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Synchronicity: My Letter and Number Sequence Meanings

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Sequences (repeating or patterned numbers, letters or symbols) may have a degree of common “universal” meanings, but they can also have custom-made meanings for your own personal use, created and conveyed to you and you alone by your Guides. The beauty of the process is the conversation that develops between you and your Spirit Guides.

My intention with this text is mainly to provide a practical example taken from my personal experience. And you can also take some ideas from the symbols that appear to you. You may end up adopting some of the symbols below, or having them appear with the same meanings.

Note 1: car license plates in Portugal have pairs of numbers and letters, life so: 56-78-CD. Also, there’s a predominance of common everyday items with such pairs of numbers or letters, like digital clocks, or addresses, for example. This is why I’m biased in sequences of two elements. But of course you can, and should, use whatever molds you have available around you. The greater the sequence, the stronger the meaning. 8888 views in youtube, or 777 “likes” in facebook, are great synchronistic sequences.

Note 2: you see something that is a symbol to you, say, “AB”. To you personally it means “there’s a great thing coming”, for example. Now, what do you think each and every time you see “AB” anywhere? Is it an insisting message? Well, the issue is not if AB always has spiritual meaning, but if you sensed it when you saw it, if you were surprised, moved, if it carried meaning for any situation or question you asked. Synchronicity is not just the symbols, it’s also about inner significance.


SG-> St. Germain, The Ascended Master.
JS, JE, MJ, or CR -> Jesus
QQ or QO-> Kryon (No K’s in Portuguese license plates!)
AM or MI-> Archangel Michael
RF-> Archangel Rafael
RA-> Ra from the Law of One
GA or GB-> Archangel Gabriel
RZ-> Archangel Raziel
UR-> Archangel Uriel
ZQ or ZD-> Archangel Zadquiel
HA or HN-> Archangel Haniel
GG -> “Good Game” – Means “nicely done”, when regarding any situation or transmutation. It’s derived from the “GG” starcraft players use when opening and finishing games, although it doesn’t have the connotation of “you lose”, only the praise. When it’s an exceptionally good result, it’s often replaced by…
BG-> Big Game! When it’s a really big deal
NU-> Me. Can also be TU, which is Portuguese for “You”
MU-> Lemuria, Lemurian. It means you’re a Lemurian, and/or have heavy Lemurian memories and/or connections with this situation. Lemurian energy is very pure and innocent, and relays back to a time when the first experiences as angels incarnating in matter began, and made very intense impressions in our memories
ET-> ET, or ET influence – not necessarily positive. Can also mean “from the stars” or star memory, awareness, and/or DNA relevant. But it’s mostly an info sign regarding negativity and negative patterns
PX-> Pisces (old) energy, also implies transition to new energy
BS-> Belief Systems or, literally, B*/!$#! (it’s the same thing). It means the situation is undermined with erroneous human-based beliefs that are not true at all.
AA-> Archangel, or “Angel Love” (in Portuguese, “Amor de Anjos”). It means you’re surrounded by  much Love from the Angels
HQ-> Headquarters, meaning “Home”, the Light realms, and Spirit’s Guidance Teams. It usually means that there’s help being transmitted from you right now, in the sense of “Home phoning the ET”, but also can mean that there’s help available for that situation, and you can ask for it
MQ-> Melkisedek, an entity/master I’m not very familiar with, but which always means core cell energy shifting and transmutation
RI->Portuguese for “Laugh”, in the sense of telling me to do just that: laugh. It always tells me to not take a seemingly difficult situation too seriously, and laugh at it. It never appears in a situation where it’s easy to laugh though
VV->Victory, Success, in the sense of having overcoming or finding the solution to a challenging situation (the idea of fingers forming a V-shape)
UU->”Unique Unit”. This is from the Civilization computer games, where each civilization has its own unique military units, or “UU’s”, which are stronger or more special than the other civilization’s counterparts. It refers to the absolute uniqueness of each individual Essence, and his life situation, karmic or other. It’s essentially a high praise, a remimder of possible notoriety, and a call to search for, know, and follow your unique identity
UP->This symbol tells me “Raise your Energy”, in a similar way to “RI”, mostly in heavy, dense situations, where my viewpoint or energy are getting too low and pessimistic.
DP->This means “First A, then B”. This comes from the Portuguese word “depois”, which means “after”. It sometimes is used as a connection between two other symbols. For example “UP,DP,VV” would stand for “first UP, then VV”, meaning “first lift your energy, and after that, you’ll overcome/see the solution to this situation”.
AE or EA->A reference to my identity, to my monad, and possibly to this website and my Essence role as teacher/healer/etc


44-> The 4 symbolizes heart, and Earth. It’s about love, protection, passion and Essence, and it’s also about grounding and staying solid. It usually means that, even though the situation may not be pleasant or “high-tuned”, I’m completely protected by Spirit through it
77-> The 77 is always a joy to behold. It means I’ve done everything right, in the sense that it was absolutely aligned with Spirit. Spirit wants us to know that we always do things “right”, but this is powerful reassurance nonetheless
11 and 12-> Seeing sequences with 11’s and 12’s (such as 11:11 or 12:12 on the clock) generally means to me a distinct energy or awareness point I’m going through. It conveys a sense of importance and relevance. I guess I can say they are the quitessential sequences for synchronicity.
03 or 30-> The dreaded 03 means there’s something that still needs to be done, or that there’s something that needs adjustment or change – taken from Doreen Virtue
47-> A direct reference to me. Can also mean that the situation should come to a close now if it’s to remain in balance and integrity. It’s a number that means “the ideal energy”, or “the perfect spot”, as it’s a perfect balance of matter (4) and Spirit (7). Can also represent “Ascension”.
45, 46, 48, 49-> Since 47 can mean “this is the appropriate duration for the situation”, or “the situation will end now”, Spirit sometimes uses numbers close to 47 to tell me if a situation isn’t over yet, or if it has gone long enough and should ideally end by now. Being Indigo/starseed/etc, sometimes I have troube being over-zealous, overly-critical, or just not knowing when to stop something that’s fun – therefore being prone to unbalanced, compulsive or addictive behaviour. For example, seeing 46 means “it’s not over yet”, or if I’m enjoying the experience, “you may do it a little more”. Seeing 45 may mean “it’s still a bit more to go”. Seeing 48, 49, or even 50, means “you’ve exceeded the appropriate time/quantity/intensity of this situation”, or “you’re exaggerating”.
74-> Similar to 47, but more Spirit oriented, it means there are some stuff that needs balancing, but all is mostly in tune with Spirit
81-> Me (my birth date)
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