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Atlantis, The Lost Civilization – A Collection of Memories From Readings

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For the longest time humanity harbored persistent myths about the idea of a fabled land, called Atlantis. These myths lasted for so long, and the idea they carried as so powerful, because Atlantis was not just real and did exist, but had a tremendous impact in all of us. It was an experience that was closely tied to mankind’s journey taking place on Earth.

More or less everyone on Earth today had past-lives in Atlantis, at some point, to some extent. Every other reading of the Akashic Records I perform will mention Atlantis, or so it feels that way. As far as spiritual topics go, Atlantis is ubiquitous. Even if you don’t feel drawn to the myth itself, Atlantis can still be present in how we conceive an advanced society. Atlantis remains very much present within all of us, on subconscious and spiritual levels.

Where Does This Info Come From?

At the start of my own personal journey I gathered information about this topic from multiple sources, some of which mentioned in my Esoteric Timeline of the History of Humanity compilation. Then, as I began performing readings to clients, my understanding of Atlantis over time began being shaped more and more by the akashic memories of those who lived there. You can read some of my work mentioning Atlantis on this website (tag: Atlantis) and well as in my Patreon page.

Today I prefer to base my understanding on this topic primarily on the information I received as part of my work to others, and this is where I’m coming from with this writing. Do note that while my readings can go over details (sometimes at great length), nevertheless they’re for the most part experiential: dealing with what and how the person felt as they went through an experience. In other words, my work is more about spiritual insight than enumerating facts and details. I’ll be unlikely to ever have a reading exclusively focused on fetching as much information about Atlantis as possible.

But what I do have, are the various bits and pieces of details of this civilization, that were relevant and were brought up in by the readings addressing them. Thus, this text will be a little like a collection, or a patchwork, of various different elements taken from multiple readings, performed for different clients over time, in particular those where Atlantis was referenced.

As with everything, the following constitutes my current understanding of Atlantis, reported to the best of my ability. Should I ever receive information that could affect or reformulate this understanding, I will be prepared to adjust my perspectives accordingly.

When and Where Did Atlantis Exist?

Atlantis was a civilization – a collection of populated locations and its sense of identity – that existed on Earth up until approximately 12.000 years ago. The main and central portion of Atlantis were located around the areas what we call the Atlantic ocean and the Americas. I don’t know precisely where these main centers where located, but they were destroyed completely, and whatever was left of them is now beneath the sea, buried under layers of sediment that are now thousands of years old.

Atlantis wasn’t a single city or place, but a civilization proper, with land, governance, and multiple inhabited locations of varying sizes and importance, as well as ties of strong influence across the globe. Note that references made in antiquity could sometimes point to elements contemporary to them and/or in the Mediterranean. But when that’s the case they can be combining elements of their own time with those of this much older Atlantis. Possibly as the myths themselves contaminated accounts that to them were real and present-day, even back then. Atlantis also wasn’t in a state of static development: as with everything else, it went through various stages at different points in time.

Today, you’ll find very little evidence Atlantis could even be a thing that existed. There are hardly any artifacts or records left – when relatively few had survived to begin with. And if you look at the mapped sea floor in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, save for a few islands you’ll find little parts that could have ever been inhabited solid ground in the past, let alone a continent. I’ll admit this information is controversial in the sense it won’t seem to connect with the current physical world we have. Only a few man-made locations contemporary to Atlantis remain standing to this day throughout the world, namely those with stone-based construction that can be dated to 12.000 years ago or older. These would probably the best clues to the parts of mankind’s history that remain left to acknowledge. Despite this, the memories of Atlantis in the Akashic Records are vivid and consistent, remaining as sound as any other spiritually relevant memories.

When discussing Atlantis, it’s important to note the Earth at that time was not the same as it is today. Earth is currently in the third Density (3D), but compared to today the vibration of the Earth during the time of Atlantis allowed a more pure spiritual connection and easier access to the other side of the veil. This meant many things, among which personal consciousness could be higher and more refined; the metaphysical laws of the Universe could be more easily recognized, studied, and tapped; and the fundamentally spiritual nature of reality was evident to a greater extent.

The level of consciousness in physical reality is everything. In a setting of higher vibration, with easier access to the other side of the veil, it’s not just personal perception of the spiritual or esoterics that are affected; many other aspects of reality are different throughout. Practical-related matters tend to be easier, making for a life experience less focused on effort and scarcity; biological lifespans tend to last longer, both naturally and aided by tools and resources; even the perception and experience of time are different, for example with things taking place over longer spans of time. We tend to look at the duration of countries/empires in the order of decades or hundreds of years, whereas Atlantis existed for thousands.

How Did Atlantis End?

Atlantis existed at a time of high collective vibration on Earth, but it went through a long and gradual decline in consciousness. This decline eventually resulted in a collapse of the civilization itself in a final, catastrophic event. This event was purely the direct result and culmination of the decline in vibration, and not the other way around. Many survivors were displaced and moved to other areas, and some of the knowledge was secured and taken elsewhere, but the main land of what was Atlantis was completely gone, and so the civilization ceased to exist. The fall of Atlantis also lead to a fall in the level of vibration/consciousness of the planet as a whole, leading to Earth collectively falling into 3D proper. This is why Atlantis isn’t just about Atlantis itself, it very closely ties with the collective spiritual story of Earth as a whole.

In readings I only ever caught glimpses of the final event, without any single reading ever focusing at length in the event itself (so far). I was once shown moments of panic, with survivors and families quickly escaping out to sea in small boats/canoes, ships, and whatever else they could find. In those moments the water somehow felt safer than the land, where large explosions were still occurring on land in the distance, and thick, massive plumes of dark smoke rose in the air that looked almost still. From what I gather, there would have been an initial primary blast, or something that fell and exploded, that then led to a cascading series of secondary explosions, involving the technology devices used in that time across the land. The cumulative effect of those blasts were strong enough to obliterate much of the land, and afterwards the sea engulfed what was left. Hence the parts of the myths where Atlantis is something that is “under the sea”.

When there’s a meaningful transition from one level of vibration to the next (Densities), in this case specifically a lowering of awareness/vibration, the awareness in the lower vibration ceases to be able to ascertain the higher altogether. The actual practical reasons may vary from case to case – difference in vibration, technology, choice, forgetfulness, fluke, randomness, etc. – but the metaphysical basis is the same: essentially when there’s two meaningfully different vibratory rates, the lower vibration won’t be able to acknowledge the higher, and so it won’t be able to see or reach it, and won’t have the means to even if it wanted to. Consciousness can only see what it is able to acknowledge. This is one of the reasons why we largely aren’t able to find tangible evidence of Atlantis. Regardless of where you choose to look, everything will appear as if it can’t be there, and never was.

One could say the Light that shone over Atlantis and allowed it to exist was no more, and so in the final event it all went dark. So for all effects and purposes, from our perspective, Atlantis is entirely inaccessible, and remains shrouded in a veil of mystery, until the day we finally ask the questions, and are ready to start unveiling this part of our history.


First, let me state what I have not seen. I haven’t seen an exuberant gold-covered architecture, heavily decorated with gemstones, saturated with color, etc.. I haven’t seen a high-tech civilization with a prevalence of metallic-looking structures, mass flying vehicles, computer screens, and the like. I haven’t seen any meaningful constructions underwater. This doesn’t mean these didn’t exist, or didn’t exist at some point, somewhere, in some way. This means only that I’ve haven’t seen these things while performing readings.

Keep in mind that the information I do have, and certain aspects to how I understand it, can certainly be influenced by reader’s bias: you’ll inadvertently tend to look for, be drawn to, and/or interpret, things in a way that reflects your own affinities, perspectives, and prior knowledge. One person will say Atlantis received wonderful influences from other worlds, another will look at the same information and say the Earth was invaded by extraterrestrials. Bias and preference are unavoidable and implicit, you must count on it and be mindful of their existence. I always seek to stay in integrity with any information I read and share, but I can’t discard my human-ness. It has to be the audience, in this case you, who must “sieve” through any information from me and any other source, about any topic, and attempt to put together an image that appears and feels consistent to you, about that topic.

Also, as it must be obvious, I don’t know everything there is to know, and never will. I’m certain that, were I to witness Atlantis in person right now, with my current awareness, I’d surely be surprised by various things, which to me would feel unexpected or different from what I thought they would be.


The major civilization hubs were designed with a circular shape. Not all places were designed this way, but the main hubs were. The circle is a typical design throughout the Cosmos for cities and communities, especially in settings of high spiritual connectivity and awareness. So with this design for its cities Atlantis was merely following how things are typically done elsewhere.

The circle was seen as an optimal shape for a large city as it represents the perfect form in terms of sacred geometry, it allows the most relevant and decision-making entities to work from the center, and it facilitates equidistant communication and access between the various areas within the city, considering their relative importance and how they interacted. Note that in readings, other than animal-driven transport, I’m never shown any form of mass transportation, or commonly available autonomous vehicles. Punctually there was some high-tech vessel flying across the sky, but this was not a commonplace technology everyone was using. The vast majority of everyday movement and travel would take place in simple means and on foot, and it was this type of circumstance that the design of the circle was practical and designed around. Thus, keep in mind the optimal functioning of this type of design depends on certain factors applying, and in many ways they did in Atlantis, several of them are discussed in this text.

In these main cities, the tallest building height would be at the center of the circle, where a tower-like structure or similar would typically stand. Then this height would gradually descend from the center towards the periphery, where it would be lowest. The height of buildings would be a reflection of the function and relative importance of each area. The core was for leadership and those of highest spiritual connection; then the next concentric inner rings would be for operational management, implementing and managing the directives laid out by the core (a role matching today’s politicians or CEO’s) and for technical/workshop-related roles, these consisting of various tasks related to using and maintaining technology, fabricating necessary devices and tools, etc. The latter would be roles that would typically involve relatively elaborate and dedicated specialization. The outermost rings of the city in turn were for occupations and roles that were closer to the land and the surrounding natural landscape, such as all tasks related to farming and the production of food.

This would be the typical guideline for a main city’s design, not necessarily followed to the letter or optimally kept in all cases, but something that was nevertheless followed throughout Atlantis as a general rule. The circle was also a representation of the the progression of the Soul through experience, namely in the gradual movement you’d tend to make from the periphery towards the center, possibly over multiple lives if necessary. This represented the self making its way towards the Light and Ascension, with their spiritual work in the physical. The taller core, being the hub of spiritual governance, also represented the precedence of Spirit over matter, as well as the connection and bridge between the city and the heavenly Light hierarchies. The tallest center would have an overarching perspective of all of the city in all directions, representing the broad overview permitted by the states of awareness closest to Source, and the role of overseeing the entirety of the city that was in its responsibility.


The very center of a city would be where the most spiritually advanced individuals lived and worked, often forming a council in itself being, or serving in support of, the city’s governing entity, inhabiting and conducting most of their work in the central structure(s). These individuals would tend to be spiritual initiates/adepts capable of high spiritual connection, frequently raised and trained in lifelong commitments to altruistic service, often in a situation that to our eyes would not be too dissimilar to that of a group of high-order monks serving a main spiritual figure, or figures.

Atlantis was (for the most part, to significant extent, in general) an enlightened, albeit class-based society that was governed on the basis of spiritual advancement. Connection with Source and quality of discernment would be the baseline criteria for leadership. Governing figures weren’t seen as kings or rulers (a concept implying possession/ownership), or conducting theocratic governance (ruling in the name of God but without true connection). Governance was comprised by those acknowledged as the wisest and most spiritually gifted, only possible because in spiritually advanced settings the advancement of souls, and who’s capable of the highest connection to Source, is more evident and easier to ascertain. When this is not the case, namely in 3D awareness, it becomes disputed if not dubious one’s spiritual advancement, what that concept means, or what worth would that have for society to begin with. In Atlantis identifying one’s spiritual advancement was a straightforward premise, and those who were more advanced would be seen as the best suited to overseeing a collective, providing spiritual guidance, deciding on priorities and next steps, and so on. Assessing one’s spiritual acuity in the time of Atlantis, especially when the spiritual self started coming into the physical plane in human form, would be a matter of both observation and a follow-up process, not to dissimilar to – an imperfect but poignant comparison – scouting and gauging individual potential in sports youth academies. You can never be 100% certain of natural quality or fulfillment of potential, but it’s possible and viable to make well-informed estimates, to have a ‘trained eye’ for it if you will.

Note that I’m not presenting any of these elements of governance of as a model of perfection, or implying it didn’t have any problems. The contrast between the spiritual core of a city and the outer layers of simpler consciousness was not always devoid of challenge, especially as vibration decreased over time. Each Atlantean circular city represented the duality between matter and spirit – this was true with harmony, and without. With Atlantis, we always have to discuss harmony, balance: in relatively high awareness/vibration a harmonic environment tended to prevail and be the norm, but this degraded an amount of struggle between the high but abstract and the simpler, more chaotic awareness closer to the land, grew.

Light in the Tower

The following is one of the more ‘esoteric’ parts to this matter, which I’ll try to simplify. Sometimes, at some points, the source of leadership at the center of a city wasn’t necessarily an embodied spiritually advanced person, but an immaterial entity (without physical body). This could a figure/entity who was also enlightened, just not incarnated in a physical body, but who was still present specifically to be in service to the city. Alternatively, it would be an energy that was of so high vibration, and transcended the physical reality to such a great extent, that it had to be “tuned in” by the council, for the purposes of providing high-level orientations. Thus, these are not to be confused with attachments or “ghosts”, rather this would be high-order Consciousnesses in dutiful service to those in the physical experience. This is illustrated specifically by this Patreon reading.

When this was the case, the council’s spiritual function wasn’t serving an incarnated person, instead they would be tasked with the specific esoteric assignments involved in connecting, and maintaining the continued connection, between the high-order entity and their physical plane. If witnessed today by untrained eyes, this sort of activity would appear, loosely speaking, as some sort of summoning practice combined with a traditional religious ritual. However, the true function of this would be more like tuning to a radio station, or, perhaps a “calling on the spiritual phone”. Here we can see a greater proximity and an intermingling between physical and ethereal; and, perhaps in a more explicit/literal fashion, how the city center was the literal bridge between the physical plane and higher consciousness beyond the veil.

The tower at the center of a city was the point of confluence of the spiritually adept council, and where the leading spiritual entity, if applicable, could best manifest and/or tuned to. Sometimes the immaterial entity could only properly present itself and communicate and make itself understood, or, in the case of an energy being tuned to could only be reached, at this precise location which would be built and continually maintained by the spiritual council for that purpose. To the untrained eye this could give the impression that there was an entity somehow “stuck” or trapped at the top of the tower. The idea of Light in a tower leading others is akin to that of a lighthouse, and in that sense and figuratively speaking an Atlantean city was basically an urban arrangement built all around a “lighthouse” i.e. the beacon of Light at its center. In turn, the idea of a regal energy restricted to the top of the tower is an archetype that would resurface, for example, in the tales of the princess trapped in its tower.


The major constructions and architecture throughout Atlantis were stone based, and these were predominantly, just massive in scale. Not literally everything was made of stone – if you needed a place to store your farming implements, you might put up a simple shed. But in readings, it feels like with every moderately meaningful and thought-out construction, each block of stone in that construction would dwarf a person standing next to it. This was valid for Atlantean main cities, and for the structures that comprised them that gave them the circular shape. Their shape was “set in stone”, in a literal sense. I only find reminiscence and equivalence to this type of scale when you set foot on stone temples and complexes that survived from antiquity, where you sometimes have to tilt your head backwards just to look past the first stone block – classical Greece to some extent, but mainly the stone structures of ancient Egypt, the pyramids themselves, and some places in ancient South America, these as a whole being more or less direct inheritors and a continuation of the old Atlantean mindset.

Construction of stone structures was not tied to effort or cost. Atlantis had some form of nondescript technology or capacity (I never addressed this aspect in a reading in detail) that allowed for easy shaping of stone blocks with next to no effort, sometimes by a single person if need be. This meant that when you had a sufficiently meaningful place – not just the main cities but any location of permanent habitation and/or importance – you could quickly create its essential structures in the same architecture, and even be thoughtful as you did so.

As a civilization, you could say that for most of its existence Atlantis was relatively sparsely populated, if you were to compare it with Earth today. To the point you could visit and spend some time at the town center of a minor place, while never seeing anyone else there during that time. Yet, that same random place would appear to you as massively overbuilt: sporting large stone structures, statues, an adorned and spacious plaza with arches, pedestals, and the like – even when only a handful of people lived in the surroundings. It would almost feel as if the town square of a large metropolis had been transplanted to the location. Some locations of functional purpose that were detached from a settlement and weren’t permanently lived in other than in times of utilization, like a dock facility used to receive shipments by sea for instance, could still be built out of stone. The construction would fulfill the functional purposes of the facility, while being extremely long-lasting and not requiring much maintenance.

The places that were inhabited, at least smaller settlements as I’ve seen them, would sometimes have artificially built small, shallow waterways running through the city, a little like open air water channels. This water would have a current, actuated by gravity at least that I was shown. In readings, the water is shown as having near magical (energetic) properties, possibly further activated by where it passed and the type of stone it ran under. This water served general energetic purposes – cleansing and harmonizing the space of the city and its people – and, sometimes… also physically: to clear waste. Even so, either because relatively few inhabitants lived in any one place, or because Atlantis existed in much lighter vibration, the water is always shown translucent and glistening, in multiple subtle rainbow colors, almost making the stone under it appear to ‘pop’ and glow. Today there are but a few reminiscent elements related to the idea of water holding special/energetic properties, the religious concept of holy water comes to mind.


Atlantis had a widespread technology that was based in crystals, a topic that appeared in readings more than once. Despite this, I still don’t quite feel qualified to discuss how this worked at depth – in some regards I have no idea how it did. Here’s what I can say. Whenever the topic of crystals has been touched in readings, it’s almost never about the hold-in-your-hand, bought-in-a-store kind of crystal. Rather, it’s these large straight blocks, some as big as a person, some the size of a car, and otherwise with the kind of dimensions you’d find in those crystal caves known today where they’re gigantic. These large crystal blocks would have more or less standardized shapes according to their intended purpose, and in readings they’re usually shown more or less completely “clean”, that is to say, very translucent, transparent, in a homogeneous manner.

When these crystals were in storage and not in use, the stone would be inert, appearing as any crystal would to you or me today; but when they were being used, they would be activated and the whole crystal would emit a faded, diffuse but discernible glow. How they were activated, and what exactly was being activated, I don’t know. My guesstimate is that it would be a form of light/energy/electricity that crystals, in general or certain types, can or could naturally store and/or produce – which in a setting of higher consciousness and with sufficient technological understanding could be acknowledged and tapped. Further, the energy emitted by a crystal could be gathered by and/or cause a reaction in another at a distance, enabling transmission/communication between them. These properties would be harnessed for several purposes such as, as far as I can tell, power, communication over distances, storage of information, and modulation of energy/vibration. I haven’t yet have the chance to have a reading mention the use of crystals for healing, but given how they could store and emit energy of different vibrations/tonalities, I imagine the writing is on the wall.

There was no mass production in Atlantis. There was no system in place to disseminate copies of the same items, appliances, and devices, to every individual and every household. This means not everyone was zipping around in a flying car, and you wouldn’t have 50 varieties of the same food stored in little bags, bought from a supermarket, and kept in a powered freezer. Forms of advanced technology were known and available, but these were used mostly in a discerning manner namely by a city’s governance, otherwise high-tech wasn’t necessarily available in a widespread manner. Technological expertise was directed by the top classes, and kept and maintained mostly by the technically-minded middle layers of a main city. Technologically elaborate devices or tools could be created as needed, and existing ones could be adjusted or repaired if they malfunctioned, but each of these tasks would be fairly punctual, isolated, and warranting precise attention, at least comparing this to the capabilities of our industrialized world. By the same token, long-distance travel and communication were also not as disseminated as they are today. And due to it, most things and events of life, on the broad scale but pertaining to the life of the “ordinary citizen”, took place in very different rhythms than how they do today. And there was zero pressure for consumerism or timed obsolescence, on the contrary: there were limited resources to maintain any technology. And so, much like the mindset involved in building out of stone, everything that was created with some level of complexity tended to be made to last “forever” and require as little maintenance as possible, preferably and ideally, zero. Further, any devices, big and small, of any degree of complexity, would be designed to be in sync, work with, tap, be conduits to, and concentrate/focus, the already naturally-occurring geological/energetic forces of the planet, if at all possible.

This did mean any complex and high-tech devices in existence were uncommon if not rare, and they’d hold a certain relic-like quality to them, simply due to their inherent uniqueness, the inability to mass-replicate them, and how seamlessly/naturally they would appear to work, optimally, silently, without fuss or fanfare, almost in a ‘magical’ way to the untrained eye – as even during Atlantis not everyone would know how these worked. And if these were handheld devices, more often than not they’d be in the possession of and used by high status individuals for their function, and perhaps in ritual-like fashion. So over time such devices could come to be associated with the individual, entity, and/or position/role, and the sense of awe and/or power that figure held and evoked at the time. You’d be surprised by the amount of references that would very much outlast Atlantis and remain present in ceremonial garb, tool, scepter, ank, scepter, jewel, crown and hat, well past their original and intended role, meaning, and function, but still remain associated to status, ceremonial and religious roles, remaining ever-present throughout time even to this day.

Because of the factors above, Atlantis (generally speaking, considering it lasted for an extremely long time and went through various different stages) would register as a curious blend between a very advanced and high-awareness society, utopian in some regards, but also a very simple and, let’s call it, rudimentary down-to-earth lifestyle, where you would not be constantly surrounded by either high-tech or esoteric/magical practices, unless you actively took part of activities that explicitly involved them as part of your work. Life outside these circumstances would be very simple, very stripped down. To have a sense of how everyday life in Atlantis could feel like, consider it approximate to the ways of life of ancient Greece, or ancient Egypt, but generally in a higher vibration setting, and with some aspects of advanced technology “sprinkled” throughout. Note this didn’t necessarily meant you could live in a destitute manner, due to three aspects: first, you’d generally be provided with what you needed according to your status and activities, and the experience of lack was very limited; second, high consciousness/spiritual connection doesn’t need advanced technology to exist; third, in a setting of higher vibration the necessities and difficulties associated with the environment, and with the maintenance of the physical body, naturally and generally tend to be less pressing, have less weight and bearing on your everyday experience. This generally applies everywhere in the Cosmos: the lighter and more harmonious the vibration, the less difficult and effort-intensive it is to live in a setting. Archetypically, Atlantis again symbolized a bridge between, and a combination of, the physical plane and the ethereal realms.


Another more esoteric aspects to Atlantis. The main “spiritual” cities (circle shape, stone construction, spiritual council at the center) had a crystal-based technology that was used to modulate the energy of the whole city, as if creating a “bubble” of the intended energy/vibration within the city limits, a process which was aided by the circle shape. I don’t know if this technology was always used since the beginning, but it became particularly relevant during the stages of Atlantean history when a certain level of concern and risk around the quality of vibration of the planet began being acknowledged. The purpose of this modulation was an effort to maintain the vibratory and harmonic qualities within the city’s energy, not as a form of brainwashing of any kind, but to keep the states of harmony, spiritual connection, and expanded awareness that the vibration within the city could allow, at high levels – thus helping reduce the rate of experience of separation, stress, strife, division, etc.

This technology was especially relevant because after a certain point less developed awareness began becoming more numerous, with its weight risking pulling down the average level of awareness, especially in cities where it was most populous. When human awareness comes together and clumps, sometimes it has the tendency to exponentiate lower awareness, while reducing if not preventing higher thought and spiritual clarity. Whereas it is when you’re alone that you’ll tend to reach the higher peaks of spiritual experience and clarity. The strength of a group sharing common ideals and goals can be powerful in its own right – but it can also give rise to mob mentality and a lowering of vibration, and it is this type of effect this technology sought to counteract. From some distance away, one of these cities could appear to be enveloped in a soft aura or halo, especially when seen at dusk or during nighttime, similar to the effect of the lights of a modern city, or perhaps when you watch the Earth’s blue-tinted atmosphere from space. The color of this halo could vary, depending on which effects were intended, which crystals were used, etc. in each city at any given moment.

When the vibratory level of the planet was at low levels, it would be possible to sense a discernible difference between the denser energy outside and the lighter and clearer one inside (like when you sense the energy in a room) when you stepped out of the city, and when you came back and walked back in. This gave rise to the impression the halo the cities were wrapped in were like bubbles in a sea of lesser, “thicker” vibration. This impression survived in the subconscious psyche of some, later combining with the idea of the city under the sea, perhaps enveloped in a bubble of air, as if allowing those inside to breathe.

Deities, Gods, Patron Saints

The halo of curated vibration surrounding a city served, or allowed, an additional esoteric purpose. This would still be possible without the halo in a planetary setting of very high vibration, but in one of comparatively lower it still permitted it.

Atlantis was a place of high consciousness and pure spiritual connectivity, which allowed in various respects a greater degree of intermingling between the incarnated physical individual and Spirit – namely in the form of spiritual entities in service to the Light, to individual humans, and to the city as a whole. These wouldn’t be “ghosts”, or “saints” – although this is where the concept of saint, angel, patron saint of a X or Y, and so on, originally lent a lot from, but high vibration spiritual entities in service of the maintenance, overseeing, and (also) modulation of the cities energy. These would be both the entities usually in service of human beings and the collective as a whole – precisely as it happens today – as well as broader-level entities who worked within the city’s sphere for its collective as a whole, some quite spiritually advanced, serving in a purely ethereal role and without ever undertaking the experience of incarnating.

These entities could in general manifest at various different points at will, and some of them did, appearing (usually in human form) in the physical for a moment, but they could also then disappear at will from plain sight, as they would not manifest a physical body, they would simply create a projection, like a hologram. They could do this manifestation out of necessities of service, if and when it adequate, such as to communicate some important matter for example. But, between you and me, on occasion they’d also do it out of a whim i.e. for fun, for their own amusement, if they felt there wouldn’t be detrimental impact for those who would see them. In a setting of high consciousness, what’s taken by as as otherwordly or “paranormal” can be a mundane thing, or at least not be a “big deal” i.e. not cause a stir when it happens. Further, spiritual entities, even when serving the Light, are by nature lighthearted, fun, free, and not all serious and dogmatic; so they could simply allow themselves to enjoy the experience, and the interaction perhaps. Today, we’d refer to this circumstance as, roughly compared, an apparition. Of a sort anyway. In any case, from time to time, for one reason or another, such entities, or deities, could “appear” in the city they served, sometimes to certain people, and/or at certain moments.

But even as something is relatively normal, it doesn’t mean it can’t cause an impression. The city’s inhabitants would sometimes create statues to the image of the deity – especially if said deity was involved in certain subject matters that were of practical importance to those in the physical. Then, over time, and especially as the level of consciousness wasn’t as good on Atlantis, some of these deities (or at least the image the inhabitants had of them) began being adored, then worshiped, especially through the statues that represented them. This was the more true the more the vibration and spiritual clarity dropped (which ironically also made it less and less easy for the entities to manifest to others, at least in a more casual manner), and remembrance of the original creation of the statues faded.

Cosmic Connections

The major Atlantean cities, particularly in the heyday of the civilization, were Cosmic nexuses by virtue of their vibratory, spiritual, and technological qualities. Atlantis was a civilization with periods of significant Cosmic spiritual connections, and it was open to interchange with otherworldly civilizations to the point where sometimes you would feel there was difference between Atlantis on the ground and the rest of the Cosmos. In this regard the major cities did sometimes feel a like beacons, or spaceports, figuratively speaking, for those of other places. Atlantis was where you clearly felt how the Earth was integrated and related with the neighboring stars.

It was at time that many beings were coming to Earth to participate in and/or contribute to the Earth experience – in part due to the calling that had sounded on soul/spiritual levels to participate/assist with the experience on Earth, to which several entities responded. Some of those same beings were in fact those who came to stay and would adopt roles of leadership; others came to assist offering their technological understanding and knowledge; others were simply here to partake in the new experience. A being could travel to Earth physically in their biological body of origin, and many who came did just that. When they did so, they were joining those Souls who had already been incarnating on Earth in human form.

Some could come in spiritual form and incarnate right away as a human being. If high enough in vibration, you could manifest i.e. pop in the physical plane directly, “just like that”. If you did, you could remain in ethereal/energy form, or you could manifest a biological body “out of thin air”, without having to go through a process of biological birth. If manifesting a body in this way, sometimes one would manifest in human form, others they’d spontaneously manifest in a physical form evocative of their spiritual development and sense of identity, therefore with distinctive physical, non-human characteristics. Thus, the relatively high vibration allowed a multitude of entities, beings, and originations, co-existing in Atlantis with the human form that was natural to the planet. This is one of the more wondrous aspects in Atlantis if you were to compare it to today.

But even if fairly spiritually advanced, each of those who came to participate on Earth this way were still Souls, standard carriers of their own stories. It was here that many of such otherworldly beings, over time and in the long term, became caught in the consciousness of the Earth’s experience, especially as the vibration on Earth eventually and gradually started to descend. This increase in involvement took place in various ways. A ethereal entity, for example, could at some point feel that they would do more if they incarnated in a physical body, rather than staying in a more “uninvolved” abstract form. Another situation was when one’s origin biology for one reason or another coming to an end, or be deemed not adapted enough to Earth, and the self would chose to incarnate next as a human being, either because they had no other choice, or to get rid of the constant entropy related to the biology – but now capable of carrying human feelings, emotions, ego, etc. Eventually, in general, a greater degree of proximity, identification, and involvement with the experience in the physical, led many Cosmic souls to be unable to evade the contraction of consciousness taking place on Atlantis. Many experienced a spiritual fall along with it, forgetting about their origins and becoming involved in the subsequent reincarnation cycles in 3D on Earth. In very simple and generalized terms, if you spiritually lose the remembrance of who you are and where you came from, you lose the ability to return there, for as long as you can’t remember. This is generally something that happens when you undergo a fall to 3D consciousness.

This was where the notion of planetary origins comes from: it refers to your story up until coming to participate/incarnate on Earth. My readings are filled with cases where the person was a spiritual being from elsewhere, and by vicissitudes that related in one way or another to their inner/spiritual doubts and challenges, they ended up becoming “stuck”, that is to say, bound to reincarnate on Earth. They fell with, or accompanied the descent of, Atlantis, in consciousness. So when we say you are from the Pleiades, or you are from Orion, this means you literally came from those places, to be on Earth. When we say this or that technology “came” from Sirius, it means someone (or a group) was working in Atlantis with technological knowledge that they had brought over from Sirius, and therefore were imparting such information here. And so on.


The above notwithstanding, and as stated before, one could also state the vast majority of the Atlantean population lived relatively simple lives, at least on the essential elements everyday life was composed of. The contact with more “wondrous” elements above that simplicity – advanced technologies, flying vehicles, otherworldly beings, energy manipulation, and so on – was situational, if not scarce. This statement is a gross generalization, because this was a setting where these elements were real, and in fact common enough that you wouldn’t perceive them as strange or foreign if you witnessed them. But your everyday living, and the things you concerned yourself on a personal level, would only be “filled” with color, awe, magic, fantasy, to the extent you dealt with any such elements regularly.

The population in the times of Atlantis was relatively sparse, at least if we were to compare it to Earth today. A person living at the time probably wouldn’t conceptualize it to be so, but if you were to be transported to Atlantis right now, you’d feel quite a lot of empty room, quite a lot of space to breathe, in terms of how many other individuals you could cross your path with. Not that many people were around. The best way of transmitting this would be the experience (maybe you went through something like this during the pandemic) where you were standing in an otherwise busy place, yet it was almost empty. The major population centers were where this was a little bit less true; but within a makor city there would still be places and nooks and corners where you’d be able to walk in the street while feeling mostly unwatched, or at least with a lot of empty room around you.

Lifespans were generally much longer than the scale at which you’d consider them today. There were several contributing factors for this. Generally speaking, the lighter the vibration of a physical setting, the longer the physical lifespans in that setting tend to be. This is applicable in general throughout the Cosmos; and given Atlantis existed in a different vibration, it was natural for lifespans to be last a long time, longer than what they do today. Further, some aspects to both the technologies and the biology brought from elsewhere could contribute to help further support one’s health state, keeping it at an equilibrium. The subject of physical healing in Atlantis was to this date a topic that wasn’t addressed nearly as much as others were in readings, still I’m hinted at several means that existed to further sustain one’s biology.

That being said, the duration of one’s lifespan wasn’t necessarily uniform across all individuals – another factor was one’s spiritual advancement, your vibratory state if you will. A lighter physical body will live longer. Thus, and again generally speaking, the more advanced you spiritually were, the lighter/more subtle the vibration of your physical body (if you had one), and the longer you’d be able to maintain it without signs of physical wear and tear. The appropriate word here would be “indefinitely” – maybe not in a literal sense, but to the extent that you wouldn’t normally concern yourself with effects of old age, at least until after a very long time. And maybe by then you’d be wondering about having a different life, or a different body. Some individuals could have lifetimes that would last hundreds of years, closing in on the thousand year mark. The sense of an “everlasting” healthy life was especially acute when the new world explorers were looking for the fabled fountain of youth. You can’t physically have eternal youth in our current reality, but in settings of lighter vibration you’ll have the biology and/or the means to have far longer lifespans.

Normalization of Diversity

The fact visual appearance could be associated with some degree of certainty to your spiritual advancement and vibration, led to a, let’s say natural, stratification of society.

If you were visibly a spiritually advanced entity, especially when made apparent due to elements of your outward appearance, you would be assumed and expected to be capable of high thought, creativity, critical thinking, and have/hold a high level of spiritual connection. You would be assumed to work with energy, at some archive researching records or performing sage work, in a station of leadership, or otherwise in a spiritual task to some capacity. If you weren’t, you’d be drawn or invited to in an organic fashion. No one would take a look at you and expect you to take a shovel and work the fields. This type of inherent classification would be a risky premise in today’s world, and you could argue this partitioning would be a basis for class and social strife as time went on. Your physical appearance could in fact dictate how you were seen and “classified”, even as your outward appearance didn’t always match your spiritual development in a linear basis, in fact it could even conceal it somewhat. Still, this was how this aspect of society worked in Atlantis for the most part.

Paradoxically, it has to be said most of a Atlantis implicitly carried a normalization of diversity without classification – at least at its more idealistic height. In the sense that there were no rules of what “normal” was, and you wouldn’t be shocked by what was different. If your boss had six arms, was 2.3m or 7.5 feet tall, could disappear and reappear in plan sight, could change form at will, or have blue skin and yellow eyes, you wouldn’t bat an eye: it was just what it was. That is not to say such things wouldn’t cause an impression in you! Those of less notweorthy spiritual development would in fact tend to look up to those who walked around glowing with a halo, who had different dimensions and height, who had different/exotic looks, and generally who visibly stood out as a direct result of their spiritual state – much like one would look up to celebrities today, perceiving them as unreachable, on a pedestal of sorts. You would naturally admire and look up to those whose awareness you felt you couldn’t reach, but also, consequentely by the sight of their appearance by which these aspects would be generally and immediately perceived. So, in short, you could still be impressed if not surprised by something you saw; and if and when you did, you’d still go on to tell the tale about it, you’d still go home to tell your partner. But that impression wouldn’t translate to something that would scare you, or threaten your views of the world. It may not even be something that had you stop in your tracks and take notice i.e. “hey look, his skin is blue!”.

Variation in appearance was more or less normalized, so much so that there were very little rules in this regard. Particularly given how Atlantis would at points be a beacon for the different and otherworldly, and a patchwork of beings and technologies from other words were present at various corners of the planet. So you just couldn’t be shocked when you saw something that was out of the norm – there was little to no norm to hold, nor any interest in doing so. For the sake of comparison, imagine a child watching a cartoon on TV. They aren’t (usually) going to point out: “hey, why is that animal pink”, or, “why is no one getting seriously hurt”? The child isn’t checking if what’s being shown matches the rules of the world they already know; they’ll mostly just take things as they are, and absorb the experience as it’s presented to them. This was more or less the mentality in Atlantis, namely in how differences and the unexpected were interpreted. Note that this observation is nuanced, as this wasn’t always entirely true – at points not true at all. There were times where conceptualization of race, class, etc. took hold and gained strong emotional charge. But this only became more prevalent as awareness degraded. In general, Atlantis for most of its history had been a little like the Romans: there weren’t really “races”, there were only citizens in and of Atlantis, regardless of who they were and where they came from.

Degradation of Consciousness

I intended this text to be about the various details of “normal” Atlantis, and not so much focus on its last stretches and the process by which it fell, which was more like what I wrote for Maldek. For if I did so it could easily become more of a doom and gloom piece. But I’ll still elaborate a little more about the process, so you may get a better glimpse of how it happened.

High and Low

Atlantis was always a equal-parts blend between the high and the mundane. It represented the connection between the heavens and the Earth, as well as the Free Will tests that take place in the physical for the progress of Souls. In the long run it was never meant to settle in a “stable”, static equilibrium, with these two aspects in perfect balance and harmony. Being a Test in the physical meant the scale was swinging back and forth, and it would end up tipping either towards one side or the other. One of the aspects at the core of instability was social and class rifts. Atlantis was always heavily split between those who were capable of higher thinking and those who weren’t.

High and low are merely stages of growth, which you are meant to transition through in the course of your journey and your spiritual work. You don’t go around criticizing primary school students because they’re not in College/University yet, or vice-versa: these are just natural steps of learning that anyone can go through. But when tension arises, awareness can contract, and it may start seeing itself struggling with what’s different from itself. On a deep subconscious level there was a tension in the collective about the outcome of the test: Atlantis would either progress higher towards spiritual enlightenment, propelled by their collective spiritual work and of its adepts; or it would fall towards 3D, crumbling under the weight of low and heavy consciousness. This was always a permanent, unseen source of tension within the society on the physical plane, an energetic tug-of-war if you will, that over time fomented a polarity between developed and underdeveloped consciousness, and created numerous rifts from within.

When the the major cities vowed to keep consciousness high and harmony to a maximum within them, they were trying to keep divisiveness and separation low. And that’s because this separation was always around the corner. Further, social and leadership structures of the major cities, while illuminated in numerous ways, were also somewhat rigid and inefficient, geared to function on smaller scales, but unable to cope and scale with increases in population – namely of those carrying less developed awareness. And on the circumstances when this happened, the order and spiritual quality of the energy of the major cities could degrade, further cementing drops in vibration and creating more opportunity for division. As time went on, class-centric Atlantis was fertile ground for a growing charged division conceptualizing classes, races, social status, spiritual acuity, etc. This was, among others, the original polarity between high and low awareness.


Atlantis was, in many ways, in a privileged position: geographically, technologically, and spiritually. Its “main” locations were situated in fairly central parts of the globe, yet also fairly isolated and protected naturally. The lands of Atlantis were surrounded by substantial and vast portions of water, making them both difficult to access and easy to protect. Atlanteans were adept seafarers even in terms of “average” sailing technology, and could easily access most other areas of the globe for travel and trade, while having better capabilities for doing so than other places in that regard. During the time of Atlantis multiple other locations throughout the globe sprouted and developed, and these could also be called civilizations, but loosely speaking and for the most part Atlantis was always the focal point. It was always significantly ahead of other places in most regards, technologically, spiritually, you name it. Generally speaking, you would not be incorrect in seeing all other places as having been strongly influenced by, if not outright started as colonies by, or offshoots of, Atlantis itself, a little like Phoenicia and Carthage did in ancient times in the Mediterranean. Because of this, much like when parents tend to see their offspring as always their children, Atlantis would always have a tendency to see other places as largely subordinate to them, in one way or another.

During this time, it was all about Atlantis. It appeared first, it reached a high state of advancement first, and all others places seemed to always be trailing it, in all aspects, including spiritually. Atlantis were always in control, or at least it was in their power to be.

When you’re in a privileged position, and you have the means to effectively maintain that position over time, you can easily start to see yourself as the center of the world. For the sake of the explanation, I’m going to give the example of the contemporary, especially 20th-century United States of America – because in this regard it is an almost direct comparison. The political and economical position in the U.S. over the rest of the world, together with its very strong cultural outreach, allowed them to see themselves as the most advanced society on the planet. And while not necessarily more spiritually advanced, they were certainly conducting a democratic experiment on a large scale that did lead them to see themselves as on a higher ground of thinking and social development i.e. of consciousness. By and large, this lead them to a certain tendency to become a little oblivious to what was happening elsewhere: what developments, innovations, forms of governance, cultural and artistic creations, and any other merits, were not taking place in the U.S.. They would have sports competitions among themselves and call them “world tournament”.

Atlantis was in this sort of place precisely, and for an extremely long time. And the same rifts that eventually appeared between classes (consciousness) within itself, also tended to apply to how it perceived and dealt with others outside. Atlantis always tended to see itself at the center of a commonwealth where they were the only leading power and driving force – whether others liked it or not. It tended to look down on all other developing places and cultures, especially as these were trailing in consciousness and development. You know how easy it is to look down on other peoples, on other countries, on distant parts of the world, especially if you perceive them as being less developed than you. These sort of dynamics could irk others and create rifts with them. Atlantis could be the father figure who’s a true authority, yet whose presence doesn’t allow their children to stand on their own two feet.

Looking down on someone can easily descend into discrimination, patronizing, and control. Why would I consider your perspective when I don’t have to? Atlantis did have conflicts and war throughout its history. At different points in time, depending on who you asked, for some Atlantis would be a hub of wondrous development; for others, a wrecking ball of imperialistic projection. In the modern day, whenever you have the resentment of a class, group of people, or even region of the globe, against unfairness projected in the past by a higher power, this is an echo and repetition of the stories that unfolded in the times of Atlantis.

Questioning Divinity

To greatly summarize an additional aspect that can be complex to explain, metaphysically and spiritually-wise, Atlantis as a whole questioned the existence of a benevolent higher power, even bearing witness of and direct contact with the esoteric nature of reality. The power they wielded, the wondrous capabilities and advancement of the civilization, could sometimes “rise to their head” if you will. Atlanteans seemed to call the shots over their magical reality, rather than some unseen God, Source, Creation, and so on. Atlantis grew to fall on spiritual arrogance – you can see that even as I wrote this text, there were places where it was difficult to address certain ideas without sounding pedantic or elitist. The acute understanding that energy commands reality could sometimes cross into the notion you control everything, which can become a trap for the ego. One’s ego can be as big and dangerous as your spiritual development: the more you grow spiritually, the more, not less, the ego can also grow.

Atlantis dabbled in the exploration of complete sovereignty and Freedom, and this ended up including freedom from adherence to the tenets of a benevolent higher source. Are we truly free, or are we eternal subjects to the whims of a not-always-clear God? It happened that that this line of thinking could give rise to a relaxation of the self-imposed, self-monitoring devices and guards within each self that are meant to keep one from moving astray from balance and integrity, and this included those of highest spiritual authority and responsibility. Without those guards being strongly upheld, the ego can and will take hold given the chance. You’ll feel like the God of your world, no matter your spiritual advancement or original intentions. A once strong and proud leader wants to get what he wants, and is now deeply upset when he can’t get it. And this will affect him, and it will visibly degrade his discernment. Because past a certain moment, he won’t be able to tell apart the feeding of his ego from his original spiritual vows, both fueled by the same inner spiritual intensity.

There’s a difference between being the absolute master of your destiny, and ruling over others above scrutiny or integrity. In taking matters into their own hands, Atlantis crossed into some dangerous, sometimes unthinkable lines at several junctions. At the same time it was highly enlightened at its height, it also dabbled and co-existed with things like genetic experimentation and manipulation (DNA is light-based), mental subduing and control, social inequality, class discrimination, slavery, mob mentality, instances of cannibalism, and moral corruption in a more general sense.

Atlantis did not fall because event X or Y happened. It wasn’t a fluke or bad luck. Atlantis fell because the level of awareness/vibration eventually lowered to such a point, that the elements of higher consciousness that it was been built upon could no longer be sustained. Metaphysically, it reach a point were there wasn’t enough Light to keep in place those things it had originally been built upon. So when this moment was reached, the manifestation of a collapse occurred in the physical. This is how falls tend to happen: some form of accident or catastrophe takes place that breaks the setting apart completely. But before that specific moment takes place, a long chain of choices and situations had already been happening that eventually led to a final conclusion.


Those who have ties to Atlantis tend to hold strong feelings towards it. To some, Atlantis was an idyllic experience they cherish and miss deeply; to others it’s about the story of their fall in consciousness and subsequent experience reincarnating on Earth; for others still, it’s the lingering trauma surrounding the final event. Atlantis always tends to be a polarizing, but nevertheless powerful and intense connection in one’s spiritual past.

If you hold Atlantis in high regard, and have wondrous past-life memories of it, your personal experience is paramount. It’s a memory you should cherish, especially as it has the power to connect you with your original spiritual awareness. Now, I do think that if you place Atlantis on a pedestal, idealizing it as the perfect utopia, you’re omitting or externalizing the less glamorous parts. Yet, neither is it to be regarded as a model of failure, or solely defined by its ending. Atlantis was an attempt at implementing a complex functional society that could represent and enable the spiritual progress of the individual on the physical plane, while being co-inhabited by souls of varying states of spiritual advancement. Atlantis was intended to carry on playing out some of the spiritual lessons throughout the Cosmos – and so it was never meant to be perfect. It held as much of the ideal and pristine, as it did of dark and corrupt. And in the long run it proved to be less adept at handling the latter – otherwise it wouldn’t have ended.

Atlantis was a spiritually recent part of our story, one that connects us with the mystery and wonderment of life and of ourselves within. As a spiritual topic specifically, it’s often a gateway for you to reconnect with your spiritual and Cosmic roots in the now moment. And Atlantis very much carries on, quite vividly, in our hearts and subconscious memories – and even through challenges and lessons that are still valid today.

Elements in the Modern Day

Atlantis may have not survived, but civilization did.

The account of Atlantis might almost always be portrayed as a fall, but in reality, as with many other things on this Earth, there’s much that continued. Despite the near-total ending, many refugees went to live elsewhere, in the process taking with them their accounts, and maybe an artifact or another. And these were not just common folk; some were high-status, high-ranking figures who would often become rulers in their new lands, taking with them their references, ways of life, and surviving knowledge, and who sometimes would attempt to recreate an Atlantis-like society from the ground up. Further, many locations on Earth that had been contemporary to Atlantis continued to exist, and these retained some accounts of it. All of this to say that some elements, ideas, customs, and old memories survived and carried on, some of them even to our day – even if some of those elements over time completely lost much of their original meanings. Those meanings couldn’t be maintained in their original form, given how they were bound to the specific circumstances and understanding of Atlantis. Those meanings had in fact started fade and become lost long before Atlantis itself actually ended.

In addition, things don’t need to have continuity in the physical to re-appear at some point in the world. Generally speaking, we all lived in Atlantis, and we all share memories of it to one extent or another. And so an idea can just “pop” i.e. resurface, out of the collective unconscious, without those in the physical necessarily realizing its origin. For example, an author seeks to write a fictional story, create a work of art, or otherwise use their creativity, and inadvertently tap onto some of their subconscious references of Atlantis. They may even pick on some loose ideas, but if those ideas were related to Atlantis to some capacity, they’ll elaborate a work infused with elements that are evocative of it. For the same reasons, our collective may also spontaneously develop certain patterns and dynamics that unbeknownst to us, can be a replica, repetition, or otherwise an inheritance/continuation, of what happened in Atlantis.

The following are a few elements of the modern day that to my eyes and discernment are tied to circumstances of Atlantis.

God of X/Patron Saint of X The idea of a deity dedicated to (caring about) a certain activity, location, and/or group (like a city, a sports team, a profession, etc.) comes almost without alteration from the Atlantean experience, where there was a greater closeness, and to some degree even interaction, with high-level spiritual entities in service to the physical plane. These entities could be interested in something extremely critical, or they could simply support more leisurely and lighthearted aspects, as long as these were of importance in the physical experience. If it was important to humans, it could also be important to them. Hence the notions in cultures and mythologies of the god of thunder, the god of wine, the patron saint of my city, of my professional sports team, of hunting, of artists, of fishermen, etc.

Gold and Golden Adornments Gold in items that are wearable or held in the hand, associated with royalty or religion – crowns, jewels, scepters, mantle, armor, finely decorated clothing, etc – are an attempt at symbolizing and replicating the natural aura of light (individual halo) surrounding a being of high spiritual development, which would the conceptualization of “true” royalty of the time – meaning: acknowledgment of intrinsic/spiritual authority. The effect is not exclusive to Atlantis, but its reference is nevertheless strongly tied to it. The crown especially represents the most common place where you would spot the aura on someone: around the head and shoulders. This image is also present in the “halo” around the heads of angels, saints, etc. in Christianity.

Idols and Celebrities Placing celebrities on a pedestal is in part an inadvertent attempt by the average mind to hold someone above in consideration, someone one can admire, follow, and look up to. They’re also a replacement by the collective of the old “celebrities” – beings of higher consciousness, individuals of advanced spiritual development, and spiritual beacons in general – who were admired and served in roles of leadership at the time, and later the (perhaps somewhat inappropriate, imbalanced, lower in vibration) idolization that gradually replaced them. Celebrities, idolized, adored like Gods, are unconsciously an attempt at having someone on that same pedestal, in whichever way they are conceptualized at each zeitgeist.

Stone Architecture This is not necessarily contemporary to us, but whenever you see a mindset in antiquity of large stone temples, structures, and complexes, especially when these had ways of interacting seamlessly with the surrounding environment by the way they were built, you can interpret these as either direct influences, or at least strong reminiscence, of how things were built in the time of Atlantis.

Wizards’ Wand The magic wand of a wizard is a direct reminiscence of the tools/implements of Atlantean technology of metaphysical capacity that were used by leading figures, which could seem to have visible energetic properties, and/or function as if by magic.

The Fountain of Youth A direct reference to the memory of longer lifespans in Atlantis, and, perhaps in particular to the long time spiritual and leadership figures were around. Also a reference to the healing/restorative powers of water recognized during the time of Atlantis.

Kibbutz A few, relatively limited circumstances of the circular design for communities would occasionally be attempted in our times. One example is the Jewish Kibbutz (wikipedia), a type of community traditionally based in agriculture. A little like what happened with the design of cities in Atlantis, a Kibbutz worked fairly well while being a smaller community working under same goals and sense of purpose, but it scaled poorly, and its effectiveness tended to decline, with an increase in members holding interests dissonant with the original ideals.

Sacred Cows The concept of cows being sacred in some religious systems of today, had its very first origination in an incident that took place in Atlantis. In this incident, a cow was able to catch by surprise a high-level entity, at a specific moment of low vibration, thus physically incapacitating her. For those who witnessed it as it happened, deities and otherworldly beings were seen as untouchable. And so it was with pure awe and surprise that the animal could even be able to touch, let alone harm, such an entity. From this moment came and spread the notion of cows being sacred, as they could touch the divine.

Jehovah’s Witnesses The modus operandi of this group or cult is a close re-enactment of a very specific situation that took place in one of the main Atlantean cities. I will once more point to this Patreon reading, which contains a detailed account of that same situation.

Anthropomorphism In our culture, anywhere you have anthropomorphic portrayals of non-human beings with human-like characteristics – too many cases to enumerate them all, but in children’s cartoons, in fantasy and sci-fi, in mythological accounts, etc. – you’re tapping directly to the same normalization of variety, but also the subtle sense of awe, of the times of Atlantis, where various beings of different natures and appearances intermingling with one another. You’re also connecting with the variety of sentient beings and their biology throughout the Cosmos. In a certain sense, many of us even were otherwordly beings, the memories of this softly resonating within through fantasy, cartoons, art, imagination, and so on.

Addictions Studies indicate someone is less likely to engage, or engage less, in addictive behavior when they’re surrounded by positive stimulus such as a supportive family environment, sources of fun and pleasure, a sense of belonging in the community, and so on. Generally speaking, human beings aren’t born with defects that lead them to become addicted to X or Y. When you use the element of addiction – such as those things that are part of the “seven deadly sins” to seek the satisfaction of the self, cope with a difficult situation, etc. – you are attempting to give yourself or return to the natural state of well-being your body, brain, and emotions known to be normal and prevalent in settings of greater harmony and vibration, as these reflect better the state of proximity to the harmonic nature of Source, and that the current setting of low vibration and high conflict, tension, etc. aren’t giving you. In other words, you’re attempting to give yourself the state of well-being you aren’t getting from your external environment, for one reason or another. This is partially but to a great extent due to our disharmonious and overly taxing 3D environment. A more harmonic state would feel like when you stepped foot into one of the main Atlantean cities and their energy halo, and you’d immediately register a tangible difference: you’d instantly feel well. Not “well” as in mellow and without agency, but as in having a healthy amount of positive chemicals in your body, and a reduced amount of the stress-related ones. The main Atlantean cities saw this energy modulation as important because it greatly reduced the degree of dissonance and disharmony within the city.

Superman In Superman I (1978 – IMDB), when coming up with a sophisticated/esoteric form of storing information that an advanced civilization would use, of all things they came up with using crystals, inserting them in a socket like a DVD or pen drive. I don’t know what references or influences the idea might have come from, if any – even in using your creativity seemingly from a blank canvas, you may be tapping into things of the collective unconscious without realizing. But the usage of crystals as a form of storing information is quite evocative of Atlantis.

Lord of the Rings (I) Tolkien intended Númenor to allude to Atlantis. And so Númenor was a kingdom occupying a large island to the west of Middle-earth, and it had been the greatest civilization of Men. But after centuries of prosperity many of the inhabitants ceased to worship the One God and rebelled against the Valar (angelic powers subordinate to the One God) resulting in the destruction of the island and the death of most of its people (adapted from wikipedia). Valar, a mythical continent even further west than Númenor, was removed/sundered from Arda (Earth), and could only be traveled to by the Elves, a reference to all traces of Atlantis having seemingly been removed from this reality. Further, the design of Isengard with its circular shape, and the tower in the center where Saruman the White resided and brewed its orc army, was also, either on purpose or unconsciously, a reference to the circular shape of Atlantean cities and the degradation and corruption of its Light, where Saruman, once a leading figure in service to the Light, created foul and simple-minded creatures out of once-beautiful beings.

Lord of the Rings (II) Tolkien’s story and the movies had a number of artifacts with tangible energetic properties, perhaps none more notorious than the one ring itself. When worn, among other things it had the power to shift the energy of the user over time – specifically corrupt it, most notably with Gollum – and in the process gradually impacting their physical appearance visibly. There were also other examples of energy and/or character having a direct correspondence with your appearance, such as Saruman’s influence over Théoden. In my mind, these elements are strongly reminiscent of how in the times of Atlantis a) energy had tangible, recognizable, acknowledged power over your own self, b) your physical body could be impacted by the effects of energy, and c) your energy state and alignment, and inherent spiritual advancement, would be evident and visible to the naked eye.

Orcs, Zombies Atlantis conducted some genetic experimentation on biological life in general, and on human one in particular. This produced ghastly results, not on just one or two occasions but on a systemic, wider scale. On some stages there were numerous, for the lack of better word, semi-human beings, which could harbor souls but could also manifest extremes of low vibration and behavior. Further, since physical appearance tended to showcase energetic vibration in a more evident manner, these were challenging not just to co-exist with but to look at as well. The idea of orcs in Tolkien’s lore, as well as that of zombies to some extent, is a subconscious inheritance of certain types of corruption that were witnessed in Atlantis.

The Fallen Empire Every time you imagine a fictional story or lore with a once powerful, prosperous, and technologically-advanced but imperfect empire, that once ruled the world but at some point collapsed in a catastrophic fall, and its remembrance is now partially lost to time and scattered in a few sparse bits and pieces, you aren’t fetching the archetype of past empires in recorded history (Rome, Persia, Mongol, etc.) but the story of Atlantis.

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