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Changing the World

Posted by Nuno on 27.03.21 under Spiritual Awakening.

The following is part of a private exchange, which I’m posting with the person’s permission. I needed to post it because of how meaningful it is, as I believe this to be one of the crucial themes in the path of awakening. The person’s name and details will be kept private, as they should. The person’s input: Hi Nuno, My (…)

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Time of Rest Must be Proportional to Time of Work

Posted by Nuno on 01.03.15 under Life and Society.

When I was in college, on one particular semester I was able to arrange my weeks into 4 days of classes and 3 days of weekend. This was the best work/rest ratio experience I had at the time. Later in life, when I left my conventional career and became responsible for managing my own time, this one situation represented the (…)

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Asking Monetary Compensation For Spiritual Work

Posted by Nuno on 22.06.14 under Life and Society.

Someone playing tennis with his friends isn’t the same thing as a Nadal or a Federer playing competitively. No matter how competitive you are at playing with friends in your backyard, or, for example, doing something as a hobby, there’s a quantum leap that is necessary when you commit to do something professionally. The stakes are much higher if you’re (…)

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tilted close-up photo of empty glasses

Scarcity Calls For Growth

Posted by Nuno on 22.05.14 under Life and Society.

If you want to succeed at doing something, you have to do that something well. This is valid with a professional endeavor, a personal business, a life calling – but also with anything else. When you’re facing adversity or scarcity, you can’t give up on your core nature. You can cope with difficulty in a number of ways. You can (…)

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parked bike in urban environment

The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Posted by Nuno on 04.05.14 under Life and Society.

Never take a ‘wisdom quote’ or maxim literally, unconditionally – at least without filtering and adapting it to your experience. Never adopt rigid rules and mottos, because they will distance yourself from the whole truth. A piece of quoted wisdom always represents an aspect of truth, but not the whole of it. It’s not an all-encompassing rule. Rather, it’s a (…)

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close up of flowers with sunlight behind

Life Is Your Garden, And You Are The Gardener

Posted by Nuno on 29.03.14 under Life and Society.

Some elements in life are just toxic to you. These can be situations, people, groups, circumstances, places, websites, events, jobs, forms of entertainment, and so forth. Anything you can spend energy with, and pay attention to. Upon contact, these elements will make you feel bad, worse, small, weird, wrong, uncomfortable, awkward, devoid of merit, or unworthy of validation and Love. (…)

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riding chairs in cables in sunset

The Universe Stops When You Stop

Posted by Nuno on 23.02.14 under Life and Society.

Life moves around you, to serve you. Your goals, ambitions, desires, curiosity, mood, and state of mind. “Law of Attraction”, they call it. Reality revolves around you, like if you are the center of the Universe. Because you are. The Universe around you moves with your passions. Your choices and decisions, your bold moves, your actions. Your curiosity. Your will (…)

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paratrooper jumping from airplane

The Universe Favors the Bold

Posted by Nuno on 24.01.14 under Life and Society.

Massimo Bottura, Italian, studied to become a lawyer, when in 1986, at 24 years of age, decided to leave law school and devote to the culinary arts. Massimo’s father, who wanted his son to become a lawyer, took the choice so badly that the two wouldn’t speak for 2 years. In February 2011, shortly after his father passing away, the (…)

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sunrise on beach with wooden boat in the sand

When You’re Anxious for an Answer, It May Already Be Within Your Reach

Posted by Nuno on 06.07.13 under Life and Society.

If you are experiencing anxiety about having something you want, it may be because you can have it right now, or at least, it’s possible to begin manifesting right away the co-creative process, that will eventually lead you to that thing you want. It’s just that you haven’t realized the obvious answer yet, or you’re blocking it with your beliefs (…)

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sunrise across a wheat field

Regarding Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Nuno on 18.01.13 under Spiritual Awakening.

Many people in the world are going through a personal Awakening, each in their own way. Awakening simply means just that: waking up. From the collectively accepted dreams, goals, ways of being, and living a life with meaning – a meaning with significance to yourself. It can also mean the exploration and resolution of a deep existential doubt, a question or issue (…)

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road sun clouds bycicle spirit trek journey spirituality

A Work of Passion

Posted by Nuno on 24.08.12 under Life and Society.

“I liked creative writing right away, and making my friends laugh. I never in a million years thought that you could make a living in either one. When you come to terms with an ability, it’s a religious experience.” Conan O’Brian Picture this. You get up early in the morning excited about what you’re going to do. You are going (…)

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person spreading her arms to the sky at the top of a mountain, seen from very far

8 Things That Happen During Your Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Nuno on 17.07.12 under Spiritual Awakening.

1. Scheduling vacations as soon as you arrive from vacations In Awakening a burning desire starts growing in you: a hunger to know Who You Really Are. And when you start coming a little closer, a little more in contact with your inner nature, everything that’s not aligned with it will start to get more and more uncomfortable. Such as (…)

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