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Asked by SR My questions are about atonement. What qualifies as a sin and what qualifies as a mistake? After my awakening, how will I know which sin to atone for first? Does it come from inner knowing or is it my wish? How many sins can I atone for at a time? Does one need to atone for the root reason of actions taken, or for each and all actions made because of that reason? I've also read about actions being taken because of being possessed by ghosts or some curse too.

I would say a mistake was a choice that wasn't ideal. A mistake could be completely innocuous, harmless. Example: I pressed the wrong button on the elevator. In this example, the ideal situation would be to press the correct button, of the floor you wanted to go to, in which case you'd reach that floor with the minimum delay possible. By making pressing the wrong button first, it's going to take you longer to reach where you wanted to go.

Spiritually speaking, a mistake is perhaps a choice that can take you away from your own Light and path of greatest good (which is a property of your Free Will as a spiritual being). This could be a small choice of only slight consequence. Example: I bought a piece of clothing, but now I wish I hadn't because it wasn't the one I really wanted. Or it could be a bigger choice, of larger consequence. Example: I married this person but in retrospect I shouldn't have; I bought this house but it wasn't the ideal one for me; I went into this business without really wanting to; etc. It could be any choice in between.

Realizing one made a mistake can leave you with a bitter aftertaste, so to speak. In part, because you feel you weren't able to assess your choices correctly at that moment, and so you may beat yourself over it. In part because, in general terms, a mistake almost always places you in a longer, possibly more arduous route, between where you're now, and where you want to be, including and especially, in spiritual terms. However, in the end, one way or another, you'll always spiritually reach the end of the lesson, and/or your desired state of awareness; but depending on the "mistakes" you make, the path to get there may be shorter or longer, easier or more difficult, depending on the direction dictated by choices made at critical moments in life.

However, it is important to point out that, albeit unsettling, it's virtually impossible to lead a human existence without making any mistakes whatsoever. This simply does not happen. It is impossible to be 100% aware, sharp, on top of every situation, in all of your choices, all of the time. Part of the nature of the human self is to not know: and so there will always be a degree of doubt and uncertainty. Furthermore, while making mistakes may take you on a longer journey in terms of experience to get to where you want, paradoxically it also makes you learn the lesson faster - you'll often hear how one learns more from their mistakes than when everything goes smoothly and well. In this sense, mistakes are "normal" occurrences, and must be valued by their role in any process of learning.

A sin - as in the original religious interpretation, implying evaluation of worth imparted to a choice you've made, by a higher spiritual figure holding the power to judge you - does not exist. I repeat: sins do not exist. The concept of "sin" is a fear and guilt-based interpretation historically imparted by some religions in an attempt to keep the masses relatively orderly - i.e. without killing each other randomly, engaging in sexual acts promiscuously, and so on - while also keeping them obedient and adherent of the religion itself.

Instead of "sin", what does exist metaphysically is what's usually referred to as karma. Karma is the name usually given to the metaphysical mechanism by which you accumulate the energy of separation (suffering) within, whenever you perform an action or choice out of an inner belief/perspective of separation which generates the experience of separation to another (suffering).

When you perform one such action, you're accumulating a karmic attribute. However, it is not the person who receives the action that carries the karma; instead, it is the person who performs the action who carry themselves the karmic effect of said action or choice. Which is why you'll continually attract the karmic situation to yourself, as long as it isn't healed, with the ultimate purpose of, precisely, healing it.

The primary difference between the concepts of "sin" and karma, is that with karma there's no higher authority dictating how much karma you have, or what are the consequences. No one is keeping tabs. There's no one to judge you. Instead, the mechanism of karma is, if you will, automatic. This mechanism works my drawing unto you whatever actions of separation you did in the past, reflecting unto you your own beliefs of separation, whatever they may be.

The term atonement is understandable: when a spiritual 3D entity transitions to 4D, it does so by realizing the suffering it caused to others by its actions, and in this realization there's regret, accompanied by a desire to atone for ("undo") what are perceived to be one's sins. However, I am uncomfortable with using this word to describe the healing of karma, as to me it implies the concept of sin, and that you owe something to someone. Not only is this innaccurate metaphysically speaking, it usually involves religious interpretations typically imparting great amounts of guilt to the self, which do nothing but to hamper the process of healing.

Although you may have karmic attributes, and these may have been generated with other individuals with whom you shared experience in the past, in reality you owe nothing to no-one: it is you instead who will "carry around" with you the accumulated result of your own karmic attributes - whatever these may have been - and therefore you, and you alone, are responsible for going through them, and healing them, in your personal experience. Plus, there's no higher authority to atone to, please, prove yourself worthy, etc. The quality of experience in physical matter, and in particular in 3D, is such that there's no authority in the Universe that can judge you for what you do. Instead, it is the mechanism called "karma" that's responsible for making sure you will eventually learn from your lessons. For these reasons, I prefer to use the more encompassing term healing instead (in this case, of one's karma).

After a certain point of your spiritual journey, you're always in the process of carrying around, and therefore healing, your own karma. The main question is, how fast and how committed are you at doing so.

The 'standard' way to deal with karma is, as it has always been, to simply let it occur to you (i.e. under the regular human perspective, randomly), according to the standard way the mechanism works, as you live your life, and lives.

As the karmic situation occurs, you then go through an experience and a feeling that correspond to the act of suffering at the hands of your own, and original, belief of separation. The idea and objective being, that of realizing the lesson that re-integrates back unto the self that which was separated by its own belief. In other words, learning the karmic lesson.

Today, one additional way to dealing with karma has become open due to the new energy on Earth. Although dealing and healing karmic attributes will always involve going through a corresponding experience that allows you to feel and become aware of them (which is intended to lead to inner transformation and the learning of the karmic lessons), the new venue open is a "fast-track" way to process karmic attributes rapidly - faster, at least, than the standard way.

This "fast-track" method involves the individual becoming spiritually aware, and then committing with their own spiritual team - or with Spirit, or with God, etc - to this spiritual transmutation process. This process can be called several things, such as ascension, enlightenment, or "karmic implant" (in the sense of shutting down the karma). I believe this is what you've been referring to, as you refer to it as "atonement".

Steps in this process are not meant to submerge you in your own karma, i.e. "destroy" your life. Instead, they will work as quick "scares", always meant to place you in touch with your own karmic attributes, and for you, as quickly as possible, to go through them and resolve them, after which they fade away. These scares will mostly be transient, temporary, however, karma is by definition difficult, and this indeed can become quite painful, and look at times as if it's leading nowhere.

In this process, you are not alone. Neither are you meant to understand, "figure out", everything about your own karma. Karma is difficult to go through, yet easy to spot. Karma are the things that are always coming at you, always troubling you, always worrying you, without you being able to escape from them. It is you, on a spiritual level, together with your spiritual guidance team, who decide how to go about the process, and what is best to handle, by which order. On the human level you, indeed, have some leeway and saying on the matter, and you can at points direct the path your healing is taking, as well as its intensity. However, the big picture will (and should) remain with your guidance team. They'll focus on the "management", while you focus on living through it, which can be challenging enough.

There is no telling how fast you'll be able to heal your karma. It completely depends... on how fast you can do it in practice, throughout the process as you live it. So the essential answer to this, it's completely up to you. It is possible to gauge your karmic attributes, and hypothesize how easy/difficult it would take to heal them, and how long, in a reading.

Asked by ARAkashic record are the same which is mention in the Old and new testament called "Book of life"?

First of all I need to say I'm not sufficiently familiar with the biblical old and new testaments to be able to give a definite answer.

However, generally speaking, I would be tempted to say, that whenever there's mention of "books", "records", or similar thematics in mystical texts, they would most likely refer to the energy of the Akashic Records, which keep track of contracts, energies, karma, and otherwise everything related to Souls, beyond the scope of any one lifetime, as well as memories and experiences across space and time.

I would guess that, for the most part, these references in mystical texts would try to impart the idea that 1) you are a Soul in a body and not just a biological being; 2) that there's a spiritual context and meaning to your own personal life; and 3) what you do and choose has consequences that can surpass the span of one single life, using a terminology that would respect the perceptions of the specific cultural and religious context at the time.

Asked by AnonymousHow can I communicate with God without doubting myself?

With practice.

As you explore and practice receiving and exchanging communication with Spirit, a number of things will happen. You will learn how you best receive information and how you feel it. You will explore how your relationship with Spirit feels like, on an intimate, personal level. And you will inevitably receive information that will be validated by synchronicity and "real-life" events.

By continually putting all of these pieces together, you will begin to understand how your own personal connection to God works, and how can you be more certain, less doubtful, about it.

Asked by SamI would like to know more about Dragon beings please.

Hi Sam,

The details I know from other types of beings and existences 'out there' come from personal readings I've made in the past. I haven't made a reading for someone who was/is such a being, so I know relatively little. I can't tell you too many details about what kind of beings these are, what Densities they are a part of, or their history.

When I superficially glance over the overall subject - as in beings beyond Earth - I sense a strong energy of 'stout warriors', with a large focus on the feelings of 'pride' and 'honor'. I see this very peculiar image of the Dragon of the movie Dragonheart (but maybe as a humanoid individual), puffing up his chest proudly, in a serious facial expression and solemn tone. As an energy, I feel these beings would focus strongly on structure/discipline, on strong personal values, on trust and loyalty, and also, on being taken seriously on a personal level. Value is drawn from the 'importance', 'authority', and 'status' (largely masculine-energy considerations) each individual is able to attain in his lifetime/existence.

I'm refraining from labeling these things as 'good' or 'bad', instead I intent only on providing neutral traits and tendencies of the energy, which them could be expressed by specific individuals and groups as either positively or negatively, depending on the circumstances.

This description would probably mean as much as characterizing human beings as being 'creative' and 'flexible', in the sense that it's a significantly broad generalization. But that's what I pick up.

Asked by ElisaNuno, do you think plants also have souls? I've read quite a few of your answers and much of the content on your website, but I haven't discovered your position yet. I'm curious to know.

Hi Elisa,

Our Souls are direct projections of Source, in the sense we are Creator entities. This means we always strive for the Light. We want beauty, art, happiness, fulfillment. We are always seeking, and when an individual stops doing that, when he stops asking, believing, expressing, you can say he has _died_ spiritually – even if the person still lives in the physical body. This, by the way, is also called "depression", but I digress.

Animals and plants have spiritual energy beyond the physical, and they are entities like us as well. Some intuitive human communicators can speak with plants and animals. So you could answer this question both ways: yes, animals and plants have souls; and at the same time, they don’t.

I don’t consider plant and animal life generally having Souls by the same capacity we have. As manifestations of pure spiritual energy, animals naturally strive for freedom, joy, well-being, fun, and curiosity – but they do not strive for self-worth, wholeness, and fulfillment. They are not a “direct” projection of Source in the same capacity we are. Some would argue this is because we have an ego. But it is the other way around: we _are able_ to sustain an ego, primarily because as Souls we desired to explore deeply and in detail more about ourselves. And as Souls we seek the Light, because we miss Home.

I’m giving mainly the example of animals, because we can relate with them more, but this is also valid for plants as well. Plants are living spiritual entities in their own right. They simply have a scale of time, movement, communication, and "beingness" in general, that is very different from our own. When talking plants are portrayed in movies they sometimes appear as if talking and moving in a very slow manner, like the Ents in Lord of the Rings, or somewhat less intellectually developed, like the character Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet they tend to be compassionate, loving, and protective of those they love. This is a reflection of the general spiritual energy of plant-based entities.

We do, however, have the ability to individualize the energy of animals/plants to the degree that they start being able to sustain the Soul-based properties we have ourselves. We have the ability to breath/create our “Sparks of Creation” into animals and plants, giving birth to the process of individualizing them beyond their original level of consciousness as spiritual entities. And we do so, mostly by having pets, by giving attention and love to an animal, or by talking to a plant, for example. And also, by giving a name to an animal.

I don’t know if you're any kind of vegan or vegetarian; but I’ll ask you to observe that eating the meat from a generic cow is very different from eating Betsy, a cow that you had as pet in the farm when you were young, and that you and the whole family cared for. When we name an animal, we are beginning this process of individualization, and we do so with our intrinsic Soul abilities. This specific animal becomes very different to our consideration than an otherwise generic animal. This is why consuming the meat of an animal we regard as a pet is nearly as foul as the very thought of consuming an human being like us; while somehow it feels less “wrong” to eat a generic, unnamed animal. There is where the difference lies.

So, plants in general have spiritual energy and can be considered aspects of Source; but they just don’t have an individualized Soul the same way we do. But some animals, and even plants, may be in the process of developing such attributes, by our own hand and choice, since we are Creator Gods.

Asked by Nikole Bender-Saunders I was wondering if anything about our current lives can be seen from Akashic records, if it recorded as it happens. For example experiences that we can't remember ourselves. Thanks so much.

Hi Nikki,

My Soul contract and gift with the Akashic Records is solely about experiences that can be considered to be in the past of the person being read. In other words, lives and experiences that had a beginning, a middle, and an end, and therefore can be considered closed.

On occasion, I can sometimes receive a specific detail or energy pertaining to the present life. But that only happens to the degree that it is relevant and related to the energies that are being read and cleansed in the reading.

Technically it can be possible to access someone's present life and the present moment through the Akashic Records. But that would be someone else's contract, not mine.

Asked by Annapaola

Dear Nuno, I came to this site after submitting an article to your collection on Medium.

I spent hours tonight going through your articles, which I found very interesting, thanks very much for them.

In particular, I was interested in what you call “the calling”, that is to find our way of being true to our Spirit. I wanted to ask you, I know what my calling is and it is the one thing that can give me fullest joy ever since I have memory.

My big concern, instead, is finding motivation to keep going on the path, as from time to time I feel drained. You write that once you discover what fulfills your spirit, doing that one thing you love doesn't feel like an effort. For me it is, at the extent that I struggle to find the right state of mind to do it. I don’t know why I am so inconsistent and so often against myself.

I would like to know what you think. Many thanks.

Hi Annapaola,

Thank you for your kind words. It's always a pleasure to receive compliments about the website, I do work hard on it.

I can relate with your words. The thing with following your Essence, is that your passions and gifts, by themselves, are generally effortless. For example, I can usually read anyone's energy easily and clearly. I could read random people I see on the street, or meet in a shop, with not much effort. It's something that comes naturally to me.

The difficulty often comes not from doing the thing itself, but when you put further expectations on it, if you are to earn money from it (if that's your case), and when you have to interact and deal with others as you do. For example, I tend to get extremely discouraged when I perform a reading for someone and I receive no feedback - it's not common, but it happens. Or, when I'm doing things that are very boring to me, for example translating things on the website from English to Portuguese and vice-versa.

These weights can be related with past experiences, including past-lives. We tried to perform our gifts or follow our interests, but we got invalidation from others, we had problems and setbacks, or we were even punished for it. So now we have all these fears and beliefs in the way, that when we try to do things consistently, they make things difficult.

For me, when I'm having issues with motivation or drive to keep pushing forward, it's a balancing act. It's about trying to see in each moment what should I understand about the situation, what can I do differently, if I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to - or if I simply should go watch a movie and leave everything else on hold. Sometimes I have to push through a belief that says that I'm not good enough. Other times, I do have to get my energy cleansed, because we tend to accumulate things. Energy plays a very big part in your well being and your mood.

I'm going to do a little shameless self-advertisement here, and say that, if you think you have a specific issue with motivation, or struggle, it's always possible to do an Akashic Records Reading to try to get to the origin of the problem.

Hope it helped.

Asked by AnonymousDoes our individual God reside within each of us?

Each of us is a manifestation, a projection, of Infinite Creation. Infinite Creation is fully conscious, intelligent, benevolent, and infinite. It is made of Love and Consciousness. Some call it God; Creator; Source; Universe; All That Is; and so on.

I like to say that we are not a part of God; rather, each of Us is God - the One, True Creator - that is exploring a part of itself. I think I read this somewhere, I can't remember where exactly. When I peek deep within myself, and I find ME, what is this ME? I see that there is no difference between ME and Source. I see no difference between this awareness of "I", and Source itself. It is all infinite Consciousness. It just Is.

The only way to get in touch with God, Source, Creation, is to align yourself with your deeper, core nature. It is to live your life, your practical, day-to-day life, being completely honest, and respectful, of who you really are. This is "the path to God".

Your deeper nature is made of silence, of infinity. It contemplates, it observes. But, this nature - your core nature - also likes things. It likes to experience and to explore, also. It prefers cold weather over hotter ones; it prefers daytime rather than nighttime; it prefers light clothes, or dressing up; it finds emotion in flowers; or trees; or gazing at the stars; or in people; or in movies. It loves chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, wine, beer, spicy food, sweet food, mushy food, or texture. It has preferences, joys, and wishes. It is simple, yet complex, and infinite, because it will always want to keep exploring.

Your true nature does not show on newspapers or magazines. No-one can tell you what it is, not even your parents. It's not anything that someone in the world has ever written about. It's exclusively internal to you. You can only be aware of it, by feeling it. It is the only way.

Living your life in respect to your true nature, your "Essence", be it in the larger things of life or in the small ones, be it in silent meditation or handling the garden, in prayer or in travel, in service to others or in singing and dancing, is your the way to be God. It's the path. Being "in the zone" also means being in touch with God. The one True God does reside within us, and therefore, the only way to God is from within. Anything else is, ultimately, illusory.

Sometimes it's not easy to discern between a higher desire that is purely Soul-based, and a lower desire that seeks to get addicted, to get revenge, to get pleasure at the expense of others, or to lower your consciousness. It's not always easy to tell what is Angel from what is ego. But one could also say that it is all coming from various parts of your own beingness; and your only task is to discern which is which, act accordingly, and attempt to find balance between both.

Asked by AnonymousAre other entities such as ET's abound by this path of reincarnation?

Yes. The Universe is teeming with life. It's what it exists for. It provides Consciousness with a vastness of opportunities to experience multiple kinds of realities, lessons, challenges, and choices.

The many places (planets for example) in the Universe where incarnation occurs may not necessarily have exactly the same 'technical' specifics as we do, for example, having an Higher Self exactly the same way as we do, having the same structure of subtle bodies as the humans have (see the Dimensions Chart), or even the same degree of Free Will. The exact way incarnation happens in each place is closely tied with the nature of the lessons and experiences meant to happen there.

But yes, in broad terms, Earth is not the only place in the Universe where Spirit experiences matter. What are normally called "ET's" are, generally, also forms of Spirit experiencing matter, just not native to Earth. Since I read the Akashic Records and I track Souls across their many manifestations across space and time, I do find it very hard to treat 'outsiders' with a different word. To me it's all the same, without boundaries: the journey of the Soul.