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The Three Conditions to Attract your Soul Mate

Posted by Nuno on 29.11.14 under Metaphysics (General).

The vast majority of people idealizes that upon meeting a Soul Mate, they’ll be in a permanent state of bliss. This is not true. The first part about being prepared to meet your Soul Mate, is to discard the common human illusions about love. 1. Relinquish the Illusion When you are “in love”, you’re high. You’re floating in the clouds, you (…)

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You Teach Yourself, You Heal Yourself, Always

Posted by Nuno on 10.08.14 under Spiritual Awakening.

When you are on a spiritual journey, it is truly you who heals yourself, who shows yourself what you need to learn next. You bring to yourself the healers, practitioners, and teachers, to convey to you the information you need to receive, in the way you need to hear it. They are just the channels, vessels, through which the information (…)

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The Universe Stops When You Stop

Posted by Nuno on 23.02.14 under Life and Society.

Life moves around you, to serve you. Your goals, ambitions, desires, curiosity, mood, and state of mind. “Law of Attraction”, they call it. Reality revolves around you, like if you are the center of the Universe. Because you are. The Universe around you moves with your passions. Your choices and decisions, your bold moves, your actions. Your curiosity. Your will (…)

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Your Very Own Drama Channel

Posted by Nuno on 20.01.14 under Life and Society.

Be very careful with your criticism. When you develop a “pet peeve”. When you declare that something is “wrong”. When you reject something, especially when you do so with a passion, that thing will start appearing on the outside to attack you. Why? So that you may re-integrate it. By forgiving it, by seeing its good aspects, by being at (…)

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Law of Attraction: Manifesting Reality by Asking for More

Posted by Nuno on 01.09.13 under Life and Society.

Enjoying something consciously, and asking “more please”, is a powerful way to manifest the things you like in your reality. If you’re not familiar with the subject, co-creation means your energy generates/manifests/dictates what happens in your life. Another common name for this mechanism is “Law of Attraction”. It can be as simple as thinking about ice cream and then eating one (…)

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When You’re Anxious for an Answer, It May Already Be Within Your Reach

Posted by Nuno on 06.07.13 under Life and Society.

If you are experiencing anxiety about having something you want, it may be because you can have it right now, or at least, it’s possible to begin manifesting right away the co-creative process, that will eventually lead you to that thing you want. It’s just that you haven’t realized the obvious answer yet, or you’re blocking it with your beliefs (…)

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A Discussion on Soul Mates, and How to Find Yours

Posted by Nuno on 19.10.12 under Life and Society.

This text is dedicated for those of you who might wonder if there’s The One for you: that perfect person, prince Charming, the perfect princess, your soul mate. YES, there is. The question is, what does it take for this person to appear in your life, and how do you do it. Regarding Love, there’s a myth about another myth. One (…)

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Do We Have Free Will or are Events Predestined?

Posted by Nuno on 12.06.12 under Metaphysics (General).

Often two Spiritual concepts may look like paradoxes, but are both true at the same time. This is the case with choice (free will) and destiny. Both ideas, namely that 1) you’re the one in charge of your life, and 2) things that happen are already “predicted”, are true. Allow me to explain. This is, for me, the best, classical (…)

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