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Frequently Asked Questions about Reincarnation and Related Topics

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Is There Afterlife/Life After Death?


Is Reincarnation True?


How Do I Know If I Have Past-Lives?

The most common situation for individuals on Earth is for them to have reincarnated, and having done so many times. Everyone is a spiritual entity incarnating in a physical body, and everyone (re)incarnates. Having done so just this one time would probably mean this happens to be your first lifetime on Earth, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, statistically speaking, it is generally safe to assume you have past-lives.

How Do I Access Information About My Past-Lives?

There are various possibilities. The one I offer is reading the Akashic Records of others, which is what I do for a living. The Akashic Records are the metaphysical records of your past-lives – as well as any other existences, manifestations, and experiences, as a spiritual entity, across All Creation.

My readings: Akashic Records Readings

How Do I Know If I Have a Past-Life?

Not life, lives. If you consider the possibility of having lived in the past, why would you limit that consideration to just one occasion? Otherwise refer to the previous questions.

Why Do We Not Remember Our Past-Lives?

The shorter version of the answer is so that you may focus on this one life and choices, from your current sense of identity, without minding (consciously) any details and identities from any of your past-lives – which can be many. It’s a matter of focus. Having these details ready and present in your current moment would simply be too much for you to handle and still operate and behave in a functional manner – not to mention dealing with all the various choices and consequences you may have made in some of the past-lives, ex: violence, criminality, etc. For better and worse, a new life is a fresh start.

Please mind that you do have access to the information through some means (ex: Akashic Records), just not “easily”, in a conscious manner, at least generally speaking. Also mind that what is forgotten are the details and specifics of the past – facts, choices, circumstances, experiences. Otherwise on a spiritual/subtle/unconscious level you remain exactly the same and you’re simply carrying on from before, the same spiritual being as you were, without interruption.

This is not an advertisement in support of the reincarnation system as we have it on Earth. I’m personally not a fan nor proponent of low awareness, not being aware of your spiritual self, etc. This is just an observation of how things work the way they do, and why, at this time.

A longer answer would have to mention the current characteristics and setting of our system of incarnation on Earth. The more evolved and subtle the incarnation setting is (the vibratory state of the planet, Earth is currently in 3D) the easier and more accessible knowledge and information from beyond the metaphysical veil becomes, such as for example your ability to access your own past-lives, spiritual intentions for this lifetime, your spiritual nature as a Soul, and so forth.

How Long Does It Take Between One Incarnation and the Next?

The amount of time between two incarnations is variable and depends on several circumstances. Still, what can be called ‘typical’, is for this time to be in the order of several decades, perhaps around 50-80 years, give or take. Generally speaking this time is used by the self to rest, heal, recuperate, and prepare for the next lifetime.

However, much shorter times are possible. In certain situations you may be able to incarnate almost immediately. It’s not uncommon, for example, for a child to reincarnate back into the same family upon passing, becoming their own younger brother. Another example would be to be born as your own child, with you as the father passing before you as the child being born.

How Can Reincarnation Be Real If the World’s Population Keeps Increasing?

This question comes from the perspective that assumes human life to be the “main” thing, and any other possibilities to be secondary or alternative – when it’s the other way around. The only limitations are of the physical; Spirit is immaterial and infinite, and there are no limits to the number of Souls, not on Earth, let alone in the Cosmos.

For a more thorough explanation please read: How Can Reincarnation Be Real If The World’s Population Keeps Increasing?

Can I Reincarnate as an Animal?

No. This virtually never happens, as doing so would constitute severe risk for your spiritual progress, for no significant gain. Animal bodies are not designed to sustain our consciousness and connection to Source the way the human body does, therefore if you were to incarnate into one you’d risk dropping in consciousness, thus ‘throwing away’ all your spiritual progress you’ve worked for thus far. Therefore, the rule of thumb is, once human, you remain incarnating as human.

It is however true animals do have spiritual components and energies to them. So in the sense we are ultimately All One, they are part of the same substance we are, and we are all connected with each other.

Can We Reincarnate on Other Planets?

Yes, and your Akashic Records store information of past-lives on other planets just as well. Please mind that you may not be able to proceed to incarnate on a different planet after this one life on Earth. But it is generally true reincarnation takes place on other planets – or it can.

For a more thorough answer on this: Is it common for a soul to have a cycle of incarnations rather than a one off life on a single planet or in a single civilization, before moving on to a new one?

Synchronicity (any type of question, i.e. “what is”, “have you experienced”, “why does it occur” etc)

Please refer to my article on Synchronicity: What Synchronicity Is And How To Experience It

Is Life Predestined, or Do We Have Free Will?

Both at the same time. Please read: Do We Have Free Will or are Events Predestined? (fairly old article, could probably use some updating)

Do You Choose Your Next Life, or Is It Chosen for You?

Both at the same time. Please read: Do You Choose Your Next Life, or Is It Chosen for You?

How Do You Know Information X?

My article on Gnosis – Gnosis – is as far as I’ll ever go to “justify” myself to others. Otherwise I’ll state I simply know the information, and you are free to use your discernment in evaluating if what I’m saying or writing is true or not.

Do you Believe in X?

I generally refrain from answering questions asking if I “believe” in X, Y or Z, or coming from that premise. Not as a rule set in stone, but in a general sense.

Regarding the metaphysical – any aspect to it – things are what they are, and work as they work, and you either know them for what they are or you don’t. A belief is a mind construct that places distance between you and the thing: it is what you believe the thing to be, but not necessarily knowledge of the actual thing itself. Things do not care, and are not affected by, your beliefs about them. My purpose here is to bring your attention to what actually is – as opposed to continue dabbling at the level of beliefs.

Again, please refer to my article on Gnosis: Gnosis

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