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The Spiritual Test of Atlantis

Mythical Atlantis was a civilization on Earth that lasted up until 12.000 years ago. It existed for several thousand years, and was located in the Atlantic ocean. Contemporary to ancient Greece there was also a seafaring and sophisticated city/island in the Mediterranean that was referred to as Atlantis, but this wasn’t the same as the civilization with the same name that had existed thousands of years prior.

Atlantis wasn’t just technologically advanced, it was also of a higher awareness compared to that of Earth at this time. The consciousness level at that time could be stated as being 4D. In general terms, this means the spiritual nature of reality was self-evident, as was the fact every human being was a spiritual entity undergoing an ultimately transient, temporary experience in the material plane. Spirituality wasn’t called “spirituality”. There wasn’t a hard distinction between metaphysics/esoterics, and scientific-like information. All of it was knowledge, i.e. the understanding of all reality, and living one’s life by, and with, that understanding.

In a spiritual sense, Atlantis itself, as well as the time period it existed in, equated to a spiritual test of grand proportions that was held on Earth. This spiritual test brought together on the planet a myriad of spiritual entities from various Cosmic origins, with several different stories and backgrounds, and underlying spiritual doubts and challenges, both individual and collective, which required being faced, solved, and broken free from. Atlantis felt very cosmopolitan, with many individuals from very different backgrounds, spiritually and/or physically, coming together to take part in this test. Earth was, and still is to this day, a melting pot of spiritual selves of many different Cosmic origins, incarnating as human beings.

This test was crucial to Spirit. It represented a critical junction for the handling of many of the most important spiritual challenges Cosmic Consciousness had ever dealt with. Many of these challenges had proven difficult, and requiring a ‘no holds barred’ approach, i.e. a full willingness and commitment to get to the bottom of matters, whatever it took to do so. Such was the importance of the test.

The test was designed as one of ‘true’ Free Will, in a manner of speaking. In other words, full freedom and range of choice would be allowed both to individuals, and to collectives, incarnating in the physical. ‘Full Free Will’ meant there would be no “spiritual hand-holding” regarding the choices that could be possible and allowed. For the test to be as valid, true, and poignant as it could be, it needed to contemplate each individual being able to completely freely explore and go anywhere with their beliefs, perspectives, and choices – even into low vibration, even into negativity, even into separation, competition, intolerance, ego, and so on.

If you wanted to say something to another while thinking something different, you could. If you wanted to get to a position of power and manipulate others for your own ulterior reasons, you could. If you wanted to try to control and manipulate the laws of Life and Nature without observing respect or balance for those laws, you could. If you wanted to implement slavery, you could. You could choose to stand outside integrity and balance with your choices and actions, and you could even go into negativity with them. There would be spiritual warnings, signs, certainly, but no entity or angel would come to you to intervene and stop you. If you wanted to do any of these things, you could. And any of them could stand and co-exist with the 4D attributes of more subtle vibration.

Atlantis was an utopia in many aspects – it’s where we take many of our subconscious ideas of ‘a city/society of the future’. But at the same time, it was also a scenario where anything was possible, including low vibration, and even the sharpest negativity. 4D by itself doesn’t necessary imply a “paradise”, or “perfection”. It simply equates to the spiritual nature of reality being self-evident. As well as the possibility of more easily connecting with Cosmic Consciousness, and holding and sustaining higher levels of clarity and perception. Whether you used such clarity for benevolent purposes and intentions would be up to your Free Will.

Level of awareness is one thing, alignment another. Higher awareness doesn’t necessarily equate to love, well-being, hope, benevolence, positive alignment. You do. With your choices.

The result of the test was that the 4D vibration of Atlantis and Earth could go anywhere depending on “how things went” i.e. what choices individuals and collectives would make, over time, in a practical sense. The planet could raise in vibration – or it could drop instead. There were no guarantees. Such was how the test was designed. And over time, the latter happened. The level of consciousness dropped, until eventually 4D could no longer be sustained on Earth, and vibration/level of awareness feel onto 3D instead.

How Atlantis fell, what happened, is truly secondary compared to the spiritual context underlying to it. Physical reality will always find ways to adjust itself in order to continuously reflect the parameters of energy and vibration underlying to it. This wasn’t just a single, sudden event that came out of nowhere – at least, observing it from a spiritually insightful perspective. Rather, this came from a long series of choices, events, and gradual decline, described over a very long time, which ultimately led to a final demise.

You may consider Atlantis ‘blew up’ and disappeared in one final cataclysm. Maybe the crystals blew up in a chain reaction; maybe the ground opened up with earthquakes, volcanoes, lava, swallowing the land whole; maybe the seas rose and washed it away. Perhaps all of the above. Perhaps some of it. All things said and done, Atlantis disappeared under the ocean bearing its name, later giving rise to myths and notions of the fabled civilization, sometimes as the idea of a lost city that had gone underwater.

Atlantis fell because Consciousness fell. The vibration of Earth accompanied the awareness of men, and ‘fell’ from 4D onto 3D. And Atlantis, itself representing, and being a beacon of, 4D on the planet, literally and figuratively, fell with it. This fall was the manifestation in the physical plane of the drop that had occurred in a spiritual sense. The vibration dropped, to an extent such material manifestation of 4D could no longer be sustained. From then on, Earth and those still incarnating in it would continue their tests and spiritual progress, now in 3D rather than 4D, due to the choices made at the time of Atlantis.

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