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Mailing List
for Notification of Book Release

I'm currently writing a book with my knowledge of Densities, as presented on this website and in my readings. The concept itself is closely related to the Law of One material, but over the years, and through my work, I've expanded it into a body of knowledge I regard as my own. The tentative, placeholder title for the book is "Densities Explained: The Level of Awareness Guidebook". Subscribe to the mailing list below to receive a notification of when the book is released. This mailing list is completely separate from the mailing list for website articles. This book has no estimation for completion. I mentioned an ETA before, but that just created an extra burden I don't need. This book is a long-term endeavor I'm working on my spare time, as such "it's done when it's done". I want to apologize if you've seen an ETA mentioned here before, but it should be disregarded. Thank you for your understanding.
My intention for this mailing list is solely to publish a message telling you the book is complete. But, if I have any kind of important message to send regarding the book, I may use this list for that purpose as well. More information on Densities: You can reach me at any time at mail@heartki.com for any queries and matters concerning this book or this mailing list. You can also use the comments below to share any message as well.
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