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Akashic Records: Alcyone (Pleiades) [Quick Reading]

The following is a Quick Reading performed for a client, Ann [not the real name], which was focused on Alcyone as the client’s planetary origin. Alcyone is a star of the Pleiades star cluster, in the Taurus constellation. Ultimately a Soul isn’t “from” any one given place but rather from Source; however, for a myriad of reasons that relate to our spiritual history and backgrounds, we’ll usually tend to regard a specific civilization, star, etc. as our Home – as we all very much need a place to call Home – and hold it deep within our spiritual hearts as such. The reading refers throughout to the star/civilization as “Alcyon” (alseeon); this was because that’s the type of sound I kept receiving during the reading.

The reading opens very softly and gently. The energy feels like opening a window to the outside and a slight countryside breeze comes in. An image of a starry sky appears. This image is symbolic; the energy contains an emotion of slight yet discernible yearning – for the stars. This would be a yearning residing within Ann, spiritually. This yearning is, again, soft and gentle; as an idea or perception, it’s like something one doesn’t crave or want, it’s not necessarily a desire, still, it’s more of a curiosity, a gentle inquisitiveness: how great would it be [for this information to be real, for me to go back]?

This image that’s put forth by the reading in and of itself means Ann as a spiritual entity is indeed “from the stars”. In other words, a Starseed. The yearning that is mentioned corresponds to this very truth within, a truth that is residing deep within a spiritual unconscious – as well as to a spiritual desire to reconnect with this information, if not even also going back to the stars eventually, spiritually. The curiosity and the yearning, subtle but discernible, correspond to a truth within that isn’t known to the conscious self but is known very well on spiritual levels. In this regard, we would say you already know your truth within. You’re aware of it and connected to it, in emotion and feeling, even if in a subtle way.

Now, the reading begins the process of “going through” your inner spiritual connection, in order to get to the layers of your unconscious/spiritual memories, of these other places and realms you came from. It does so very calmly, very slowly. These realms and realities exist on levels of awareness that are higher than what regular human awareness, held on the surface of Earth, can know and perceive. For this reason, accessing and peering into these memories feels like stepping onto a different “plane of existence”. The reading puts forth the analogy of going through a tunnel: on our side of this tunnel there’s all of the reality on Earth you know, and your awareness of it; on the other side is the deep sky, and space, with the stars far in the distance. It’s outer space, and it’s also all the memories of have from beyond Earth. The act of accessing these memories registers as “going through” this tunnel.

Once one is peering through the tunnel, or in other words, tapping into this connection, the feeling of it doesn’t appear as dealing with something far-feched, imaginary, out of the ordinary. it doesn’t feel like something that is “out there”, up above, residing someplace obscure or uncertain. Rather, it all feels very close, very familiar, very natural. The rememberance of this might appear to be in some corner of the subconscious, yet it’s also right there with you: in your feelings and emotions, in your reactions, just under the skin, figuratively speaking. The memories may not be conscious but they are spiritual in nature, and they stand very close to the surface.

Your remembrance of these places and realities doesn’t feel like a dream. It feels like returning to a context that’s familiar, lived-in, and comfortable. This is a context you know. Your knowledge of it isn’t like knwoing about something you read in a book or online; it’s not going to a reading and hearing “you are from planet X or Y”. It’s a knowledge that is first and foremost personal, experiential, lived-in, not theoretical, impersonal, distant. Your references are about being there and living it. And it feels like family, it feels like Home.

If we had to name a few places you come from, or places where you’ve been, we can say you’ve been in Vega, and you’ve been in the Pleiades group. You’ve traveled through several other places as well. In order to name a specific point of origination, we will say you most closely identify with being from Alcyon, or Alcyone, one of the stars in the Pleiades.

It’s somewhat difficult to tell apart some of these names and places, as the reading is at this precise point being inundated with pure feeling, rather than knowledge/detail-based information. This feeling is, again, a profound yearning, a yearning of returning Home, of remembering Home – even if purely spiritually, even if only through this information and this reading. The reading is accessing memories that are dear and close to the soul, and doing so produces a feeling that is something approximate to jubilation or bliss, mixed with the deep yearning. It’s also a feeling of deep relief and relaxation, one of dropping all guards and restraints – like those that are typically held at all times while in the Earth experience.

A first and closely-held memory received from Alcyon… is not a rational, logical type of memory. It’s not about facts, images, or thoughts. It’s more like the kinds of memories that come up “randomly”, when one thinks out of the blue of something long forgotten, and/or detached from the instant we’re in. It’s like when we pick up a smell we hadn’t felt since childhood, and that smell takes us to a certain sensation, and maybe a place. It’s a thing that rises to the surface, in this case, the first thing that comes up.

And this memory is… music. The music that’s played, and is felt, within Alcyon.

It would be difficult to describe this music with human words and concepts. As associated with this music would be not just specific instances of musicians playing with instruments, but also the overall vibration of the reality in Alsyon. The spiritual harmony of Alcyon, its overall context, the colors and sensations, its broad spiritual values, the tune and vibration of the experience as a whole. When you visit Alcyon in spirit; or when you remember It; or when you consciously think about oir remember something that in truth is about Alcyon without realizing it’s from there – this the music/song you hear, or perhaps, the vibration you feel. On Earth, approximating or replicating this vibration as music, it would be similar to a flowing orchestral tune, played with a strong component of violins and string instruments, describing a harmonious, “smooth”, soothing tune.

Your memories from the Akashic Records from Alcyon, from Home, come across in the reading as registering for you (spiritually) as a source of calmness and gentleness. These elements – gentleness, calmness – are pervading the reading as a whole, have been from the start, and are defining characteristics of this connection within to Alcyon. This is how you remember the memories from Home, what you associate to them, and what they transmit to you.

It would be possible that in your current life, some of these elements would be present. Maybe there are elements related to music that are reminiscent of this connection within. You could, if nothing else, find calmness and peace in, and be soothed by, classical, orchestral, and/or gentle-style music. You could, for example, have positive childhood memories related to music, song, etc, that when re-listened evoque familiar, deep, and soothing emotions. These would all be forms of your conscious self bringing to the present moment the memories, or rather the feeling, of Alcyon – which otherewise would only exist purely unconsciously.

One other characteristic of Home stands out. In Alcyon, experiences can be taken intensely and with focus, even minor ones, without their intensity and “magic” being taken away due to wear and tear.

When you’re holding a delicious beverage in a glass, you’ll take each and every sip, from start to finish, tasting each with the same intensity and flavor as the first – almost as if as each sip was the very last one. Whilst on Earth there are several factors (like a degree of wear and tear, or tiredness, or simply habituation, boredom, etc.) that tend to gradually take away from experiences, numbing or anesthetizing the self to them. On Earth, after the first or second sip of the same beverage, you’ll lose the ability to taste subsequent sips the same way as the first. You either “zone out” inadvertently, or the intensity of the flavor fades, or your throughts intrude, taking away from the experience. You need some conscious effort to keep focusing on the experience, if you want to retain for as long as possible its original qualities and novelty, however this is generally a losing battle. You’ll only revert back to an intense experinece, possibly, the moment you’re running out of beverage (experience of lack), which is when you may once again re-live the sips with an intensity that is similar to the original one.

On Earth, one can easily become absent from an experience, once the first moment of it passes – it somehow loses some of its flavor or “magic”. The same can be applied for life in general, including, to some extent, in relationships, love, and connections. It can apply for each and every magical experience you have for the first time. And this erosion happens especially everytime an experience involves habit, repetition, routine, and/or involves a monotonous movement. On Earth, “there’s no experience like the first”, as they say. And while this can teach one to appreciate things in the present moment and/or while they last, by the same token can also spoil, numb, and detract from them, no matter how deeply meaningful or important they might be.

Not so in Alcyon.

In Alcyon, this element of deterioration and numbing to experience is non-existent [or is reduced to a great extent]. It is difficult for an experience to have the exact same impact as the first time when it was known; however, in Alcyon the factor of erosion/fading that takes away from experiences due to repetitiveness is virtually non-existent. There’s no worry about whether something will be lost to routine, habit, or repetition. If something is magical, if a connection to someone is meaningful, if an experience is important, it will always be so, equally and indefinitely, without limits or timetables to enjoy it. And each and every experience will always be taken in as intensely as the first time it was discovered.

For the same reasons, there’s little to no imbalance from excesses (like addictions) from attempting to overcompensate numbing/saturation. When an experience is taken in fully, it will naturally tend to nurture and satiate oneself, including spiritually. Leading to an absence of intentions that seek, for instance, to compensate a missing experience – or to use substitutes/replacement experiences of lesser value than the original, when the latter for any reason is lacking. And we would observe Alcyon Itself is a little like this as a whole. Individuals have a tendency to be able to attract and gravitate towards the exact experiences that are completely fulfilling to them, and to every part of their beingness. Each person is able to experience fully things that resonate within.

This leaves each individual with nothing left to satiate; nothing left to experience; and nothing left to express outward. This is part of the experience at Home. What is within, and is part of the self – particularly those things that are meaningful – can be fully expressed, reflected, and meet an external outlet. And nothing that is genuinely within the self is ever left unable to manifest or resonate with what’s outside. Therefore, there is no frustration from not finding external venues that can reflect a part of the genuinity of the self. And there is no concept of attempting to substitute or replace a missing experience or natural necessity of the self.

Every need to express, to be, and to feel, on a personal and inner level, can and will have a perfect match outward that enables its full appreciation. In other words, all of the components of the self can be expressed, validated, and explored – like a song that is whole. This is part of its very specific and special music of Alcyon.

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