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Spirituality: is Eating Meat Right or Wrong?

Posted by Nuno on 12.04.13 under Life and Society.

Today, in spiritual, new-age, or otherwise more consciously sensitive lines of thought, it is common to oppose consuming animal-based meat. And indeed, respect for Life itself is one of the significant traits of an awakened and sensitive spirit. The way an individual regards animals, and life in general, bears a direct correspondence to his spiritual development. Often, those who are naturally more sensitive, (…)

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When It Comes To Food Follow Your Intuition

Posted by Nuno on 09.11.12 under Life and Society.

There are no rules, or one correct course of action, regarding what food you should eat, simply because each physical body is a unique case, which must be catered to uniquely. For this reason, establishing rigid rules may prevent your body from receiving proper nutrition, and you from feeling relaxed and balanced about your eating habits. When you force a rule (…)

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