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Planetary Origins and Regions of Space: Vela [Quick Reading]

The following is a Quick Reading originally performed for a client. This is a reading of the Akashic Records that takes me a few hours to perform, and is delivered as text by email. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Quick Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

This reading addresses information about a specific Region of Space corresponding to what we refer to as the constellation Vela, together with its energetic/spiritual relationship to Sirius. While a Starseed with origins in this region, the client also has certain spiritual characteristics related to this particular background that lead them to be/feel identification with the region itself and be as if a spiritual ambassador of its energy (something that is specific to the client), which is also addressed in the reading.

The client came into the reading describing a particularly intense dream where they saw and communicated with a light/presence in the Cosmos, which they described as steady, calm, almost motherly. This was an experience that touched them deeply and left a lingering feeling even after awake.

It is with great excitement I begin this reading. Every reading “opens” with a certain tonality of energy, a vibration, a feeling, an emotional state, typically indicating the theme the reading will carry and cover. The emotional state this reading opens with is a very light excitement, akin to a deep sense of curiosity, mixed with the aspiration for a recollection with the deepest, with the greatest, with the highest, and with the stars.

Vela. This is where you’re from.

Vela in human knowledge is a constellation/region – but, I want to say star? Could there be a star or planet within this region that is actually called Vela or similar? In any case, you are therefore a Starseed: a wanderer soul who ventured onto Earth in its spiritual journeys across the Cosmos. And who happens to regard Vela as your point of origin.

But the above statement, while valid, is also reductive. Again, I feel there’s more to this [Quick readings offer me limited time to really get to grips with information particularly when it’s new and/or “different”. So this is me trying to perform and communicate a reading to the client, while conducting my own process of (limited) discovery]. There’s a “unitary” feeling with the name/sound as it is referenced. When I think of the name Vela, in this reading, it also sounds like your name, rather than of a specific place, region, civilization, or plane. I feel you are Vela, and that it is equates to your own name.

Time is short, and simplifications are in order. Vela will be referenced within the scope of this reading both as your place of origin (that you spiritually deem as your origination, in the Cosmos, relative to your presence and sense of identity on Earth at this time), as well as a reference to yourself. This should be partially because the spiritual energy of the place, its “vibe” – which is extremely strong, coming through very clearly in the reading – is infused in your own spiritual energy. Vela is not external, but internal: it is part of you and who you are. This is valid to the extent one could comfortably state spiritually you’re as if a representative of Vela on the Earth plane, not in terms of “purpose” (external concept) but in terms of who you are (internal).

This statement does not mean this is everything that you are, that this is all there is to it. This speaks purely of a certain aspect of your spiritual energy, nevertheless a relevant one, which is your spiritual/constellation affinity and origins.

The reading transmits that the lucid dream state you were in was in fact a dream that was different from everything else. The dream was a byproduct (not in the sense of being inadvertent/random, but in the sense of being part of a bigger picture and processes) of a spiritual transformation occurring within. This generally pertains to the process by which you, the human being, is receiving Light and acquiring/integrating higher levels of their identity, all while incarnated on the Earth plane.

This energy of the spiritual transformation occurring within you is tangible, forthcoming, dominant. It is “for real”. It’s not something being introduced carefully, tentatively, in a subtle way, but something coming into your energy “with aplomb”, so to speak. This energy that is coming in right now for you, this is how 1) its nature feels, and 2) it’s also how it’s coming in feels. The energy is steadfast and affirmative, without reservations, and metaphysically arrives unto you in a manner that is steadfast and affirmative, without reservations.

It is often the case that new Light/spiritual energy, as it is introduced and integrated by the awakened human being living in the human reality – which is the case in this situation – for one reason or another can do so in a process that is somewhat tentative, subtle, slow to be felt and seen. At first, it can be like a piano or harp starting to play tiny, small, timid, subtle notes, in a song already underway, played by a whole band full of many instruments – an analogy to the rest of regular human awareness and the elements of our human reality. In short, new spiritual energy may start slowly, quiet, unassuming. This is because new/higher light can’t act on its own, and it cannot impose itself in the human life; rather it needs to be acnowledged, then accepted, then embodied, by the human themselves, through choice. And so it is the case, again typically, that is is up to the human to find and acknowledge their own energy within and seek to explore more of it, akin to finding a thread and start pulling it.

But while this is true also with your own process as well, in your particular case we would say the energy coming in, comparatively speaking, isn’t quite as subtle. By nature, this energy has no qualms about making itself heard and known, coming in determinately and in broad strokes. “Ain’t got no time for subtle”, or so it feels it says. Note this isn’t “aggression”, it isn’t about picking fights with anyone or anything; in fact this energy is actually quite light, bright, peaceful, elevated, clear, illuminated, and joyous – but it registers, insofar as the reading shows, as preferring to come out strong, in spades; to come forth in a determined, upfront, and almost jubilant way. Without hiding.

Your dream was part of the broader spiritual/metaphysical process by which this energy was and is being integrated by you. Your general context of dreaming, as well as other dreams you’ve had or might still have in the future, may also be or become part of this same process.

To be more specific regarding the integration of spiritual energy. While there are some parts to such process that can largely go over the human self [you’re not aware of the minutia by which it’s happening, and often of the why’s], and therefore does not actively require their explicit/exact input at every step, other parts to the process do involve, of course, the self’s active participation and/or choice – given it is their personal choices that are enabling the process to begin with. It happened that the dream was, again, a way for the energy to introduce itself to you and involve your conscious participation.

Within the dream you were gradually introduced to the energy/Light’s presence and state, to gradually acclimated to it. At first you observed it and gradually noticed it was there, and after a little while, you accrued enough realization that with your awareness you decided to face it, “confront” it, come to terms with it. In other words, gradually going from a sort of “lingering”, observant, and passive perspective, to the point of wishing to face it directly, asking it to declare itself. Who are you? Why? What? And so in that moment, by virtue of this very decision, you “opened the door more” for the energy; you opened up for the connection with it, creating allowance for it to continue, to be known, and to flow more. This is why when you woke up a lingering (real) emotion persisted of having been deeply touched by something, in a positive/good/exciting way.

The energy chose to use the dream state as a way to play out this part of the process and to connect with you, as part of its arrival and gradual integration.

This event was for you, therefore, akin to a spiritual initiation, or a spiritual tuning of sorts: it was a formalization of your acknowledgment of the Light that is coming in for you.

Who, or what, is this energy or Light?

The energy that is coming in and you are receiving, and that you witnessed in this dream, is your own energy/Light of higher vibration, which is simultaneously infused with the energy of Vela. Every region of space has a specific trademark “signature” energy, such as Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, etc, with Vela being no exception.

It is for this reason that for you, the way you perceive it, the identity of this energy may fall somewhere/anywhere between a) something that is yours i.e. that you are, and also b) something that is external to you, as if it’s an independent someone/something else. The energy contains both factors simultaneously: it is a “higher” energy that is yours, and it is also, at the same time, an energy that represents where you come from on a broader level, and that is external to you.

In short, the energy of the region itself seems to be heavily present within your own high-level energy coming in, to be with you in your human reality. This is the same to say “you bear the Light of Vela within you”.

Sometimes, in some ways, there are certain aspects to abstract Consciousness that can have it be felt by the human being as peculiar, different, if not weird or even a little bit funky (!), depending on who is observing and the spiritual progress with which they do. [Example: the soul having multiple aspects incarnating, being in different places at once, speaking to the Higher Self as a separate entity, etc.] Ultimately, abstract Consciousness has no rigid barriers or definitions, and this can mean, as it appears to be in this case, that an individual or spiritual entity can be the carrier of an inner essence deep within, which in turn can be an energy of a broader context – including all of its collection of vibration, memories, and collective intelligence. It is as we said: spiritually you are as if a representative of the region of the Cosmos you come from, and its energy.

To round off the reading, allow us to discuss a little more of the energy/vibration of Vela.

Vela [or insofar as the connection in the energy you carry allows to discern] is quite closely associated with the energy of neighboring Sirius, in vibration. In fact they’re almost in tandem, in unison, so much so that we’ll colloquially say that Vela can be more Sirius than Sirius itself. How so?

In vibration/consciousness, like Sirius, Vela carries an energy of very intuitive, sharp, and deep/high thought. There’s a depth to the vibration, representing an acute resonance with and access to high spiritual planes. But Vela is also very Feminine-Energy in predominance: enveloping, embracing, flowing, deep, strong and ever-present, like the blue waters in the oceans of Earth. Picture the aquatic mammals who live on Earth, how they communicate with “singing” tones over long distances, and how the mothers protect and care for the young, going extremely long distances for the sake of their young. When you contemplate these beings and these elements, you’re looking at the general vibration of Vela, perhaps more than of even Sirius itself.

Vela is feminine to what Sirius is masculine. Vela is so deeply Feminine that the energy can, or could originally, become entirely and deeply devoted to the subtle, to what is about pure presence, i.e. to a state of abstract beingness. And in the process almost completely dismiss the tangible, the specific, the detailed, and all that is individual – including inquisitiveness and the search of knowledge, which is typical to Sirius. To Vela’s energy, all “knowledge” would be about love and energy-based, with other forms becoming negligible.

And yet, despite being a F-E counterpart to Sirius, Vela is anything but meek and fragile. Vela would rather disappear, or move on to higher and a more subtle vibratory state, than wield to, or become dependent of, other more overpowering, dominant, M-E energies. Vela is the archetype of an unyielding, indivisible, thus strong, feminine. Which is the energy of Vela you have infused within. This energy is present, forthcoming, committed, and authoritative, while still being nurturing, caring, benevolent, and ‘motherly’.

You are inexorably tied to the energy of Vela. There would be nothing you could do to not be so, even if you tried. We reiterate that, at the same time you are it, the energy is also on a broader level, and it also has a broader, sovereign, independent intelligence of its own. Because of this, it would be possible that when you contemplate this energy – in your thoughts, through your spiritual connection, or in future dreaming, for example – you might regard its Light not as a version of yourself, but as an external, very high-level spiritual entity and source of Light. In other words, what you’d generally refer to in the human reality, a deity.