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Do We Have Free Will or are Events Predestined?

Often two Spiritual concepts may look like paradoxes, but are both true at the same time. This is the case with choice (free will) and destiny. Both ideas, namely that 1) you’re the one in charge of your life, and 2) things that happen are already “predicted”, are true. Allow me to explain.

This is, for me, the best, classical example of the rational mind being trapped in a “either one or the other” thing. The mind is duality-based and linear, unable to grasp Truth from Spirit’s point of view. It separates one thing from the other, and then it thinks they can’t be both true. But when it comes to Spirit, they often are.

Planned And “Natural” Potentials

Before you’re born, there are certain potentials put in place. First, because things are intended in some way. You wish to experience or accomplish something, both at a higher Spiritual sense of learning this or that lesson, and at a more human level of awareness, of having this or that person as parents, going to live at a certain location, performing some kind of mission or task, etc. And it’s at this level that certain “big” things are pre-planned, as potentials to happen at a certain time of your life: meeting someone, losing someone, moments of success, having a certain kind of disease or accident, even potentials for time of death. Although it seems random, all of it is orchestrated according to your personal plan.

Secondly, things are simply vastly more likely to happen simply because of the way you are. If you like motorcycles, should you come into contact with motorcycles programs on TV, you will most likely awaken that passion within you. If you live boxed in the city and you like freedom, given the right circumstances you will always tend to move and go live by the beach.

Furthermore, you continuously attract everything into your path because of your vibration, either consciously or unconsciously. So the likelihood alone of attracting motorcycle programs on TV increases dramatically, just because you happen to like them. Also, if you had an accident in a past life with a motorcycle, and you didn’t release the experience, that’s also still present in your energy too – if not in your conscious remembrance, then in your spiritual bank memory. If you have a model of a woman/man which is highly critical of you, you’ll most likely attract this kind of partner. There are many things involved when it comes to things happening. This is not valid only before you are born. It’s valid all the time, and things are constantly being planned by you and by your team, at a spiritual level. Including right now. Remember, multidimensional.

Potentials are Always in Place and are Always Available to Spirit, at any Time, at any Level of Detail

Reality in itself is made out of patterns, vibrations, wavelengths, at their core literally geometric and mathematics. Trees and rocks and nature may seem random happenings and constructs, and at a certain level they are, but they also follow specific mathematical formulas and constants. The Universe is intelligently designed, follows strict patterns, and is calibrated in a specific way. Science is beginning to tap into it, although it’s extremely controversial to mainstream scientists to use the G-word (God).

You must understand that there are multiple levels, layers of things at work, let’s call it that way. Something that seems random at a certain level, it’s actually perfectly designed at levels above it. Potentials are valid both at a top, general overall level – such as living with this person for this time period, being on some job for X years – and are also valid down to the most minute detail: the time you woke up today, the number of hair follicles you’ll have tomorrow, the brand of chocolate you’ll buy at the store, and the amount of money you’ll have left, to the cent. This is because, as was said, ALL the Universe works through patterns. Nothing is outside of them. There is no “potential vacuum”. Everything, by existing, fits, is already integrated, in the grid made up of those patterns.

For this reason alone, all the things that can happen can be perfectly predicted, calculated, if you will, to the most minute detail. Spirit knows anything from the most general to the most minute. It may sound like something overwhelming for the mind. But the mind is linear and can only think about something at once, while Spirit is, well, multidimensional and infinite.

Like a microscope, or maybe more accurately, like the zoom ability of programs such as Google Earth, Spirit is fully aware of all potentials at a top level, down to the smallest. From the potentials for the planet, for the system, for the galaxy, down to the details of a single molecule, or atom. From the potentials to the human race as a whole, to certain countries and groups, to families, to individual persons, all potentials fitting in and dancing with each other. All is available to Spirit, at all levels, all equally easily. Can you conceive this?


potentials choice spirit spirituality free will destiny fate

Choice and Free Will

The thing is, I used the word “potential” so far, because it’s not certain something will happen. In other words, the potential for you meeting Mrs. Perfect in that coffee-shop, at day 3 of May of 1993, is there. But if it actually happens or not, and if you connect or not, there’s absolutely no guarantee – only an approximate probability. This is where Free Will comes in. Free Will not only means a human has the ability to choose – say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to something – but it also comes into play how the awareness and current state of the human affect his choices in the moment.

This is also why all future predictions are always only potentials. The psychic/mediunic reader IS looking at potentials, which do exist. But that alone doesn’t mean they’ll come about. You simply can’t say “this WILL happen”, because it doesn’t work that way. Many things are “correctly”, very accurately predicted, because they’re there. They may have been since forever. Potentials exist in the flow of Time itself, be it from a week from now, or a million years. But never anything is written in stone. It’s a matter of how likely is something to happen, and even so, human choice can always completely alter it, or negate it, at the last moment.

Destiny” exists. But for it to actually happen, you must walk its path. Or you can simply change it to be something else.

Many times happens when a human instantly changes its potentials, simply by hearing about them from a psychic os similar, and then, internally disliking them. There. Potential averted. There are more things at play about potentials, such as karma, contracts and so forth, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

You had a motorcycle accident in this life, and it brought up a fear, that started a life before. Spirit is now asking you to free yourself from that fear. So a friend one day comes and asks you, “a group of friends of mine are sorting out a motorcycle race, do you wanna join?”.

In this moment, all things will come together in you answer. Your karmic fear, your willingness to face that fear, your beliefs about motorcycles, about fear itself, the opinion of your spouse, if you woke up cranky in the morning, if you’re thinking about something else… All of this will make you say, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. And Spirit – although they do have a pretty good idea what you’re going to say – cannot actually fully predict what you’re going to do. Yes, you may answer one thing in the moment, and then change your mind and call your friend to participate. Or not. All it matters is not your indecision – which you’re entitled to, by the way – but the outcome of the situation: if you choose to participate in the race or not.

Humans sometimes amaze Spirit for this reason. Things are planned in a certain way, and then they go in a different direction, either for the “worse”, or for “the best”. This happens more frequently than you may think.

Purposely leaving to the side the notion that there’s only the now moment, and assuming linear time is in place, no entity in the Cosmos can predict the future. There are potentials with a given probability to happen, possibly even near to 100% chance of happening. And, at some level, All Is Known. But at the same time, there’s no way of telling what will happen exactly, until the time comes and it happens. Free Will and Destiny both exist at the same time.

In the Universe, there are various realities with various levels of Free Will, and other rules. But the Universe in itself is designed so predictability is well balanced with, shall I say, randomness, or having the ability to choose things. And it’s from this ability to choose, that all lessons, and all things, are possible.

It’s Called Co-Creation

You see, it’s all about the human and it’s awareness. That’s why it is the human who is “in charge”. The human most often is not in the driving seat, in the administration desk, calling all the shots about its life – it can be to a degree – but everything that happens in its life starts in his vibration, and then is chosen by its vibration. This is called co-creation. It’s called “co”, because you are creating things all the time, while also immersed in something of a larger scope. You are not alone in it. You have help from the other site. Spirit is not only assisting your etheric manifestations, it’s assisting you with your energy management, and with your karma cleansing, if that’s the case, so you may raise your awareness and better choose your own experience.

You may look at all of this as another take on the “Law of Attraction”, which states nothing more, than that you constantly create and attract to yourself things that match your energy/emotional state. You are a Creator God, no matter your current awareness level or beliefs.

This Earth, the Universe, is all about the Soul who’s learning. Even though there are mathematical formulas, a grid of things that fit in, pre-defined Potentials, it all comes down, always, to the choice made by the human in Free Will.

Co-creation has a new side to it, in this new energy, because you have the choice to expand your awareness and live side-by-side with Spirit. In this state you are by far more conscious about what you’re choosing for yourself. It’s almost as if you’re deciding things knowing all cards in everyone’s hands, as if you’re deciding them at Spirit level. Never not being a human being guided by Spirit and in the role of being “waiting blindly” for the manifestation, but in a much more conscious, authoritative role. You can hardly call you’re “co-creating” when you’re full of karma – even if you do choose things albeit unconsciously – because to you things seem to happen “to” you. But the concept of Co-Creation carries with it the idea that you are Creating with Spirit, at the same level as Spirit.

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