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Quick Reading: The Matrix of Creation (and Sirius Planetary Origin)

The following is a Quick Reading originally performed for a client. This is a reading of the Akashic Records that takes me a few hours to perform, and is delivered as text by email. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, but no changes were made to the original meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Quick Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

This material is an excerpt of a reading performed for Julian (as always a fictional alias), which part of a reading sequence published on Patreon. This information in particular is from Quick Reading #4 of the sequence, that is to say, this was information that came forth during the 4th reading performed for the client. At the time of this writing readings #1 to #6 are published, more are set to follow. Therefore, you may find additional readings published on Patreon by the time you’re reading this. You can subscribe to my Patreon page to offer your support and access readings and materials not available elsewhere.

This reading speaks of the client’s experience and background in working in the Matrix of Creation, which is described as a metaphysical construct sitting at the edge of the realms of purely ethereal nature (energy) and the physical plane. It is essentially a perpetual state of flux between ethereal/abstract and physical, that sustains and manages the materialization of the physical realms as a whole, and where intelligent entities work and participate. In addition to this, another topic the reading touched upon (addressed not just in this reading but by the sequence of readings as a whole) is the Starseed Sirius Planetary Origin of the client, a part of their spiritual background which is always close and important. Still, the particular background of having worked and self-realized the Matrix of Creation, make for parts of the read to be quite esoteric and “meta” at points.

Link to the first post of the sequence on Patreon (readings #1 – #3): The Matrix of Creation: Quick Reading Sequence, Julian (#1-#3)
Link to the post of the sequence on Patreon this material is taken from (readings #4 – #6): The Matrix of Creation: Quick Reading Sequence, Julian (#4-#6)

Behind the creation and maintenance of all reality in the physical – we call it the ‘outer realms’ in this channel, which technically equates to 5th Density and below – there is a layer, a flux, or a connective tissue, standing between the purely ethereal realms and the physical ones, like a frontier or boundary. This layer is responsible for establishing and managing the continuous state of flux that consists of the translation between pure energy and its manifestation as physical matter, of the many physical Densities.

This layer is nowhere and everywhere. It exists hovering between the constructs of time and space of the outer realms, and the ethereal, purely abstract ones, touching and sharing characteristics of both. It’s akin to a nervous system, or a supercomputer, or the neuron connection network in the brain – but metaphysical. We’ll call this layer the Creative Matrix, or the Matrix of Creation. In the past, we’ve also referred to this realm as the one of the Directors.

This layer exists, because unlike the purely ethereal which is very malleable and in itself always in a state of flux, the physical has a semi-permanent state to maintain.

In the physical plane, you can’t just snap your fingers and make things appear, disappear, or move around, for example – unlike in the purely ethereal planes [where this type of situation is much more viable]. Or rather, you can – but doing so i.e. manifesting an intention must happen through the rules and laws of the realm in question. So rather than having the chair appear instantly, out of thin air, with your intention, instead the tree must have been chopped, the chair must have been fabricated, and the finished product must have reached you, through physical means and involving the rules of the realm and societal construct you inhabit, taking place over linear time and in a chain of syncrhonous moments.

Even when not explicitly directed by the intelligent consciousness of an incarnated spiritual being, physical matter will still continually shift and move around, according to a combination of its physical and energetic rules – but generally speaking, still continually responding to, and seeking to occupy, the various ‘energetic spaces’ that constantly open up for it. There’s a slew of rules and laws of the physical Universe that must be maintained, and are active at all times. These rules admit the input of the Souled being’s intelligence to some extent, but otherwise must also be able to exist and operate semi-independently, or “automatically” if you will. And it is in this Creative Matrix, in itself made of intelligence and able to be operated intelligently, that all of these rules are stored and managed. You may be able to tap unto such a layer in moments of synchronicity, or of co-creation (Law of Attraction) for example, which are types of circumstances when you might feel into an ‘invisible tissue’ binding everything, and sometimes, stringing things together in your life.

From this matrix, one can affect nearly everything in the physical: laws of physics, down to the most minute element; composition of fauna and flora in a given planet; temporal and potential dynamics; energetic equilibrium; vibratory/Density levels and their management, etc.. It’s akin to an enormous, vast, infinitely massive puzzle: an arrangement of the most complex and dynamic systems there are, one with many moving parts and many intricacies – yet, at the same time, also able to be understood and engaged from broad/generic levels, which allow a very simple and clear perception of any part of it.

In these layers dwell intelligent entities who specialize in operating this Matrix, as a whole or some of its parts. One of these entities was you.

Following this imagery, we’d like to call you an operator, or at least you were so originally, where you came from. There’s a strong symbiosis between Source and each and every one of these entities. The origin of each as diverse as the Matrix’s strings running through the Universe. Yet they share the commonality of being very close, virtually without separation from, Source. For the sake of the explanation, picture each of those entities as an intelligent and fully independent entity, but who can also see themselves as direct extensions of Source itself. Picture workers at a human office space with many desks and computers, where you know the ceiling is aware and intelligent, and you know you are the ceiling. Hopefully this metaphor may help you begin to understand the gist of it.

Things within you, spiritually (and as addressed in these readings) may be traced further and further back as far back as we’d be willing to go. In this case, the background of working in this Matrix is where your original sense of joy and excitement [a meaningful insight addressed in previous readings] came from: it was tied with ‘playing with’ this system, a little like playing a massive management computer game.

This is also where the affinity with technology comes from. On today’s Earth’s reality the closest or more intricate reflections of technology today – especially closest to the energies here addressed – are computers, the internet, the digital, etc. That is to say, it’s the affinity to tinker with complex dynamic systems to understand them; to wrap one’s mind the complex dynamics, patterns, and emergent behavior they show from their functioning; and to develop systems within systems, and creating/supporting/developing increasingly elaborate dynamics based atop simpler portions of the systems, like using smaller blocks to build a house. This is a loose translation of the types of ‘activities’ you would partake in as an operator of this matrix, or how they would feel to you.

In an ultimate sense, Sirius was not really the originating factor of these affinities, but rather a suitable realm, an environment and energy, that played well with them, and allowed their ‘continuation’ if you will.

Long-term accumulated experience of participating and working in the Matrix, over time (time being a construct partially applicable there) resulted in you accruing a certain type of energy in your awareness. This was a normal occurrence: the shifting and moving of energies, of intelligence, of experience, tend to produce certain effects over time, namely and more specifically in the process of self-realization of Souled beings.

This accruing resulted in:
a) your gradual self-realization as a sovereign Soul [you always were, always are, and always will be a Soul, yet at the same time Souled entities may follow processes by which they’ll gradually realize so… this is a fairly intricate thematic that won’t be addressed here], and
b) a gradual, growing proximity to, and a desire for involvement with, what was being managed (i.e. things in the physical). In other words, b) means you gradually grew more and more enamored with the physical realm, and the things that took place in it, out of having spent eons of time directing such things from behind the scenes.

Eventually, out of these, you were willing to project yourself into the physical, for your own experience. This is the short “version” of how you first chose to project onto the physical, in other words, the reasons why and how you initially ventured in the physical planes.

Now, in a more general sense, the underlying reasons that motivate Infinite Consciousness (in any form) to delve into the physical can be somewhat difficult to adequately convey, particularly to someone immersed in a human existence. And likely will continue to be so no matter how expanded their consciousness grows, and for as long as their experience in the physical holds. Still, these reasons pertain to how infinite spiritual entities see the physical as seductive and alluring. The experience that is ephemeral and limited, as opposed to infinite and immaterial, is a completely different, new, novel thing for abstract Consciousness – while also being more intense and focused in a number of ways.

In the Infinite everything will always be. Whereas the physical realm is an experience of ultimate contrast that is unlike everything else. The limits, the setting, and the focus, induce an ‘invitation’ that is similar in your experience to the thrill of stepping onto a roller-coaster, going on a ride or journey that transmits joy, going on an adventure or a quest, discovering a new area in a video game, or otherwise doing something that’s extremely exciting and pleasurable, and, perhaps, also a little bit dangerous. A life of 80 years seems and feels like a long time, yet it’s a spec of dust from the point of view of the Infinite. This explanation can be regarded under the umbrella of ‘for what it’s worth’. But it is what it is.

So the reason why you initially ventured forth from the purely ethereal, and from strictly partaking in the matrix of management of the physical, was: out of joy, out of interest in doing so. You wanted to play. You wanted to participate.

Now we fast-forward a little. This becomes further complicated to explain, but we’ll try to keep it simple.

Sirius was not the very first place you projected to in physical form. But if we were to draw the path of your ‘adventures’ in the physical realms, ever since you chose to project there, out of the earlier planets and cycles you participated in Sirius was the one you’d call Home. Spiritually you still do today (we’re talking of a specific planet, in the system called Sirius, as opposed to a broader region of space). Due to several reasons, Sirius as a setting most resembled and reciprocated your energy, your spiritual and energetic essence [what we call “Planetary Origin”].

If you were to peer into these matters, you’d find the backgrounds of those who participated in Sirius generally share an affinity with managing and directing systems of the physical, to some capacity, like you. They’d have similar affinities with both technology and fun, together with a natural curiosity/inquisitiveness that was combined with lightheartedness. This made Sirius a preferred confluence for those energies like yours. We would not portray the whole of the experience there as perfect and pristine, devoid of challenge – but eventually the progress of consciousness resulted in an indeed pristine environment, of clear and sharp energy, proficient in both optimization of systems, as well as spiritual and philosophical acuity, and harmony throughout. To this contributed the aforementioned affinity and homogeneity of the Souls present there.

Many in Sirius shared the common characteristics mentioned above, and this helped them see each other’s sides, have each other’s backs, and look towards the general same directions whenever challenges arose, when they needed to pull together and join efforts for common purpose. This familiarity, this sense of “family”, made it much easier to collectively optimize, to steer towards improvement, and to continually seek refinement, both of technology, but also of meaning, joy, and lightheartedness.

Later as a civilization of an ‘illuminated’ status, Sirius became akin to a beacon and blueprint of success. This is the primordial memory you have of it.

Those who later projected from Sirius to other places for experience in the physical, in some way or another always tended to bring with them the mission of ‘carrying over’ certain aspects of their own lessons and references to the new setting, seeking to implement or replicate the original success there. We can colloquially refer to this as ‘bringing the Light’, if you will.

So let us continue to talk a little about your experience there (and note, again, this wasn’t your first ‘rodeo’ i.e. the first participation in a planetary cycle; but it was still one of the earlier experiments).

By this point in your journey, you had matured your know-how of navigating the physical enough to find your way in it, as well as being able to translate your directives from the Matrix’s side of the veil with the things that took place in the physical – which you could now live through, see, and experience yourself, firsthand.

You were in fact maintaining both states at the same time: a part of you remained ‘on the side’ of the Matrix operating it, while another had also specialized in living in the physical, as an individual being with an individual consciousness. [This is a capacity of the Soul: dividing itself into more than one aspect, each a fully aware and sovereign being, both able to co-exist simultaneously; a more common way of saying this would be to explain you were maintaining two existences at the same time, simultaneously – one aspect of you on the other side of the veil, and one living life (or rather lives) in the physical.]

This was in fact something you regarded as somewhat of a perfect pairing. One guided and operated from the Matrix, while the other lived it! The “two of you”, these two sides or aspects (two sides of you) were still very close in awareness, and so could feed each other necessary information to help one another: the incarnated self could relay what experiences felt and what was needed to improve, and the operator self could translate that feedback into improvements, both to the physical setting at large, and also to the specific management of the life of the incarnated self. Over time, the management performed from the side of the Matrix by the operator self gradually specialized more and more on the management of the personal reality and lessons of an incarnated self, transitioning from the more “impersonal” modalities of management – which would include various aspects of the physical reality, such as fauna and flora, the physical circumstances of planets, etc.

During your time on Sirius, you practiced and became used to relying on yourself for feedback. You lived life in the physical while at all times, continuously, feeding the other side of the veil with feedback and exchanging input, in order to keep you safe and secure and continually improve your personal life circumstances. For your reference so you may understand it better, this could translate to a habit of, in a manner of speaking, “checking on yourself”: whenever you faced problems, had questions and doubts, or wondered if you were making the right choice, you became used to seeking the feedback of yourself from the other side of the veil, asking for indications, to thus be able to perform course corrections yourself.

Keep in mind a human (or human-like) incarnated Souled being is not a mere observer, they’re also in spiritual lesson. This means they are still meant to continually choose out of their Free Will, and live through the consequences of their choices. In this system of self-reliance, it was important for the operator self to not dispense ‘too much’ information i.e. that would invalidate (spoil) the enactment of the Free Will of the incarnated self, and that the incarnated self continued to choose while incarnated, because it is by that very process of enacting their Free Will that the vibration and systems in the physical actually improve. This is how Free Will tests in physical matter function.

What this means is that the cumulative work performed by the operator self and the incarnated self – like two stars orbiting each other, or two partners in a dance with different roles but equivalent responsibilities – served to enhance and optimize the work that had been done from behind the veil previously, before ever starting to incarnate: to manage, optimize, and improve, the systems in the physical, namely those pertaining to personal lessons. In short: this process was nothing but a continuation/progression of your Soul’s work, an evolutionary step if you will. This is how you faced your own work. This is also why Sirius was so meaningful for you: because it was a maximum exponent of your spiritual essence, of what you did even before coming into the physical. In Sirius you felt you had managed to ‘extend’ your essence onto the physical plane in an optimal manner – and you were having the most fun with doing so.

If we were to identify a point of challenge, it would relate to the existence of other selves – that is to say, other incarnated Souled beings also participating in the physical experience.

Sirius was very homogeneous in terms of collective consciousness – and certainly so when compared to Earth, for example. But it still presented some challenges from the difficulty of combining multiple, varying perspectives and priorities together.

In pure abstract consciousness, the importance of the ‘you’ can be relative. You don’t have a body, there are no finite resources to concern oneself with, there’s no need to rest or sleep, etc. But in the physical plane resources are limited and follow certain cycles; and any single individual will depend on others, to some capacity, which creates the need for joint effort and joint decision. And this was something you were always somewhat uncomfortable with. Let us say you were never really tuned in to team effort, we suppose. For you, the physical introduced the need to share decisions and choices to some capacity, and doing so while trying to match and navigate choices and opinions that could be divergent. This was something that wasn’t really a factor when operating from behind the veil. Your “native” perspective was about self-reliance, and therefore, intrinsically individualistic.

The fact was, you were always closely, spiritually aware that the physical plane was, first and foremost, a managed ‘hologram’ used for the purposes of individual lessons. On top of this, you were also always aware of and close to the management of your personal reality from behind the veil.

The “checking with yourself” naturally reinforced a perception of being metaphysically self-sufficient, that is to say, that you relied only on yourself, on own feedback, on your own self-guidance, and nothing more. You were a little like a closed loop, in a manner of speaking. This gradually reinforced your sense of individuality, and by contrast, made it ever so slightly more difficult to deal with the diverse, not always aligning, opinions, priorities, and perspectives of other-selves. Spiritually speaking, you were closer to the perception you alone were the one true and real guidance for your own experience in the Universe; and all other things, including other selves, had at best relative importance compared to that perspective, at worst they didn’t matter at all, insofar your experience was concerned.

Now, truth be told, there is some basis of metaphysical validity to this. As a Souled being you are sovereign, which means you (ultimately) rely on not one external entity or thing to dictate or influence your personal experience and spiritual lessons. However, this still doesn’t mean other selves are nonexistent/false/illusory or irrelevant for your experience. Experience in the physical can be poignant, meaningful, and sometimes even fun, for one’s spiritual lessons, and other selves are a part of it. Yet, perceiving others as unimportant or less meaningful could be a tendency and byproduct out of your spiritual background. This byproduct, a tendency of diluting the sense of acknowledgment afforded to other selves, brought your awareness closer to a Masculine-Energy predominance (Technology, Excitement, Fun, Understanding, Meaning, Individual) and farther away from a more Feminine-Energy predominance (Love, Empathy, Nurturing, Comfort, Collective Oneness). This effect was only slightly/superficially realized in Sirius, but it grew more predominant in each new planetary cycle explored thereafter, where neither the original homogeneity in awareness nor the alignment of the setting with your own natural energy, was as optimal.

In many ways Sirius was for you a blueprint of Light and spiritual success, but that meant only that the effort to replicate that same Light in other worlds would have challenges of its own. For you, that challenge was about facing an increasing polarization of your own awareness towards the masculine, individual, mind, perfectionism, in detriment of the feminine, nurturing, emotion, embracing. This relates to the challenges we’ve been addressing in readings, and which you’ve matched in tone as you placed your intended thematic for the first reading of this sequence. You’ll notice how in certain past-lives you chose to bypass love altogether. And you’ll find an almost equal reference in the first reading of this sequence. This is a reflection of this polarization: how you may simply completely bypass love and/or simply ignore it; how you may ignore other selves, not acknowledge them with as much relevance, meaning, and sovereignty as your own self. The byproduct of this polarization, and of your “closed loop”, is that you tend to be closed off to others, and consequently, to Love.

What happens now, as a result of this polarization, is that to restore your own balance (in terms of bias, perception, and tendencies) the Universe will consistently try to knock on your door, if not knock you off this pedestal, trying to bring you Love back, and have you accept it, so you may integrate It once more. But what usually happens, and has happened “historically”, is that you tend to react to this process by feeling intruded on, interrupted, or meddled with instead.

This is you feeling nothing can ever be quite as harmonious and easy as Sirius. You’d rather continue engrossed in the ‘complicating efforts’ of the mind, and of your own inner processes, rather than open the door to external input from other-selves. Love knocks on the door, and you can either take it in reluctantly, or not answer the door at all, preferring to instead insist in the fun, joy, and excitement of optimization, or in things that you can manage and control well. You like to treat personal matters as systems under your control and management, while the influence and Love of others can be felt as interference, as something out of your control. But this perspective can exacerbate the already existing polarization, and keep Love out.

Spiritually, the more polarized, the more need there is for taking Love in! And the more need there is for a more intense knocking on the door, seemingly intruding! In other words, the more you try to stick to control, the more the external world may seem to try to push in, interrupting. It was this pattern of gradually increasing polarization towards the masculine that would generate the need to alternate male incarnations with female ones, for the latter to alleviate/temper the bias built up during the former, in the manner previously addressed. And it is the same general process that developed when venturing into new planetary cycles that could keep you stuck in their respective processes of physical matter, for whichever long you’d need to be. The lessons always revolve around re-opening, re-integrating Love, and feeling back in. In detriment of, or tempering, the ability to engage reality with technicality, with individualism, with detail-oriented assessment, with perfectionism.

So if you ask “what am I still doing in the physical, what is my purpose, what lessons do I need to focus on”, these lessons did, and still do, revolve around various forms of integrating Love back into your perception, and being asked to, in order to re-balance the natural tendency for polarization towards the masculine.

Do note this focuses/applies mostly to male-oriented experience (as it is the case of this incarnation), as being male is the experience that tends to be most prone to this polarization, which we’ve been addressing at length. Whereas the female incarnations of the self tend to retain the capacity to stay in feeling, and the feminine-energy aspects of perceiving reality. In this sense, there is somewhat of a sharp difference between the perspectives of the male and female incarnations of the self.

To summarize, with regards to the lessons at hand, just because the self is a projection from Source doesn’t mean external Love doesn’t exist, or that Love from other-selves is false or meaningless. The self is real, but other selves are also as real as the inner self. In the physical plane, Love can be sent/shared between the self and other selves, this being how Love can most commonly be experienced.

Spiritually and metaphysically, Love from another is meant to be a reflection of the references of Love held within. So to become closed off to and/or reject this Love, is a form of rejection of Love that is held within. In other words, a form of masculine polarization. All your personal lessons tend to be, in one way or another, about un-polarizing, if you will, the natural tendencies of your intrinsic spiritual perspective.