Heart Ki
How it Works
  • Click on a card to see it; click again to re-spread the cards
  • Use the spread types to lay out the cards as you prefer
  • The deck is shuffled each time the cards are spread
  • More Decks: Oracle Cards, Essence Cards, Decision Cards
  1. Nothing particularly complex. Draw cards as you feel like it!

Uplifting Messages

  • You're Totally Amazing

  • You're Super Cute

  • You Are Adorable

  • You're a Sweetheart

  • You're A Ray of Sunshine

  • You're Worth It

  • The Universe is Lucky To Have You

  • You Deserve Validation and Respect

  • You Deserve Attention from Others

  • You Deserve To Feel Safe and Cared For

  • You Deserve Peace of Mind

  • You Deserve a Life Without Tension

  • You Are Worthy of Love and Affection

  • You Deserve Having Your Dreams Come True

  • You Can Do It

  • You'll Figure It Out

  • You Need a Pause to Relax

  • Try Again Tomorrow, Take Time Off Today

  • Let Yourself Off The Hook

  • Take a Day Off

  • Spend Time Caring for Yourself

  • You're Coping and That's Enough

  • There's Light At the End of Most Tunnels

  • Things Will Get Better

  • If Life Only Gives You Lemons, Life Needs to Start Giving You Something Else

  • You're Not Responsible for Everything That Happens

  • You're Not Responsible for Another Person's Journey

  • Not Everything Comes Down to You; Too Many of Life's Difficulties are Systemic

  • Failure is a Part of Life

  • You Are Worthy

  • You're Not Meant To Solve All of the World's Problems

  • You Are Deeply Creative

  • What You Feel Matters

  • What You Love is Important

  • You Are Loved

  • You Care

  • The World is Better By You Being In It

  • You Are Wise and You Know What You're Doing

  • You Are Adequate

  • You Are Learning And That's Not Easy

  • You Are Unique and Beautiful

  • Others are Lucky to Have You in Their Lives

  • You Need, and Deserve, (More) Money

  • You Belong

  • You're Giving Your Best, and You're Doing a Great Job

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