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Akashic Records: Planetary Origins and Regions of Space

I want to write about space.

In case you’re new here, I won’t be talking about space from an astronomer’s point of view, but from someone who reads the Akashic Records, and accesses information about your past experiences (past lives) in other planetary cycles. This, of course, implies the essential concept of reincarnation, but also that said reincarnation occurs not just on Earth but on various other planets as well – not indiscriminately i.e. “randomly”, but for those planets that happened to be suitable for it, and where that experience was set up.

For Starseeds, the expression “Planetary Origin” generally refers to where you came from before arriving to incarnate on Earth, in terms of planets, regions of space, as well as Density/level of awareness, stage of spiritual progress etc. Being a Starseed generally implies you were at a certain threshold in your spiritual journey before arriving to take experience on Earth, with that threshiold corresponding to a higher level of advancement than Earth in terms of awareness and societal development. Therefore, a Starseed will hold within their spiritual layers unconscious remembrance of their experiences in said other places – as well as a possible sense of Home associated with them. The person’s spiritual self, in other words the spiritual layers aware of those memories, could feel or express something like the following: “I come from Sirius”, “I’m from the Pleiades”, or “I’m Pleiadian“, for example.

The place in question is going to be your Home for you, not necessarily because you only had experience there, or because you’re somehow spiritually “rooted” to that place; but because it’s the place/realm/awareness/vibration you most closely resonate with. Maybe it’s the place you were at just before Earth i.e. “where you came from”; and it’s possibly where you envision returning to once the trials on Earth are completed. Maybe it’s also the place you’d rather be, when you go through particularly difficult challenges in your current experience.

But your Cosmic Home is unlikely to be the sole place you’ve known and experienced before (besides Earth). Most likely there was a long spiritual journey before that, the journey that eventually led you there. Such a journey will often be comprised of, or at least include, participation and experience in multiple other planetary cycles.

Spiritual entities can follow a linear “ascending” path in terms of spiritual progress, in other words, graduating through 3D, then 4D, then 5D, and so forth, in relative linear succession. Alternatively, they may instead start and “descend” from higher, subtler planes, such as 6D, progressing spiritually by instead exploring the (relative) lower realms, “dipping” in them for experience. Any combination of these solutions may apply: you can progress “upward” for a time, while occasionally you can choose to “turn back” i.e. experience a realm of a lower Density, if you think it serves your spiritual lessons – or, to put it succintly, if you want to.

The Cosmos is an oyster for the Soul. At some point along its journey a spiritual entity can choose to partake in a certain planetary cycle if it thinks the setting of that cycle suits its spiritual needs, goals, and interests – even if that cycle is of a lower Density/stage of development than its current spiritual one. Sometimes, because it is. And much like someone spiritually came to Earth from elsewhere and we call them Starseed, spiritual entities at large can choose to do the same, on several occasions, on various other places, thus experiencing various different planets, at different stages of their own journey. Hence talking about the spiritual journey: the background defined by the path of experience you took across the Cosmos, up until this very moment, and that is stored in your Akashic Records.

In absolute terms, the Soul isn’t from any one place or planet. Ultimately, the spark of Infinity that is the Soul is from/of Infinite Creation. There may come a stage in your spiritual progress where, even on the spiritual planes, you won’t find the need to associate with any given place, instead turning inward into your own identity, and choosing your experiences from a state of unity and without affiliations. Still, even after this is said and done, it is also valid that certain places in the Cosmos will hold more significance than others for you. For one reason or another, certain places will have a vacant, reserved “seat” in your energy, your heart, and your mind. And this is perfectly fine and appropriate. You’re entitled to preferences and affinities, even on the Soul level.

The Soul has its vast journey of experiences throughout the Cosmos, likely with participation in multiple planetary cycles. Your mileage may vary, depending on several factors – such as the Density of the cycle, the progress each planetary collective describes, or your spiritual intentions in participating in it. Nevertheless, said participation isn’t going to be about one or two lifetimes, a few, or even one hundred. A 3D cycle on Earth can be measured in tens of thousands of years, and you may have hundreds of lifetimes during that cycle. This should give you a small notion of scale when referring to the soul’s journey across the Cosmos.

It is under this umbrella the topic of Regions of Space comes in.

An Akashic Records reading will sometimes refer to a region of space, namely where you undertook experience in the past, as opposed to a specific star/planet. The concept of region will indicate a loosely defined area in the Cosmos, comprised of multiple planets and cycles taking place in them (not necessarily happening “at the same time” but that took place at some point) bound by energetic and spiritual thematics. If a reading says you have incarnated in a Region, that is going to comprise participation in multiple planetary cicles, across various different planets, but with common spiritual thematics that are related to the energy of the region as a whole. A known star or constellation may be used as reference, not to pinpoint them precisely but using the word like a collective noun, referring to a broad, general area of space, not just physically or ”geographically” but also in energy.

Regions of space can be relevant because each has a particular energy/vibration. Therefore, addressing the region where a particular planetary cycle you participated in can offer yet another layer of understanding to one’s spiritual trajectory. Bringing up a region of space in your past may offer context to the analysis of a particular life taken in a world of that region, to understand the broader spiritual background/context to which that life belonged. Alternatively, a reading may bring up the matter even without referencing a specific past life, addressing only your broader spiritual journey that took place in that region.

I don’t control who comes to me to ask me for readings, therefore I don’t have a say about which regions of space I’ll cover most, or at all. That being said, if I was performing a summation of my work I would say I most commonly address the regions of Arcturus, Sirius, and Orion, while also a few others just less frequently, such as Pleiades and Cygnus for example. My anecdotal observations from performing readings is that the most common associations Starseeds have, tend to be with areas of space in the vicinity of Earth, which will usually be associated with named constellations. But there are of course far more stars and planets than those in the named constellations in the sky, and you may have had experiences there as well.

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