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Spiritual Knowledge Can Become A Desert

wooden chair in the middle of scorching desert

Always be attentive to the energy behind any words, knowledge, or information, any information at all, and specifically information that is spiritual in nature.

Energy is how you feel – and how you feel about yourself – when you get in touch with a specific person, situation, or information. Energy is about feeling. Energy is when you walk into a room a you know it’s so thick “you could cut it with a knife”.

What exactly could you cut with the knife? Humidity in the air? Cellphone magnetics? No. That’s energy you’re feeling.

One thing is what you listen, another is how you feel. Both are related but independent.

Knowledge and Love are the two fundamental components of Consciousness. They are the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. An energy that is balanced needs a balance of both.

Sometimes you need a little more Love, other times a little more Knowledge. However, Knowledge without Love is like the desert: it’s very demanding, very harsh, it burns your skin, and your Soul. Information without Love leaves an open door to fear. Even if it’s the most accurate and valid information in the entire Cosmos, without Love, it *will* lower your energy.

Likewise, Love with little Knowledge (or the structure of Masculine energy) is like the jungle: it’s pervasive, it’s very wet and damp, and if you’re not careful, over time it fills your body with humidity, parasites, and disease. It overpowers and invades your space and energy regardless of your defenses, while numbing and slowing you down.

To complete the analogy, an ice climate would represent the absence of both energies. It fills you with moisture and cold, and it burns you, all at the same time.

Be careful with spirituality (and any situation) which is one of both: either with very accurate knowledge but that ultimately does not uplift you, or with a great degree of nurturing but which is misguided and numbing. One is Guidance without Love; the other, Love without Guidance.

Always look for the spirituality which (1) resonates with you, (2) liberates you through knowledge, and (3) nurtures you in its womb.

Those are the hallmarks of Spirit.

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