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A glossary of some of terminology I use in my work, as well ideas you may find in the wild (definitions by others can differ of course). Entries can be added or revised at any point. Contents: A - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - K - L - M - P - R - S - V


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the metaphysical archives that store all your memories as a Soul, including past lives on Earth and all experiences on other planets, planes of existence, and otherwise all other places. In short, they are a metaphysical registry of the memories and journey of the Soul.


A spiritual entity belonging to the Angelic Realms (see "Angelic Realms"). This term can also refer to spiritual entities or someone's spiritual nature in a general sense. For example: "every human being is an angel."

Angelic Realms

The hierarchies of spiritual entities who serve in an entirely altruistic capacity, devoted to the spiritual lessons and experiences of those who incarnate in the physical, and of the evolution of Consciousness across the Cosmos in general. In general, angelic energy does not incarnate (reincarnation is a form of spiritual service through experience and Free Will - see "Reincarnation"), rather service is provided by support, guidance, and protection. However, you can have Souls who can participate, or have participated, in both forms of service. I will always peer into the Angelic Realms as an outsider, for example to observe the spiritual background of a Human Being and observe aspects of their spiritual nature. My core service is reading and studying the memories of those who incarnate in the physical and have done so across the Cosmos.

There's an analogy I will frequently use to refer to the specific modality of angelic service. Imagine you're walking down the street on your own, and suddenly you're faced with a stranger lying down on the road, in distress. The person is alone, seemingly afflicted with some form of health condition, abruptly and unexpectedly. You don't know what's happening to them, but you decide to help them. You don't have any medical training, so you don't know what's happening or how to care for it, but at that moment your priority is the person. So you'll call out others for help; you'll call the emergency service; you try to calm the person down if you can, and you'll try to make them as comfortable as possible while you wait for rescue. At that moment, all of your sense of self and personal concerns are entirely suspended. Your priority is exclusively the person, with nothing else being a concern, even though such matters remain existing and valid. And you might not know everything there is to know to resolve the situation; still, you devote the entirety of yourself, and whatever understanding you might hold, to tackle the situation at hand. Your only priority is to focus on the person in distress until they're safe, the problem is resolved, or at least they're driven to a hospital to receive care. This is an analogy of the type of spiritual service the hierarchies of the Angelic Realms perform. These are complex hierarchies with various sets of roles, functions, and expertise, exclusively devoted to the lessons of human beings, perpetually serving by following the Light and doing so without bringing any sense of ego or self to the equation (partly due to not having a physical body of their own). That is to say, without any personal agenda other than what is necessary to serve, just like you were devoted to the stranger on the street. Angels learn by their service, whereas the entity incarnated in a physical body learns by experience through the consequences of their choices.


As you come to walk the Earth plane while incarnated, you don't bring along with you the full scope of the entirety of your abstract Consciousness; some portions of you stay behind, on the other side of the veil (see "Soul", "Veil"). Thus, at the same time it can be said you are/have a Soul, it can also be said your human self is but a portion, a subset, of this Soul - rather than, as opposed to, the entirety of its original awareness. In other words, you are an aspect of your Soul.

An aspect is any subdivision, on any level of Creation, of intelligent Consciousness, often in the context of understanding Souls and Souled entities. Whenever the Soul projects itself onto a reality/plane for experience, it is generally the case that projection results in a subset/portion of the original awareness. The entity resulting from that projection is necessary "smaller", of a reduced scope compared to the parent entity. This division is an essential ability of abstract/infinite Consciousness, taking place throughout the Cosmos, on all levels, for learning and experience. Ultimately, and technically speaking, all Souls can be said to be aspects of Source (see "Source") Itself.

The word Aspect also encapsulates the idea that the resulting "child" entity retains full sovereignty and Free Will, much like the parent Soul. Capable of independent thinking, it is left free to explore the reality it has been projected onto - and, ultimately, all of Creation when that is the case - on its own accord, without any form of direct control by the awareness that is its parent. Your past lives can also be referred to as past-life aspects, in the sense they are/were other versions of yourself (or, more specifically, of your Soul). The term aspect can also be used to imply the distinction between your identity and the identities of your past lives. Your past lives are yours, yet they are not you. They had their own identity, story, and their challenges, experiences, lessons, breakthroughs, etc. But their time is now over.


A mythical civilization that existed on Earth up until 12.000 years ago approximately, located in the Atlantic ocean. The myths surrounding Atlantis, a misterious civilization seemingly lost to time, have circulated "since forever" in one way or another. Atlantis did in fact exist, and was highly significant spiritually for Humanity.

The final fall of Atlantis resulted from cataclysmic events that impacted the geology locally, followed by the rising of waters above all that was left, leading to the the parts of the myths about Atlantis being "under the sea". It is relevant to note that up until then, Atlantis in particular, and planet Earth as a whole, had existed in a different, higher vibratory level and with a more acessible spiritual connection, compared to today. Atlantis wasn't just another civilization on the planet: its fall marked and coincided with the fall of humanity and of the planet as a whole onto the third Density (see "Density"), where we are today. The civilization that somewhat succeeded and inherited part of the knowledge and understanding of Atlantis - albeit now under a heavily limited and biased interpretation - was ancient Egypt.

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Compilation of Earth's Esoteric History: Esoteric Timeline of the History of Humanity



A method of establishing communication and receiving information from spiritual entities (see "Entity") from beyond the metaphysical veil (see "Veil"). Typically, the term channeling equates to the process of allowing a spiritual entity to assume temporary control of one's body in order to transmit information verbally. The level of control may be as simple as letting the entity speak with your voice, or be as complete as giving the entity full control and range of movement of the body. A more, if you will, "refined" (or less scary) interpretation would be to perceive the human being who is doing the channeling, and the spiritual entity who is being channeled, having the agreement of coming into a state of equilibrium/melding of their spiritual energies within the same body, for a certain amount of time, during which any one of the two may come forth and engage with others.

The term can also be used in a less specific, more general sense, with the broad meaning of "reaching beyond the veil". Thus, the term channeling may be used to refer to receiving spiritual information in general; or it may mean receiving a new idea or inspiration, and make use of one's ingenuity, which can also be a form of channeling.

The practice of channeling, like any other spiritual endeavor, is not beyond risk, danger, or contention. Both channelers and partipating entities can hold various degrees of integrity, spiritual development, and purity of intent. The process itself, even if ocurring legitimately (as opposed to claiming you're doing so without that actually being true) can still be prone to innacuracy, error, if not even ill-intent. Just because someone claims to be channeling entity Y, it that may not mean Y really is being channeled; that messages received aren't being distorted by the channeler's own biases, or how much; or that Y (or Y') is indeed holding a truly altruistic, service-to-others intention, even despite claiming so. Even if all of these aspects "check out" at one point, this may change over time. Further, even in the most perfect of scenarios, there's always a degree of "loss in the translation", that is to say, there will always be a difference between the message that is sent, and the message that is received and relayed to others on the physical plane. Finally, even if a given source and channeled material are objectively true and valid, and produced through a process that is in full spiritual integrity, that doesn't mean the material must resonate and be valid for you, and at that time.

For these reasons, channeled material always has a degree of trustworthiness/accuracy rather than being either "true" or "false"; and your discernment (see "Discernment") is always a necessary component whenever assessing information of any kind, from any source, at any time. In particular, you must always assess if and how the information A) resonates with you, B) is uplifting and inspirational as opposed to separation-based and fear-inducing, and C) serves your greatest good and spiritual growth at the time. Much of this assessment must take place on the level of your senses and "feeling", rather than just of a purely logical nature. this is because it's too easy for the mind to get caught up and excited by information without said information being necessarily true. Or even if it is.


By default, your external reality will always try to reflect your inner state (see "Law of Attraction"). Co-creation means, and represents, when the human being gains awareness of this process and begins to participate in shaping or creating their reality consciously. Co-creation is best embodied naturally and effortlessly, in terms of constantly aligning your own choices and demeanor with the nature/feel of the experiences you wish beforehand - instead of trying to manipulate reality to achieve outcome X, Y, or Z. The term Co-creation is equal parts sovereignty/power and humility/surrender. It represents you do have control and ultimately the final word in shaping your reality, but also acknowledges certain factors of the process can and will "go over your head" (as far as your regular awareness goes). This isn't a wrong or evil thing, nor is it due to any flaw of yours: in general, these factors boil down to your spiritual context and intended spiritual lessons for your lifetime. There's always work performed by your spiritual guidance team taking place in the background, a work you may not necessarily be aware of, or meant to be. It's spiritually appropriate and desirable for the human being to be an active participant with Spirit in their own life, but the same time and from a spiritual perspective, it's also important to not know everything. Certain things in life need to be unknown, in order to be discovered, chosen, and/or allow spiritual lesson and growth.


To be added.


Consciousness is all there is. It's a superlative, all-encompassing concept: there's nothing outside of It, or that is not-It. Thus, I'm unable to offer a definition of Consciousness using terms that do not already include It. "Consciousness is all there is", as a definition, is all you'll ever get from me.

Creation (see "Creation") is an outward projection of infinite Source, whose Consciousness has assumed many forms, all the way "down" to the realms of physical matter. Therefore Consciousness becomes challenging to describe with words on a website, as it's something encapsulating all in existence without exception. It can be difficult to conceptualize inanimate objects - atoms, a grain of sand, a chair - as "consciousness." Still, all physical matter, including the chair, is ultimately a projection of abstract Consciousness that happens to be manifest/consolidated in physical and tangible form, as a humble chair, by whichever processes and means that came to be. This is also why you can affect your external reality, and said reality will always mix and match to adjust to your inner state i.e., your Consciousness. Because the aforementioned outer reality is made of the same stuff as your inner one; and because you, as a spark of Creation (see "Soul"), can continue creating, shaping, manifesting said reality around you (see "Co-Creation").


Creation is an all-encompassing term used to refer to everthing that exists. This includes all objects, all beings, all Souls, all planets, all items in the physical Cosmos, all planes, all vibrations, all laws and dynamics physical and metaphysical, all states of awareness, all concepts, and anything and everything else in between.

Creation is an outward projection of infinite Source, which is "made of" Consciousness (see "Consciousness" above).

Cycle (Planetary, Reincarnational)

All experience in the physical plane, or related to it to any degree, needs to happen through cycles. An example of a cycle is a single biological lifetime, where you're born at one time and die at another. Everything in and of the physical is part of a cycle. The material is in perpetual motion, all things ultimately end or are transformed or recycled into new shapes and forms, contrasting with the infinite spiritual, which has neither beginnings nor ends. More specifically, I'll often refer to "reincarnational cycles". These point to the periods during which the reincarnation of Souls takes place on a planet. Cycles are a progression of both linear time and spiritual/metaphysical components. The transition from one cycle to the next may involve changes and shifts in the awareness of the collective, their capacity to receive and store Light in hearts and minds, or the ease of access to one's spiritual connection allowed by the metaphysical veil (see "Veil"). In addition, at the beginning and end of cycles you'll typically have windows of opportunity where Souls may be given the opportunity to graduate/ascend (see "Graduation") collectively and individually. Such things can be possible in the middle of cycles; it's just that, much like transfer windows in professional sports, changes tend to occur during the timings most appropriate to them. We can also refer to "planetary cycles", meaning a) the entire sequence of cycles that took place on a planet or b) your participation in the physical experience on a planet.


Dark Night of the Soul

A process you can go through spontaneously (as in, not consciously chosen or expected) as part of your spiritual path, often in association with your spiritual awakening (see "Spiritual Awakening"). It can assume the shape of an acute personal crisis, characterized by an abrupt, profound affectation of your mood, similar perhaps to a form of deep depression. You'll feel as if something "broke" inside, impairing your normal functioning as a human being, and it may arrive without warning before you're aware of what it is or why it happens. After around three months, as a rule of thumb, you'll gradually and slowly recover. While various circumstances or reasons may trigger the Dark Nigth of the Soul, much like Spiritual Awakening itself, it is a prepared, planned metaphysical process as part of your spiritual path. Various aspects of your energy are being exchanged, prepared, and worked on, setting the stage for your subsequent time on Earth as an awakened human being. Therefore, it is akin to a transition between two different lifetimes, or in this case, stages of life, simply without the process of physically passing. We could say that there's typically a metaphysical exchange in your spiritual guidance team (see "Spiritual Entourage"). This exchange of energies - the process by which some depart while others may not have arrived yet - is one of the reasons why you'll feel a deep, acute sense of emptiness inside. You're missing your spirit guides' usually closer presence/energy, whose main task is to act as a bridge between you and Source (see "Source"). There's a reason it's called a Dark Night: light's out, as the staff is being re-arranged backstage.


The concept of Densities refers simultaneously to ii) a measurement/scale of vibratory rate (applying from physical matter to Infinite Source) and ii) a measurement/scale of levels of awareness (also applicable both to human awareness, as well as to any form of awareness throughout Creation). The reason the concept measures both i) and ii) is because all there is, is Consciousness in different levels of manifestation (see "Consciousness"). Derived from, and closely related to, the Law of One (see "Law of One").

Also see: Density Chart.

Devic Realms

Similar to the Angelic Realms (see "Angelic Realms"), the Devic Realms are a hierarchy of spiritual entities that specializes, primarily, in "background" support activities that maintain life: fauna, flora, and Nature in general. From a human perspective, the Devas exist in an intermediate state between physical and subtle, functioning almost like a glue that helps bind all aspects of biological life together. The Devic Realms are not exclusive to Earth; they are often called upon throughout the Cosmos to set the energetic foundations for life to manifest and take hold on a planet. The relationship between the Devas and Nature is symbiotic: the existence of life Itself and its systems does not strictly depend on the Devas, but much like a gardener carefully tending to its garden, life enormously benefits from their presence.

Discernment (Spiritual)

Spiritual discernment is the principle of formulating your perception of reality and what is valid in it, independently from external influences, as opposed to the route of believing, supporting, or behaving in alignment with what others tend to think and support. It can also involve the prerogative of making the correct choice rather than the easiest or self-serving one. The concept of discernment isn't exclusively spiritual, nor do you need to be "spiritual" to any degree to aspire to think critically and on your terms. Still, Spiritual Discernment is an intuitive form of self-balance that will typically and naturally accompany a Spiritual Awakening process (see "Spiritual Awakening"). Awakening will normally warrant one's independent perspective of reality, beyond merely reflecting what others happen to think, see, or support, or what the self might feel externally pressured into thinking. Moreover, Spiritual Discernment isn't simply about coming to a particular belief and then becoming tied to that belief. Reality is perpetually in a state of flow, therefore a mind that refuses to accompany such flow and is unable to incorporate new information becomes inherently rigid and dogmatic. Spiritual Discernment involves the willingness to always be balanced and grounded in beliefs and perspectives. It necessitates a careful and mindful examination of what's believed and the openness and willingness to reformulate current views based on new information, always leaving some leeway for what might be unknown or unexpected. Discernment implies the acceptance human beings and the human mind have limitations and may inadvertently adopt views that may not be in integrity or not reflect the truth/Light of situations (see "Light").


Entity (Spiritual)

Any portion of abstract Consciousness (see "Consciousness") anywhere across Creation that/who is capable of self-directed thinking and action. This applies to all incarnated human beings on Earth, since each is a spiritual entity encased in a physical body. But most often I'll use the term meaning the myriad of portions and manifestations of abstract Counciousness everywhere across Creation, regardless of circumstance.

Note that the term doesn't particularly refer to "ghosts" or the paranormal, as this is not the focus on this website, but rather to Consciousness in a broader and Cosmic sense.


See "Graduation".


Certain biological aspects to you, innate or developed, have a specific/intrinsic nature, making it difficult for you to try to affect, shape, or change them. To an extent, you may sometimes be able to change them or work with them. Still, otherwise, matters of necessity and restraints of time or effort will dictate that some of these will be taken as "how they are". An example would be your chronotype: if you're a "morning person", you're unlikely to ever change into an evening person, and vice-versa. There's no point in attempting to change it; instead, you're likely better off simply acknowledging it, and working with it. Essence refers to the spiritual/energetic counterparts of this: it is a term I use to refer to a combination of i) who you are spiritually and ii) what you brought with you into this incarnation, in terms of specific gifts, skills, and affinities, as well as your intentions to apply them. In using the term Essence, I could also be implicitly including the biological components I've described above since they're also a more or less unchangeable part of you. So I could say, for instance, "being a morning person is part of your Essence". Your Essence essentially dictates what things you align with in life, both big and small. Thus, if you're doing something that resonates with your Essence, you're "aligned with your Essence"; if not, you're not. Like with the biological aspects, the term Essence indicates things to your nature that are immutable for all effects and purposes - at least within the confines of this one incarnation. For example: if working in an office 9-to-5 isn't aligned with your Essence, chances are it will never be. The term Essence carries the premise that you have to acknowledge and work with those things that are part of who you are, i.e., your intrinsic nature. Instead of trying to "change" them, or trying to adjust and adapt to what fundamentally doesn't resonate with you, and won't do you any good.


Feminine Energy (F-E)

Feminine Energy ("F-E" for short) and Masculine Energy ("M-E") are two parts of a fundamental, archetypal polarity/duality (see "Polarity") of the Universe. They don't refer to being a woman or a man, to being "feminine" or "masculine", or relate to gender in any way, but rather they're aspects to a polarity which ultimately describes an continuous, undivisible spectrum. Every single human being, entity, and energy in all of Creation has properties of both Feminine and Masculine energy alignment; thus all men have aspects of F-E, and all women of M-E. This notwidstanding, it's valid to say that in a general sense females tend to be embodiement/representations of F-E and males of the M-E; still, the fundamental truth being that these are archetypal, abstract, and conceptual.

In simple terms and for the purposes of this explanation, F-E relates more to what is subtle; to what can only be felt; to the intuitive, "energetic", implicit, and spiritual. Feminine Energy represents all elements of reality that typically must first be felt before they are known, and to be known. What is subtle is present and must be read "between the lines" i.e. in the spaces between of what is visible, tangible, apparent, evident. If you're "looking for" Feminine Energy, you're already searching in the wrong place. Whereas Masculine Energy as the “side” of all reality about precisely the tangible, the evident, the seen. It is the side of action, decision, initiative, cause-and-effect, the pragmatic, the functional, the optimal, and in general, the explicit.

In addition, this is a "baseline" polarity that has many sub-polarities to itself. For example, M-E tends to be about initiative and assertiveness: the ability to make a decision, and then commit to a course of action based on that decision, retaining heightened focus throughout. Whereas F-E tends to be about the patience to ponder over the decision, the ability to re-evaluate one's course of action, and the permission to relinquish previous commitments if they're no longer suitable. In this polarity, the Masculine is the "never quit" (porserverance), whereas the Feminine is the "it's okay to quit" (empathy, compassion) - both having merits and wisdom of their own, appropriate and necessary according to the situation. That being said, there's no rigidity or strict division about these concepts; F-E can just as well be about the perserverance and patience to adhere to commitments fraught with difficulty, and M-E can be the force to liberate oneself from unfair commitments imposed on the self.

Another example of a sub-polarity is M-E being more about knowledge, inquisitiveness, 'intellectual' intelligence, and rational focus, while the Feminine being more about wisdom, emotional intelligence, and the allowance of space that is necessary to learn and progress, including spiritually - as well as, of course, the tenets of nurturing, love, empathy, compassion, etc.

Free Will

Free Will is the Soul's ability to pick, at any level of awareness and experience, between the options of (more) Light (truth) and (more) dark (illusion). This metaphysical mechanism is the Soul's ability to decide about its own vibratory level at a given time. Choices may seem like they're brought about, be about, and involve external things, such as events and other individuals. But in practice, what you're doing at each junction of choice is deciding your own path, including in a spiritual sense. Thus, metaphysically, choices consist in the process of determining your own vibration. In other words, Free Will is the capacity of the Soul to arbitrate about its vibratory level. So while in the experiences undertaken within the holograms of manifestation and the physical realms, choices and their consequences appear to be brought about by the external world, ultimately the choice is about yourself.

Metaphysically, a choice pertains to the amount of light/dark and vibratory level you determine for yourself at any given time, depending on what the option is about and its impact. You are seldom choosing between absolute Light and absolute dark; instead, when you reach a crossroads, you'll have to pick between various patterns and combinations of Light, depending on where you are at that time. Hence, the sequence of choices you make throughout life defines a pathway of sorts, where at each junction, generally speaking, you're either adding or reducing the level of Light you have. Not all choices are equally important or carry grave consequences; some are relatively minor and residual, whereas others represent pivotal moments with broad, impactful results. Still, many small, equivalent choices performed in a sustained manner over time may count as broad-level choices carried out over time. Choices are as much, if not more, about the underlying intentions behind them, as they are about the particular outcomes they may lead to.

This metaphysical mechanism is what's at work with the instruments of Karma (see "Karma"): the separation you may be inflicting on another, you're in reality inflicting upon yourself. That is to say, the light/dark you are seemingly choosing to inflict on another is immediately applied to yourself. And as separation is accumulated within, it will henceforth be carried by you, whenever you go and whatever you do, until it's eventually healed. This isn't meant to suggest that the outward impact of your choices is unimportant in real life, still, it emphasizes the importance of your decisions for your personal journey, including across your multiple lifetimes (see "Reincarnation"). Free Will isn't about changing every detail of the circumstances around you or your own nature (see "Essence"). That would be power rather than choice. In life, there will be things you can't change or that "go over your head"; and then there will be others you can indeed control or at least influence. The latter represents the opportunity for the application of your Free Will, while the former serves as the context and background where those choices are meant to exist and be made.


Genesis Story

The original story or event by which you departed Source (see "Source") and went forth to wander the Cosmos as a Soul (see "Soul"). Alternatively, it can be the moment/event/experience by which you realized yourself as a Soul. These two things may or may not have been the same or coincided with one another. Each Soul has its own unique Genesis Story. Much like the instance of natural childbirth that mirrors it on a smaller scale, it's most often a turbulent, traumatic, disorderly event rather than one full of peace and bliss. There's no way to exit the state of pure immersion with infinite Source without going through an equally infinite, matching sense of separation. This original trauma then sits as the cornerstone of the Soul, propelling you to seek, reach out, and, ultimately, return Home, which all Souls yearn for without exception.


There is a difference between believing what something might or might not be, and (subjectively) holding a perspective of what things actually are. This difference being most relevant, of course, pertaining to what is insivible, uncertain, vague, and/or partially unknown, as is the case all things spiritual/metaphysical.

The former is a perception of reality contained in a mind that sees itself as isolated from "what is". Althougt one might have received input from all manner of events and sources in life to formulate a personal perception of reality, this perception is still mostly held within the mind, that is to say, one's view of reality and beliefs might or might not correlate with the objective "what is". They may or may not, but the degree to which they do is unknwon, as the mind fundamentally and intrinsically considers "what is", despite scrutinizeable, to ultimately be inacessible. This is a mode of thinking that predominately takes place prior to spiritual awakening (see "Spiritual Awakening"), as the mind, no matter how educated and refined it might be, sees itself as not being able to access what it cannot "see", verify, or prove. In this context, sets of beliefs might be adopted from affiliation groups or figures of authority, or from what the majority believes for example - or simply admitting there's no way to access "what is" past beliefs themselves, and adopting that stance as is.

Upon spiritual awakening, one common element generally accompanying it is that your mind will become more open and flexible. The flexibiltiy of the mind in spiritual awakening is not "dellusion" - although one is now open to deal with the unknwon, and within that frame many things can happen. In its flexibility, the mind will intuitively start to seek and absorb information from all manner of sources, and it might do so including and namely from those that before might have felt as strange, fringe, or "weird", and thus would have been dismissed and vetted altogether - even prior to considerate scrutiny. A subtle difference is that now the arbiter of veracity of information is no longer an external stamp of trust, proof, authority, or communal agreement, but strictly one's own inner sense of trust (intuitive). One's trust in a given source, belief, and/or a portion of information, no longer is a "yes it's true", or "no it's false" boolean/on-off-switch/flag; rather, one allows oneself to hold a certain portion of information over time, suspending it in the mind as a hypothesis, or perhaps as a contemplated perception, but without rushing to label it as true or false. From that point, this perception will be scrutinized over time, by using one's own feelings, intuition, as well as more information, signs, or hints, that might be received along the way, and might either refute/support or disprove/take away from, that information. This process is referred to as Gnosis.

Gnosis refers to the personal commitment to continually and perpetually formulating one's own views of reality (as opposed to adopting an external setting of beliefs), by being open to processing any information from any source - this includes your own spiritual/intuitive channel within, if/when you develop it - with the aim of formulating an ever-increasingly accurate perception of reality, over time. This process necessitates an open, post-awakening mind that's comfortable in and not afraid of holding and handling information without rushing to label them as absolutely true or absolutely false i.e. "open". Under these principles, personal beliefs and persectives are no longer adopted in a static fashion, such as from affiliation to a group or source, but formulated individually by piecing together portions of information from varying sources, determined solely by one's own discernment (see "Discernment (Spiritual)") regarding the degree of validity of each source, and the information in question.

More about Gnosis: Gnosis - To Know the Actual Truth

Guidance Team/Spiritual Entourage/Spirit Guides

Every human has a spiritual entourage of beings devoted in service to the maintenance and support of their existence throughout their physical life. This support is reachable through the aura, is a necessary condition for your continued physical existence, and exists regardless of the human's conscious awareness and beliefs regarding God, spirituality, etc. This entourage is, and functions as, a bridge between the physical and the immaterial spiritual. No human being on Earth ever truly exists strictly left alone to their own devices, in chaos, without the continued support of this energy. If this were suddenly the case, they would perish in instants - either by some form of accident, or by the sheer lack of will to live due that would come about from this bridge's absence. Even though this entourage is mostly camouflaged from your conscious awareness, to sustain the illusion you walk the Earth on your own, it is the presence of spirit guides that guarantees a minimum state of animation and focus, that the spiritual self incarnated in human form needs to live and survive.I'll often refer to this entourage in collective terms, without pointing out any one individual entity (see "Entity"). So I will say "spirit guides", "spiritual entourage", "spiritual guidance team", and so on.


In the material plane nothing lasts forever, and this also applies to the process of reincarnation, both individually and for the cycles that take place on a planet (see "Cycle"). Eventually, even these come to an end. Graduation is when you arrive at the end of your participation in reincarnation on planet Earth. Doing so doesn't necessarily mean you'll never reincarnate again, here or elsewhere: you can choose to leave, or come back for more (if the option is available). But the bottom line is that Graduation means you reclaimed the possibility of making that choice, by having expanded your awareness through your spiritual development. Graduation isn't a recipe that applies the same way for everyone. Each person's Graduation can follow specific common attributes and patterns, but it is otherwise unique. There are as many Graduation paths as there are individuals incarnating on Earth. Graduation equates to you having mastered the specific matters you came to Earth to work on. Therefore, even though you achieved this in a reality that is shared with others, the metrics for your own Graduation are yours and yours alone, making it a self-contained, self-defined process: you're graduating in your own lessons, as if passing an exam you designed yourself.


Heart Ki

Heart Ki is a personally channeled name. I'm aware it's not necessarily a unique combination of words, but I hadn't heard it before. Over time, I came to understand Heart Ki as representing the inner vow to live life according to your unique Truth, which gives rise to a plane made only of the energy of the Heart. Heart Ki represents the vibration of a Earth where the collective sees itself as One and "thinking from the heart" is the norm and not an exception. Heart Ki is the commitment to use your voice to express your Truth, and, consequently, the kind of service to Humanity that is only possible by making such commitment. Heart Ki is also a reference to the suffering that exists from living life apart from the Light of your Truth; and that fact human life is too short to invest any meaningful amounts of that time living in disagreement with that Truth. As it turns out, I have a close/intimate connection with this name because this closely matches and represents my personal story and challenges in life. When I created this website, it was only fitting to give it this name.

Higher Self

In a general sense, the Higher-Self is the part of your consciousness that isn't affected by the process of incarnating, retaining your level of awareness from beyond the Veil (see "Veil"). The Higher Self is you, without any rigid separation between you and It, other than what the circumstances of incarnating, and your spiritual lessons, dictate. Simultaneously your Higher Self can also be regarded and addressed as a separate entity from you (see "Entity"). Your Higher Self can connect with you and feel what you feel, just without direct participation in your firsthand experience. The word Higher refers to the vibratory level of the consciousness staying on the other side of the Veil, in contrast with the one who's venturing down to incarnate in the physical plane, who is the "lower self". Lower is not an arbitrary sense of worth or value, rather it refers to the vibration of the physical plane being objectively lower than the one at which the Higher Self "resides". You could say the Higher self equates to the Soul (see "Soul") minus the incarnated/lower self. In a more technical sense, and if/when I want to be specific, the Higher Self is a 6th Density entity, the version of you that exists at that level (see "Density", Density Chart). In a more generic/colloquial sense, the term Higher Self can refer to the portions of you that are beyond Veil, beyond your regular human awareness.


Integrity (Spiritual)

Integrity is refraining from harmful behavior to another even with a hypothetical absence of consequence. In other words, you refrain from causing harm to another out of principle, for no other reason other than being the correct thing to do. Integrity is the principle of exercising restraint to avoid causing damage or acting from a self-serving agenda when engaging with others - other than what's strictly necessary for holding your own or defending yourself. The concept of spiritual Integrity is particularly poignant in spiritual service to others. When serving another, Integrity is acting 100% on behalf of the person's own best interests and priorities instead of what suits your own interests, desires, or agenda. You can still serve your own interests if what you do is perfectly aligned with the greatest good of the one being served - a spiritual win-win situation. Otherwise, you refrain from acting in your interests because, at that point, you'd be taking advantage of the person rather than serving them.



Your Free Will (see "Free Will") metaphysically implies your choices will have consequences, which you'll need to receive and experience. However, sometimes those consequences don't quite go smoothly, either i) creating separation or ii) not meeting closure i.e. "ending poorly". This will typically apply to difficult and painful experiences, as we all cope really well when things are good! Karma represents any such "unfinished" memories and energies from the past that you keep within you, such as painful or misunderstood events, emotional/spiritual processing that is being avoided; or separation inflicted upon others. Karma can and will span across multiple lifetimes, as it is of, is stored as spiritual/emotional layers within you. Karma can also refer in a more generic sense to patterns that are being unknowingly perpetuated and inadvertently creating suffering and distress for the self in the present moment, regardless if they originate in this lifetime or not. The rule of thumb for an active karmic pattern is: fear of A generates a reaction that will create exactly A. Example: I fear rejection from others, therefore I [criticize others / avoid others / close myself in / etc. i.e., I will do something], which will lead me to be (or feel) further rejected. In this regard, the most surefire way to dispel the pattern begins with realizing/understanding it, after which it will no longer be able to persist in the same way.

Also see: a more elaborate explanation.


Law of Attraction

Physical reality - circumstances, events, people, etc. - is always in a state of flow. And it will constantly shift and adjust to reflect and match your inner world, in some capacity. In other words, everything around you is a reflection of, and to, yourself. This mechanism - it happens no matter what - is usually called the "Law of Attraction".

Law of One (Ra material)

The Law of One is a body of channeled material (reference: www.lawofone.info) consisting of a series of channeling sessions conducted by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert between 1981 and 1984, establishing a series of conversations with the entity Ra. Along with several other sources, this material was of significant influence as part of my spiritual awakening process, and it is the source of the concept of Densities (see "Density") I use extensively in my work. The Law itself, in essence, states all things in existence are part of the same whole and thus inexorably interconnected on a fundamental level.

Level of Awareness

Usually used interchangeably with the term Density.


Imagine you take Infinite Source (see "Source") and project it as a beam, like a spotlight or a flashlight. That beam, which is now a beam of Consciousness, will carry the highest possible perspective of any situation, person, or event in an absolute sense. The Light (capital L) represents what's objectively True spiritually, indicating the solution/answer of the greatest possible good for those involved in any situation, event, or moment. No Soul can perceive objective Truth in its purest form, because each Soul is its own lense/filter/bias - no way around it. But that's precisely the purpose Light serves: to represent Source's most unadulterated perspective and what's in alignment with it. A synonym for Light could therefore be "Objective Truth". Light represents the emanation from, and resonance with, Source Itself, therefore indicating the greatest possible alignment of any portion of reality. The Light doesn't move, nor does it do anything, and it isn't an authority dictating what to do, think, or choose. Rather, Light is light: it clarifies, shows the way, and makes what is truth evident, without any action, motion, or opinions involved. Light intrinsically makes it apparent what choice or action must meet a given situation. The Angelic Realms (see "Angelic Realms"), for instance, are tasked with operating from their unfiltered perception of the Light from beyond the Veil (see "Veil"), basing their management, actions, and interventions on the designations of the Light, at any given instant.


Masculine Energy (M-E)

Please see "Feminine Energy (F-E)".


Planetary Origins (Akashic Records)

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The concept of polarity can be applied to physics and physical/measurable items. For example, in magnetism it means the quality of an item that exhibits opposite properties in opposite parts/directions, and has 'poles'.
When applied in a spiritual/esoteric context, in simple terms the term polarity abstracts a spectrum and the tonalities sitting on either end of that spectrum - a spectrum can be of, well, anything: concepts, perspectives, experiences, tendencies, energy, or any other aspect of reality, physical or otherwise. Simple examples: hot and cold are part of a polarity that deals with temperature; up and down are part of a polarity dealing with height (or belief, or morality, or vibration, etc.); painful and pleasurable are part of a polarity of experiential pleasure; and so on. Polarity in this context can be interpreted subjectively, as it is typically subjective in nature. For example, what's hot for one person can be cold for another; what's high for you might be low for someone else.
In addition, the lower the Density/level of awareness (see "Density"), the more exxacerbated a polarity will appear to the Consciousness observing it, and the more distant/separate the polar opposites will look to be, ultimately to the point of coming across as completely separate, divergent, and incompatible. The opposite is also true: the higher and more expanded the awareness, the less distant and 'ooposite' the two ends will look to be, ultimately acknowledged as intrinsic parts of the same continuous and indivisible spectrum, without separation.

Potential (Future)

From a perspective in the present moment, the future isn't set in stone, but rather made of Potentials: events and sets of circumstances that aren't manifest yet, but may or may come to be i.e., come to fruition, depending on the choices made by those involved. For example, you navigate the Potentials of your personal life, by the choices you make at every moment of decision. From a metaphysical standpoint, future Potentials aren't predictable with 100% certainty, instead a degree of probability can be calculated or estimated for each, to a degree, at any given moment - and even this can shift and change over time. Therefore, it's simultaneously true that the future is predictable (to an extent) but must also be chosen through Free Will, at every moment.

Also see: a more elaborate explanation.



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Regions of Space (Akashic Records)

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In essential terms: incarnation is the act of a spiritual entity coming into a physical body to exist and navigate the physical world, for a time (a period that is called a lifetime); reincarnation is the process of this being carrying this out multiple times, sequentially, leading to spiritual entities living several lifetimes. The Akashic Records (see "Akashic Records") track the experience of spiritual entities across the multiple lifetimes they had. Finally, reincarnation is not exclusive to Earth: you may have past lives on other planets.

What is the purpose of Reincarnation? Consciousness Itself is abstract, and if you ever want to learn or experience anything, including yourself, then it is exponentially more efficient to do so by having experiences in a tangible reality than by dealing solely with what's intangible. Thus, behind Reincarnation is the essential intention of abstract Consciousness in knowing itself. In addition, there's the aspect that Reincarnation is like a "wild ride" for spiritual entities. So a more straightforward take on the matter is that you incarnate in the physical "because you can".

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A term referring to a person who chose to come to incarnate on Earth (see "Reincarnation") from higher stages of spiritual progression, i.e. from Densities (see "Density") more subtle than the Earth's 3rd Density. Therefore, the term Starseed implies a person spiritually not "from" Earth: someone on some level holding references of participating in and belonging to other societies across the Cosmos. Most often subconsciously, unbeknownst to them, only hinted in subtle hints and clues. Being a Starseed does not imply how long you've been on Earth; you can be a Starseed while having had many incarnations here. You may have been on Earth for long stretches and have had many lifetimes, or you may have arrived more recently, sometimes to the extent that this is your first time on Earth. But things can get a bit more complicated than this, as multiple metaphysical truths can be possible simultaneously. For example, parts of your energy may have been on Earth for a long time, while other parts have just arrived to join you on Earth more recently, giving you the impression this is your first time here.

The term Starseed comes from the idea of "having been seeded from the stars", in other words having a spiritual origination from a Density (see "Density") higher than 3D. It often applies to Souls who arrived on Earth from elsewhere during Atlantis and Lemuria, in contrast with those who were already here at that time. Further, the concept represents the opposite of the idea of planet Earth and human beings being alone and isolated in space. It connects planet Earth with the myriad of spiritual backgrounds and systems surrounding it and, in a broader perspective, with the spiritual nature of the Cosmos itself.


The word Soul refers to the totality of who you are: physical and spiritual, seen and unseen, in the present moment and otherwise, known and unknown, on Earth and otherwise. You a) are a Soul, in the sense you're an infinite entity existing beyond the physical, and b) you have a Soul, in the sense there are parts of you at higher levels of existence other than what you can identify from a human perspective. The term Soul can be used in a broader, more general sense, generally to refer to you as a spiritual being or to your spiritual/abstract attributes - and in contrast with the idea the human being is a purely physical/biological construct that ceases to exist upon death. When using the term under this interpretation, I may spell it with the lower-case "soul", or use it interchangeably with the word "spirit". A more specific or "technical" interpretation of the Soul is that it is the purely abstract version of yourself existing on the 6th Density (see "Density", see Density Chart). I see the 6D Soul as the main, "unitary" identity by which Creation/Source is divided and explores Creation, more specifically the physical realms - or rather, seeks to explore Itself by experiencing Itself within those realms.

The projection of the Soul from 6D downward onto the physical plane follows a specific Soul-spirit-body layering, or "trinity". So, if I want to be unnecessarily pedantic about it: the spiritual layer just "above" the human is not your Soul (yet), but rather your "spiritual self" (see "Spiritual Self") which is a layer to your spiritual identity, nonetheless intelligent and aware, that functions as connective tissue between the incarnated self and the 6D Soul.


As it says on the tin: it's the source of all things. Source is the origin from which all emanates, both physical and metaphysical, including humans and their Souls (see "Soul"). If there's somewhere from where Light (see "Light") comes from, that point is Source. This term is used more or less interchangeably with Infinite Intelligence, God, Central Sun, among others. Creation can also be used, although "Creation" is more the manifestation of what emanates from Source i.e. what has been created.


Spirit, capital L, collectively represents the spiritual entities and hierarchies of all natures and roles in service to the Light (see "Light"). I'll typically use the term to denote the background of order and intelligence behind all reality. Spirit is a collective noun exclusively; it is not to be confused with lower-case spirit, which usually refers to a specific spiritual self.

Spiritual Awakening

The real-life process by which you realize the existence of the spiritual/intangible, not from the mind but in a way that is firsthand, evident, known to be true.

This website has a section of articles for covering this topic: Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual Realms

A generic term referring to the subtle, intangible, invisible (to our eyes/senses) layers superimposed on all of the reality you can see, hear, and touch. The other side of the Veil (see "Veil").

Spiritual Self

A term I use to refer to the counterpart of you that is spiritual/abstract, as opposed to the one you're consciously aware of as the human being and its identity. It's often a general term that means "you, on the spiritual level". However, to be more specific, the spiritual self is the Spirit part of the Soul-Spirit-Human triad (see Density Chart).


Veil (Metaphysical)

What's stopping you from remembering who you are beyond this lifetime is the Metaphysical Veil: a construct (tied to any physical setting) that keeps your awareness locked into the subjective point-of-view of the human perspective, without an easy way of bypassing it. However, human beings may still retain the ability to peer through the Veil or momentarily travel across it in various ways, such as in your dream state, through "astral projection", by creative and intuitive insight, etc. The metaphysical Veil is a mechanism that allows the incarnating self to undertake the experience of living in the physical without losing focus of it. This Veil can be "thicker" or "thinner" depending on how much and how easily it allows the incarnated selves to peer onto the spiritual realms (see "Spiritual Realms").

Vibration (Metaphysical)

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