Heart Ki

A Work of Passion

“I liked creative writing right away, and making my friends laugh. I never in a million years thought that you could make a living in either one. When you come to terms with an ability, it’s a religious experience.”

Conan O’Brian

Picture this.

You get up early in the morning excited about what you’re going to do. You are going to do that for your entire life.

You have troubled sleeping over the night because you’re too excited about what’s going to happen the next day.

You’re in a good place. Even if you were to do what you work now for the rest of your life and nothing else, you would be happy that way.

You can’t believe you’re getting payed to do what you love to do. And people call it ‘work’ and ask you how can you do it.

You’re free, not only to go after whatever ‘dreams’ you may have, but also to take the time to ask the spiritual questions and look for the answers.

I’ll now tell you that all incarnation is supposed to be like that. A time for (great) learning and a time for (great)… playtime. It’s a grand investment for your own Spirit.

The Idea Behind Incarnation

All incarnation is meant as a study ground. A method for a Spirit/Soul to stay focused for a while, and explore in great detail his own questions, wonderings, and desires. Like a child who gets up to watch cartoons Saturday morning, or to play a video game, incarnation is not only supposed to be an exploration journey, but also a great joy. Not like in school, where you have ‘serious’ classes interspaced with ‘play’ intervals. More like the trip to escalate the Everest, a voyage to the amazon forest, the quest for a special relic, or a journey into outer space. A great trek, shall we say.

road sun clouds bycicle spirit trek journey spirituality

Incarnation is a great investment of Spirit in itSelf. You are supposed to be doing things that invest in your Spirit, that your Spirit wants to do. That’s what gives you energy. It is, in fact, what most successful people you know are doing, with more or less effort: they are in their zone, doing what they want, what they like, what they’ve always dreamt of doing. Some say these are ‘fortunate’ for doing what they love.

This is, perhaps, a different way of saying that you should only be doing what is your heart’s desire. Your Soul’s desire. Your Spirit’s desire.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that everything that your heart desires, everything that your Spirit wants, is the only right thing for you to do – even if you don’t really understand why. Everything else is not. And that is why some people, the ones who were courageous enough to follow their hearts in life, are the ones reaping the benefits and having an accomplished life.

What’s The Heart’s Desire? How to Discern It?

Naming it like that, your heart‘s desire, may be confusing. What is that which your heart wants? What is your heart and what’s not? Are all this emotions and feelings my ‘heart’?

It may be confusing, in part, because humans don’t really know that well how to handle their complex and overwhelming emotions. Your ‘heart’ and emotions have most likely given you at least as much sorrow, frustration and pain, as love, accomplishment, and, well, good feelings.

Humans experience all their ego, 1st and 2nd chakra cravings, and then they act according to them, with no spiritual balance, context or understanding. They call it ‘heart’ (it is not). Any actions from the lower chakras only will inevitably come out unbalanced, and produce unbalanced results. And then, they get hurt. And then they say ‘I’m not going to follow my heart anymore. My heart is stupid. I can’t trust my heart‘.

The lower chakra impulses, the raw emotions, are faster to trigger, and are louder, because they are more dense. Humans hardly pay attention to the subtle and spiritual, because matter is in their face. That’s why incarnating in matter is difficult. Knee-jerk reactions, i.e. actions and reactions that are made solely from the lower chakras, are unbalanced, because they don’t take into account the input from the higher parts of yourself. In theory, your should take the input from all your parts – lower and subtle – before making action.

The heart (the organ and the chakra) is where the lower impulses (physical, emotional and egoic) meet the higher impulses (self-expression, self-value, and understanding). It’s supposed to be the end result, the conference room, where all your parts meet, and from where your balanced directives and choices are made. That’s why it’s called your ‘heart’s desire’.

But I believe humans have a really hard time connecting to what the ‘heart desire’ is, and is not. You can tell more or less clearly that maxim ‘follow your heart’. All of kids TV programs spew it non-stop. But the problem is, when you’re facing the situation itself, in real-life, what is really that desire? And do you follow it?

No. You tell your kids to follow their heart, but you don’t teach them what their heart is, and you don’t follow your heart yourselves. Well, some of you do, but not many. Not that much. Only the ones who already respect their own life and love living it. But many humans spend entire lifetimes just to begin discerning what is heart from what is mental, emotional, animalistic.

Therefore, I’m not going to press with the ‘heart’ issue, because it probably wouldn’t be clear enough. Instead, I’m going to say it’s your Spiritual desire. Maybe if I say the word ‘Spiritual’ you can better pinpoint what it is. I could also call it drivepassion, or even meaning. Maybe it’s a better reference point for me to use. Maybe it’s something you can better recognize inside you, in your life, and how it feels.

Things that Stop (and Trap) You

Now, let’s assume you, the reader, are not in the state I described in the beginning of the article. You’re not one of those people that are doing what they love, or want, who are on their track, shall we say. In life, you may trying to succeed, to progress, to have a career, a business. But you’re not entirely following your heart’s Spiritual desires. You’re not happy and you’re not energized.

So let me ask you: why?

Why is not your life like that?

Let me advance with some of the reasons you may be giving.

I am afraid of being out of money. I am afraid of being homeless, getting sick, or otherwise desperately needing money and not having it.

I am afraid of going against the system, not having money to pay my taxes, and go to jail. I saw others beside me having these problems. I once had an issue with money, and I don’t want to experience it. Ever. Again.

I’m afraid of not being ‘fortunate enough’ to pursuit my dreams, and then not having money. I’m afraid of becoming dependant on others. I’m afraid of what others would think. Women wouldn’t be interested in a loser, a failure, a man who doesn’t provide. Other people would see me as lazy, dishonest, with lesser value and merit. 

I wasn’t sure what to do. And I got married. And then the kid(s) was/were born. I have a family to support. I have debts. I have a spouse, children, maybe a relative in need. I have to provide. The bills have to get payed. It would be impossible for me to risk anything at this point. I can’t do anything else.

These beliefs and thought-forms may look rational, justified, or honored. But they’re mostly negative and fear-based. They’re not founded on Spirit. These are the beliefs that allow the formation of the so-called system, that most conspiracy theorists and rebellious humans speak about. The system is a rigid structure composed by the humans living their lives outside of their Essence, out of fear, guilt, and skewed human values of rights and wrongs. It’s rigid because fear makes you contract and stay in place. This also makes people controllable, by messing with their fears and doubts. And controlled by who?

It doesn’t matter.

The system is something that exists inside you wherever you don’t follow your Spirit’s desire, to do something else.

And money has nothing to do with it. Money is something all humans agreed to, as part of the workings of society. Money represents your self-worth and will to live. If there wasn’t such a thing as money, humans could still be trapped because they still “needed” to barter their carrots with the neighbor’s flour. They could still be stifled by their fear of not having food, health care, other human’s support and demeanor towards them.

Money is not to blame.

Now, supporting others is a responsible and honorable thing. Nowhere in this text will you read that supporting and providing is wrong. Quite the opposite: supporting means responsibility and accountability. The same way, being sovereign and independent is better than depending and smooching. In actuality, you are taking care, assuming ownership of your own energy.

Supporting is better than stealing. Compassion is better than selfishness. Motion is better than laziness. Honest hard work is better than criminal behavior.

You could have incarnated to support others. Maybe, as a lesson to avoid selfishness, or bypass criticism. Maybe as a lesson of compassion and love. Maybe as a way to enjoy giving. It might be your lesson, your task, your mission, to support. It might just be what makes you truly, spiritually, fulfilled. If so, you, coming to a place where you are to provide support with your honest and fruitful labor, it will be God’s doing. It could be that supporting others is your spiritual task.

But you’ve got to ask yourself: is it?

Work vs Job

All Work is supposed to be fueled by your Spirit’s desire. Work is supposed to be whatever it is what you do. All in the Universe is at Work. But it’s a Work that fits in the scheme of things. Every being performs its Work. But for this Work to be aligned with the greatest scheme of things, the being must be aligned with its own Essence. Its Work must be what the being is supposed to be doing – and nothing else.

Red blood cells carry oxygen, and allow themselves to be carried by the flow. White blood cells seek and destroy threats, and sit idle most of the time. Would you task a red blood cell with attacking external menaces to the human body? No, and why? It doesn’t make sense. It’s not what it does. A red blood cell is meant to carry oxygen. That’s it.

And would you blame a while blood cell for being idle and not work all day, just cruising along and doing some sightseeing? Well, if white blood cells were humans, they’d be convinced by all other humans by now to get some part-time flipping burgers and doing construction work. And no white blood cell would remember today what they were supposed to be doing. All of them would be depressed, trying to feed their kids, smothered by their wives, complaining they’re trapped by the system, as they chug another cold one at the bar. All of them having unspoken dreams of catching crooks, criminals, robbers and being heroic – but only on the next life.

When your action is motivated by fear of not having money, or fear of being a failure, or fear of being accused of laziness, etc – you’re not trusting in the scheme of things.

You’re not trusting that there’s something you’re supposed to be doing. You’re not trusting that there’s some unique thing, small or grand, that only you should be doing, and it will go undone by you not doing it. You’re not trusting that Spirit, the Universe, etc, will do everything in its power to push you where you’re supposed to be.

You’re not trusting.

Hence, you’re working outside of the Creator’s Light. Hence, everything you do, instead of being propelled by the Creator’s Light, by the Life Force in the Universe, by the Directive Creational Energy of the Cosmos, will be… devoid of any of those things. And you’ll have to make an immense amount of effort just so the block moves a few inches. You’ll be struggling, efforting just to survive, and wade through this invisible block, just for another day. You’ll have a job to pay the bills.

The best way to Work, to Move things, is to be in alignment with Source. And with your Spirit. The worst way to make Work, to Move things, is to apply your own physical force. Applied force meet resistance and drag. You need to make effort and sacrifice. These are extremely poor ways of making things happen. Possible, but incredibly inefficient.

Your Essence’s Work is effortless. Yes, you may dispense effort, time, energy, in it. But is it a struggle? Is it a fight? Do you call it work? Do you call it employment?

No. It’s effortless. The energy will be constantly pouring and propelling you to do it. You’ll be driven. Because that’s the energy from Source. It’s coming to you because you’re aligned to It.

Is it political? Is it economics? Is the focus on employment statistics, and how many people have access to jobsNo ! It’s how many people have freedom, and are encouraged and supported, to seek their work sweet spot. To explore and seek whatever it is they should be doing. This alone would provide humanity with a boost in awareness, productivity, quality of life, standards, by tenfold. One-thousand fold. This planet wouldn’t be in 3D anymore if this would to happen.

And notice how this energy of Work is different from being a workaholic. A workaholic is a person who feasts on staying busy. Now, staying busy is not always a synonym of loving what you do, but it has also other energies as well. Such as, compensating for having a bad, suffocating relationship. Compensating for the emptiness inside. Getting relief by experiencing the sensation of being productive and feeling useful.

But relief from what? From not following your Spirit’s desire and being in touch with your Soul self. A catch-22, you see. Anything that’s used as an excuse to not do in your life that you should be doing, is a rape to your Spirit.

If you feel driven to support others, to support your family, to provide, to be responsible, if it’s your Spirit’s call, then it’s what you must do. No way around it. But if it’s not, you absolutely shouldn’t be doing it out of guilt or fear.

Analyse People’s Scary Stories More Closely

I advise you to look at exactly how those who decided to follow their dreams and way of doing things got successful over time. Surely you have, if not role models or people you admire, at least some idealizations and examples from success stories and people who did it their way, both from famous individuals or from your family and friends. You can commonly see any famous people’s bios on the Internet or on TV. So go look at them.

Look at how they were energized, and why they did it. Look at how they didn’t give up even if things didn’t pick up right away. Look at how they were moved from what and how they were, with hardly any support or validation from the outside, and sometimes, with problems, hurdles, debts, families and kids to support. There were almost always things that made it difficult, but look at how things worked out in each case.

Now, pay attention at the horror stories you most likely know from your circle of family and friends, and from your parents and tutors, which may have taught you that going in an adventure and taking a chance doesn’t give you money. Ask about that sad story where all the money was lost on a bad choice, or how someone had to go to a job because a child was born or because someone was sick. Go ahead and give a good hard look at them.

This is actually very important, because these very stories you got from your parents are currently playing and replaying in your brain, influencing and directing your life and choices, right in this moment.

So look at those stories. Go past the possibly biased interpretation of others, and look at what actually happened. I’ll tell you to ask yourself the following.

Why and where did it go wrong? What was the motivation behind the failed story? How did they feel when it started? Did it start from a place of Essence and certainty, or did it start crippled and limp from the start? Did the people do it because it was their Essence, or were they pressured by others or anxious to succeed? Were they supportive of each other, or were they worried about getting things from each other? What and where were the signs? And did at some point the people involved get scared and give up their dreams along the way?

When you see “bad” things happening in other people’s lives, pay some good close attention, if you can, to how they felt, interpreted, and reacted to these things. Take a look at the story. Did they happen randomly, or was there some kind of meaning to the person’s life? Were their choices made out of from fear and judgement, or was it from their core Essence? Were they acting out of Love and passion, or out of fear and attachment? How were their beliefs affecting them?

You will most likely find that things that happen have meaning. There’s a context, and there’s a story there. And this meaning is closely tied with what the person thinks, its predisposition, its beliefs, and its past. Nothing of what happens in each person’s life results out of chaos, or because the world is out to get you. There are things happening in the backstage.

And there is support coming from this backstage, if you are willing to hear it.

Let Yourself Be Touched

Am I encouraging you to drop everything, to quit your job, and to seek your dreams?


If I could, I would convince anyone on Earth that it’s the only way, and admit no other kind of possibility at all.

If your job is outside of your Spiritual nature, if it’s repetitive, uncreative, and, most important of all, if it saps your vital energy instead of feeding your Spirit, then quit it. If I was in charge, no-one would be allowed to do anything not aligned with its Essence. If with this text I managed to touch but one person, that would made him/her cease struggling with fear-based live and work, and made him/her pursue a life of inner meaning instead – including the earning money part – then I would deem this article successful.

But I’m not telling you what to do. Nor am I giving you a specific solution or a method or a system or a ritual or an affirmation to work on. Nor am I giving you any guarantee that, if you follow your inner drive, everything will be ok and dandy.


Because then, at the first hurdle, at the first challenge towards your life’s sweet spot – and there will be hurdles – you would do one of two things, perhaps both: you’d blame me, and anyone else that told you to follow your heart Spirit, and you’d go back to your old life, searching for jobs to get payed. It’s your life, but you wouldn’t be taking responsibility for it.

So I’m not telling you what to do. Instead, you have to allow yourself to get touched. You have to feel God’s hand on your shoulder, or the passionate drive in your heart. You have to find that Trust in It inside of you. Or seek it. Your life is not on my hands. It’s in yours. If I could ask for something, is that this text could touch you deep inside, and awake that part of you that wishes to be free. That wishes to be yourself in real-life.

It’s simple. It’s not about you starting a revolution. It’s not about changing the financial system. It0s a moment. It’s a decision. It’s about letting yourself be touched by Spirit’s brilliance.

And what about if you do have kids that depend on you? What about if your situation is not that simple? What then? Are you supposed or expected to drop everything and leave everyone?

This is about trust. This is about you trusting that Spirit has indeed an answer. That Spirit, your Spiritual team, has appropriate situations, solutions, better aligned with your Spirit, than your current situation – no matter how hopeless or tied up it is. All you have to do is ask. Say. Speak. Be touched.

Your beliefs create what you live. Your beingness molds what you experience. That’s the old saying, that’s how it works, that’s how it is. You may read it in a number of ways, being called by this or that law. But it’s how things work. And you may not be entirely aware of all the things that you’re carrying with you. But that’s how it is.

And that’s why it’s so important to be touched. To let Spirit come in in your life and into your beingness. To let your awareness, and your hear’s worries and fears be illuminated. To let Spirit arrange things for you. And tell you new ways of how things should work.

It is possible to live your life entirely following your passion, with no plan B, no fallback, no doubts. That’s the point of life. However, it depends entirely on your own (a) beliefs and (b) choices, and it rests entirely on your will to do so.

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