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During the course of your spiritual journey, you’ll research and integrate lots of information, especially if your awakening takes you into the most esoteric subjects. You can find all about dimensions, human subtle bodies, esoteric laws, evolutionary paths of consciousness, sacred geometry, healing practices, and so forth.

Personally I’ve developed my own understanding of densities (levels of consciousness) which you can see here.

And you can venture as deeply and with as much detail in each of these subjects as you possibly can. You can understand things as far as you’re willing, as far as your energy allows.

Now, I can also say something like this: We are all One, incarnating all at the same time.

There. I’ve just described all of reality in one sentence.

I love new spiritual information. I can get lost in it. But esoteric knowledge is infinitely complex, both in size and in depth. The more you explore and integrate, the more you’ll find, and the more questions you’ll have next. Gathering spiritual knowledge to try to figure everything out is an endless proposition. It never ends.

This can be seen as a good thing, of course. An endless source of novelty. But for a human this will, ultimately, be a mental activity. It creates a degree of anxiety, as you seek things you don’t yet understand but want to. It keeps the focus on the mental level.

You don’t evolve spiritually with the mind, but with our Heart.

And by heart I don’t mean your raw emotions. It’s not when you loved that girl/boy and got hurt, or you wanted that dream job but didn’t make it.

Your heart is how you feel. It’s your emotional state. It’s what you feel about life, and about others, and about yourself. Your heart is that which gets you up every morning. Your heart is when you get into “the zone”, or when you’re inspired as you watch others do so.

Your heart is when your parents want something for you and you want something else, and you go for the something else. Your heart is when you dare. Your heart is when your chest stands out. Your heart is when the girl doesn’t like you, and you are insulted.

Your heart is when you don’t give a damn about something you shouldn’t. It’s what knows what rules to break, while knowing it’s okay to break them. And your heart it also when you talk to someone with a smile, listening. It’s also kindness. All of this is the heart.

You see the Soul through the eyes; you feel it with the heart.

Your heart is your On button.

Your heart is your power. It’s where your emotion meets your wisdom, and the two become one powerful force that gushes forward and molds reality.

Some people confuse their heart with overcoming, with competing and being better than others. And in fact you get a little fix when you overcome an adversary. But it’s just a fix.

What they really want is their on mode. When you’re roaring on the top of the mountain, and the Universe can’t help but to be in awe. When you’re singing and meaning it, and other around you cry, as God Himself is manifesting through you. Or you’re dancing. Or painting. Or you’re doing sports. Doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Being Who You Are.

And all of spirituality is about to get closer to your heart, closer to Who You Really Are, in a practical sense. It’s about finding ways to, actually, be happy and on course. And to be at peace, and stay there as often as possible.

This is the ultimate goal of anything spiritual. It’s not to understand things, but to become. To become happiness, to become Love, to become inspiration, to become creativity, to become good, to become peace. This is the ultimate goal of spirituality. To align. To be.

Spirituality is simple. It’s about being, and touching your heart. It’s also about Love, and empathy. Powerful things, yes, but simple. Anything that’s too complex can get you caught up in the details, and lower your consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if reality has 7 dimensions, 13, or 49. It doesn’t matter is human development goes through 13 or 54 steps. After a point, trying to understand everything will only get you going in circles. You won’t climb any ladders by understanding them. And you’ll find you feel much happier, at peace, and functioning at a much higher energy level, if you let it go and just stop trying to understand.

Searching and integrating information is often a fundamental part of the spiritual awakening process. It can also be important depending on what field you are venturing in. If you’re meant to become a teacher or a healer, you’ll need the information to know what you’re doing, and/or to help convey your message to others.

But there comes a point in your journey when you’ll say: I’m done trying to figure everything out. I’m done seeking for more pieces of the puzzle. I’m fine with what I know, now. Now I’ll just focus on being.

And you’ll be happier that way.

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