Heart Ki

Privacy Policy

1. Overview

Your privacy is respected by navigating this website. You are not required to provide any personally identifiable information to use the website. If you voluntarily provide any personal information to Nuno or Heartki.com, for whatever reason and by whatever means, including, but not limited to, contacting Nuno via e-mail, subscribing to email updates, or in the context of requesting a personal reading or other services, Heartki.com will not share any of this information with anyone.

Heartki.com uses cookies for the purposes of its functioning, and to gather statistics about web traffic. For further information on these cookies and how to manage them and their creation, please see the Cookie Policy, which should be taken together with this policy.

Identifiable information is understood, for the purposes of this policy, as being any type of information that is unique to you and cannot be related with any other user, be it known or not by others. Examples would be your personal name, email address, legal identification numbers, and so on. This type of information is considered private. Cookies used in this website make no attempt at fetching this type of information from the user in any way.

Non-identifiable information is understood, for the purposes of this policy, as being anonymous information which could hypothetically be attributed to any other user. Examples would the language defined in your browser, website pages opened, duration of visit, and so on. This is the type of information cookies may access for the purposes of analyzing traffic and for the website’s functioning.

2. Email Subscription

Email subscription to website updates is currently handled by the Mad Mimi (madmimi.com) third-party application. When you subscribe to email updates of Heartki.com, your email address is stored at Mad Mimi. According to their privacy policy, Mad Mimi does not share your email address or any of your data. For more information about Mad Mimi’s privacy policy please see: https://madmimi.com/legal/privacy.

3. Paid Services

All Readings and services you request from Nuno are private. Any personal information you provide in the context of requesting and paying for a reading, or any other service, will not be shared with anyone. It will solely be used for the purposes of performing the service itself. The copyrights of materials produced in the context of services are retained by Nuno. For further information please refer to http://www.heartki.com/terms-of-use/.


As part of the functioning of the downloads page in this website, when you proceed to the checkout to perform a download you’re asked an email address and a name, which can be considered identifiable information. When you confirm the checkout, this information is stored in the website automatically. This is exclusively meant for recording and gathering statistics pertaining to user downloads. No account in the website is created, and your information is not shared with any third parties or used for any other purpose. Even so, you can at any point solicit deletion of the information recorded by the website as part of your download checkout(s). For that purpose please send an email to mail@heartki.com.

5. Cookies

Heartki.com uses cookies. For more detailed information please see: Cookie Policy.