – Beginnings of Greece’s Classical period. Beginnings of early ancient Rome and what would become the origin of the Roman empire.

~500 B.C. – Life and Ascension of Buddha

0 – Life and Ascension of Jesus the Christ. Beginning of turning from an authoritarian, masculine-based form of religious and spiritual worship (biblical old testament) to love-based feminine-energy teachings (new testament). Testing of the consciousness capability of humans and the Earth’s environment to assimilate the concept of ascension.

1100 – Crusades

1492 – Christopher Columbus arrives at the Americas. The American continent, with a few exceptions, had been largely separated from the rest of the world since the fall of Atlantis.

~1900 – Early beginning of the current process of the re-raising of consciousness and re-awakening. Technology starts to evolve rapidly.

1987 – Spiritual event of consciousness measurement known as the Harmonic Convergence. It’s decided on a Spiritual level that Earth would ascend without termination events, i.e. with humans still incarnated, which is something not often (never?) attempted on other planets.

2012 – End of the Earth’s third 3D cycle. Beginning of the Aquarian Age.

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