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Spiritual Discernment

compass on top of chartsYou are invited to use your own discernment to evaluate if a given content in this website, or any metaphysical subject at all, resonates and is appropriate to you.

Discernment is an fundamental concept in spirituality. Spirit seeks to empower you, making you autonomous and able to choose for yourself. This means having the necessary trust to assess for yourself your own path, rather than to follow anyone, or being told what to believe and what to do.

For me, nothing in this website is fiction, whimsical, or imaginary. Still, most things are of a metaphysical, spiritual nature. So how do you know what’s “real”?

Spirit Asks For Inner Guidance, Not Following or Affiliation

Metaphysical information is of a different nature than, say, scientific, or day-to-day common sense, where you can perhaps more easily believe it, put it to the test, because there are more people who align with it, therefore providing safety in numbers.

Yet spiritual information, in particular regarding new energy in this day and age, asks you precisely the opposite: to break away from the values of the masses and what others believe, not to rely on anyone else, human or not, to tell you what’s right or wrong, and to connect with your unique nature first and foremost, by tuning inside rather than outside. By doing so, you may then believe whatever you want. You may even come in contact with information from an outside source. But you won’t believe it because you’re following anything, but because you resonated with it. And at that point you’re unbounded by affiliation, free from obliging to rules, free to believe and change your beliefs at any time, and, finally, safe, because you’re divinely guided inside at all times.

Otherwise, if you affiliate with any given group or any outside value or belief, if you’re following without core discernment, you’re automatically putting aside, vibrating away, from some part of your true core essence.

Intuitive and Channeled Information is Always Biased, No Chance It’s Not – The Best, Purest Source is From Within Yourself

This is the other reason why it’s so important to rely on your inner guidance first. Human beings live and are affected by duality and matter, by the dance of Light and Dark. Furthermore, each person has it’s core beliefs, views, personal history, karma, spiritual development. And also many other factors, such as past lives, Soul history in the cosmos, and Soul nature! It’s therefore only natural, and inevitable, that whatever comes out of the mouth of the Human, is always biased by the Human itself.

This is particularly true regarding channeled information. There are multiple ways energetic entities come through, and varying degrees of empowerment to the human channel. Each is entitled to its own choices. Yet, one thing is always true. As the process happens, the energies of the Human and the Entity are always intertwined, blended, and the final result a mix of the channel’s Human energy, and the original Light from Source. This is why it’s so important for Entities from Light who desire to be in integrity, to require from the channel the clearest intent, unbounded by personal desires and ego.

This is not an encouragement for you to shut down and stop learning from outside sources. My view is exactly the opposite.

You should learn from as many sources as your Spirit directs you to, and adopt to yourself whatever views you relate with. And then, as your consciousness evolves, so may evolve any of your views.

It is therefore important to put into perspective any view you hold, and any view you come across. And be prepared to adapt, revise, and expand your views when you receive new information. And how do you guide yourself throughout this process? By using your discernment. This is why this concept is fundamental. Discernment actually represents the shift in paradigm, between relying on external sources to dictate beliefs and behavior, and trusting your inner guidance and intuition to orient all aspects of life. Spirituality, therefore, should be entirely internal, and shaped according to one’s unique standpoint.

Messages from Source are a Godsend, a blessing. And so are its teachers and their service. Information given within integrity is appropriate and trustworthy. But it’s up to you, and you alone, to discern weather there’s integrity, and if something’s appropriate to you. So in that sense, you should be accompanied by your discernment at all times, never letting your spiritual sovereignty guard down. The highest, unbounded form of contact with Source, with a Master or Angel, the way to perceive their original essence, is ultimately only within yourself. The moment you then try to communicate, relay the experience, the message will always be subjected to duality. It becomes subjective. The human will always function as a translation device, so to speak. Energy is limitless and formless, so concepts and words are intrinsically limited to convey it. So is any human, including me.

The Principles Behind Discernment

You are made of Source, and you have an internal connection to It, whether you use it or not. And that connection, being a bridge to non-duality, is potentially clearer than whatever point of view from anyone else. Someone telling you what’s right or wrong would perhaps be easier, but you’d be renouncing your own power and responsibility. Therefore, Spirit is trying to teach you to trust, to empower you and make you grow, encouraging you to evaluate things inside first.

I’m not telling you to rely exclusively on your current gut-feeling as is. What if it’s your mind, ego, fears, or some other things whispering on your ear, and not your higher intuition? What if you’re not enlightened and know everything just yet? What if you improve your intuitive connection with practice? So, by all means, practice.

You don’t need to know if something is absolutely true or false – there is no such thing. There are only approximations to the infinite Truth, each one true-er than the next. What you need to know is if a given energy is appropriate to you at this moment. If it rises your energy, expands your awareness, or at least, is the next bit of information you need to consider. And if it’s the most appropriate direction for you, as defined by your Spirit’s higher good.

You can know if something is accurate and appropriate to you, by measuring how you feel. Coming in contact with the information, as you read the words, open the site, go to the meeting, listen to the audio. Pay attention to your inside, to the kinds of things that are happening in you. That is how Spirit communicates with you.

  • Do you feel uplifted, empowered? Has your consciousness expanded? Do you feel there is indeed benevolent, intelligent design to all things? Do you feel peace, calmness, freedom, protection, Love? Do you feel there’s meaning to your life, and you deserve to be respected and be just You at all times?
  • Or are you hesitant and cautious? Have you been told to make an effort, meet a deadline, fit a standard? Did you come out more frightened or unsure than before? Do you have to commit to a contract, belong to a group, or give up any part of your free will in any way?


The way you feel is the only thing you should pay attention to.

Spirit is Love. It is Benevolence. It isn’t about laws, rules, regulations, criticism, meeting of expectations, or performing tasks, human or otherwise. It just isn’t. Not only Spirit exists to serve You, no-one on the other side is judging you, and especially not your Self. There is no duality on the other side. So, when you come in contact with something that makes you feel agitated and fearful, just get away and don’t look back. But when you feel more free, more clear, loving, uplifted, this is Spirit. If you feel “this was so good to me, I wonder I can believe it?”, then it’s probably Spirit. And the way to know is from the inside, precisely because that’s the point. To use your own discernment to know.

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