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Manifesto of the Soul Librarian

I am in service to those who seek to deepen their knowledge of themselves and of who they spiritually are. For that purpose, I can access their spiritual backgrounds beyond the metaphysical veil, being able to see who they are as a Soul, from any level of abstraction and awareness. I provide this service for others through Akashic Records readings.

I’ll enumerate what I can access in readings, in a more specific manner. I’m able to access your Density/level of awareness as a spiritual entity, beyond any and all lives you might have had in the physical plane. I can look into the questions and motivations that lead your Soul to realize itself (and/or depart the God-state), then go through experiences and dynamics stemming from those core questions, all throughout Creation. I can perform broad-level assessments pertaining to that same journey, that you as a Soul described across the Universe. I can also access past-lives, not just on Earth but on other planets and civilizations as well. The Cosmos is teeming with life, and serves the purposes of abstract Consciousness exploring itself, namely through experiences in physical matter.

In any given reading, not matter how lengthy that reading might be, I’m not able to go over all of the above, all at once, in the same reading. Each human being is a deep and complex spiritual being, making it impossible to exhaustively cover of all the points above to any meaningful capacity, in any one given reading. Instead, each reading is profoundly dedicated to a specific subject covered i.e. its “theme”, chosen either by the client or by their spiritual guidance team, if the former allowed the reading the freedom to do so. Either way, each reading is able to address and analyze whatever information it needs to properly convey an intended message(s), insights, healing, and clarity, pertaining to that theme.

In the specific case of going through the memory of a past life in a reading, I’ll typically be encouraged to do so in detail. I’ll tell you the story of what was lived, what was felt, how deeply, and why. I won’t just describe events in a factual sense – what happened – but I’ll also seek to also uncover the spiritual and emotional why standing just beneath. This is because each reading works from the assumption that every important and meaningful situation in life, pleasant or otherwise, is driven by a web of interconnected spiritual meaning, generally driving forward, or at least influencing, the course of one’s life.

I’ll also try to shed clarity over any challenging events that might have not been understood with clarity, by showcasing how they are observed for the perspective of the Light. This is generally done to offer clarification and closure for unresolved memories in the Akashic Records insofar as it is possible, applicable not just to what was lived in the physical plane but to any and all situations the Soul might be involved in and engaged with in its journey. Thus, this work it’s only about knowing the past – although this is important in and of itself – but also about framing it in the spiritual context and background that gave rise to it, in turn related to your intentions as a Soul in this Universe.

My relationship with the Akashic Records as a concept isn’t particular close. Perhaps because what I do is organic and spontaneous rather than conceptual. When accessing someone’s background beyond the veil, I use what you’d describe as a form of claircognizance: which is when you just know what you’re focusing on without intermediate steps taken to achieve that knowing. I don’t follow a protocol of exercises, meditation, visualization, etc.; I didn’t receive training or instruction to do so; and I don’t really regard myself as belonging to a “club” of those who perform readings. I initially began carrying out this work spontaneously, on my own accord, and prior to having any knowledge of the Akashic Records or what they were called. This is not to say I’m dissociated from the concept; it’s just that, from my perspective, the librarian came first. In other words, the work itself was already there before I had to decide on a name to give it.

I committed to presenting the service as reading the Akashic Records when I created this website and made readings available as a service, which is a choice I maintain. I chose this concept, firstly, because , metaphysically speaking that’s what the service is; secondly, because the concept of the Akashic Records encapsulates and teaches baseline spiritual notions that are key to my work, namely i) that we’re all spiritual beings living a human existence temporarily, ii) that we do so repeatedly, and iii) that our ultimate nature is spiritual, timeless, and endless, transcending and outlasting anything that takes place in the physical. By presenting my website and my service in this manner, I would be immediately establishing these notions as the baseline used for, and in, my service.

That being said, there are certain limiting factors that can sometimes come from using the concept of the Akashic Records, namely related with the expectations that might create. The fact the Akashic Records are associated with past-lives means framing my service that way can create the expectation it’s “just” about reading lives – whereas the truth is much broader. Your “main” nature is timeless, eternal, infinite (i.e. spiritual); and it’s your time as human/physical being that is the ephemeral, exceptional, “abnormal” experience, not the other way around. And, as explained, I’m able to look into any layer/level of your spiritual background, an effort that can, and often will, surpass the context of any given lifetime. In fact, the proportion of readings I perform addressing the various broad-level assessments of the journey of the Soul, compared to those focusing on memories of single lifetime(s), over time has only increased.

Typically, those who approach me to receive reading(s) will typically, likely, have gone beforehand through a number of my published readings – namely, among those up on the website in full – moved by their curiosity and exploration of spiritual information. And this gave them the opportunity to connect and resonate with the information, and allowed them to move past what the “Akashic Records” concept might often entail initially.

The above notwithstanding, the analogy of the Akashic Records being like a library – and therefore its worker the librarian – is perfectly fitting. While the Akashic Records aren’t a physical place, they’re nonetheless a metaphysical collection of memories, resources, and information about you as a Soul. In other words, they are the library of the Soul, essentially. And equally fitting is therefore the analogy of the librarian: the one who works at this library, who’s familiar with navigating it, and who guides others in accessing and understanding its knowledge.

Further, a library is a place of quiet and reverence – in that regard, very much like a temple: a place regarded as solemn if not sacred, that exists to be in your service and you can visit and peruse, while warranting your respect and best behavior while in its premises. In truth, libraries and temples (knowledge and spirituality respectively) tend to go hand in hand in higher levels of awareness; in fact they tend to coalesce and exist as the same concept (study of knowledge including the metaphysical). It was only the duality of 3D that led the two places and concepts being regarded separately. But I digress. A library also stores a collection of resources available to you to consult, but that you’re meant to seek, access, and research, out of your own desire and/or necessity – as opposed to something that goes out of its way to meet you, that seeks you whenever you are.

In the spiritual path, there are experiences and learning that you seek; and then there’s knowledge, clarity, and healing, that can arrive to you spontaneously. Spirit is perpetually striving a balance between intervention and detached guidance, that is to say, between delivering what you ask while also safeguarding the necessity of you exercising your sovereignty. In practice, this means you’re not always spoon-fed the exact blessings you want, when you want them; perhaps because you might not yet be ready for them; or maybe because your greatest good might be better served by a different way. But a third alternative might sometimes be, that a prompt “delivery” could deter you from continuing to seeking, healing, and spiritual progress, that is in your best interest to attain. All of this to say the spiritual path generally has the two aspects: giving what’s needed, asked, and requested, but also asking for your agency as a spiritual seeker. And it happens that the latter aspect can be particularly prevalent, pronounced, in how the Akashic Records operate.

A temple, a church, or even a library, in the real world – much like the Akashic Records themselves which they are analogous to – aren’t supposed to push against your door, forcing their way in. When they do, when you have something labeled as spiritual knocking at the door, it doesn’t take much for it come across as pushy, frivolous, or otherwise unspiritual. For a similar reason than if, for example, you see a church or spiritual service being advertised on an infomercial: regardless of what you think of either, you’ll probably immediately feel as if something is off. The reason for this, is that such places, literal and metaphorical, while (generally meant to be) in service to you, aren’t meant to go out and reach you; rather, you’re the one who’s supposed to go to them, if and when you want to. Because that’s how they work.

In any meaningful spiritual process, your choice and spiritual readiness play a pivotal role and must always be respected. This is a timeless facet of spirituality and the spiritual path; it will always be so, and it won’t change with any zeitgeist. The library and the temple, and the Akashic Records themselves as well, are elements that in particular carry a strong emphasis on the aspect of requiring your agency and sovereignty. They need your choice and commitment – not in a “needy” way, but simply as a byproduct of the nature and worth of their service. As part of what they are and how they work, it’s necessary for you to go to them so that you’re able to undertake the journey they offer. The point of this is not making your entry difficult; it is to offer the service of the highest order possible, which requires your readiness and willingness to an equivalent proportion.

Perhaps due to the intrinsic nature of the service, perhaps out of introversion (the two intertwined and related) the premise of putting myself out there as a service provider is very challenging for me. I’m uncomfortable with going out of my way to advertise what I do and/or myself, or do what is fashionable to gather views and exposure. One reason for this is that my service isn’t, and can’t be, about reaching out to the outside. It can’t be based on self-promotion, hustle, or offering or promise anything. Rather, there’s a strong emphasis, while being completely available to serve others in their journey, in not overextending to reach them.

As I explained, I prefer – or rather, I very much require – those who approach me to generally speaking become acquainted with my work by having gone through the process of reading, connecting, and resonating with it, namely with what I’ve published extensively on my website over the years. I work with timeless knowledge that needs to engaged by others in a timeless manner; that takes place as the self gradually connects, and spiritually resonates with, the information. This does warrant a certain amount of patience and commitment – or boundless curiosity – but these are things the spiritual self will tend to naturally have, particularly if they’re meant to be served by the service. In any case, you’re ideally meant to connect with my service in this manner, rather than through fad antics or a dynamic, engaging persona. While these two things absolutely don’t have to be incompatible, a) they are not my style and b) they can easily cancel each other out. I need you to be awed by what you find as you enter the halls of library, not by tricks and baubles at the door.

I’ll admit it’s somewhat of a comfort zone. For most people, spiritual practitioners included, I imagine it would of course be far more comfortable to remain on a pedestal and wait for others to come to them. I’m well aware of how the world we live in operates, that you need exposure sometimes “no matter the cost”, and of the value in the resourcefulness to get what you need and want. This being said, I do feel I walk a very thin line with regards to any movement made to achieve exposure, for me or my service – particularly if that movement detracts from the spiritual integrity of the service, how it is presented, and the expectations it might create. Every time I tried to be more “commercial”, let’s just say I was quickly led me to reverse course.

In the same vein of thought, I’m adverse at entertaining choices what I feel could detract from the worth of my service, even things that may be somewhat common and/or tolerated in the world. As a small, illustrative example, I do not, for example, set the prices of my readings ending in “9.99”, as to me this is a cheap and sleazy sleight to hand to eschew your perception of what you’re paying. I also don’t host advertisements or referrals on the website, “spiritual” or otherwise, as these can take away from its message which is already trust-sensitive and highly demanding in terms of engaging your full attention. And it’s unlikely you’ll ever see me publishing things on social media in any way other than in a relatively sober and/or reserved manner. I do not condone anyone who does any of the above (truly); again, I acknowledge the value of the resourcefulness that creates solutions (unless it’s made without integrity) thus so my perspective is “to each their own”. But these approaches don’t suit mt work.

Further and by the same token, I can’t promise, not even leave open to interpretation, things I can’t fulfill in readings – let alone engage in deceit, control, manipulation, etc – and I must always be “on my toes” to recognize if and when I may inadvertently do so, in order to correct it (more details: list of things I can’t do in readings). The ultimate guideline and driving factor for these choices is honoring the intrinsic worth of the service, and maintaining an outward level of trustworthiness matching that same intrinsic value, as much as reasonable and possible.

There’s room for balance in all things, including with regards to providing and promoting one’s work. However, it’s exceptionally easy to fumble over an easy-to-miss line where you inadvertently make choices dissonant with the depth/sacredness of the service, at which point everything may crumble. Thus my instincts continue to be about “staying at the library”.

These elements to me and my service are neither “good” or “bad”. They are a characteristic, and just like any other characteristic, they can be advantageous in some situations while detrimental in others, whilst offering opportunities for experience and growth. To some extent it’s intrinsic to the service, it “comes with the territory” if you will.

The relatively conservative nature of how I present (or not) myself can certainly work against me. The “high entry cost”, meaning, the degree of appreciation and commitment necessary to acknowledge value in the library and move to engage it, coupled with a limited degree of willingness for “exposure”, can make me as a service provider dependent on external circumstances of the zeitgeist, and susceptible to situations of lack, namely regarding the aforementioned parameters of visibility, exposure, reputation, and so on. A zeitgeist of low spiritual demand (one where perhaps spirituality is collectively de-valued, suppressed, not seen as a fad, etc.) and with a scarcity of spiritual seekers, can and will exacerbate an absence of engagement. Likewise, a zeitgeist whose collective energy is in downturn and/or going through great turmoil can make it challenging to convey spiritual insight in an uplifting manner. And so on.

That being said, alignment with the essential tenets of the service is mandatory. It has to be maintained and upheld, for the purposes of establishing a threshold of intrinsic trustworthiness and validity. Because it is that threshold that enables each instance of providing the service the best chance of reaching its full, intended potential. For even in zeitgeists, moments, collectives, and advanced societies, where the spiritual nature of reality might be more evident, and spiritual service may be regarded as more valid and legitimate, even in such circumstances these same principles must be upheld. Because those principles are part of the timeless nature of the service, regardless of the circumstances that happen to surround it.

Which is to say that, at the end of the day, the library must still be a library, and the librarian a librarian.

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