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The Endurance to Keep Seeking

Posted by Nuno on 10.05.16 under Spiritual Awakening.

In the early stages of my spiritual awakening, I went through a number of venues while trying to carry out into the world all this new information I was assimilating, and seeking healing and answers to personal issues. These venues related to ‘contemporary’ spiritual and holistic thematics, such as Indigo children/people, meditation, energy healing, and so forth. But even though I had an (…)

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Gnosis – To Know the Actual Truth

Posted by Nuno on 01.10.14 under Life and Society.

I never ever speak about evidence of proof concerning what I say. I never try to offer a “compelling case”, convince you, or prove you anything. The reason is, nothing I discuss is dependent on debate or argumentation. As you grow into your intuitive guidance, you might retrieve information from external sources, but your intuition is guiding you at all (…)

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The Difference Between Thought and Intuition

Posted by Nuno on 06.09.14 under Life and Society, Metaphysics (General).

Your mind operates by going through cyclical patterns. Once you think about one concern, you move on to the next; once you go through that one, you’ll move on to the next – until you’re back at the first concern, or similar. Thoughts are generated “semi-automatically” at the mental level. This means that, much like breathing, you can momentarily take control over (…)

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What Synchronicity Is And How To Experience It

Posted by Nuno on 24.04.14 under Spiritual Awakening.

Picture the first event that comes to your mind, that happened to you, to which you truly would say the words “what a coincidence”. Something that looked like it happened completely by chance. On one specific day, on one specific occasion, the heavens dictated, the stars aligned, the winds whispered, the right people were at exactly the right places at (…)

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Essence and the Supermarket Bags

Posted by Nuno on 18.01.14 under Life and Society.

Today I was at the supermarket checkout and the cashier asked me how many bags I wanted (because at that specific store bags cost money). I said, “5″. She looked at me in disbelief, clearly thinking that it was too many, and asked: “Are you sure?” I wavered. I began thinking to myself “Do I really need 5? Maybe 4? (…)

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When It Comes To Food Follow Your Intuition

Posted by Nuno on 09.11.12 under Life and Society.

There are no rules, or one correct course of action, regarding what food you should eat, simply because each physical body is a unique case, which must be catered to uniquely. For this reason, establishing rigid rules may prevent your body from receiving proper nutrition, and you from feeling relaxed and balanced about your eating habits. When you force a rule (…)

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Spiritual Discernment

Posted by Nuno on 29.05.12 under Spiritual Awakening.

You are invited to use your own discernment to evaluate if a given content in this website, or any metaphysical subject at all, resonates and is appropriate to you. Discernment is an fundamental concept in spirituality. Spirit seeks to empower you, making you autonomous and able to choose for yourself. This means having the necessary trust to assess for yourself your own path, (…)

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