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The Universe Favors the Bold

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Massimo Bottura, Italian, studied to become a lawyer, when in 1986, at 24 years of age, decided to leave law school and devote to the culinary arts.

Massimo’s father, who wanted his son to become a lawyer, took the choice so badly that the two wouldn’t speak for 2 years.

In February 2011, shortly after his father passing away, the prestigious International Academy of Gastronomy, based in Paris, awards Massimo Bottura with the title of “Best Chef in the World”.

Sometimes, what goes in our heart goes against what others believe in. Even with those who love us and want the best for us.

Sometimes in life we need to be brave and take a leap of faith. Without safety net. Without guarantees, by ourselves.

Not because you’re sure that everything will work out fine. Not because it’s “right” or “wrong”. But because that’s how we chose to live.

I firmly believe the Universe favors the bold. Maybe not overnight. Maybe not within a week. But eventually.

What matters is not how the story starts, but how it ends.

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