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Starseeds: About Planetary Origins and Your Spiritual Home

In an Akashic Records reading, a common topic of interest is knowing whether you’re a Starseed, and what’s your Planetary Origin, namely the planet, group, and/or area of the Cosmos you came from, before incarnating as a human being.

This is a type of information that can certainly be pertinent to address in a reading which focuses on your spiritual past, including the past before Earth if and when this is part of your spiritual background. In addition, the concept of Starseeds and Planetary Origins can certainly be something you’ll hear about as part of your spiritual awakening, maybe as you’re starting to learn about the idea of us being spiritual entities inhabiting physical bodies, and of us potentially doing so in other planets other than Earth. The idea you/we came from elsewhere – and, along with it, the concept of Planetary Origins – is crucial to the fundamental notion of all reality being spiritual in nature, and in particular it can strongly resonate with the spiritual essence of the one who’s a Starseed.

That being said, in readings (depending on the reading) I’m not always comfortable unequivocally stating something along the lines of: “you are from planet A”, or “you came from planet B”. Allow me to explain.

Ultimately the Soul (here a specific rather than generic term), a top-level spiritual entity “made” of abstract consciousness, is from Source. And the Soul, at some point down the line in their spiritual journey, will eventually find their way back Home from whence they came from, which is to say, to the aforementioned Source, or the God-state, if you will. Therefore, and again, ultimately speaking, the Soul isn’t “from” any one given place; the only place the Soul is from, is Source.

The Soul, in fact, is Source Itself – or perhaps an aspect of It. An aspect who embarked on an individual spiritual journey throughout Creation, so that It may explore and learn more of Itself, for a while. While it does so, the Soul will always carry within the deeply seated sensation of being separated from its fundamental nature: first, from the direct firsthand understanding of being Source Itself; second, as an aspect of Source, of being “immersed” or integrated in the God-state, something that is intrinsically known, remembered, and yearned – if not clearly by the conscious mind, at the very least, certainly, by the heart.

Being away from Home is painful. Every Soul carries a degree of pain, an original wound or echo within, which at its core always comes down to separation from Source i.e. not being one with It. And every Soul, sometimes unbeknownst to them to some degree, is always operating with and sometimes from that sense of pain and yearning inside. Every Soul wishes to go back Home. What happens is that, through its choices, actions, and experiences, the Soul will (spiritually) describe a movement of discovery and progress that is fundamentally motivated by their attempts to get closer to Home – and eventually, indeed return there.

In the process, the Soul instinctively also desires to learn more about Itself – because that Itself is, in fact, Source, or a version/facet/aspect of Source. Source always resides within. In essence, the way back Home is through remembering who they really are – which is Source Itself. Thus, what the Soul is doing, what It seeks, is trying to get back Home by remembering itself (and therefore, remembering itself being Source). And in that process, it incurs in experiences and lessons where it will learn about its own spiritual nature along the way.

Home is where the heart is, as they say. And the (spiritual) heart of the Soul is ultimately Source Itself. “Going” to Source isn’t so much a physical endeavor, but rather an inner one: that of remembering, being closer in identifying to, and acknowledging being one with, Source Itself. Regardless of where you go, what you do, and what you learned, in order to get there.

So sometimes, when performing a reading, and depending of the nature of the spiritual background I’m being presented with, I may find it difficult to state you’re from planet X, Y, or Z. I may sense there’s a bigger/richer story that goes beyond the scope of that statement. First, perhaps because I’m aware that, as a Soul, you fundamentally aren’t “from” any one place, as I stated. Second, because your long-term journey in the Cosmos as a Starseed (or when you open this venue through your spiritual development) has seen you, and/or may see in the future, traveling, visiting, (spiritually and/or physically), and partaking in the experience of a plethora of worlds, realities, and all manner of states of existence.

And third, because your spiritual identity, the spiritual sense of “Me” i.e. the “I am that I am”, which is the focus of any and all spiritual journeys in the Universe, is on the inside and never on the outside – this “outside” including even such concepts as being on other planets, civilizations, your spiritual development, etc etc. As a spiritual provider, I always tend to focus on expediting your spiritual understanding and progress, and so my readings will always prioritize that connection and sense of self within, apart from any and all external circumstances.

These are the reasons why this type of statement i.e. you are “from” this or that planet, may sometimes feel a little bit simplistic or reductive, depending on what the reading might be presenting and trying to convey.

That being said, what I’m about to write may sound paradoxical, considering what I’ve just said.

Despite the Soul ultimately speaking not being from any one given place, what you live along the journey, the choices you make, and what you experience can be just as important than what/who/that the Soul is in a purely spiritual/inner sense. The story that is written in the journey can be just as important as the spiritual essence it is a reflection of.

At the start of their spiritual journeys, many Souls will have descended from Source/Creator – from their point-of-view, often in mysterious, veiled ways – to find themselves at a point when they initially realize themselves as a Soul. This realization isn’t understood in a rational way: the person/entity/Soul doesn’t go “I’m realizing myself”. Rather, it’s a moment where the self first awakens to the possibility of their own Free Will and sense of “Me”, in a deeply spiritual manner – a moment which is sometimes illustrated in readings. This first moment of realization, the first time the spark awakens and shines, for you it may have happened on a particular planet, in a particular setting of circumstances, and/or over the course and as a result of accumulated experiences, on that particular planet. This initial realization (and its Akashic memory) can be so profound, and tie so deeply to one’s spiritual essence, that it can lead you to identify with the place where it occurs as your spiritual, original Home: the place in the Cosmos where you first stood up on your own two spiritual feet; the planet/realm where you awakened, or where you were born, if you will, as a Soul. This is one possibility for what you, spiritually, regard as Home.

Another possibility is for you to identify your Home as being, not the place where you first realized yourself, but some other context you’ve experienced along the way. It doesn’t need to be the last planet you were in and came from; it could be a particular planet you bonded with, at some point halfway through your overall journey. Starseeds will often have a long and rich history of incarnating and reincarnating not just on one planet (besides Earth) but on many, having participated in many different cycles that took place on several different planets. And, along the way, you may just have found one place that, for whatever reason – its ‘vibe’, your memories, what you experienced there, and with whom – you regard as your place. It is your preference; the Home you chose and that took you in; and the Home you may return to, when you get to choose to do so. Thus it’s a place you’re spiritually grounded and bonded to, by choice; that you may visit and travel to on occasion (literally or in thought); and perhaps the “base” you go back to when cycles elsewhere conclude. Or, if no longer existing as you knew it, it is nonetheless a place you hold the fondest memories of. So this would be a different possibility for what you may spiritually regard as Home.

As an alternative, what you regard as your place of origin may very well be, simply, the last planet you were in/from, before coming to Earth – that works too. That may very well be where you identify as “coming from”. Because this is how you see it (if you do) then this is “how it goes” i.e. it’s what’s spiritually valid for you. Home is where the Heart is, as you’ll often hear: and nowhere is this more true, perhaps, than what you think, feel, and choose on the spiritual level. So you may say “I’m Pleiadian”, or “I’m from Sirius”, or “I’m Arcturian”, not necessarily because you only experienced things in the Pleiades/Sirius/Arcturus/etc, but because you see yourself as coming from there, identifying with the energy of it, and/or aiming to go back to that place once you set up shop and conclude matters here.

Home is in the Heart, which means your Heart is in command of if, what, where, and when, you think of Home, if anything. For example, you might have lived something in this very lifetime that you regard as a true Home, and/or have deeply fond memories of. Your childhood, your friends growing up, your family, your country, the town you grew up. The Academia institution where you graduated but also matured as the young adult. Perhaps you didn’t have any such place to call Home, but then you created one anew, a family you’ve chosen and built yourself. Or perhaps none of these are true. Maybe your Soul has yet to truly found a place to call Home yet. That’s possible as well. But somewhere inside your Heart, is a sense of Home. And at some point you’ll find a place: a set of circumstances, a person or group, a vibration, a sensation, that you can call Home. Because you finally found a reflection of the sense of Home in your Heart.

The things you find throughout your journey at large, spiritually, both in the Cosmos as well as on Earth, and that you may feel, build, and/or elect as being Home to you, permanently or impermanently, will feel that way because they’ll resonate with the sense of Home you have in your Heart. If and when this happens, that meant that in the course of your journey you managed to spiritually learn more of yourself, connect with your voice and the truth in your heart – as well as healing, clearing blockages, surpassing trauma, etc. – just enough so that this truth could come through; just enough that you could manifest something for you that was able to be a reflection of that truth, your truth, your Heart. In other words: you found a place to call Home, because you also were able to do so within yourself.

So even if in your journey as a spiritual entity you haven’t quite transcended all time and space and gone back to merged with Infinite Source, having an external planet/place/realm, a setting, a collection of circumstances, past, present, or future, that you call Home, is still spiritually very meaningful. Because of the spiritual work you accomplished to find yourself that allowed you to accomplish it. The work you did to find yourself amidst the chaos and darkness; to find what were the true expressions of your truth; to find ways to give a voice and a time and a place for your spiritual essence to be. Or simply to find a way to be and stay connected with your heart, hold positive thoughts, stay in Love and positivity. This is why having a place to call Home, here on Earth or out there in the Cosmos, is meaningful: because having found it is part of the process by which the Soul seeks its way back Home within.

I’m writing these words just before Christmas. The celebrations of this period, along to some extent with the preparations for the new year – social formatting and consumerism aside – were always a celebration of Home and of the Heart. A warm place to land even in the midst of Winter. It’s the sharing of unguarded moments with each other, the creation of core memories for children, and the honoring of the year we endured together, and a new one that dawns. And the connection from the Heart: between each other’s, and ourselves with our own heart within.

So here’s something I don’t do often. If you’ve read thus far, indulge me and let’s take a moment to celebrate the Heart.

Sit for a moment with the sense of Home you have inside you. It might be something you know from this lifetime, or not. It could be where you spent your childhood, your home town or country of origin. It could be a memory of times past to which you can no longer return or replicate. It might even be someplace uncertain, unknown, vague feeling or sensation you can’t place a memory next to. It could be otherworldly: some other planet perhaps, some other realm, or otherwise something that’s known only an idea.

Let us celebrate the Homes we know, and those we don’t. The ones we used to have, the ones we have right now, and the ones we’re yet to discover, in this lifetime or in some other existence. And let us celebrate the feeling of Home each of us carries in their heart, even if it’s vague, uncertain, unknown, imagined, or idealized. Celebrate it, sit with it, and allow the feeling – even if it’s just and only that. A feeling.

I know it sounds like the most mundane of clichés. but you’ll always be able to find a Home, and find your way back Home, for as long as you hold on to that feeling in your heart.

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