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When You’re Anxious for an Answer, It May Already Be Within Your Reach

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If you are experiencing anxiety about having something you want, it may be because you can have it right now, or at least, it’s possible to begin manifesting right away the co-creative process, that will eventually lead you to that thing you want. It’s just that you haven’t realized the obvious answer yet, or you’re blocking it with your beliefs and preconceptions.

Your spiritual team is immediate in listening to you. It will listen to your requests, questions, and wishes you make to them, and these will be answered infallibly – just not necessarily when or how you imagined.

Let’s say you want a new house. A dream house, a house in the countryside, or a big apartment in your city of choice. Doesn’t matter – your dream. And you don’t have the funds, the savings, the bank conditions and whatnot, to have the house itself right away. But it may be possible to begin co-creating and manifesting in your reality the path by which you’ll be able to get the house: you come across a new business opportunity that will make you have the money for it; you go travelling and you are offered the house in an unexpected will of a distant relative. Something along those lines.

The process by which you create your reality can, in itself, be easy. This doesn’t mean your work ethic and commitment wont’t be required in the process, and/or facing your own fears and insecurities. But the process is simple and straightforward, rather than complex, and it’s more about facing your own fears, and your ideas of what is and isn’t possible, than pumping a large amount of strenuous and unnecessary effort.

If you think you must have two jobs to earn the house forcibly, you may be rejecting a path of manifestation that could be much easier than the “hard work” course. You may also feel for some reason that you don’t deserve the house, that you haven’t worked enough for it, or you may have some memory of regretting going after your dreams. In these cases, you’ll simply avoid the “correct” paths to your dream, because of your beliefs.

But your Spirit wants the house, and it knows it could start manifesting it and having it. So you’ll begin accumulating frustration and restlessness due to you having certain erroneous, human beliefs, that won’t allow you to see the correct, easier path for something you really want on a spiritual level.

And so you grow bitter, perfectly convinced people’s dreams don’t come true. Or you grow frustrated, because you’re afraid to take the step that you on a spiritual level want to take.

All of us are creator/creative gods. We create and we experience. It can, and should, be easy. You don’t have to “work hard” or have to put “great effort” in order to get things, in a sense of going beyond what is necessary, of what you need to learn, and what you are inspired and guided to do.

Thinking otherwise places you facing great discomfort. You’ll do 97% of hard (not fun) work to reach your goals – and then you die. So you spent 97% of your life doing un-pleasurable things to get to a measly 3% of reward. When you die, you take with you what? The experiences, the paths, the joy. The 3%!

Honest hard work is favorable over obtaining gains in an unethical manner. The lesson of many is to be honest instead of dishonest. But it doesn’t end there. After you learn to be honest, then you learn to get rid of all the pressure of doing things the ‘hard’ way. You learn that you deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest.

You do have to be honest. But the “hard” part can be surplus in the equation. Working “hard” to get something, making a lot of effort for the sake of it, is like pushing a large stone across a dirt floor, instead of placing it in a cart with wheels, or at least, making it roll over wooden logs. The end result might be the same: the stone gets to the building site so the monument may rise. But in one way you reach your goal making a lot more effort and taking a lot more time; in the other it’s way easier, and you have the opportunity to arrange your effort in a more optimized manner.

Some individuals are only able to value something if they have to put a ton of effort in it. But valuing something strictly for the amount of effort it takes to get it, is a compensation for lack of meaning. You’ll purposely chase after the things that are more difficult, placing the value on the amount of effort over the value of the goal itself.

The monument that ends up being built will be the same, regardless of you took 1000% more effort in dragging the stones. Having the choice, would you push the building stones across the floor, or roll them over logs and wheels? In a building effort that takes a large amount of effort anyway, you’d certainly choose the technique that would be the most efficient for your effort.

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