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Quick Reading: Angel in the Statue

Posted by Nuno on 22.04.19 under Published Akashic Records Readings.

Catherine’s Soul originates from the Angelic Realms, a reality to which she’s still very close to. These are the realms of entities in service and support to incarnating human beings, always in the background to act in support of human life and reality, but without ever becoming involved directly in physical matter themselves. These beings are referred to as Angels in many spiritual contexts.

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The Universe Favors the Bold

Posted by Nuno on 24.01.14 under Life and Society.

Massimo Bottura, Italian, studied to become a lawyer, when in 1986, at 24 years of age, decided to leave law school and devote to the culinary arts. Massimo’s father, who wanted his son to become a lawyer, took the choice so badly that the two wouldn’t speak for 2 years. In February 2011, shortly after his father passing away, the (…)

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