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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Akashic Records Readings - General

The Akashic Records are the metaphysical archives that store all your past events and experiences as a Soul, including past-lives on Earth, but also all experiences on other planets, planes of existence, and otherwise all other places beyond Earth.


My readings don't follow to a rigid format, nor do I have strict control over the information that comes through. My job is to access the information from the Akashic Records that's most important for you to know, as determined by your spiritual guidance team. You do have some saying in the theme to be adressed in a reading. The purpose of my readings is to to deepen and expand your awareness of who you really are, as well as bringing clarity to spiritual doubts, and closure to memories from the past. As such, you may expect the information that comes forth in a reading to serve these purposes, in some way.

Perhaps a more 'typical' case is for the reading to focus on one specific past-life on Earth, or on a life/manifestation beyond Earth. In this case, memories are explored in depth, as well as the context of your Soul's identity and journey. Clarification is provided to situations from the past that were misunderstood and left unsolved, and that may influence your life today. If the memory is beyond Earth, usually it's explained why and/or how you came to Earth.

Still, while the Akashic Records are perhaps best 'known' for past-lives, they are more than that: they keep track of your true nature as an Infinite Soul, how that nature manifests in your journey, and how your Soul lessons translate into what you've done and what you've been, anywhere in the Cosmos. As such, readings may address any aspect of your spiritual beingness in addition to and/or instead of specific past-lives, including but not limited to: Soul traits and identity, spiritual lessons and challenges, your Density/level of awareness as a spiritual entity, your journey across the Cosmos, and/or your overall path reincarnating on Earth.

Yes, the majority of my readings are online, either through video call (Skype/Zoom), or via email - written document or audio recording. This is entirely your choice.

I perform the reading by myself, over a period of time, and after that I'll convey the information to you, either over an online call, or send it to your email, depending on what you've chosen. While the reading is taking place on my end, no participation from you is required.

Your name only (ex: "John Smith").

Your name doesn't work as a unitary pointer to you; rather, it's a symbol for your intent and openness to receive the reading.

On to the readings page, pick the type of reading - Quick, Standard, or Essay - and perform the payment via the Paypal button, selecting the corresponding option. There are also packs and combos available. The delivery date for your reading will be scheduled upon payment, and I'll reach you via your PayPal email address for further details.

The main difference is the amount of time I spend performing them, which influences both the length as well as the depth of the information retrieved. The more time I have to connect with the energy, the more insightful the information becomes. Because of this, Essay readings tend to provide the most detailed and in-depth information, while Quick readings might not achieve the same level of insight Standard or Essay readings do.

More detail about the differences between readings: Readings Types at a Glance

For Standard Readings, Skype/Zoom sessions and audio recordings are roughly around 60 minutes long; Essay readings produce a pdf document typically around 40+ pages worth of text - please see examples published for an idea; a Quick reading is comparatively shorter, sent as a moderately sized email. These are general estimates. The length of a reading, as well as the nature of the information, directly depend on your energy and what you're prepared to know.

Yes. Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. Any personal information you share with me will not be shared with anyone else, in any way, for any purpose.

On the topic of publications. Being able to publish reading materials is critical for my work, as it's what provides me with visibility and outreach, particularly online. However, any utilization of reading materials, in any way - in my website, Patreon page, or any other format - is subject to your consent, and your privacy is always safeguarded whenever doing so. Your consent for the utilization of reading materials is solicited as part of the process of the creation of the reading; any publication of readings will always be done anonymously, by replacing all references to the client’s name with a fictional alias.

Readings - Placing Questions

Yes. Asking questions is optional. If you ask questions, those questions will set the intent for the reading (the reading will become "thematic") and the information that comes through may then be considered a response to that intent. If you don't ask questions, the reading will bring up information from the Records that's the most meaningful and relevant for you to hear at this time, according to your spiritual guidance team.

Whether you place questions or not for a reading is entirely up to you, as I can perform them either way. Still, reading "freely" into your energy without any added questions or input is a type of reading I enjoy performing, which I encourage you to pursue.

With regards to questions placed by the client for readings, all types of topics can be placed. However note, in my readings there are things I do, and things I don’t.

My readings of the Akashic Records are intended to focus on the past. Questions may inquire about a present situation and how it relates to the past, but ideally should not be framed in the future tense, such as: "how to achieve goal X?" or "how can situation Y happen?". I'm not spiritually geared to provide guidance for the future or make predictions, and may decline to do so if I feel this is what's being asked.

Further, here are some guidelines per type of topic:

Spiritual/Metaphysical: topics related to your inner self and spiritual consciousness, such as past-lives (both on Earth and beyond) and how they might influence your energy, choices, and reality today; Soul traits and identity; spiritual lessons; your Density/level of awareness as a spiritual entity and how this connects with your current lessons in life; your journey across the Cosmos; your overall path reincarnating on Earth. These are topics in one way or another related with the expansion of your self-awareness, all of them I have a good handle on.

Career: I can’t give financial advice or tell you what job earns you money. What I can do is read into your spiritual nature and Soul’s intentions for this lifetime, as well as possible spiritual gifts and affinities you might have brought with you, for this incarnation. After this, it’s entirely up to you if and how you act upon this information with regards to earning your sustenance, if you so choose to.

Relationships: I may look into the connections you have with others in your life, such as the nature of spiritual connection, past-lives you share, the meaning and role of the person in your reality, as well as possible karmic patterns between the two, as far as it's spiritually appropriate and I'm allowed to read into the information. However, I must never provide information that compromises your Free Will regarding a relationship you may have with another.

Health: I may offer insights into the possible emotional patterns, karmic attributes, as well as the broader spiritual context, if relevant, related to physical imbalance. However, I cannot 'fix' a physical condition, suggest methods of treatment, or read with precision into the energetic/chakra imbalances which might lead to illness, as this is not my metaphysical affinity.

Also see: Readings Terms of Use

I can only read the Akashic Records of situations lived in past-lives, and/or beyond the awareness of your current life. In a reading I should not be expected, nor will I try to, guess the details of your current life. If you want to place questions for the reading regarding a specific situation of your current life, you’ll have to describe the situation to me.

My readings are tools of learning and self-realization, and should be used as such. A reading can address the spiritual context of most topics of your life, and offer clarity that may inform and guide you in your choices. However, I may never promise an 'effect' from a reading. Also see the limitations per type of topic, in the previous questions or in the Readings Terms of Use.

Readings - Pricing and Payment

Yes. Pricing and payment info on the readings page.

I earn my living with my spiritual work. As such I ask compensation for my readings and services that reflect the worth they provide as well as the effort I spend on them, This is how I'm able to continue providing my service to others.

Yes. PayPal will automatically handle the conversion between EUR and your currency.

At the moment I'm not available to perform readings for free.

Readings - Waiting List

Yes. The waiting list is indicated on the readings page, white panel below the PayPal button. Scheduling of readings is done by order of payment. Upon payment I'll communicate to you the date your reading is scheduled to be delivered.

No. You can always request a Quick Reading or a Guidance Session, which are scheduled on much shorter notice.

Readings - Follow-Up, Various

Yes, I'll be available to answer a fair amount of questions that are related to the reading. If you purchased a Skype Session together with an audio file or written document, then the Skype/Zoom session can be used to answer questions.

Yes you can. If you wish to receive a follow-up reading simply return to the readings page and book another one.

Yes they can. My readings are designed to suit both a one-off delivery of information, as well as ongoing guidance and support.

My readings are intended to be performed for a ready and "eager" spiritual self. From experience, when an intermediary, such as a loved one, is involved, the person isn't going to be quite as ready for the reading - even if they're in agreement and give consent. This is going to be the case most of the time, at least for my readings.

So the rule of thumb is: no, the reading must be performed for the person requesting it. This isn't a strict rule for all spiritual work, only for my readings. But if you're considering this as a possibility, please go through the following points.

If you believe someone you know (a friend, a loved one, your partner, a relative, and so on) would benefit from receiving a reading from me, ideally what you can do is to introduce them to my work. Share the link and direct them to my website, so they can be acquainted with my readings, information, and ideas, by themselves, on their own volition and in their own timing. Don't coerce, force, or cajole; only share, show, suggest. Then, if the person connects with the information and feels compelled to ask for a reading, great! If not, that's fine and to be accepted.

That being said, exceptions may be opened, to be assessed case by case. An example is a child or young adult living under your care, to whom you wish to offer the reading as a gift, for guidance, or simple curiosity. If you feel your intention in offering a reading is worthy of consideration, by all means please send me an email beforehand to explain your case, which I'll assess personally.

Finally, please consider the following. When you're willing to request a reading on behalf of someone - for example, to help another, or present them with a gift - sometimes it may be that it's you who's spiritually ready to receive a reading. Please consider if this is indeed the case, and if it is, you ought to ask a reading for yourself instead. Remember you don't control someone else's spiritual growth. The only spiritual growth you're truly in charge of, is your own.

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My spiritual discovery led me to validate my inner spiritual connection, in other words, realizing that what I saw with my mind's eye was true and relevant. From there, I realized I knew the spiritual aspects of others simply by focusing on them. In short, I didn't "learn" to read the Akashic Records, as in having attended a course for that purpose, acquiring techniques, etc. Rather, I simply knew the information, and I suppose it was a matter of getting to the point of realizing it.

None. I'm able to know the spiritual aspects of another by focusing on them, and regardless of distance.

I don't at the moment.

Of course. I'm writing one right now, although it's more of a long-term work. More info: book

No, it's just me.