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Gnosis – To Know the Actual Truth

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I never ever speak about evidence of proof concerning what I say. I never try to offer a “compelling case”, convince you, or prove you anything. The reason is, nothing I discuss is dependent on debate or argumentation.

As you grow into your intuitive guidance, you might retrieve information from external sources, but your intuition is guiding you at all times, not only in assessing any information you connect with, but in discovering said information and placing it “in front of you” to begin with. Even synchronistic messages and symbols have to go through your energy to manifest around you.

This happens in a particularly intensive manner as you blossom into your spiritual awakening process, and soak up a large amount of new information.

After a while of using and training your intuitive capacity, you will eventually begin receiving information on your own, through your inner connection to Spirit. You will begin to recognize intuitive thought and guidance from your spiritual team. And, hopefully, you will become accustomed to asking for guidance periodically, when you have doubts or feel unsure. ‘Give me more information about this’. Your interaction with your spiritual team will ideally become commonsense, habitual, actual, close and personal. Not to mention if you hold specific gifts that let you receive information from Spirit in ways that are even more clear or unique.

Guidance and information will come more and more from the inside.

Your perceptions, beliefs, and perspectives, will be safely anchored within your intuitive perception – regardless of their original source, internal or external. All your beliefs will be held “softly”, that is to say, you are always open for them to be expanded, adapted, and modified, should you encounter new information, or you decide to make inquiries about them.

You won’t be afraid to hold beliefs that are more temporary than others, if you are unsure of their validity. You will be comfortable with holding beliefs as hypothesis, remaining open to new information which will consolidate, elaborate, or invalidate them.

But now this ‘soft’ holding of beliefs will bring you more and more confidence and trust in your inner discernment. So much so, that in time a central core of perspectives will grow, which will be both closely aligned with your spiritual essence, and one you’ll hold as very close to objective truth.

You will realize your confidence comes from, your “identity” resides within, the intuitive power itself, not in whatever beliefs or perspectives you may hold at any one time.

It is a paradox: letting go of holding absolute and rigid beliefs, leads to forming inner perspectives that, albeit subjective and fluid, become ever more solid observations of objective reality.

No Soul, being, entity, or person, can ever hold a perspective of Truth that is completely unbiased, non-subjective. Every Soul is a facet of Creation with a certain viewpoint. Every Soul is a specific viewpoint. It is by the multitude of unique and different perspectives of Truth, What Is, that Source knows Itself in all its facets.

What each Soul, entity, being, or person can ever strive for, is through its consciousness to reach purer and purer levels of discernment over observable Truth, even from its own bias. And even then, the discovery, exploration, and expansion of what it perceives never ends.

There is a name for this form of perceiving reality: Gnosis.

Only after doing the thing did I realize there was a name for it. Gnosis is the Greek noun for knowledge. From wikipedia, “Gnosis taught a deliverance of man from the constraints of earthly existence through insight into an essential relationship, as soul or spirit, with a supramundane place of freedom.”

Gnosis essentially equates to this state of holding beliefs in a ‘soft’ manner, without grasping too strongly to them, without having stakes or identity oneself with them – a process which paradoxically allows you to perceive greater and greater portions of reality, by relaxing your mind and expanding your awareness. In simpler terms, all beliefs are ultimately temporary. You cease to attach to the perspectives you hold, because you were never your perspectives, thoughts, or beliefs. You are you.

It is the necessity to hold on to a perspective, and identify with it, that turns temporary dynamic viewpoints into dogmatic, emotionally-charged and rigid beliefs.

Only your mind is unsure, afraid of uncertainty, and creates conflicts between seemingly opposite standpoints. It likes to cling to ideas and concepts that are “certain”, proved”, or perhaps believed by many, in order to feel secure when identifying with them. It fears stepping on something that may feel solid, safe, true, but might in time be proven incorrect and false. It dreads leaving its guard down, in fear of unexpectedly getting the carpet pulled from under its feet.

To realize one held a belief that was false, is often an experience of shock, shame, guilt, humiliation. We feel mislead and naive. We question our judgement, maturity, and solidity of character – our mind and ego do, that is. Our reputation is on the line. We base our choices on what we believe. That’s why what we believe in is important to us.

But it is precisely the need for certainty that lowers and narrows down consciousness. It introduces duality to beliefs, making them incomplete without each other, and leading to the potential of a different belief refuting and dismissing a previous one, by pointing out the portion of the belief that happens to be lacking.
As an example of this, I always offer the following common metaphysical question: do we have true free will, or are events in life predestined?

One “side” implies we are in control our destiny, while the other implies we don’t, that things either happen mechanistically, or in a metaphysical sense all events are “meant to be”.

The truth is that each Soul has Free Will because it inherits it from its Creator/Source, of which it is a projection. Free Will is the trait of being able to reduce/increase its own the amount of Light by choices that are made, in other words one’s own level of awareness. At the same time, there is a side to reality that is indeed ‘mechanistic’, or mechanical, in the sense of that it works seemingly independently of choices made by individuals. Nothing is truly independent from anything else, but to a degree this holds true. For example, the Earth will cycle the Sun in a completely predictable timing; tomorrow the Sun will rise, without question, in a set number of hours from now. You can safely predict this. There are things that can be calculated, if you will.

So circumstances can be predicted to a degree, some of them being dependent on the choices you make at any given moment. If you choose to leave home to go buy groceries, a number of things may happen because of this decision. But those things in that scenario will not happen if you choose to stay at home that day.

Both sides are true at the same time. Sets of possibilities or potentials can be calculated on the spiritual level (in a manner that would be infinitely complex to us, but not to Spirit), both in granular detail and in a broad, collective level. These potentials can be predicted to a degree, with a percentage or probability of happening. But at the same time we also navigate this network of potentials with our own choices. Any one potential depends on certain choices being made in order to manifest into fruition.

You may go into this matter with as much complexity as you wish, nevertheless this knowledge brings together two different sides of reality that were seemingly opposite and contradictory. This is why in metaphysics and spirituality many paradoxes end up with the the two sides being true at the same time. It is also the reason why most ideological conflicts are pointless. They can never be resolved other than by the raising of individual consciousness.

Releasing the need for absolute certainty allows you to grasp Truth with increasing degrees of clarity.

It is therefore possible for each human to actually know the actual, objective Truth, both in the small questions and the ‘big’ ones, instead of forever having to resign to assumptions, guesswork, or beliefs – which is the most one can achieve when operating at the rational level.

It is with this perception that I offer my insights when writing, reading, and teaching. They come from a long-term process of inner work, and from a point of view that is intuitively informed and consistent.
This does not mean what I say is necessarily the be-all and end-all; that I own the ultimate Truth of anything. What it does mean, is that my perspectives come from a point of view that is beyond the need for consensus or debate with others.

Such type of viewpoint is attainable by anyone.

It is for this reason that I don’t mention proof or evidence, nor am I invested in trying to convince others of what I say. Doing so would instantly belittle my own confidence in my knowledge.

I rarely say “I believe this to be this way, but I can always change my beliefs at any time”. This would be a crude disservice to all the inner and outer work I did and lived through to reach such perspectives, and would grossly disrespect the certainty I feel about what I share.

When I write and share insights, it’s because I’m assured of them. It’s because I reached, personally, a stable “plateau” in my perspectives that I can consider sharing with others, and which can be truthful, useful, enlightening, and offer clarity and healing to others in some way, regardless if in the future such perspectives may or may not be expanded upon.

Information that is spiritual in nature should mostly be self-evident and carry meaning on its own. It is up to each person to then use their own intuitive discernment to feel how much value and meaning what was said by others has to them, internally.

This is the manner by which the mind, and the dualities of reason and emotion, faith and certainty, science and spirituality, can be transcended.

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