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Akashic Records Reading [Written]: Cassandra, Atlantis, and Maha Chohan

The following is a Akashic Records Reading (Written) originally performed for a client. This is a reading performed over two weeks and delivered to the client in written, essay form. All references to the person's identity were replaced with a fictional alias to protect their privacy. For the purposes of this publication, some portions of the original reading may have been rephrased, edited out, or added to, but no changes were made that would impact the original, intended meaning. Additional readings are published at the Patreon page. For more information about Akashic Records Readings in general, please see: Akashic Records Readings. For more information about Written Readings specifically, please see: Reading Types at a Glance.

Physical location of Atlantis, from Wikimedia Commons, by Maximilian Dörrbecker

Physical location of Atlantis, from Wikimedia Commons, by Maximilian Dörrbecker

Vivienne – not the real name – asked for a reading seeking answers and direction regarding her life.

She described how she felt very sad, different, and out of place in life, even if there was with little reason for it to be so. She described having trust issues with allowing romantic interests near and close to her, while on other occasions she became exceedingly needy and sorely craving a close connection with a Soul Mate. She felt she depended too much on the judgement and value attributed to her by others, and she always spent a lot of effort and energy, trying too hard, in order to get these things. She was extremely intuitive and sensitive to the spirituality and energies around her, and she wanted to know who she was, why she felt these things, and what was she supposed to learn further in her spiritual journey.

The resulting reading was divided into two parts. The first was personal guidance that addressed more directly the questions asked by Vivienne. This part was edited out. The second part deals with Vivienne’s past-life memory in ancient Atlantis, and her connection with Ascended Master Maha Chohan. This is the part that follows.

Maha Chohan

Vivienne, you have a close-knit, tight connection with the Ascended Master called Maha Chohan.

To Ascend, in a broad sense, means to graduate from the incarnation school. The Ascended Masters are the ones who’ve passed the “final exam”, so to speak. They are people who don’t need to incarnate anymore, and carry on with their existence in the subtler realms, doing purely Light Work. Or whatever they want! [slight humor, but true] They are sovereign beings who have recognized their own sovereignty. Among them are Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, just to name a vfew.

Many of them spend their time doing Light work assisting people on Earth. Like Angels, they work with anyone and everyone, but they obviously work closer to the spiritually active ones, and to the ones closer to their culture of origin.

Master Maha Chohan has close affinity with the energies of Atlantis, water, dolphins, dreams, and healing/therapy with crystals. He specializes in challenges and life lessons that involve or require detachment, and putting things in perspective. 

It is important to acknowledge that they all Ascended Maters have importance. To speak highly of some in favor of others would be like splitting drops of water in the ocean. That’s not how it works.

Having said this, for you, your relationship with Master Maha Chohan is something a little different than most. You’re not someone who’s simply more aligned with, or closer, to Maha Chohan: you’re part of his clan, let’s call it that.

Your relationship and proximity with Him is something for you to personally discover by yourself. It can’t be correctly translated in a piece of paper. But you’ll understand better as you read what we have to say.


Atlantis was a land region located in your current Atlantic Ocean, its northern part. It’s called “Atlantic” because the roots of the name go back to the name “Atlantis”.

You must understand that “Atlantis” was a general area or civilization, that at times was under a united ruling (especially in its latter years), at times was just a group of land and trees that was generally called the region of “Atlantis”, and most of the time it was something in-between. It’s like your Europe or your Africa. It’s a broad term.

The Roman Empire existed for about 500 years. Your current “modern times” started mostly up until 100, 200 years ago of your time. Master Jesus walked this Earth about 2000 years ago. But the period of Atlantis which most humans remember it in their subconscious minds was roughly from 50.000 years to 12.000 years ago. This is a very different reference of time. When energy/consciousness is higher, the timespan of things tends to increase.

Many things in Atlantis were very different from anything you could conceive today. All of the technology of Atlantis at its height was energy and crystal-based, including light source, warmth, communication, etc. There was both a harmonious communion and respect with nature, and tall stone-crystal buildings and magnificent structures. And water. Lots of water. Water ran in channels in cities, and had “magical” properties, both for healing and rejuvenation, as for the very practical maintenance of energy and energetic fields. The dynamics of water were well understood, respected, and harnessed in a natural way.

Water naturally cleanses the human’s etheric body from negative/heavy thought-forms, and it’s something you should be aware of, and take advantage of, when cleansing yourself.

Seeing energy and dealing with Mysticism was a common and an integral part of Atlantis. In many ways the Spiritual was acknowledged as the fulcrum of Existence. The priests, scholars, teachers, and mystics all lived completely focused on their spiritual path – without ever coming into their minds not being so. This is where your memory of living spirituality comes from.

Many beings, human and non-human, lived side-by-side. Some Souls were young and/or native to Earth and/or inhabited dense humanoid bodies with limited abilities for higher manifestation of consciousness. While other Souls, human and non-human, were of a very high consciousness or vibratory state and had subtle, luminous bodies. Many had come from different parts of the Cosmos. This made those times a bit like your current super-hero or mythology movies, or “fairy tales”, with different intelligent creatures each with different perspectives and powers dealing with each other side-by-side. Back then it was perfectly normal. This is the memory that is resurfacing in humanity through movies and stories.

All of these aspects combined made of Atlantis the archetypal utopia, wonder-full society.

Atlantis wasn’t by any means perfect. Cosmic Connection was extremely high for some sections of its inhabitants – the priests and scholars – but together with the higher energy there were at times aspects of extremely crude, low energy. A few these things would be considered today as inappropriate, if not barbaric: slavery, servitude, rigid class segregation, unfair difference in rights and status, focus on technology over ethical values, and so forth. There was no “human rights” bill. At times, technology and the outside were placed ahead of consciousness and the inside. Mind was placed ahead of Divinity.

Atlantis was an early, “raw” experiment for Souls. Despite the state of our current world, today’s awareness is in many ways more evolved than in Atlantis. Our Spirits learned a few lessons along the way. Today, what happens is that consciousness develops first, and only then technology can follow.

Still, from your Soul’s eyes, the experience of Atlantis was truly the single, most marvelous, exciting, joyful time. This memory is extremely active in your own life today.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was this little girl, this young woman, who lived in the times of Atlantis. This was the height of Atlantis, with all the crystals, all the buildings, all the hope for the future and all the wonderful things that could be achieved and accomplished, and all the wonderful creatures and energies. It was a beautiful time, indeed.

And there was this little girl wondering along the meadows, rolling down the grass, hopping and skipping through the sunshine. This was outside the circular great city with water channels in it.

This little girl had a father who was very important in those days to that city. Her father was the world to her, and he was involved in the highest orders of importance to the city. He was a governor of sorts, but also a spiritual leader, a high priest, and a grand organizer of people, ideas, ideals, and beings. He was looked upon by others and was at the center of everything of true importance.

This girl not only adored his father, but she admired him greatly for all the importance he got from others. She looked upon him and loved him even more because of his status. And as he gave attention to her, she marveled at his energy, at his words, at being lifted in his lap, on his right arm. She felt like at the top of a tower, as if she was at the top of the tower of the city itself. Not only did she feel great Love for her father, but this Love was fueled by her feeling, “wow, my father is the most important man in the city, in the region, and I’m the most important thing to him!”. She felt more important than all the people, all the affairs, all the issues and decisions and demandings placed upon her father, because he always placed her above all those things. Her father knew how to detach from the external issues, big and small, and could focus on what was truly important: pure Love.

And as she was grabbed and picked up by her majestic father, she was always marveled by his light, by his bright, luminous skin, by his lightness. He shone like the Sun, like if he was the son of the Sun and the Stars himself. And she marveled most, above all, at his deep, sensitive, profound and mesmerizing blue eyes. She didn’t ever forget her father’s eyes for as long as she’s been on Earth. She fell in Love with them, with him, they were the center of the Cosmos, of her world.

Her father was called Master Maha Choan.

Father and Daughter

We wish to lay a separation between today’s fatherhood, the way father have children on Earth, and how things happened at the time of Atlantis, at least in the way this specific case is concerned.

It’s not that humans and people didn’t have biological children back then. But as you have adoption in your society as an alternative way of establishing parent-child relationships, back then there were those, and even more ways.

The energy of Atlantis allowed both humans with dense bodies, and humans /non-humans with very light, subtle bodies, to co-exist. The energy of Atlantis (and of Earth) allowed beings from across the cosmos, in some cases, to suddenly materialize on the Earth place instead of being born from a biological mother. In some cases, various wondrous and Spirit-aligned technologies allowed for miraculous and astounding creative efforts related to healing physical bodies, and to give life to physical bodies. In some cases, it was possible to invite a Soul into manifesting physically /energetically as a “son” or “daughter” (or a young Soul at the care of another Soul), without necessarily going through a birth process. These are but a few examples of the various differences and alternatives, in relation to the process of having children today.

We are telling you this to broaden your concept of what “father” and “daughter” could have looked back then, in relation to what is now. We are transmitting to Nuno that Maha Choan didn’t necessarily have a dense body like a human today has, and that he didn’t necessarily mate with a female who gave birth to a little human girl. This can be complicated to transmit to a human today, because there are so many beliefs and values and desires and preconceptions and criticism towards having children, adoption, etc.

But we do tell you that their relationship was exactly the absolute loving father, to the absolute loving daughter. It was something beyond a human may feel today. Only how a loving child feels about its parents may approximate to their Love.

If you remember.

Today’s children in their very early years look upon their parents as the center of their Universe, and with great, infinite Love. And it was this way back then. What happens today is that parents are so out of patience, out of touch with Spirit, so worried and drained from their meaningless, tough lives, and have so many dubious, draining, and out-of-touch-with-Essence relationships, that very soon, instead of ALLOWING PURE LOVE TO FLOW from children to parents and vice-versa, they instead cover and stop that sheer unadulterated Love with don’ts, with no patience, with burdening and with sacrifice. Don’t cry. Don’t want that. Stop this. You’re wrong. I don’t have patience to you.

If you connected with the love from your father before, what we just said might feel like a crime, like a horribly violent energy.

Because it is. It is exactly that violent.

Soul Impression

From the memories of her father, Cassandra took upon her the image she got from him: an all-encompassing wisdom and awareness, which covered the Sky, the city walls, the waters and the lakes, and shone beautiful light over everything his eyes laid their gaze upon.

It was from him also that she got the love from energy, from the mysticism, from the connection of everything with everything else. Her memories of Atlantis and of her father are tied together very closely.

And we’d also like to point out and reinforce that Cassandra had no mother. She had no female figure. Her father really did fill her entire Universe. He was the Universe to her.

Maha Choan didn’t appear luminous and full of Love to Cassandra just because he was her father. This was his life prior to becoming an “Ascended Master”.

As the ones called Ascended Masters have their last remaining lives as humans before becoming Ascended, they start approaching Spirit’s mighty Love, Spirit’s wisdom, and Spirit’s vibrations. And as such, they sometimes glow. They start having this radiance that other humans can see, or feel. And they can have very notorious lives with grand impact on society, like for example the life of Jesus, of Buddha. Again, because they are starting to align, meld and integrate with Spirit. Ascension might happen differently to every being, and today’s form of Ascension might be slightly different from other times, simply because the energy is different. But, this is generally how it goes. Ascension, after all, is the whole point if incarnating -aside from simply the experience- or in other words, it’s the ultimate event, the ultimate goal. Even if it wasn’t, you’d eventually cease having a Spiritual desire to keep incarnating, and you’d inevitably get back to Spirit. That’s how it works.

So Maha Choan appeared all the more luminous, and lovable, and a Light Being to Cassandra, a child looking at her single father. This of course had a profound and lasting effect on her and on her Soul.

Many people who had direct contact with Evolved beings and soon-to-Ascend humans were deeply touched and affected by them, and carry their memories with them, even throughout many lives. More than seeing things on a scripture, on a piece of paper or the writings on a webpage, more than being told that the master was this or was that, more than hearing from others what the master was doing at the time of his lifetime, being face-to-face with a master is an indescribable experience to any human. It is a Soul marking experience.

Now imagine having an Ascended Master as father.


Amidst all of her love, and all of her life, one day, it happened. It was without warning, and nothing could have prepared to what happened to her.

One day her Father was there. The other he was gone.

Maha Choan had ascended.

Some circles of priests knew about this, and could still see Maha Choan. He hadn’t gone anywhere. He became ascended, and his Light body was so advanced and subtle only few with a very sensitive energy could be aware of it. He had spoken subtly about this to Cassandra, but he would never have told her about his own decision.

Prior to ascending, he himself wasn’t sure of anything. It was a personal process, a personal decision he was making. So he couldn’t share his own process as it happened. It would have been too painful for her.

Now, Cassandra could no longer see her father. She was told by the priests and government circles that he had ascended and ‘left us all’, so she knew what happened. For all effects, he was gone. She felt, and dealt with this, in any way any child would. Pain. Sense of abandonment. Sense she wasn’t loved. “How could my father leave me?” She never overcame it. To this day.

To this day, Cassandra (Vivienne) looks at the word “detachment” and feels nauseous. As she hears the word “detachment”, she sees a distant, ignoring, insensitive, non-Loving father. She feels repulsion and hatred.


Unconsciously, over time, she tried in truth to go after him. And that meant ascending also. She wanted answers. She wanted to know how could have he done that to her. She wanted to be Loved again. Like that day with her father holding her.

The only image she had ever known was the ever-vigilant, all-important father, the one who knew everything and could direct energies and men alike. The one image she had was someone strikingly beautiful, that with his Light and his Eyes would bright up the Universe and make it spin around him. So in time, Cassandra became a priest also. Not a religious one, but someone who also dealt with energies, with the mysticism, with the unseen, and with the awareness and the leadership. Her goal was rising her vibration to ascend. After all, she was Maha Chohan’s daughter.

But her urge to go after his father, her need to be like him, made her vibration drop instead of rise. Her bitterness and anger that she had inside her stopped her from following a, let us say, pure path along her own Divinity. She wasn’t trying to find her own Angelic Self, her own Truth: she was trying to go after her father.

And as she had little success, she despaired. And without her realizing, as she despaired, the more her energy dropped in vibration, and the more distant she became of “Ascending”. She was attached, obsessive rather than unattached from her quest. Her pursuit of her goal itself was making her become more and more distant from it.

And the more she despaired, and the more her energies dropped, others felt what was happening to her and started to look down on her. Some of the priests knew what was happening: she was going after her father, and she was sinking in her own despair. And some of them even told her that. But it didn’t connect with her, because all she wanted was her father telling her that. All she wanted was her father telling her: why? Why? WHY?

Some of the priests understood the dynamics, but there was little they could do. Still, all of them started feeling her vibration sinking, and getting her further down the vibratory level, instead of up. Unfortunately, most of the priests around Cassandra were Male –because she tried to associate with, and attracted to herself, male figures, because of the memory of her father. And as she began noticing she was being looked down, frowned by all the other priests, who were male, she began associating her lack of energy handling prowess with being a woman. To her eyes, it was the only thing that differentiated them from her.

And they didn’t understand her pain, or so she thought. They didn’t understand why she was feeling like that, or so she thought. “My father left me, why can’t they tell me why, why can’t they understand that pain??”

She was repeating what she felt from her father: that those male figures didn’t understand her.

In her pain, she didn’t notice she was herself dropping her own vibration. And she failed to notice that there were also many female priests. There were many non-human priests even. Being a woman wasn’t the issue at all. But her model of the universe was all male. And her pain and sorrow clouded her judgment.

She was already seeing the world from her perspective alone, and filtering everything else out of her view.

It didn’t help that Atlantis was becoming a more and more masculine-energy consciousness. Attention to technology and capabilities (masculine energy) was being diverged from compassion and nurturing (feminine energy). Accompanying that, the society as a whole, and the priesthood itself, were starting to have prevalence in male priests and leaders. More attention and adulation was being given to them, and less importance was conceded to women. As this happened, she felt more and more excluded, and less and less important, relevant, sought-after. She was getting away from her objective (to be like father). Men didn’t give her the attention she deserved. Because she was a woman. Or so she thought.

Her vibration was lowering not because of others, only because of her misunderstanding, of the sadness, and anger she held inside.


Because of this experience, you began to think the opinions of men mattered, and that they made your energy drop. You began to get used to feel your energy stolen by men. And you started getting used to try to obtain the energy of men in whatever way possible. That made you feel closer to your father’s memory.

Lifetimes on Atlantis were of much greater span than today’s, especially for the spiritually connected and the priesthood. A life could last for hundreds of years, in some cases even thousand. In this lifetime, your anger, frustration, and resentment for not being able to rise your vibration and ascend grew constantly, and you de-incarnated in sorrow and bitterness. In the moment of death, you had one last glimmer hope of ascending and seeing your father again. You had one last faint hope of having managed to ascend, and having your efforts rewarded. “Surely God saw my willingness and my lifelong desires and effort to ascend and get back to Spirit, to my Father. Surely God saw this, and it will reward me”. But when you died, and as your Spirit remained in the same awareness level you had, you realized you still couldn’t see your father anywhere. And you didn’t ascend.

And in that moment –on the other side of the veil as Spirit- your dreams were shattered, and your hope was lost. A part of your Soul was broken, never to be mended again, and remained behind in Time and Space. That part of your Soul is still there, in Atlantis, remembering your father, and hoping to get back to him.

This is called a “past-life aspect”. It’s a part of you, a part of your awareness, what you’d call a “past-life”, that’s still very active in your vibration. And with your consent, we’d like to bring it to the Light. It is what we are doing as you read these words. We ask you to embrace it, accept it, and allow it to share its feelings with you. And then, ask her to forgive her Father and to join Him in the Light. We hope this reading contributes into this understanding.

We have more to say.

Your hope was not truly lost. True hope never dies, as it is a purely Spiritual attribute. You had 2-3 more similar lifetimes in Atlantis, where you continued to pursue the role of the woman-priestess, always attempting, unconsciously, to raise your vibration and ascend. Unfortunately, you continued to mistake rate of vibration with status and importance to others, as it was your memory model you had of your father. So as you tried to have more importance, status, and relevance, the more your vibration dropped, instead of rising, because it was a turning outside instead of inside. And the more you struggled to obtain said relevance before others, and before men. And the more you blamed yourself for being a woman and having feminine, apparently less-relevant energy.

We’d like to point out that this lesson was inserted and aligned with the overall lesson of Atlantis. The vibratory level of the awareness of Atlantis progressively turned outward instead of inward, and male-predominant instead of balanced or feminine-predominant. So, as you can see, you were not alone. You were in the same boat as the others. Your lessons were aligned with everyone else’s. You were part of the boat.

This turning outward caused an inevitable downward spiral of a dropping of vibration, much like your vibration in your own personal downward spiral. And as Atlantis eventually fell, so did you. As Atlantis fell in the cataclysmic events, you blamed men, their options, their views, their judgments. You blamed yourself for being a woman, for being weak, fragile, and vulnerable. For not being able to hold your own. And unconsciously, you continued to blame your father for leaving you, and causing your ‘fall’.

I now clearly feel that this next information it’s as if being transmitted by Master Maha Chohan Himself.

Dear Vivienne,

I, Maha Chohan, am going to tell you the truth of what happened, one that will help clear your misunderstanding.

In my life in Atlantis, at a Soul level I knew the energy level and awareness of civilization, and of Earth, was slowly dropping. It was inevitable. At some level, I knew it was because of the human involvement and attachment with the outside. And what I’d always say to others, is that the more you focus on something that is outside of you, the more your vibration drops, and the less you are able to view all of the picture, the less you are able to be fully aware of everything.

When you attach to something, you drop your vibration; when you detach, or in other words, when you view things from a broader perspective, you raise your vibration.

Because I had this profound belief, I came to a point in my life where, more and more pronouncedly, I had to make a choice:

I had to decide if I was going to attempt to stay attached and try to help all others around me, which would made me attach more. If I did this, I knew deep down I would sink in vibration with the rest of Atlantis, like a captain of a ship sinks with it. Or, I could choose to follow what I felt and believed in, which would be to detach myself of the situation, thereby maintaining my own vibration and awareness. It was a lesson about my own Cosmic Essence, the subject of detachment.

I knew that in many ways I more aware than most. My vibration was very high. Everyone looked up to me for guidance. I somehow knew this particular decision was extremely vital to me. No-one talked to me about ‘ascension’, but I got from my guidance, and my Soul, that this was a BIG decision. It kept disturbing me, pressuring me. Until I could no more postpone it. I knew that, based on my decision to leave or stay, that something would happen to me.

I was very divided, very split. I cared much about the people and Atlantis, and I didn’t want to abandon them. I felt deeply bad for contemplating the possibility of leaving them. I felt I was not caring.

But most importantly even than the Love for the people, was the Love for my daughter.

I knew I was able, even hurting, to leave Atlantis and all the others behind. I could conceive that. But not her. I simply was not able to contemplate leaving her behind. She was the heart of my Soul, my one and only. The center of my Universe. I would have done everything for her.

And so the decision was killing me inside. It was against what I believed in about detachment and energy. What about Love?

It was in a moment of brilliance, as I looked upon the stars one night, from the balcony of my quarters, that I got the answer.

I could stay in a place of higher vibration and still be of higher service to my people. I didn’t have to leave anyone. And anyone who could maintain a high enough vibration could still see me. Including Cassandra. She was my daughter, so if she could keep a high vibration that she ‘got’ from me, she could still see me also. I could still be true to myself, without needing to leave anyone.

I realized I would always be Cassandra’s father. I would never stop being.

Like the others, I could still be next to her always, at all times. It was possible, even, that she could see me, if not, then feel me. I didn’t need to part ways from her at all.

Everything clicked.

I realized this was a duality question: either stay or go. But my mind was blocking the Spiritual Truth, and that was that the highest act of Love was to stay in my truest form to myself. And in that act, I would never leave anyone. I could still be me, and stay close to them. I didn’t have to leave anyone.

I couldn’t be sure of any of this. I could only trust my inner voice, and the certainty I got from it. It was, again, a choice between the outside or the inside.

I could possibly risk leaving the others, but leaving Cassandra was the most difficult thing I could possibly decide to do. Looking back, risking leaving you it was in fact the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ I had to make in my ascension. It was my difficult decision. It was a test the size of my LOVE for you. It was my ultimate test about my own lesson about Detachment.

I trusted my inner voice. And in a moment, I decided.

And in this moment, Divine breath came inside me. I Ascended. And I was gone.

As everyone realized I was no longer there, some could still see me, and I could, in a limited way, reach them. And those realized I had shifted into a different plane of existence. In those days it wasn’t called “Ascension”, but the idea of transcending matter was there. I looked like a bright, diffuse, golden ‘Angel’. So they knew.

But in a second of despair and doubt I realized you couldn’t see me! And I realized you were hurt. And that pain made you drop your vibration. And as it dropped, it made you stay too different, too far, from my own high vibration, and therefore you would never be able to see me. Your agony of shouting for me stopped you from listening. I was right there.

I realized you were never going to see me again. And for a split second, it broke my heart infinitely. I felt despair. I was right there, at your side, but unable to reach you.

But that split second of my despair was halted, because, on this side of the veil, I knew now, I remembered, what we had agreed before this lifetime.

Before we were incarnated Souls on the planet, my beautiful, eternal Cassandra, we were having a talk. We were discussing on how we could improve Source, how we could improve the Universe, and about this planet where many important lessons were about to take place. I was going to incarnate with many of my awareness intact, and my role was that of a teacher, a leader, a lighthouse that others could seek. It is what we do in our Soul family. It is who we are.

You were curious about it. You were younger than me in this ‘incarnating’ issue. You wanted to know what was like, and you wanted to become your truer self, you wanted to accomplish fulfilling your whole potential. In a way, you wanted to be like me, reach my ‘status’, so to speak. You knew you had the same ‘Soul value’ than any other Soul, but you wanted to reach my ‘level’. You wanted to grow.

So you asked to come with me. I was, of course, reluctant, because Earth could be very difficult. But (secretly) I was overjoyed, because I would be accompanied by someone of my own ‘true blood’ in this voyage. We both knew it wouldn’t be easy, at all. We didn’t know how long it would last, or how was it going to be. We knew nothing at this point. But we were very happy to share this experience, whatever it was.

We agreed that you were going to be “born” next to me. You were going to be my daughter, at my guard, at my custody, so to speak. I was to be your guide. And you knew that as you looked at me, and we shared our Love together as father and daughter, you would see in me, and love, the higher version of what you wanted to become. And in that way, that would be your reference for whatever lessons you were going to take. It was going to be your goal.

Your love, the eyes, the energy you saw in me, it wasn’t just because I was your father. It wasn’t just because I was about to Ascend. It was because of the LOVE I have for you and the LOVE you had for me at a Soul family level. It was because you saw in me the qualities you had in yourself, because we are of the same kind, we are family. It was because you loved the image of yourself that you would become. That was to be your reference.

We knew, depending on the course things would take, that we probably would have to part ways. We didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but at a Spiritual level, there was the clear consciousness we probably wouldn’t be together all the time. You would have to take your own time until you figured it out how to become what you wanted to become.

Do you know what you said to me?

You said:

“Father, I know it’s going to be challenging. But I don’t care. I really want to be, to become, to reach this greater version of me, this potential I want to reach. And even if we have to part ways, I’m honored even so that you’d be willing to share your LOVE with me, even contemplating difficult times, and introduce me to this new place. I’m ready.”

And so we hugged. And we came.

And so it was.

You couldn’t see me as I ascended, because of the anger and sadness you held inside you. But you did nothing “wrong”. It was how it was meant to be.

You thought I didn’t love you enough to stay. You though I had abandoned you. You thought you were not deserving enough.

But it was the exact opposite. It was my Love for you, my whole Universe, that made me Ascend.

It was the GIFT you have given me.

Since that time I’ve been waiting for the moment you would fulfill your desires, your lessons, and we could reunite once again. I have been looking forward to it ever since. For I have never ceased being your Father. I have never once ceased being with you. Never once was there your call I did not listen. Never once was there your hurt I did not feel.

And for all I would hope, is for you to hear these words, and get a little closer to me. And feel me in your heart.

Your Father.

Maha Choan