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Debt is Misaligned With Spiritual Integrity

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Avoid acquiring something while paying it in the future. Avoid paying anything over time, with interest. As far as it is possible and feasible, follow the rule of having only what you can afford at any given time, in full, without incurring into any sort of debt or forward payment.

If you have a credit card, set it so money is taken from your account in full, at the instant you make the payment, without any kind of delayed payment over time. If you must borrow from the bank, try to reduce as much as you possibly can the amount of money you’ll have to pay back over time.

When you borrow money from someone, or take a loan from the bank, you’ll become attached to debt you’ve contracted to that someone, or the payments to be made in the future to the bank. Not only will you pay back much more than what you borrowed, but worse than this, you’re forfeiting part of your future freedom of choice for something you want in the present moment.

DEBT is misaligned with Spiritual Truth. If you take in a debt to repay in the future, you are conditioning and imprisoning yourself and your behavior, and placing yourself under another person or an external institution, forfeiting your sovereignty.

You should only acquire something personally, for your own use, if you can completely pay for it at that moment. If you can’t afford something you want, or it’s a stretch, learn to recognize you can’t afford it right now. Interpret it as “I’m not meant to make this transaction right now. It’s not the right time”. If you insist on acquiring something you can’t afford, chances are you’re disregarding the natural flow of the Universe.

This is an aspect of owning responsibility over your own energy – your money/finances included. If you don’t have enough money, then you’re not supposed to have the thing just yet. Instead, learn to manifest it in the future for yourself: just ask for it. The difference is, you’ll bring into the equation Spirit’s guidance, responsibility, and respect for What Is.

Transactions Should be Clear,Transparent, Feel Good to You, and be Circumscribed to the Moment They’re Made

All financial transactions should be crystal clear at the moment of their happening, and should be circumscribed at the context and moment they occur. This is the financial equivalent of “living in the moment”. Under no circumstance should you allow implicit or vague conditions to endure after the transaction, or the existence of DEBT owed to someone or something, after the agreement has been made.

This not only also for exchanges in personal purchases, business and services, but also in relationships, between people, family members, and even when receiving gifts from someone.

Let us see the example of giving and receiving gifts. Oftentimes gifts are given unselfishly, but often the act of giving a gift also carry secondary or implicit meanings, such as the intent to pay for your receptiveness, or nudging your sympathy towards someone. The act of bribing is merely an extremely unethical, sometimes illegal, example of incurring in debt to someone, of giving up your sovereignty in exchange for a gift.

It’s important you feel clear and clean about the energy involved in any transaction you make, even when receiving a gift. If you feel insecure about it, if you have the feeling there’s something going on that you’re not clearly aware of, then feel free to ask the person giving you the gift, something like this: “Thank you! What is it that you want in return for this?” Then, the person will state something like “Oh, nothing!” – or, what it is it wants. At this point, the agreement is being stated explicitly, on top of the table, instead of staying on an implicit level.

Only at this point are you free to accept or not the agreement or gift you’re being given. And even if in the future the person indeed has some emotional, energetic, or unconscious agenda, if it expects something that didn’t admit to you in the first place (or to itself), it doesn’t matterbecause it said it didn’t want anything. So you for all purposes are free of debt.

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