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Should Spiritual Teachers Get Paid?

Posted by Nuno on 06.09.22 under Society and Culture.

Spirituality is free; teaching it isn’t.

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Akashic Soul Essay: The Artist Messenger

Posted by Nuno on 01.02.15 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

Electrical Energy John’s energy [fictitious name] is one of fast-pace, lightning-quick speed. This energy loves excitement, is excitement, and loves the thrill of experience, on physical matter, and here on Earth particularly. There are energies whose nature is being quick and fast – as opposed to slow, laborious – and then, there’s John’s energy. The word “Hermes” comes to mind. John’s (…)

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Asking Monetary Compensation For Spiritual Work

Posted by Nuno on 22.06.14 under Life and Society.

Someone playing tennis with his friends isn’t the same thing as a Nadal or a Federer playing competitively. No matter how competitive you are at playing with friends in your backyard, or, for example, doing something as a hobby, there’s a quantum leap that is necessary when you commit to do something professionally. The stakes are much higher if you’re (…)

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Regarding Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Nuno on 18.01.13 under Spiritual Awakening.

Many people in the world are going through a personal Awakening, each in their own way. Awakening simply means just that: waking up. From the collectively accepted dreams, goals, ways of being, and living a life with meaning – a meaning with significance to yourself. It can also mean the exploration and resolution of a deep existential doubt, a question or issue (…)

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Debt is Misaligned With Spiritual Integrity

Posted by Nuno on 10.11.12 under Life and Society.

Avoid acquiring something while paying it in the future. Avoid paying anything over time, with interest. As far as it is possible and feasible, follow the rule of having only what you can afford at any given time, in full, without incurring into any sort of debt or forward payment. If you have a credit card, set it so money is taken (…)

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