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When Your Family is not Your Family: Understanding the Spiritual Hostage

Posted by Nuno on 07.06.22 under Akashic Records, Life and Society, Metaphysics (General).

Sometimes you’re born into a family you don’t share a connection with, this going deeper than simply the child liking their parents more or less: you don’t relate to them on a fundamental level. Being raised in these circumstances can result in various emotional states for the adult which can be challenging and difficult to overcome.

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Quick Reading: Grace

Posted by Nuno on 21.09.19 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

Part I – Memory As I connect with your energy, I’m shown a past-life. This is a girl in the 1700s or 1800s. Socially the feeling is that of a social upper class with had balls arranged as social events. In these balls classical or orchestra-style music would be played, and to which attendees, formally dressed to the occasion, would (…)

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couple at beach holding hands with child

On the Biological Race to Have Children, Part I: the Biology Overlay

Posted by Nuno on 30.09.17 under Life and Society.

The following text is the first of a series of three. It may be revised further. One of the major types of spiritual plan made by those incarnating on Earth involves the goal, or mission if you will, of having children during their lifetimes. The life choice, or even spiritual intention, of having children, is by no means a “higher” (…)

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attachment is not love

Attachment is Not Love

Posted by Nuno on 12.03.16 under Metaphysics (General).

Attachment is when you feel you need something – or someone – in order to be well. You become so focused in the idea of having, getting, or achieving that which is your focus of attention, that you’re no longer capable of holding an emotionally stable state. You become stuck, bound, attached, to the thing you want or seek. The (…)

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girl in closed-in backyard contemplating the sun

Release Yourself From Social Constraints and Enjoy Your Life

Posted by Nuno on 13.02.15 under Life and Society.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a valentine, a romantic pair (today is the day before Valentine’s day). If you aren’t in a relationship. To desire a true connection from the heart with another person, and be truly embraced in a mutual and deep love and understanding of each other, this is a natural thing for anyone to desire. But (…)

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close up on a rose flower

The Three Conditions to Attract your Soul Mate

Posted by Nuno on 29.11.14 under Metaphysics (General).

The vast majority of people idealizes that upon meeting a Soul Mate, they’ll be in a permanent state of bliss. This is not true. The first part about being prepared to meet your Soul Mate, is to discard the common human illusions about love. 1. Relinquish the Illusion When you are “in love”, you’re high. You’re floating in the clouds, you (…)

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shadow on grass of adult holding hands with child

The Structure of Love – A Tale For Mother’s Day

Posted by Nuno on 04.05.14 under Life and Society.

Two grownup siblings, brother and sister, were constantly getting upset over their two children, as one of the kids would frequently hit the other. Both children were boys, about the same age. The child who got hit would then run to its mother crying, complaining that his cousin had hit him. An argument between the two brothers would then ensue. (…)

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wooden chair in the middle of scorching desert

Spiritual Knowledge Can Become A Desert

Posted by Nuno on 16.02.14 under Life and Society, Metaphysics (General).

Always be attentive to the energy behind any words, knowledge, or information, any information at all, and specifically information that is spiritual in nature. Energy is how you feel – and how you feel about yourself – when you get in touch with a specific person, situation, or information. Energy is about feeling. Energy is when you walk into a room a (…)

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abstract rendition of hearts

The Nature of True Love

Posted by Nuno on 08.01.14 under Life and Society, Metaphysics (General).

Within Love, there is no problem. There is no challenge. There is no thing to do to or be, better. If you can see a problem, you aren’t within Love. Within love, there is truly nothing to improve. There is nothing, even, to heal. All that was wounded now it’s gone. All that was not, now is good. All is, (…)

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heart of ice slightly melting on a surface

Choose Unconditional Love

Posted by Nuno on 07.03.13 under Life and Society.

The day-to-day objective of many is to get to the next promotion, find a better earning job, improve their life. Parents leave their kids at an early age with grandparents, or in a day-care center, in order to attend to their daily work and commute. Kids who many times aren’t even 3, 4, 5 years old. A child this age needs uninterrupted, (…)

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close up of the petals of a rose

The Coming of Christ Energy

Posted by Nuno on 08.01.13 under Metaphysics (General).

2000 years ago, the coming of Jesus the Christ to Earth changed the paradigm. It changed the idealization that man made, of what he looked up to, what he wanted to become. It was a turning point in humanity. Before that time, the heroes were the ones who defeated the oppressors, or conquered others. Heroes like Alexander The Great. They (…)

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figure in a maze with big love heart just around the corner

A Discussion on Soul Mates, and How to Find Yours

Posted by Nuno on 19.10.12 under Life and Society.

This text is dedicated for those of you who might wonder if there’s The One for you: that perfect person, prince Charming, the perfect princess, your soul mate. YES, there is. The question is, what does it take for this person to appear in your life, and how do you do it. Regarding Love, there’s a myth about another myth. One (…)

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