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8 Things That Happen During Your Spiritual Awakening

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1. Scheduling vacations as soon as you arrive from vacations

In Awakening a burning desire starts growing in you: a hunger to know Who You Really Are. And when you start coming a little closer, a little more in contact with your inner nature, everything that’s not aligned with it will start to get more and more uncomfortable. Such as your current job.

You’ll be struggling with the fact the job feels increasingly uncomfortable, while confronted with whatever money and material concerns and fears you have in your life.

Please don’t feel inclined to interpret these words as meaning you “should” quit your job, or that you will. But here’s the bare truth: if a given job is not aligned with your Essence, it’s highly unlikely it will ever be. It actually may only get worse. Until…

2. Quitting your job

I was essentially “pushed” out of my 3D job. By this, what I mean is that I had no energy left to pick the pen, move the mouse, go to the meeting. It felt like going against a wall. The gas ran out and I wasn’t going nowhere. This was even going against my judgement at that time. Had I not been forced, I’d probably still be at the office today.

I’m not the most adventurous person. I really didn’t want to risk leaving my job. It had a decent pay, and it kept me fed, healthy, and financially autonomous. Only later did I realize that for my own personal Awakening process to happen, and new things to occur in my life, I had to make the choice to leave first. It was just how my particular process went. I was never going to have enough energy, or vibratory level, for new energy things to happen in my life, if I didn’t leave. But I didn’t knew that then. At the time, it was very sensory, instinctive. I was dealing with these sensations I was feeling – and resisting them. I resisted until I couldn’t any longer.

This doesn’t have to happen to you the exact same way. I’m writing this to show just how important, and a big step, can the (possible) “quitting the job” event be, within the realm of Spiritual Awakening. It might not be easy, and it might not be logical, yet it’s a common occurrence. If and when you really are supposed to leave your job, the catalyst that pushes you out might sometimes might take the form of a large, seemingly negative or overwhelming event, or urgency, which kind of “forces” you out. It will look and feel as scary and threatening, but it serves a purpose.

The common-sense and values of 3D level of consciousness dictate bills must be payed and material obligations must be fulfilled – and how strong can that argument be, right? I’m not saying it’s an “illusion”, it’s about survival and well-being, so it’s very real in that sense. This mindset is very prevalent and very powerful, as powerful as experiences in life can be. But it is also true that “needing” or “depending” to be on a job because of money is one of the strongest, is not THE strongest, energy-draining and Essence-limiting constructs in the life of the incarnating spiritual human. No human-level logic or reasoning can take anything away from this. So those things that you constructed in your life out of those types of beliefs, will often be standing in the way of Awakening process, and the first to be targeted by it.

3. Indulging in choices made on a whim

For example, going on a movie, deciding to go on a small vacation, or buying something – a toy, a piece of clothing, whatever, for yourself. These are the kinds of things that don’t break any laws or rules, don’t hurt anyone, but we still tend to postpone, or restrain from doing. Because of ‘saving money’, because of ‘others first’, to avoid ‘being selfish’, or because they ‘may be wrong’.

We’ve been taught to weight in the pros and cons of everything, to be responsible. In many ways we’ve been told what not to do. So it’s often the case you’ll feel bad just for wanting to have your pleasures, a bit of playtime. However, your Spirit needs it.

So as your Awakening unfolds you feel a lot more desire to indulge in these maybe-not-so-small things that you could otherwise forfeit, for one reason or another. You feel a kind of pleasure that’s refreshing and invigorating, in a subtle way. Perhaps you’re not traveling to the other side of the world (or maybe you are) or making enormous decisions in your life. But you’ll know how to unwind.

Perhaps you’re like me, and you tended to be highly responsible and tight in terms of rules and obligations. So now there may be a loosening of the rigidity of those rules. Sometimes you might leave early from work (a real blasphemy, what if you get fired?), be late for an appointment, or otherwise break the rules of how things should be. You might be challenging your own fears that lock those things into place. Most rules that tell you to be responsible are of a human origin and therefore don’t have anything to do with Spirit, instead having the result of just stifling it.

I’m not suggesting Spiritual Awakening is about throwing your integrity and balance out the window. What it is about, is bringing down all of those rules and regulations that are burdens, that are external and unnecessary. It will ask for you to live moment-by-moment, by your own judgment rather than by someone else’s. So by making these little things, you’ll come to demystify your fears of non-compliance, and realize what your Spirit is really all about.

4. No patience for others

Wait, can you repeat that again? Wait, what? Sorry, didn’t understand, could you repeat? Oh, sorry, wasn’t listening…

Your patience for others, specially for the little things and for the chit-chat conversation, quickly runs out. You may carry out a conversation for about 2 minutes – at most. After that, your mind starts pulling you away and filtering the conversation. And what’s worse, this not only includes, but it’s especially true, for your close relatives!

During Awakening, what you want the most is to be free. And to get to the truth behind things. This “truth” is Spiritual, not human. It’s not an arbitrary, subjective truth, it’s the actual truth i.e. what and how things are. Very few humans ever came close to speak to you coming from this truth. The hard reality is that around 95% of all regular human interaction is just chatter, noise, and or opinion. And now that you’re awakening you’re beginning to feel it on your skin.

You’re shifting from an purely human perspective, to a divinely-guided human reality. Actually, most of the bulk of regular human interaction is downright karmic, which doesn’t make it any more real in spiritual terms. Which leads to…

5. OMG Everything in my life is a lie!

All Karma stems from a false belief or perspective. You’ve interpreted something that happened to you, not in the eyes of Spirit, but in a bad way. So as you progressed in your past-lives believing in stuff that was simply false, you’ve attracted more and more false realities to you. That is to say, stuff that just isn’t supposed to be there, that doesn’t relate to you – other than to reflect that erroneous belief you have. Until that’s all you have.

This is all very pretty and metaphysical, but the problem is, it’s that core falseness that generates all suffering. Which is very real.

If Spirituality, as Buddha said, is about relieving of suffering, then Awakening is to end it. How? Awakening brings to your eyes the Truth about things, therefore, dissolving karma away and liberating you.

There’s a point in your path when you suddenly wake up and realize, that almost all your reality – including your values, your beliefs, the things you worked for, down to your job, your friends and family, everything is false! When you get to it, remember to feel glad you got it. As it’s your awareness that generates your reality in the first place.

6. Every fringe theory is now a plausible idea

Are “Aliens” suddenly the most natural thing in the world? Past-lives? Channeling?  Parallel Universes and timelines?

Regular human thinking is profoundly suspicious of whatever is different. That’s because there are plenty of cellular memories of being controlled, and suffering, from things that have power, and things we didn’t knew how to deal with.

You may over time gather strength to stand up and confront your oppressive dictator, boss, parent, or otherwise abusive figure. Those figures are obvious, they are in plain sight. However, if something that’s elusive, unclear, that can’t be confronted at all, that’s when it becomes scary – because then you don’t ever get to know it. This is what you can call “fear of the unknown” and “fear of the dark”.

However, for Spirit, and for anyone aligned with Spirit, the Truth is always available, it’s up for grabs. This is the Divine connection to Source within each human. And when you activate this, you loose quite a bit of that sense of default suspiciousness and radical skepticism towards anything different. You are now operating at Spirit Level. All of the mentioned subjects, aliens, past-lives, etc, have a core truth behind them, which you now have unobstructed access to – by feeling what’s truthful.

Your mind is no longer afraid. I has even become more lucid.

7. Things breaking down and malfunctioning

The light bulb in your workplace above your head burns out. The pixels in the computer screen die. The hard drive crashes. Your car breaks down – after going to the mechanic. The TV remote falls to the ground and gets smashed. Sometimes, all at once.

These can happen much like you losing your job, and any other aspects of your life – stuff simply falls apart. When Spirit seems to block an option and makes it really difficult for you to move on, if Spirit smashes your car and you can’t afford to fix it – don’t fight it. Take a breath. Accept it and try something else. It’s not your fault.

Most of the time, things, objects breaking apart, is a derivative of the energy working that happens to you. Energy – that generic term for everything unseen – can sometimes get really intense, and most of the time it’s something you just don’t control. So if electronics, objects, or even circumstances in your life suddenly all crash and burn, don’t get too stressed out. Calm down, go get yourself an ice cream, go grab a movie, and just let it be.

8 – You want to be free

Not actually an event, but in fact the driving force behind all the other events, and the whole Awakening process itself.

At the core of everything that happens to you, is a deep desire to truly break free from everything that limits, holds you in place, restrains your true expression of yourself. These are not only your beliefs, but also the life and identity you have constructed around you, according to those beliefs.

Everything that happens in the Awakening process will serve the purpose of freeing you from those things, even if at times, as felt by you, you are extremely attached to them, and it’s all just a blunder of pain, so to speak.

It’s a kind of paradox. At the beginning of the Awakening process you’ll feel truly Free, more than ever before. But when you choose gpwing forward in your Awakening, you don’t really know which of these things are, or that are the solutions for them. But those things are about to be demolished and cleared, insofar as you are willing to travel the path. At this point, it’s just a matter of how far can you go.

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