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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: The Artist Messenger

The following is a Akashic Records Reading (Written) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over two weeks and delivered to the client in written, essay form. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would impact the original, intended meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Written Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

swirling strings of light

Electrical Energy

John’s energy [fictitious name] is one of fast-pace, lightning-quick speed. This energy loves excitement, is excitement, and loves the thrill of experience, on physical matter, and here on Earth particularly. There are energies whose nature is being quick and fast – as opposed to slow, laborious – and then, there’s John’s energy.

The word “Hermes” comes to mind. John’s energy is electrical and energized in nature, constantly spinning, swirling, and cracking, like a constant source of lightning. I see the image of the surface of John’s aura as a field of lightning, light blue incandescent energy, flashing and swirling.

This energy is fast at moving and acting. It’s capable of doing things very quickly, perhaps doing many things at once, moving around at the speed of light. The downside of it, is that by moving so fast it can be clumsy and reckless. Leaving things behind, forgetting about things, and possibly damaging things and injuring itself in the process.

Matter is solid, hard, slower than energy, which is quick and immaterial. To handle matter one needs to be “grounded”, i.e. taking time to mind, pay attention, to things of matter. Being “ungrounded” means one neglects the “slowness” and harshness of matter. This is what this energy, with all its speed, may tend to do.

This energy also tends to get super-excited, overwhelmed by its own enthusiasm. This is a normal and natural byproduct of its own speed and agility, which causes it to accelerate and “spin” in itself. It will produce many thoughts, think about many things at once, ask many questions. However, such storm of activity may tend to develop chaos and lack of clarity.

Imagine an automobile traveling normally on the road. Now imagine that in one moment, the pedal of acceleration disconnects from the wheels (imagine the clutch, which does the connection between wheels and motor, breaks or malfunctions). The driver notices something is wrong, and instinctively presses the accelerator down.
The rotations of the engine increase, but they’re not checked by the movement of the wheels on the ground, so even as the car continues to move, the engine starts spinning more and more, making a lot of noise, rotating uncontrollably. This is what this energy does: suddenly it may start spinning wildly and out of control, by itself, beyond what matter can handle.

A Past-Life

You were [name of recognizable artist, from this point forward designated simply by “M”]. This was your last past-life. You spent quite a lot of time in-between both lives to heal a bit, and learning how to ground yourself in matter more. But you were reasonably eager to come back the whole time.

M was an individual profoundly passionate and excited about life, and its many possible experiences, at a time when society began accepting slightly more, and condoning slightly less, the personal freedom to experience things out of the ordinary, to have fun beyond “job productivity”, and following one’s whims and desires in terms of amusement and recreation. Music, artists and performers were booming at that time, and to those there was even more liberty given to enjoy life and bypass boundaries of restraint and condemnation. In parallel, the use of drugs was also booming.

M died of drug overdose, but on its own, it wasn’t a particularly painful or degrading experience. He got carried away and killed himself inadvertently, without intention. It was as if he barely had awareness that it was actually possible to exaggerate with drugs and harm himself. He was in the middle of a growing and expanding success with his art and performances, and as you de-incarnated and went into Spirit, you felt extremely sad and frustrated about missing out, wasting, a perfectly good opportunity for this experience. As a result, you now feel you didn’t have enough, and now you are vaguely but intensely even more hungry for getting back on track, becoming famous for your art, and taking advantage of that experience, which you lost. But you now also slightly distrust your own instincts, which you trusted before, wondering if what you want is right or wrong.

You are not wrong about wanting to have experiences, stimulus, pleasure. You are right and correct. It is simply the issue of your energy naturally having the tendency to de-ground itself, and spin at a pace beyond what matter can handle. It isn’t about if it’s right or wrong, it’s strictly a “functional”, a “mechanical” matter, so to speak. It’s about minding the limits of matter, and in parallel, your own.

If you want to be in physical matter, you need to respect its limits. Otherwise you’ll gather experiences of wastefulness and frustration by bypassing matter’s boundaries and limits (and yours), jeopardizing your physical integrity.

Eager for Experiences

Your Essence is one that has an enormous appetite for life. You are eager for experiences, you crave experiences. You can numb yourself by continuously seeking larger, louder, more intense experiences, thus rendering you less sensitive to the softer pleasures of life, and to the Love from others that is more nurturing and passive. As a consequence, this will leave you craving even more stronger feelings, emotions, sensations, and experiences. But this is not a flaw or defect, it’s a natural tendency of your energy, one you have to manage yourself.

By virtue of the sudden and unexpected termination of your latest life, you came to undermine your own confidence in your own impulses and decisions, and in your own tendency to enjoy life to the fullest. As a result, you now second-guess yourself, unsure if your inner impulses to want and do things, are “right” or “wrong”. This is also the reason for the “Fuck Guides” bullet: after passing away you complained to your guides, “How could you let this happen?!” You were furious and disappointed with your guidance team. However, they had been constantly trying to warn you that the drug usage was escalating, that it was risky and at certain critical moments your body might not be able to handle it. You were not resting that much. But you were a little too distracted with the new and exciting life you were discovering. The increasing validation from fame and recognition from others was bolstering your confidence! And so you let your guards down a bit, and for a moment you allowed yourself to believe that nothing could stop you. Again, your impulses for enjoying life were correct. It’s just that when dealing with physical matter, there’s always need for some care and caution. Also, dealing with that much fame and validation was a novelty.

The theme for your energy is always dealing with Freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want it. Here on physical matter the issue arises because the physical body, as well as the mind, have limitations, and might not cope very well with a sustained amount of time doing something intensely. The swimmer loves being in the water, but he can’t be in the water literally 24/7, for days on end, otherwise at some point his body simply won’t be able to cope, and start growing weak, eventually going into hypothermia. So he needs to come out of the water for a while, to eat, rest, go do something else, and come back the next day. In a metaphysical sense, your energy loves being always in high-voltage mode, always in pursuit, always on and active; it’s who you are. It’s your reality. And it’s possible to just be that on other realms. But matter has limitation, so it’s always a challenge for your energy to be here. But that’s part of the fun for you. You love the idea of being here on Earth, precisely because, by the fact that experiences must be limited in some way, they gain even more intensity when one does get to do them. This is what you love, and why you are here.


Growing frustrated for not fulfilling something you want do do, however, is a very real karmic attribute for you. “Karmic” means a desire and emotion that accumulates within you (over lifetimes) of unfinished business, and of invalidation of yourself.

There are two ways for you to accumulate it: one (1) is to go overboard and exaggerate in doing things. This might not only hurt you, as it can also terminate the life itself, when it comes to things that risk or affect the physical body, such as drugs in M‘s case. And if that happens, things are interrupted and you can’t achieve what you wanted. The second (2) is if you buy into the notion from others that “you can’t have everything you want, there must be restraint and effort”, and as a result you don’t trust yourself, and you don’t do what you want. You must not buy into the beliefs of others when they tell you to censor yourself, the belief that “life is not just about fun and must be productive”. You’ll be vulnerable to these beliefs to the degree that you distrust your enthusiasm to do things.

When you follow your instincts, you might have the tendency to regret them, if something goes wrong, if something is damaged, or if you hurt someone. But this only happens because you don’t balance or regulate your actions. You tend to be all-or-nothing, on-or-off, free-or-restrained. This is your doubt: Freedom. But your personal challenge is precisely how to combine, in practical terms, your high-voltage energy with the limitations of physical matter, and of yourself. You must learn how to regulate your pursuits, your enthusiasm, your willpower, much like when you have a regulating button in a household heater, or the volume of the stereo. When it’s 5 a.m. it’s probably best not to have the music on full blast, otherwise you’ll wake up all the neighbors and the whole town, and the police comes and arrests you. So you tone it down. With your energy it’s the same thing. Like the Buddha said, everything in moderation. You can also search for venues that allow you to to vent your natural enthusiasm and energy, without requiring that much energy or regulation. Regulation can consume energy and frustrate you. So this is something you long for: to not to have to restraint yourself, not be careful or doubtful all the time, and just let go.

You don’t have an ego that becomes attached to things, and takes over your identity. You do not invest in strategies to control others or to get what you want. Don’t try to remove your own desires thinking they are ego. Ego is false; but this is your Truth, this is Who You Are. Your only inner doubt is how to handle yourself. The only thing you have to be mindful is when your excitement is in a state of CHAOTIC EXCITEMENT. At that point, it may become destructive and out of control, and that is when problematic consequences happen. So you wait. And you tone it down. All of this is otherwise a natural part of your spiritual Essence.


Your story with money is an interesting one. You know that in order to come down to Earth, and experience all the things you want to experience – and as a consequence, “be yourself” – you need money. Money is fundamental in physical matter to enjoy life’s opportunities and venues for fun and enjoyment. Without money, the opportunity to truly enjoy life on Earth is seriously undermined. Money allows you to have all the life experiences you desire, bypassing the potential state of survival and effort. If that wasn’t the case, i.e. if you didn’t have money, or if you for some reason lost track of your own ability to make money while incarnated, you’d rather not be on Earth. You either can be yourself, or you don’t come at all. Therefore you don’t want money for the sake of it, but in the sense that allows you the Freedom to pursuit whatever you want at any given time. And this is absolutely your spiritual right.

Before the life of M, you had a string of lifetimes, ranging from the 1400s to the 1600s, in the area of the fertile crescent, in the middle east, mostly as caravan trader, with camels. You’d travel across the desert from location to location, in order to trade and make money. The reason for these lifetimes was one and one only: you spiritually wanted to be comfortable with money. Dealing with money, making money, growing your money, protecting your money, knowing what kinds of interests and leverage is needed when dealing with others for the purposes of making money, and so on. Your only objective was to ensure you trained the capacity to make money while incarnated. And this you did. For you being able to make money is a necessary condition for you to be incarnated on Earth.

You had no other lifetimes on Earth other than these. Your spiritual energy was present on Earth at some points in the past before this, supporting and guiding a number of individuals, and as part of certain lessons and situations; but these don’t count as past-lives literally. You haven’t spend long cycles of incarnations on Earth, lost in the conundrums of heavy karma. In turn, this is because you don’t accumulate much karma when you are here.
It is your relentless enthusiasm and love for life that keeps you always close to your Essence, which in turn has you bathed by the Light of your Soul, and prevents you from attaching greatly to any one experience or thing – being the only exception, the frustration for not being yourself and do what you want, as mentioned. It is also your total and absolute unwillingness, as a spiritual entity, to subject yourself from any and all situations that would not allow yourself to be your true self, such as, for example, being on Earth without money, or, not being allowed to have fun and excitement.

Energy Opening

Another reason why you came in specifically during the period of 1400 to 1600, was because during that time the Earth’s energy was changing, and it was particularly conductive for travel, exploration, and meeting new peoples and cultures. The world was rediscovering itself. Perhaps the most visible form of exploration was in terms of maritime discovery of the Americas. But this energy truly was valid for the entirety of the globe.

This new openness made it so that those who traveled continuously, such as trading route travelers, were perhaps a little bit more accepted, and seen as more useful. You didn’t want to risk coming in to do something, only for your parents or your culture to dismiss and invalidate what you wanted to do. At that time, you wanted to become a long-distance roaming trader, for the purposes of your spiritual lessons, and this was fairly accepted by society at that time. You may have acquired from others some stigma for being greedy, but this is not true. You were – and are- motivated in terms of money not for the sake of it, not because of ego-based greed and power, but to have an abundance of resources that allows you to spend your life on something else, that is actually fitting of your Essence, and corresponding to your desires as a sovereign Soul.

So when the energy of Earth began offering opportunities to openly practice trading and making money, you took them, and came in. Once you accomplished it, you didn’t came back again, until your life as M. Why? Because the energy of the Earth only started opening to the experience of actual enjoyment from the 1950s forward, which is precisely when you came again. Before that, the energy was fairly closed, devoted to duty and productivity only. Hence you could say that, while of high vibration, you are fairly new at incarnating on Earth, and this is why you were a bit taken by surprise by killing yourself with drugs as M – you just didn’t know. And, for that matter, people weren’t that used to dealing with drugs in those days, either. There wasn’t a lot of information or experience back then. So your inexperience, combined with the world’s inexperience, culminated in your unexpected departure.

This is also why you’re receiving this reading now. You wanted to solidify your conscious knowledge of who you are, while incarnated, to prevent having you self-doubting your own nature, and wandering off to do something that is not your Essence. Which is something particularly dangerous, because that’s how Souls get lost in karma and the Earth’s incarnation cycles, trying forever to return to their own Essence, and spiritual truth within. You wanted to reinforce your awareness of yourself, so that you could return, more or less, to where you left off (instead of getting more and more lost).


Money = Confidence (knowing what you’re doing) and Enthusiasm (or pleasure, enjoyment).

Being money fundamental for the purposes of your experience, the first string of incarnations during the 1400s – 1600s was to train the first part of the equation: confidence (not so much about pleasure or fun, other than the goal of making money). During those lifetimes you also went through the process of doubting yourself, namely about the skill at making good deals and making money. But you eventually got to a point where you were satisfied with what you learned. You realized the equation of money, written above, and you perfected it, by training and practice, and by psyching yourself up with enthusiasm – both things that rely on having high amounts of energy and vitality, which you have to begin with, it’s who you are. This is also why you don’t want to give up on your own Essence of excitement, high-voltage, enthusiasm, and confidence, because you know that enthusiasm and confidence are vital to earn money abundantly. If one of them is undermined, then the ability of earning money is compromised, in whatever activity you do.

In that string of past-lives being a trader, the second-to-last life also ended with an inadvertent loss of life. You were pushing yourself extremely hard, as you grew confident in your abilities. At one point you were traveling across the desert, pushing to reach a specific destination for trade before others, in a specific time frame where pricing and trading opportunities would be particularly beneficial for you, at the destination. It was a massive opportunity for enormous profit. But in your enthusiasm you neglected your own health condition, and literally while walking through sand with the camel, you grew so dehydrated on the scorching sun that you collapsed, and that was the end of it, since no one knew where you were, no one saw you. It was with that passing that you first grew suspicious of “greed” you might have had, since you were so carried away and focused on your trading objectives, that you really didn’t notice that your body had been literally failing.

But it was the energy of enthusiasm, and this is what enthusiasm does. Excitement is a natural part of high-level energy, the driving force behind all things. And in physical matter it can act as a sedative: makes you not feel physical pain or discomfort. It is in this sense that being overly-excited can be chaotic and potentially harmful, and why regulation is advised.

Now is the second part: practicing enthusiasm and enjoyment – and again, not doubting yourself either: not getting too carried away and injuring, harming, or killing yourself, wrecking your chances to experience fun; but also not self-sabotaging, out of doubt, guilt, or being labeled as selfish or greedy, and then canceling yourself out because of it.


One of things you may struggle with is being confronted with the notion that your desires and natural affinities – for art, for enjoyment, for expression, for freedom – are selfish, superficial, shallow and unproductive. But this is completely untrue.

By the information we’ve given you so far you might guess that, for the standards of the living on Earth, you are a special entity, that only comes “down here” in special occasions, when the energy of the Earth is changing and opening. The first consequence of this, is that your energy is extremely high-level, high-vibration. You may not find many individuals and teachings on Earth, even in the spiritual realms, that could completely comprehend your energy, because the lesson on Earth has been, primarily and mostly, about crossing from 3D to 4D: crossing from pure pragmatic evil and arrogance, everyone for themselves mentality (3D), into trying to do the right thing, kindness and compassion, its direct opposite (4D). Many spiritual and philosophical teachings talk about kindness, compassion, and thinking about others first (4D). These are not “wrong”, but your energy is not this. Such beliefs, thinking about others first, charity, and being kind at all times, may sparkle within you the self-doubt about greed and enthusiasm, and guilt about being destructive. This is why you desire a figure of a Mr. Miyagi, i.e. a line of thought and understanding that is not just about “goodness”, but guides and teaches you by validating your inner Essence rather than canceling it. We hope this reading contributes towards this end, to some degree.

Some entities, Souls, and individuals, are about Compassion; Trust; Love; Caring; Understanding; or Wisdom and Knowledge. You are not this. You are about full-on, overpowering, totally flowing, in full force, joy, enthusiasm, love for Life, and Rhythm. You are a Performer, and you work best towards groups of people, setting their tune by setting your own tune. And you have the ability of conveying others, with your presence, and your life, to show them what it is the meaning of Life, the meaning of enjoying experiences, to the fullest and without guilt. Therefore, your energy and “purpose” are completely focused and PURPOSEFUL. It just gets out of hand when there’s exaggeration and ungroundedness.

You don’t have a “purpose”, in the sense of a task being assigned by someone else; you are entirely self-driven, even spiritually and in the journey of your Soul. But your “purpose” is to align with your Essence and live life to the fullest, showing others that it is benevolent and high-energy. And to remind them that every Soul is free to choose (and responsible for) its own experiences, with care and benevolence, but without guilt and restraint. That is why they, we, all came here in the first place. It is by being who you are that you are of Service. Not because you are trying to “serve”, but because it’s where Soul passions always lead.

Resolve for Freedom

What keeps you ultimately detached from becoming bound and stuck by karma and to matter, is one single trait: the absolute unwillingness to go into a place, or circumstances, that will not allow you to be yourself. From here also comes your utter determination in being free (to do what you want), and the revolt at anyone who seems to try to contain, censor, or stop you, including the perception of your guides.

What this means, is that regardless of how much you like an experience, or how much you enjoy things on Earth, you will not be compelled to go after these things, and incarnate, if that would mean you would subject yourself to situations you don’t like, won’t respect you, or won’t allow you to be yourself. This utter determination is what keeps you safe. It keeps you, to use fairly recognizable words, in an “ascended state”, meaning, you are free to come and go as you please from Earth, and you are not bounded by excessive amounts of karma. If not momentarily, at least in the medium term, in terms of incarnations. This is a 7th Density (7D), very high-level awareness of detachment, which is perfectly healthy and spiritually appropriate. If the energy of the Earth (and of others, and of society) doesn’t allow you to be yourself, or it doesn’t allow you to do what you want to do, then you just leave and go somewhere else, until it does. This, by the way, is what you did between your last life in the 1600s as a trader, and the life of M. You weren’t here at all. You were experiencing things somewhere else, as time is not to be wasted. And when the energy of the Earth began to open again in the 1950s onwards, you saw openings and you returned.

This single aspect of yourself, your resolve in being you and in being free, is your single, ultimate protection.
The moment you would relax this resolve, you would easily start to subject yourself to situations that you don’t really want, and then you would start to accumulate the emotions of frustration, pain, and suffering, and then you’d start building up karma faster than you could solve it, thereby trapping you in reincarnation by obligation, rather than having chosen so freely. This is the reason why you need to validate your Essence first, and not buy into any beliefs that place obligation, “responsibility”, and “productivity”, above your Essence. It is actually very critical you do so.

You can, however, be open to the advice from others (the part that is not ego-based) that is about balance and moderation, since in this respect those that have been incarnating in matter for much longer than you, may know more about it than you do.

Feeding the Wrong Aspects of Yourself

Before your current life and after M‘s life, you had one very short incarnation process, where you were a baby that was stillborn, or passed away very early, because of breathing/heart problems. This was done to resolve very rapidly the accumulated karmic attributes of your life loss as M, both of physical frailty and tiredness, and with respect to those around M that fueled his drug consumption rather than trying to safeguard him. In particular, I see a thin and petite young woman with the energy of girlfriend to M (although it probably wouldn’t be anything too serious) and I also see a male agent-type person, a promoter, or otherwise a non-musician associate. Both of these persons were very enabling to M, and introduced a high degree of indiscipline into his life, fueling the lack of control, and indirectly contributed for him getting carried away with his drugs and passing away. They later became a couple, and wanted to have children as a couple but experienced a stillborn. This possibly happened in new lifetimes, because I see them young and in a different, more modern energy, maybe the 1990s.

This experience was a swift resolution of the karmic bonds between the three individuals. The emotional pain was much more significant for the couple rather than for you. The alternative for this was you having been born with a quite significant physical impairment (I see a wheelchair) that would last for a whole life. This for you was completely out of the question. Clearing this karmic situation in a swift manner was much more aligned with you: doing things rapidly, even if involving some sudden pain as a result. You “had no time to waste” with lengthy karmic tribulations. The energy of the Earth had not been open for “real” entertainment for a very long time, and you wanted to savor it. This was still relatively recent, and physically you might have some light residual memory of this, maybe feeling tired easily, running out of breath quickly, or something along those lines. This karmic attribute originated with extreme tiredness and drug overuse, and can even be traced back to the passing away in the desert from dehydration – all situations of extreme wear and lack of maintenance of the physical body. But I see it at this point this attribute no longer is active. It’s as if a healed scar, the wound is visible but no longer aching.

Those who feed on the energy of your enthusiasm, and possible fame, wealth, or notoriety, can easily became enablers, feeding the part of you that probably shouldn’t be fed, which is the relaxation of limits and moderation. You’d have them around you, because they sort of rub off and alleviate, your burden of guilt. But such individuals play with your natural tendencies the “wrong” way. You should take care not to surround yourself of those that feed your unbalance – but also not cancel you out either. Neither enabling or canceling are the answer. Only soft and noninvasive but persistent love and support are.

Soul Traits and Essence (1)

You are an entity that is free to roam the 7th and 6th planes of consciousness, which are both completely immaterial and solely made up of energy – although 6D does have forms, and some experience of being singular, i.e. being “here” and not “there”. Technically I would call this being “ascended”, which means the full recognition of the self, and of the Soul’s sovereignty and freedom of choice and experience. As long as you hold this ability without being bogged down by karma, fears, or beliefs, that would have you believe you do not hold this choice, you retain this fundamental trait.

In a physical sense, the first Density that has physical matter is 5D. 5D is the beginning of matter, and introduces the concept of solid planets, incarnating into a body that is not only energy but also solid substance, and also, the concept of time. 5D is the first realm where, between you having a thought and that thought manifesting as circumstances around you, any certain amount of time passes (for the most part).

You are a high-voltage, high-frequency, lightning-quick energy, that wishes to do things fast, experience everything intensely, and move around freely. I see you, metaphorically, moving within 7D/6D, and occasionally tipping your toe in 5D, slightly, as if testing the waters a bit. This image represents you want to remain free to roam across the realms at your will and pace, and occasionally step in physical matter to experience its possibilities, but yet, not getting permanently trapped there, immersing yourself deeper and deeper into 4D and 3D, exploring darkness and negativity in detail, and then having to return back up afterwards, the way many Souls do.
So you serve as a kind of messenger, or a traveler, that occasionally drops by the realms of physical matter, and carries with him high-intensity and high-level energy from realms above. And then, tends to go away for long periods, off to a new experience. You do not do so because you “want to be a messenger”, or because you placed a label on yourself. This happens simply because that’s what you enjoy doing, that’s who you are.

Earth is a 3D realm, but being here on Earth counts as stepping into 5D in terms of awareness, so as long as you can keep your personal awareness, experiences, and mode of life, at the 5th level of awareness – being yourself, and nothing else – which Earth technically allows you to do. Hence the importance of you not wanting to give up on your freedom. This is the same as to say that you don’t want to drop your awareness any lower than 5D.

Soul Traits and Essence (2)

Because as an energy you are characterized by being intrinsically free to choose, free to move around, and free to experience things to the fullest, it is of paramount importance to you that you do not get trapped in any one place. So as soon as you step your foot in matter, immediately forms the duality between “full-force intensity” and “restraint and moderation”.

This duality only exists in… duality, for you, but it’s important to understand that this spectrum, “letting go” vs “moderate and restraint”, and anything else in between, comes from you being who you are, and it’s your line of exploring duality whenever you are there. When you are purely energy, you don’t have to restrain anything at all about yourself, you’re just energy. But matter introduces limitations, and the necessity to take care.

So you have a deep desire to just let go, let loose, and not mind any limitations at all; but you also have a very high pressure on yourself, and on your guidance team, for you to not do anything “wrong”, that would either hurt you or even kill yourself, or make you gain karma, having you become trapped in the depths of physical matter for a long time. This high pressure comes from the deep desire to not get trapped. The answer, again, is not of labeling what is right or wrong – only of balance. That is a challenge you don’t really love, but at the same time it’s what makes the experience in matter, as a whole, intense and fun.

You absolutely hate having to stop things you’re doing, and you resent anyone who tries to tell you to calm down, to take care, to slow down, to rest, or to not do something, including the figure of your guides, because that seems to go against your liberty. And also, because when you’re in the middle of incarnation things aren’t always so clear, and this makes you doubt yourself. In the case of M, your guides were telling you to mind the limits, trying to keep you alive so that you could have a long life and enjoy it, even if that at the time that information came across as guilt and shame.

But any attempts from others to limit or restraint you, telling you to not enjoy life and not be yourself, are ego-based attacks on your Essence, from individuals who do not yet know what you already do, and that you’re supposed to be teaching others by example.

Soul Traits and Essence (3)

Your energy absolutely does not enjoy the feeling of sitting idle doing nothing, or wasting time with the energies of patience and waiting. You want to always be doing something, and you prefer to go out, go to places and do things, rather than being indoors. You also do not deal with rest very well. Resting is felt as a waste of time, and can even become painful in an emotional sense. This is somewhat common for Souls incarnating on Earth with some sensitivity and connection to higher realms, and it’s especially true for you. There might be some trouble or issue with sleeping, having an agitated sleep with many dreams and mental activity, or you might have the tendency to not want to go to sleep, and go to bed very late.

This is also in line with the tendency to not mind your physical integrity. If you neglect rest and sleep, your physical body will slowly wither down and become weakened, much like it already happened in previous times. You must accept that the experience of not really wanting to go to sleep is natural for you, but having that compassion for yourself, and for the sake of keeping your health levels in a reasonable condition, you should find ways to facilitate yourself the act of going to sleep. For example, find an activity (that you enjoy) that naturally makes you sleepy and do it before going to bed, so you naturally get sleepy and “soft”, and going to bed doesn’t cost as much. Anything that makes it easier to lie down and sleep will help you. You can also use crystals near your bed whose energy helps soothe and calm you, and sleep easier and more deeply, such as the pink quartz. This will actually help you a lot. Your high-voltage electric energy may naturally saturate crystals over time. If you don’t want to cleanse your crystals regularly and they break apart, don’t worry, as crystals can break from use and energy. If/when a crystal stone breaks, just bury the pieces underground (in earth) somewhere in a natural setting, and get another crystal.

As mentioned, your craving for strong experiences may render you relatively senseless to the more subtle kinds of sensations and emotions. You may think you don’t feel as much certain things, such as love, for example. But this is because you’re only paying attention to the stronger sensations, and not noticing the more subtler ones. So even if you retain the ability to feel them, with time you forget to recognize how those subtle sensations feel like.
Associated with this, you may also have the tendency to crave new experiences, but when you do get to them, you can actually forget to savor and enjoy them properly, because you’re with the momentum of longing for the next thing. While not particularly severe, this may keep you from being fully satisfied and satiated with the positive experiences you yourself draw and create for yourself. Feelings of guilt and selfishness may also get in the way of enjoyment – these, again, should be dismissed, in light of previous information.

Soul Traits and Essence (4)

Your energy is extremely agile and swift. Only when it’s in “exaggerated” mode it becomes clumsy and unfocused; but its natural state is actually very focused, effortless, and devoid of doubt. Things come out perfectly at first attempt. This is also why certainty and confidence are major core points for you. You can consider doubt as a “contaminating agent”. Once you allow doubt into your energy, it undermines you. Your energy is also very varied, colorful, based on excitement and variation. This is what you mean by living in a WARM way. “Warm” means that you’re closely following your Essence, and having fun.

The intensity and frequency of your thoughts may occasionally make you to over-think things. Overthinking is walking past the edge of pier: there’s no more solid ground beneath your feet, only water. Excessive thoughts are not supported by the truth of your spiritual energy, and so that’s the point that doubts, uncertainty, guilt and fear creep in, and undermine you. When you’re overthinking and unsure, detach and go do something else.

Finally, an already addressed issue is the tendency to, when the levels of excitement go through the roof, so to speak, and they reach “chaotic excitement”, there’s a tendency to start losing objects, forgetting things, what you were going to do. And it may get a little more severe, in which you accidentally damage something, harm someone, or even injure yourself. This underlines the importance – and the challenge – of combining the desire to experience things, and completely letting go if the circumstances are right, with the necessity of having the practical sense to take care of yourself and not cross the “danger” threshold. Be attentive when your body tells you if you are nearing your physical limits, or your intuition tells you some situation is going beyond the levels of safety.

Your energy is much more geared towards a “new” Earth in 4D and 5D, rather than in 3D. 3D very rarely allows individuals the freedom to have fun, and entertain, without having it sound like lunacy or some hypocritical activity – which is why you weren’t here in the first place. At this juncture in time, the Earth is (slowly) crossing in consciousness from 3D to 4D, hence the opportunities for artists, entertainers, rebels, mavericks, and the allowance for fun and excitement, to be on the rise. These are activities that speak to the Soul rather than to strict necessities of survival and safety. You’d never hear the words “Carpe Diem, live life to the fullest” inside a monastery in the V century in the European middle ages.

I still feel a high affinity with music, and performance to a crowd. I was drawn to musicians that played 7 and 8-string guitars, and to music with lot of bass and rhythm. Of course this could be the influence from M‘s life, so other forms of creativity may also be viable.

Past-Life Healing

A past-life remains in the past, and although is part of you, it’s not really you. Meaning, you are not M, you are John. However, a past-life with unhealed emotions will remain in one’s energy, affecting how you feel and your life, in some way. Whenever is the case with a past-life in the reading, I always proceed to heal it, which means forwarding the past-life aspect to the Light realms, where it will receive healing.

With this in mind, I approach the energy of M. I see him playing guitar on a stage, which is covered in an oval-shaped white cover. I feel M has been here constantly, in the Astral realms (near-Earth realms) since his departure, living and re-living his performances and playing to a crowd.

I approach M and ask him to come to the Light. I see a large “blob” of white energy descend from the sky, and grab the bottom, wider part of his guitar. I now notice that he’s clutching the arm of the guitar with his right hand. The white energy takes the guitar, but M is holding it fiercely. He doesn’t want to let it go.

As I’m seeing this image, it represents that M is very attached to what he’s doing, to his concerts and playing, and he’s interpreting the request to leave, as if his guitar is being taken away from him, and he’s being demanded to release the guitar and never play again.

However, that is not the case. The white light was trying to embrace M and his guitar with it. He’s told that he isn’t being asked to give up on the music, instead he’s being asked to leave that one stage, and he’ll be invited to play his music all across the Light reams, for Souls and Angels. The moment he listens to this he’s filled with relief, and he immediately lets go of the guitar. Suspended in the air by the white light, both he and his guitar are raised at the same time in the air, and they disappear beyond the clouds.

The last image I get of M is of him in a stage assembled in the Light realms, playing in front of a large crowd in a very wide field, in front of a white temple, which is usually used for learning and teaching. He’s playing “Sultans of Swing”, by Dire Straits, in full flow, a song he seems to like very much.