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Spiritual Awakening Emotional and Physical Symptoms

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In spiritual awakening, usually, there’s going to be a number of sensations you’re going to feel, at one point or another, which you’d call out-of-the-ordinary (at least relative to your normal, everyday life). These can include physical symptoms of various kinds, mood swings, sleep pattern fluctuations, and the like. And they’re going to be related both to the transformations you undergo on a personal level, as well as, perhaps, to the changes planet Earth is going through as a whole.

Now, this is an obligatory but heartfelt disclaimer: I urge you to not allow yourself to be in a situation where you’re having sustained physical/mental health symptoms, and you’re not going to the doctor because you’re “hoping it’s spiritual awakening”. This information (really) isn’t meant to replace, or be interpreted as, medical advice. You’re at all times responsible for your own self-care, and this may and will include modern-day, contemporary medical knowledge. So if you need to seek qualified medical assistance, or any other type of professional service, you should seek it, and you’re not being any less spiritual by doing so.

As a side note, other than the strictly physical and emotional aspects, there are also certain life circumstances and events that may sometimes happen during your spiritual awakening. I’ve written a separate article about this: 8 things that happen to you during awakening.

1. Sleeping Patterns

One of the most common situations that can generally occur in spiritual awakening, and/or when you’re going through significant inner “processing”, is your sleeping patterns and rhythms being affected. This may happen either because you naturally and willingly change them yourself, or, they may change without you really expecting or knowing why, which may startle you. At recall at some point early in my spiritual process I developed the habit of going to sleep at 7 p.m., waking up at 12p.m., staying awake up until around 4 a.m., and then going to sleep again until morning. I’m not suggesting this is “right” or “wrong”, that there’s a “right” way for it to happen, nor that it’ll be in any such way forever. This is just as an example of sleeping patterns undergoing a change.

By far, the most common occurrence is that if you go to bed at “regular hours” with the expectation of a full night’s sleep, you may wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, and then not be able to sleep for a full hour or so. You may also have more trouble falling asleep, have lighter sleep, and/or have more “troublesome” dreams than usual, dreams whose sensations may last a bit even after you’ve got out of bed. All of this happens because of the energetic work happening to you on an inner level, and also, as I’ve said, with Earth at large. These are relatively normal occurrences which normally aren’t cause for concern. The most sensible advice I could give, is to adjust to it. To try to see the situation as normal and work with it rather than fighting it.

Additionally, you can also voice your intentions aloud, asking your spiritual guidance team to “slow down” the spiritual work being done, in order to let you sleep better. Then, proceed by assessing how your requests change or affect the situation. As a general guideline, you can and should interact with Spirit in this way, as often as you need, to get the hang of what things you can affect, and how much. This can also be part of your spiritual awakening process.

2. Mood Swings

As you might imagine, mood swings aren’t exclusive to spiritual awakening. But, they may be present in terms of changes you notice in yourself, as your process of awakening unfolds – and with the continuation of your spiritual journey in general.

So, in that sense, you may notice you’re more jumpy, more sensitive, and/or less tolerant to anything that makes you “feel bad”. You may become less patient towards others, even with your closest friends and family. Suddenly you’re not as willing to tolerate small things others say – even if you don’t quite understand why. This effect essentially boils down to: you’re more sensitive. And this in and of itself is a positive thing: the more spiritually inclined you are, the more sensitive you become.

In a way, becoming more sensitive and “jumpy” in your connections with others isn’t unnatural – in fact, it’s expected. Even if you don’t quite understand it completely when it happens, the truth is that many of the human-level interactions we have with others are unbalanced and/or karmic based to some extent – in particular, in those we had before awakening. So it is only natural that when we start allowing more Light into our existence, we also start to react more to those connections that were created and maintained with, shall we say, less Light, comparatively speaking. In general, if you want to know when dealing with someone is of a karmic and/or unbalanced nature, a reasonable general indicator, is to check whether you feel better, or worse, immediately after dealing with the person, mood-wise.

In time, you’ll eventually learn how to exercise moderation in dealing with this sensitivity, for the purposes of not being seen as someone who’s excessively reactive or quick to vent. But this doesn’t mean you should pretend isn’t not there – nor that you should put up with imbalance from others while ignoring how you feel. An increased sensitivity may, for example, be a sign you’re healing what you had before kept emotionally suppressed. Or for you to be less willing to lose energy with people you shouldn’t be interacting with.

So in those situations you’re tempted to think “why am I being impolite and a bad person“, try instead asking yourself if there’s a point and a reason for what you’re feeling, and how. Try to ponder if your feelings are right instead of wrong, because they may be your spiritual self reacting to the energy of the other person. Alternatively, if you’re feeling stressed or fatigued by human interaction, this may also be your spiritual self simply asking you to spend some time alone, by yourself, to recharge.

3. Back/Neck/Body Pains

Back pains may happen due to the energy shifts taking place in you, and/or with “maintenance work” being performed by your guidance team. So these kinds of pains can be the temporary/transient result of the emotional/energetic processing you naturally go through, on a daily basis. If you experience random back, neck, or body pains, these may be the cause.

In particular, pressure in the area located at the back and bottom of head / top of neck – the area of the “plug” of the Matrix movies – may mean a) a concentration of your own negative/karmic thoughts, b) someone else’s negative thoughts sent in your direction (negative thoughts from others about you can and will reach you, functioning like an “energetic” i.e. psychic assault), or c) it could even be a less-than-benevolent energy trying to sneak in yours, such as a negative spirit attachment. Yes folks, energy isn’t just about Divine Light from Heaven.

If you feel these types of pains and you’re weary of it being caused by less-than-benevolent energy, you’re advised to ask out loud your spiritual guidance for them to clean that area of your body with Light, block external energies from reaching you, and help you understand what you need to know or learn in order to stop creating or attracting this situation. What I’ll generally do, is closing my eyes, visualize Light from Spirit coming in and a giant vacuum cleaner, and proceed to suck away any thing that’s there, with the guidance of my Higher Self. If it doesn’t stop, there are many simple meditation techniques or cleaning rituals you can perform yourself, and ultimately, specialized practitioners who can read and clean the energy for you.

4. Dizziness

This one isn’t so much of a common symptom, just one I felt compelled to include to illustrate the strangeness factor that’s sometimes present in spiritually-related things.

Once, around the Easter period – 2011 I think – I had to stay two full days lying in the couch, without doing anything, simply because the subtlest motion with my head would sent me onto a mayhem of dizziness. Like when you ride a roller coaster and then you step out. Then, after two days, it went away as swiftly as it came. My partner is an energy reader, and so I more or less knew what was happening. I’m sure I would have freaked out far more if at the time, if that wasn’t the case.

In this specific situation, given I suspected it was energy-related, I did allow myself to wait it out for a couple of days, and something inside me had me wait it out in a relatively calm manner. But I reiterate, despite portraying this as a spiritual symptom, if I were to feel something along these lines for an extended period of time without it stopping, I’d go to see a doctor instead.

5. Temperature Regulation/Sensations

You’re feeling cold. But it’s a warm day. Okay, never mind, you go grab a sweater. Minutes later you’re too hot, now you have to take the sweater off. And you may not know what to wear going to bed at night. You’re cold early in the night and cover yourself up, but in the middle of the night you wake up sweating. Then in the morning you’re freezing cold because you’ve pushed all the blankets aside. What’s going on?

Energy exchange can and will affect your bodily temperature, or at least the sensation of it. This is also part of the reason all those “cracks” happen around you (see below). When old energy leaves, your body can get colder; and when new energy enters, you get warm again – or precisely the other way around! It’s just how it is.

My advice, again, is to work around it. Carry around an extra sweater or warm peace of clothing with you. Keep at your bedside a colder/warmer alternative to the clothes you’re thinking of using, and either keep the bed itself dressed on the light side, and you yourself wearing more layers of clothing than normal. That way you can take off your clothes in the middle of the night to cool down if you’re too hot, but without getting uncovered throughout the night. Or, go the other way around: keep the bed clothing warmer, with you using lighter clothing when tucked in.

6. The Passage of Time

This one is quite related to the timings and workings of Earth on a global scale, rather than necessarily being tied to your own awakening process. But it just so happens that your sensitivity may change how you tune in with those things, and affect your perception of them, even if inadvertently.

In any case, you might feel (simultaneously) a) time passing vary rapidly, more than before, and b) far more things are happening in each “time unit”, so to speak. These are things that, again, relate to the Earth’ energy. In the good old days you could spend 50 years with the same family traditions, grandma always cooking the same tried and true recipe, on the same occasions, always tasting the same way. In other words, things tended to stay the same for long stretches of time.

Well, now things may not quite work the same as they did before; things may not be the way they used to. Grandma may just be experimenting with vegan turkey this Christmas – or she may no longer mind family festivities all that much.

7. “Crack” Noises Around You


Hey! Did my phone/door/cabinet/wall just broke up by itself? What was that?

This is obviously not a ‘physical symptom’ on your body, but a phenomenon nonetheless. With the increase of (positive) Spiritual energy in your life, and the amount of Light you carry around, you may notice you stuff around stars popping and making cracking noises. You may also mess around with electrical devices, or have other effects on objects. This will happen most frequently when you’re feeling an intense emotion, having an insight or epiphany, meditating, breathing deeply, or simply passing by or standing near the object.

This happens because your own energy is getting stronger and interacts with objects around you. Electric devices, plastic objects, things with springs, and anything that may contract/expand with temperature variations, are specially sensitive to this. Also, your own Spirit Guides may interact with you by making these cracks themselves, for example to validate you when you have a thought they wish to reinforce. Just ask them not to break anything (just kidding).

Also, don’t confuse these cracks make by your own energy, with noises made by accumulated energetic though-forms in the space, or even negative spirits hanging around. These are supposed to be cleaned and go to the Light, respectively. In doubt, ask aloud for Archangel Michael to cleanse your space of any negative energy. And then wait. You own your space and have absolute authority over it, so nothing can be there if you stand your ground and say it aloud, with no dialogue and no compromise: “Just Go, Now”. If you need to, ask for the help of a practitioner of your alignment. Cleansing the energy of spaces is common practice. And there’s lessons to it as well.


Generally speaking, you may develop certain temporary or recurrent illnesses, such as allergies, colds and fevers in a different pattern and frequency, and so on. Any of these might have a certain emotion/experience you’ll want to deal and heal, but they’ll be most likely related to your energetic process. These are often not taken as a glaring “sign” of spiritual awakening, because you may have had similar symptoms before, and so they may often go unnoticed. Until one day you look back and think “oh, so that’s why…”.

Hope I’ve helped in some way. If I remember anything more I’ll add it here. You can also add anything you experience yourself in the comments section. Happy Awakening!

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