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The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Posted by Nuno on 04.05.14 under Life and Society.

Never take a ‘wisdom quote’ or maxim literally, unconditionally – at least without filtering and adapting it to your experience. Never adopt rigid rules and mottos, because they will distance yourself from the whole truth. A piece of quoted wisdom always represents an aspect of truth, but not the whole of it. It’s not an all-encompassing rule. Rather, it’s a (…)

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Heart Over Matter

Posted by Nuno on 02.03.14 under Life and Society.

During the course of your spiritual journey, you’ll research and integrate lots of information, especially if your awakening takes you into the most esoteric subjects. You can find all about dimensions, human subtle bodies, esoteric laws, evolutionary paths of consciousness, sacred geometry, healing practices, and so forth. Personally I’ve developed my own understanding of densities (levels of consciousness) which you can (…)

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Spiritual Knowledge Can Become A Desert

Posted by Nuno on 16.02.14 under Life and Society, Metaphysics (General).

Always be attentive to the energy behind any words, knowledge, or information, any information at all, and specifically information that is spiritual in nature. Energy is how you feel – and how you feel about yourself – when you get in touch with a specific person, situation, or information. Energy is about feeling. Energy is when you walk into a room a (…)

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Esoteric Timeline of the History of Humanity

Posted by Nuno on 27.10.12 under Metaphysics (General).

The information in the following timeline was compiled from several metaphysical sources other than myself, which I deemed trustworthy for such purpose. The main references are the following: Ra, the Law of One, Kryon by Lee Carrol, Metatron by James Tyberonn, and Adamus St. Germain at the Crimson Circle. I’ve added a number of my own personal notes as well, mainly (…)

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