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Karma: Punishment, Balance, or Something Else?

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There’s a moment in the evolution of the spiritual being when he leaps in consciousness from 3D to 4D.

This transition is individual. It isn’t dependant (as in being impaired, impeded) on others making the same transition – although the process may be assisted if they do. But its nature is inner first and foremost. It happens when the spiritual being is ready for it, and not before.

The shift in awareness may happen during the person’s life, in which case I’ll call him an individual. It may also happen in the afterlife, in which case I’ll call him a being.

It’s common for it to happen in a particularly relevant experience or moment, or even in the transition to the afterlife, which often provides for an intense moment of realization. In a sense, it doesn’t matter when, where, or in which state, the transition happens. It’s a transition in consciousness.

Before the transition, the spiritual being had been operating on the level of awareness of 3D. In 3D, things are all that matter. Not just material things, but anything that is external: wealth and material possessions, reputation, social status, marital and sexual status, protection and safety, might and power, and so on.

Things are perceived as vital because one’s identity and existence are directly derived from them. I am what I own, what others think of me, and what I can do. And if I fail to acquire any of these things, and/or I’m perceived as weak, others will surely pounce and take advantage of me.

It’s every man for himself. There are constantly dangers lurking. One can never lower their guard. It’s a harsh world. 3D is the awareness of never-ending competition for survival and prosperity.

But at some point, a transition into 4D occurs.

Transition to 4D

Transitioning from 3D to 4D implies realizing, in a deep sense, the sacred nature of individuals and Souls, and life and existence themselves.

The being or individual does not think about it that way. He does not rationalize with his mind “other individuals are sacred”. Instead, he feels, he realizes, in the “skin”, in the gut, in the spiritual, on a deep and profound level, how important the feelings, emotions, and inner state of others are, and their choices.

And also, as a consequence, he also realizes the pain and suffering caused on others by his own actions.

During the 3D stage the person most likely incurred in acts of violence, aggression, or negativity, towards others, at some points during its journey – across multiple lifetimes.

Such actions were made out of 3D beliefs. These boil down to the notion that it’s sometimes necessary to inflict harm on others. Perhaps for the sake of self-interest, survival, or, as retaliation to harm suffered.

The energy of harm caused to others, and disrespect of the free will of others, accumulates within the self.

All actions which cause suffering, pain, separation, negativity on others, are in actuality inflicted on the self. This is because all external reality is ultimately a reflection of the inner one. That’s how it works in a metaphysical sense.

So for every negative action that causes separation, the self will thereafter carry around the exact same separation within its own spiritual self (even if that separation isn’t fully realized). If there was separation, pain, inflicted to others, then that separation now exists within.

This is what is called “karma”. It is the energy of negative action directed towards others and motivated by negativity and self-interest, accumulated within the self.

In turn, this energy also corresponds to spiritual lessons about what is just or not, what is right or not, what is appropriate and what isn’t. There are questions generated on the spiritual level: is this ok? is this fair? was I correct?

These questions are not fully conscious while the individual operates in 3D, for the most part. They remain “buried” in the subconscious, on spiritual levels, and/or they are brushed aside. The negative actions “had to be done”. There is no consequence, at least not directly. So there’s no need for further discussion.

But the questions on the spiritual level will never go away. This is because the negative action that is offensive and is taken for the sake of self-interest, is illusory. It does not hold. It does not offer integration, peace. It does not offer certainty, resolution, closure, stability. It is, in a very literal sense, false. So the questions remain unsolved. And they will accumulate for each negative action taken.

It is precisely the accumulation of this energy that eventually leads to the graduation from 3D to 4D.

At some point, when the spiritual energy of the entity is ready, a particular set of circumstances will happen in the person’s life, somehow, somewhere, that will trigger the “flooding”, so to speak, of the accumulated energy of suffering and negativity. This is the point when the being, within his own consciousness, asks: “what have I done?”

This point is illustrated in Akashic Records Reading: Bartholomew, when the pirate, who was Bartholomew in his immediate past-life, suddenly realized all the harm he had caused to others, and he had been involved with.

The Desire to Make Amends

A very common aspect that happens in the transition from 3D to 4D, is that the spiritual entity realizes all the harm caused, and immediately wishes to go back to fix things, or at least, to compensate for all the harm caused in the past.

The individual/entity feels he’s done horrible things and caused much suffering and violence on others. The main emotion is one of deep and overwhelming guilt, repent, sorrow. And immediately there is a deep desire to go back, incarnate back, in order to correct things. To give instead of taking, to care instead of harming. There’s the need to correct, to restore balance, to make amends. This is also perceived through the filters of the individual’s religious beliefs and perceptions at the time.

Just coming out of 3D into 4D, the entity is not aware enough to see itself as the Deity itself, as the Universe experiencing itself. Instead, it sees itself as a lowly inferior being who has done atrocious things. There is a strong element of feeling judged by a higher power, and of feeling unworthy and guilty as a result.

From this comes the fundamental notion of karma as being punishment and/or the reposition of balance, and also the equivalent religious concept of “sin”.  They both derive from the realizations that happen at this transition, and the heavy emotion of guilt associated with it.

It is very characteristic for individuals who are now operating at 4D to refrain themselves of hurting others, to care and give whenever they can. To try their best to be liked, and be in good terms with others around them. They want to be positive instead of negative. They also refrain from being assertive even when they should. So there is a tendency from the 4D individual to be overly kind and open, and try his best to please others, and avoid any kind of conflict or confrontation.

This is not clear-cut. Humans on Earth possess a complex variety of elements to them that are of many level of awareness: 3D, 4D, etc. Each case is its own case. But this holds true as a general consideration.

The 4D good person was once (at times) a “bad” 3D person. It now holds the desire to do what is right, accompanied by a vague and indefinite sensation of guilt and shame, always there in the background. In many ways he’s held back by this.

It looks like there’s something wrong about him. Something is intrinsically flawed about his nature – even though he can’t pinpoint what it is. This is his global spiritual memory of what he has done “bad” in his 3D times. Even though there are no specific memories of what that was, the memory remains in the spiritual level.

In 3D, entities primarily accumulate karma. They do not hold the ability (or it’s limited) to empathize with the hurt of others. They cannot see this clearly.

In 4D, entities now held back from the way they were 3D. They refrain from being pushy, aggressive, assertive, powerful, to avoid causing harm to others. They hold themselves back from fighting, from defending themselves. This holding back, ironically, leaves them vulnerable to the precise things they did in 3D, now at the hands of others – because at all times all entities gravitate towards themselves that which they carry within.

By its own choice, the 4D entity is now spiritually willing to handle its own karma.

This is why it sometimes looks like it’s the “good people” that endure the most suffering and negative events, while the “bad people” are seemingly allowed to run free.

The Soul’s Perspective

The spiritual entity that has graduated into 4D is now driven by the desire to make amends for harm done in the past.

However, that is not the whole story.

For the purposes of this explanation, let us consider the Soul as the highest, purest version of your consciousness. When you incarnate it is the part of you that stays always in its purest, original form, unaffected and undisturbed by any and all experiences in matter. You could also call It your Higher Self.

The Soul knows all about its own journey across space-time, and about your journey. It knows the lessons and undertakings it has committed to. The Soul, therefore, is well aware of the trials and tribulations you had in 3D, in 4D, and so forth.

The Soul has a perfect and neutral overview of all you have done, including the “bad” things in 3D – and it doesn’t judge you. Because it was the Soul in the first place who decided to risk going into negativity in the first place. The knew what it was “getting itself into”. It knew all along of the risks of submerging into negativity. So it knows that, in a way, playing the duality game will almost necessarily involve at some point making negative choices, without realizing how “bad” they are. That is, at least, the risk of duality.

The Soul does not judge your actions. The Soul merely sees them as neutral aspects of your lessons: what you did to others in the role of doer, and what you will experience in return in the role of receiver. It is in this way duality is explored, by all Souls doing so. It is the agreement. That is how questions and explored to the fullest: by doing and then experiencing its reflection, so that all questions can be analysed in detail.

This means, that in a very absolute and ultimate sense, nothing you do is really worthy of judgement. There is no sin or punishment. Your Soul doesn’t judge you, nor does anyone else at that level, no matter the level of negativity and pain caused by your choices in the past.

This might be a little difficult to take. For us humans handling negativity, suffering, pain, sorrow, the experience of those things, is difficult. So this not to dictate how you should handle your life. This is not to say you need to take suffering from others as if it’s nothing, and move along. Each one of us is responsible for handling their experiences and managing their energy in the way they see fit, and it’s a given that life sometimes just isn’t easy.

But ultimately, each beings’s lessons and karma are completely self-enclosed. There is no one judging. There is no true guilt. There are only lessons, which are of the responsibility of the Soul, and everything else just plays a part in those lessons.

Balancing the Self

When the spiritual entity rises to 4D, all of the inner separation and pain that had accumulated within because of past actions to others, now rises to the surface, and begs to be solved. But it’s not truly about restoring balance to the Universe, or to others: it is about restoring balance to the Self.

What happens is, the Soul knows from its point of view the elements of its own energy that need to be re-integrated, and the lessons that need to be addressed. This then trickles down to the Soul’s 4D aspect.

On one hand, the desire to make amends, to repair things, corresponds to the “upper” awareness of its own Soul of what needs “fixing” within the self.

On the other hand, the feeling of guilt of the 4D being is, in reality, the feeling of separation and pain that had been held within all along.

As the 4D being transitions to 4D, in reality he’s feeling his own energy of doubt about his past actions, and the suffering caused on others. These had been accumulating within the self all along, but up until that point had been “buried”, hidden. The 3D level had not allowed enough empathy to clearly connect with the feelings of others. But now in 4D, all of this energy suddenly is surging forward, and being felt.

What is felt by the entity as the transition to 4D occurs, in reality has a correspondence to the broader scope of the entity’s journey, in many ways. They are an indicator to the entity of what’s in need of healing.

It’s just that the 4D spiritual entity doesn’t know this.

The entity, at 4D, doesn’t realize the feeling of guilt corresponds to the inner separation held within. Nor that the desire to “make things right” is in fact the desire to heal itself.

Instead, the entity is simply overwhelmed by immense feelings of guilt and regret. And it believes it needs to go back to make amends to those it harmed, and to try to fix and restore things.

This is understandable since it is by these spiritual feelings of guilt and sorrow that the entity is driven to re-integrate its own separation and karma. However, it is also true that at the 4D level is often charged with many feelings of self-guilt, self-pity, penance, martyrdom, and victimhood.

4D is the level of awareness of Love, empathy, and compassion. But also of guilt, shame, and penance.

These elements are, in a sense, useful in the entity’s path, for the reasons explained. Up to a point.

But there will be a moment where the guilt and self-pity will have to be shed and discarded, because ultimately they aren’t true. Once the pain is healed and re-integrated into the self, guilt itself needs to go. So in that sense, guilt isn’t real, justified, or “necessary”.

Guilt may serve a purpose as a pointer, an indicator. As a symptom of what needs healing. But once karma is healed, the feeling of guilt serves no other purpose in itself. The same is valid about the beliefs about karma that perceive it to be about suffering or punishment.

The Universe Doesn’t Need Balance. The Universe is already at perfect balance, always.

The Universe has no interest in punishing you. All actions and lessons are self-contained within the Soul.

At most, you are improving the Universe by improving yourself.

What you are doing for the Universe, and for your Soul, is the exploration of the Self by navigating duality in a very thorough manner, and by re-integrating within the self all the parts that were shattered and broken.

By doing your work of integrating and healing your own inner pain and suffering, you are upgrading, improving, uplifting, raising, your own energy. And in turn, the vibration of the Universe itself.

Once you realize this, guilt and self-pity have no place left within you – save, perhaps, as they point you the lessons you need to address within yourself.

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